Baby Pink Diaper Pail Liner/ Laundry Bag by Mommy’s Touch

Baby Pink Diaper Pail Liner/ Laundry Bag by Mommy’s Touch

The Mommy’s Touch Diaper Pail Liner is made of PUL with two elastic drawstrings at the top to help it double as a hanging pail. This multi-use bag can also make a great laundry bag when traveling. Measures 26″ wide by 29″ deep with a large gusset at the bottom so that the pail will stand up when there are items inside.

Main features

  • Pail Liner is made of PUL with two elastic drawstrings at the top to help it double as a hanging pail
  • Laundry Bag / Hamper Liner
  • Perfect for storing your cloth and disposible diapers.
  • Available in a rainbow of solid colors.

Verified reviews


Not holding up!

I agree with others – this bag does it’s job. I’ve used 2 of them for 2 months for cloth diapers, and they are holding up well. My only complaint is they don’t close well, and would be problematic if you had to travel anywhere with it as they would probably leak, and certainly smell with dirty diapers in there.An added note – Don’t put them in the drier. Even on a low heat, the lining of one of mine separated from the bag, partially tore, and has come out.REVISION: Now having used these for nearly 5 months – they are falling apart! The PUL lining is virtually gone in both of my bags, despite line drying them. I have to order another brand, because these are definately moist and leaky when full, and are gross to handle when dirty. Right now, they leak some in the pail, adding just one more thing I have to clean. Yuck.

Muriel Casa, AR

Doesn’t fully close.

I purchased this wet bag to line my dry pail for cloth diapers. It is waterproof and fits nicely in my pail, but I have never been able to pull the elastic drawstring tight enough to fully close the bag. I have to twist the top of the bag like a bread bag to keep all the “fumes” where they belong. The color is beautiful and hasn’t faded. I wash this bag every other day with my prefolds and wraps and line dry. Although the color hasn’t faded, The laminate on the inside is starting to pull away from the outer fabric, and there a few snags on the outside. I have a feeling I will have to buy a new one soon.

Marquita Port Gamble, WA

Bag breaks down quickly

Even with air drying the bag, it wasn’t long before this product began to leak. The waterproof lining separates from the nylon and began to rip apart after a few months of use.

Laverne Orleans, MI

Only lasted 6 months!

Got this product to use as a pail liner for cloth diapers its working great so far however the picture is decieving I do not have a drawstring on my bag-the top is elastic which actually works out very well because it hold up the bag nicely in the trash pail.Editing my review…I ordered 2 of these and after 6 months of use they have fallen apart. So this now gets 1 star

Lilly Orient, WA

Really like this liner

I have no complaints about this liner. The drawstring is wonderful and I find the quality of this bag to be great!

Jeannie Lisbon, IA

It worked for the first six months.

We still use this, but only because I haven’t gotten around to making a new one. We have used this for almost a year. Around six months ago, it began delaminating inside and now leaks terribly. I will patch it up and continue on. It fits well in our 11 gallon trash can but you can’t really carry it by the “Handles” like it makes it appear. It’s just elastic and doing that can seriously damage them. Others may think it’s fine but as a seamstress, I promise, it is not. Save your money and buy a better brand.

Corine Buckeye, WV

Great for cloth diapers!

I use cloth diapers for my son and wanted something for the diaper pail that I could reuse. I was originally using plastic bags but that seemed like such an environmental waste. I like this bag because it fits my pail (I was originally using 13 gallon plastic bags). I wash diapers about twice a week, so the bag tends to soak through and get wet on the bottom. I don’t mind since its in a pail anyway. Easy to wash, durable. I recommend it. (But this is the first bag I’ve tried so I can’t compare to others).

Melisa Simla, CO

The BEST pail liner!

I love this bag so much I went out and bought another. It’s the perfect size for my 10-gallon step-on trash can. The can has a stainless steel exterior, so what I do it put the liner in there, fold the top of the bag out over the edge and secure with some strong magnets. I had gotten a Bummis large wet bag and it was just too small (though that one is the perfect size for daycare). I love this bag and buy it for all my friends who cloth diaper.

Annmarie New Lexington, OH


I have 2 of these pail liners. The size is good and hasn’t leaked into my diaper pail. I do wish that they closed on the top though. We’ve gone on trips and brought this for dirty diaper storage, but you can’t seal the bag to keep in smells. So, if you will only use it in a diaper pail with a lid it’s fine. If you need it to be mobile, I would suggest finding another product.

Rosetta Niland, CA

Great Cloth Diaper Bag

I purchased this bag as a second cloth diaper bag, but it turned out to be better than my first one of a different brand! I highly recommend it. It has a large capacity and no matter how many soaked diapers it is holding it will never leak or get wet on the bottom!

Jane Brumley, MO

works well!

we keep the “shiny (PUL) side in” for the pail and then reverse it for washing. this system works great for us!

Jolene Katy, TX

Nice product

I have had this liner well over three months now and it has held up well (and it is cute).

Cassandra Huguenot, NY