Baby Nasal Aspirator Vacuum Suction Pigeon

Baby Nasal Aspirator Vacuum Suction Pigeon

This nasal cleaner is with a tube for mother to vacuum out baby’s mucus. You can feel and control vacuum suction. When the nose is clear, you will feel the free air go in your mouth. The mucus will be collected in the container. All parts are detachable for cleaning (the large white part can be separate into two parts as well). Just rinse with warm or hot water right after each use. It can also be sterilized in boiling water (except the clear container and carry case). I personally like to hold the baby upright when vacuuming the mucus, so I can control the directions as well. It’s a very handy tool when baby got running or stuffy nose. English instruction is included. Pigeon is a renowned Japanese company producing high quality baby products. Selling in over 50 countries and for nearly 50 years, the company has earned a reputation for safety and reliability around the world. 100% Made in Japan.

Main features

  • Vacuum suction power created by you. Easily make sure the mucus is all clear. Can be use on baby or older kid.
  • All parts can be detached for cleaning. No filter to replace. Just rinse with water.
  • A storage/carrying case is included. Compact size makes it great for travel.
  • Can be sterilized in boiling water (except the clear container and the carrying case).
  • Right tube length gives more suction power and makes it easy to clean. If you like, you can find regular length mini brushes at the milk bottle section to clean the tube and other parts. It fits snugly into the carrying case, which keeps it clean and stay put in the diaper bag.

Verified reviews


So much better than the bulb

Ingenious device designed to make it that you don’t suck boogers into your mouth. Also easy to sterilize and the little case is essential – I keep this thing in the baby bag all the time. Worth the price!

Robbie Fresh Meadows, NY

Simple, neat, easy to handle, should of get it earlier!!

I use the nose frida from the beginning. Very hard to suck out the “things” in my baby’s nose. Later found this from Amazon, it’s easy to suck dirt out, easy to open all the parts to clean, and no need to buy the refills, and most important it comes with a plastic box which can let me pack this thing into it every time after I use and clean it. Not like nose frida I have to put it into a zip bag every time. I bought this for my nephew and my friend’s son too!

Margo Helena, NY

very useful

I really like this product but I think it is over-priced considering the simplicity of it and the materials used. However, I would buy it again if I couldn’t find a similar one at a lesser price.

Audra Marion Junction, AL

Funny and gross but works GREAT!

My son is 3 years old and we’ve tried several different kinds of those nose syringe aspirators that barely work. I came across this product and ordered it. I was very skeptical but it works amazingly! We used it for the first time last night because my son’s nose was running all night. I was shocked how much stuff came out of my son’s nose because just by looking I couldn’t see very much mucous in his nose. I highly recommend this to all parents! It was kinda gross to see the stuff coming out but the suction sound also made me laugh while doing this so it was a positive experience for my son (who was laughing at me laughing.)

Claudette Epworth, GA

Life saver. Best Nasal aspirated ever!!!

My baby was born premature and had really bad acid reflux which would cause a lot of mucus to back up in her nasal passages. Her doctor recommended I get this and it was worth every penny spent. It is totally safe to use and not gross at all. It is safer than the Hospital bulbs because the tip of the aspirator can only go in so far and the roundness of it prevents you from accidentally shoving it too far up baby’s nose. Very helpful when you have a squirmy baby. I recommend this to everyone I know. And since you control the suction strength you can do it as hard or as soft as you need and trust me, you get ALL the gunk out. Even the gunk that is stuck far back that is not visible. But I do recommend using a saline solution to soften up the gunk just as with any other suction device.

Kristina Montgomery, PA

Really happy with this

This was recommended to me by another mom and I’m really thankful! We had those stupid bulb syringes and none of them worked. We must have had 4 different ones. So finally once I got this, it finally worked and we were able to suck some of the crap out of our baby’s nose. I keep this in the diaper bag now so we always have it with us and always know where it is.

Malinda Lenox Dale, MA

I LOVE this aspirator! Everyone w/a kid should have one!

Thing thing WORKS!We’ve have had it since my son our an infant and he never really liked us poking around his nose, but it got the job done.Now he is a toddler it is the best thing ever. He understands what it does. I stand him in front of the mirror and he lets me get rid of his stuff nose without a fuss.Plus, it is easy to clean. The clear suction tube comes off, as does the the plastic part with 2 arms inside that sucks the snot out (it connects to the top bulb part) and then of course the clear container that catches all of that ickyness. So I haven’t a clue why people say you can’t clean it… it is super easy.We also like that we can see exactly what come out of his nose. I run it under water every time so the snot doesn’t dry to it.I also like that it doesn’t go “up” his nose. The fat bulb part creates the perfect suction, then just the small top is inserted into the nose. Sometimes with the blue bulb’s he’d move and it would get shoved up his nose which he didn’t appropriate.I have only had the blue bulb and a worthless bulb that came with the red cross kit, so I don’t have any experience with other “tools”, but I like this so much I didn’t see the need to get anything else.

Taylor Sawyer, MI


This is the BEST thing to get all the blockage from my baby’s nose. I used to use the bulb and he HATED it and cried like mad. He still cries with this but it’s the best. It’s easy to clean and i just unscrew the bottom and put in hot water for a few minutes and it’s clean. The only problem is if you invert it while sucking air, you might end up with a little nasal discharge in the tube but they tell you to use it while the child is upright so it’s your fault if you don;t follow the instructions. It’s better than the graco one which i purchased to spare myself the suction, but i went back to using this one as it;s more effective. All aspirators work better if you use nasal saline solutions like physiomer, because they loosen all the yukkies in the nose first, but this one works great on its own. It’s easier for your baby to use the solution first though.

Elizabeth Odenton, MD

None invasive aspirator

Very easy to use. The design is like the concept of a breast pump. My toddler already knows what’s coming when he sees me holding this. Reduces the frustration of being able to give relief to your child in a quick manner. Very easy to clean and no filters to deal with. The price is ok compared to other cheaper products that are manufactured in China.

Frances Wilson, WI

Good for Travel – not everyday

I have a 4 month old and a 2 year old. They both got a cold at the same time.***This is much better than a bulb because:(1) You can see what you are getting(2) I can get out more goobers than a bulb since I have more air(3) Easy to clean – enables me to see that it is clean with no germs left lurking around(4) Convenient plastic carrying case for travel bag***Difficult because:(1) Sometimes based on the snot consistency, the mucous tube dribbles into the air vacuum tube (not really a problem because you can see it coming, but it will gross you out)(2) Requires additional arm (one for baby head, one to hold aspirator to nose, one to hold baby arms down – you can hold the aspirator in your teeth)(3) Fairly intuitive – if not, good luck with the Chinese***Better answer:(1) For travel, this is the best(2) For home use, get the Baby-Vac Nasal Aspirator. Sounds crazy using a vacuum cleaner attachment – and it will freak out your mother-in-law, but it is fantastic and it does not suck out brains as you might think. See my review for that one:;=1334092810&sr;=8-3

Joyce Alverda, PA

I love it!

It works really efficient! The power of suction is larger than the ball suction. My nanny recommended me to use it, she took care over 50 babies, and she use this for everyone.

Sierra Raritan, IL