Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack – Black

Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack – Black

Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack If you’re tired of lugging your baby gear around with everything else you need to carry, the Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack is exactly what you need. This backpack serves as a diaper bag, a cooler for your baby’s snacks and a personal gear bag for anything else you need. Whether hiking outdoors or running your errands around town, this sleek, comfortable and durable Sherpa Baby Backpack is perfect for the diverse demands of your hectic lifestyle.

Main features

  • Perfect for everyday outings, outdoor activities and travel, this revolutionary, hands-free backpack combines superior construction with high tech design.
  • Enjoy custom solutions for safely storing food, diapers and medicin
  • These unique features that make Baby Sherpa a winner, allow you to easily transport bulky items such as toys, blankets and clothing
  • You’ll also find convenient storage for items such as keys, wallets, cell phones and sunglasses
  • Size: 19″ x 12″ x 7″ Weight: 2 lbs 9oz/1.17 kg Fabric:600 & 1000 Denier -LIFETIME WARRANTY

Verified reviews


Love the features but this bag is not good at all

I used my backpack like for 5 months and the seams by the zipper falling apart after like 40 uses. It never happened to me ever in my entire life though I’m complete “backpack person” and I never had anything else but a backpack.. Next time I will rather go than for a special backpack for normal backpack with all life warranty and buy changing pad for it.

Lisa Glendale, UT

Smaller than described

Caveat: I didn’t use this bag. Returned it as soon as I received it just by looking at the capacity.The idea is great, but it certainly didn’t have enough space. The main compartment is too deep and it seemed like the bag would be way too bulgy once you put all the stuff in. I think the bag could’ve been a bit wider and thicker to accommodate. Twin+ moms, this is just not big enough for everything you need, unless you are just going out for a few hours.

Aida Merritt, MI

Worst $75 I’ve ever spent on a baby product.

This May we went on a three week trip to Europe with our twenty-seven month old son. Aside from the wisdom (or lack therof) of that decision, I panicked about two weeks before the trip. I’d given up my diaper bags a few months ago, but didn’t think a big purse with a couple of diapers would be sufficient for sightseeing in a couple of cities. So I started the frantic search for an appropritate baby backpack.Can I say the Baby Sherpa was a disaster. I swear to God it was the worst baby thing I’ve bought in the time I’ve been a parent. First, the bag came broken. It was probably my fault for not noticing that the bungee cord had no tightener, but honestly, I can’t remember the last time I’ve used a bungee cord. Second, it came with a couple of laminated pages that recommended that you keep extra Ziploc type bags in the bag. Apparently, whomever designed this thing didn’t think to make waterproof pockets and had you bring some bags as an afterthought. Aargh.The cold/food pouch at the bottom? Useless. The main packet (which is tiny because of the food pcocket? Useless. The side water bottles Velcro add-ons – a pain in my you-know-what. The changing pad in the back mesh area? Useless. It kept sliding out and was bulky as all get out.I ended up using my purse most of the trip and my husband’s backpack instead. (I highly recommend the DadGear bag).This has got to be the worst $75 I’ve ever spent. It’s going right back today.

Katherine Fallentimber, PA

Looks big, but there’s no room!

I don’t get it. The bag is huge. There’s plenty of pockets and nooks/crannies. And yet, there’s not enough room for even the minimal amount of baby stuff! I have a smaller bag that actually holds more! I think they way the pockets are situated makes less room. If it was just wide open in there like a backpack should be, it would be perfect! But once you fill up one pocket it makes no room in another. Glad I bought this one used on eBay because I would have wasted a lot of money if I bought it new.

Sally Newland, NC

Wrong Camo

I asked a question about this item before I purchased as I could not find regular camo ANYWHERE else, so I wanted to make sure this was the "regular" and not the "digital camo". (As I had ordered it elsewhere and was told the "regular camo" was discontinued. So, from the answer I received from the customer, I went ahead and ordered…Super excited because I was going to give it to my husband :)So when I received it I opened and was immediately disappointed…IT WAS DIGITAL CAMO. I contacted Amazon and they informed me they did not carry the regular camo anymore and gladly refunded me 100%I had an amazing experience with Amazon, but the product is NOT Described correctly and the picture should be changed so this doesn’t happen again!

Celia Porter, MN

Great bag

This is a nice quality large bag with tons of space and compartments. I bough it for my husband so he wouldn’t have to carry my girly bag, but I love using this one too. It is comfortable as a backpack. The quality is great and it seems like it will hold up for a long time. It is washable. There seems to be a place to put everything you could possibly need.My only complaint would be that the cooler part isn’t the best, but at least it has one. It works for a while. I don’t know if there are diaper bags out there with better built in coolers anyway. Overall this is a great choice and I would recommend it for any dads or moms looking for a backpack style diaper bag.

Cornelia Huntsville, UT

The best diaper bag ever!

We received several diaper bags from our baby showers – cheap and expensive ones. This one is by far our favorite.We love the laptop sleeve so we don’t have to carry extra computer bags. The cooler in the bottom is a must-have when traveling with breastmilk or formula. Plus, it’s easy to carry through an airport – you can’t beat that.

Vicky Huxley, IA