Baby Orajel Fluoride-free Toothpaste – Fruit

Baby Orajel Fluoride-free Toothpaste – Fruit

INDICATIONS: Baby Orajel Tooth and Gum Cleanser For cleaner teeth & gums. Removes plaque-like film. Safe to swallow. Fluoride-free. Gentle, non-foaming. Baby Orajel Tooth and Gum Cleanser Soft finger toothbrush. For babies 4 months & older. Pediatricians

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  • Baby Orajel Fluoride-free Toothpaste – Fruit (.7 Oz.)

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Caution for older babies with teeth

This is a great toothpaste– my 9-month-old loves it and she enjoys having her teeth brushed so much that she cries when I take the brush out of her mouth. The thing I hate about the fingertip brush is that my daughter (proud owner of 8 sharp teeth) likes to BITE down on my poor index finger inside the silicone sleeve. No matter how often I tell her “no”, it is hard for her to get the concept that when I put something in her mouth, she is not to chomp down on it with all her might. To remedy this, I try holding just the tip of the finger sleeve and gently let her chew away on it, but that poses a very dangerous hazard as she could potentially swallow it if I don’t hold onto it with a very firm grip– which is difficult to do with a wet, slippery piece of silicone. Plus, she has now bitten off a couple of the silicone bristles and they are no where to be seen. So, overall I understand the concept of this toothbrush and it may be great for younger babies, perhaps with no teeth. But I’m definitely looking for something in between this and a regular hard-bristled toddler toothbrush. Keeping the toothpaste though, like I said, it’s a great toothpaste.

Leann Big Bar, CA

She likes getting her teeth brushed!

Our 9 month old has been known to throw a tantrum or two. Changing, feeding, bathing, all can become a battle of wills and a test of our patience. All that said… she has never given us even an ounce of hassle about brushing her teeth. When she sees either my wife or I coming with the little finger tip brush, she opens right up and let’s us brush her teeth… all two of them. While she does bite down, she hasn’t bitten down with the force of the other reviewer’s kid, and for that I guess I’m grateful. Anyway, the toothpaste is apparently great tasting and my only advice is to remember to replace the finger tip brush the same as you would any toothbrush. It wears just the same, and in fact, ours wore down before we finished the toothpaste that it came with.If you are need for a product to clean your baby’s teeth/gum, I recommend this one.

Velma Cedarbluff, MS

Start this early

Good brushing habits start early in their lives. We started brushing my sons gums when he was 2 months old, now he is almost 2 and he loves brushing his teeth.

Pat Waltersburg, PA


I was concerned about my daughter fighting me to brush her teeth but after using this a few times, she really loves brushing her teeth. It helps her feel better when she’s teething and is great to train with because she’s still too little for an actual toothbrush.

Angela Weaver, AL

baby likes it

i bought this for my 5 month old son who is teething, though no teeth have come through yet. I use just the finger brush to gently massage his gums when he is fussy, and he seems to like it. He bites down hard on it, and at least it stops his crying, so its good so far

Earline Lincoln, IA

perfect for beginning

This works great on our 8 month old’s two little bottom teeth. I don’t have to worry about her moving quickly and hurting her mouth or gums on a "regular" toothbrush yet

Effie Higgins Lake, MI


I don’t have an issue with the product itself. I do however, wish I’d compared prices. This was less expensive than most other baby toothbrush items on amazon, but this same exact product was in my local grocery store for 2 dollars cheaper than on amazon.

Bobby Mount Tremper, NY

Nasty toothpaste

Finger brush worked out great but the toothpaste was nasty. Had to buy a separate toothpaste. Found this item only 50% useful.

Bernadette Straughn, IN