Baby Shower Cap, Shampoo Visor, Bath Visor BLUE

Baby Shower Cap, Shampoo Visor, Bath Visor BLUE

Model: KAKJ-EO11301 Size: fits babies and little kids Packaging: 1pc / poly bag Color: blue, pink Features: Is your kid hate taking a bath because he/she hates getting water in his/her face The Kangaroo baby shower cap can help you! It can protect children’s eyes, ears and face from water, soap and shampoo. Your kid would enjoy bathing with it. It is not only a useful appliance for mothers but also care for baby. Wish every lovely baby grow up happy!

Main features

  • Made of soft and flexible material
  • Make your bath job more easier
  • Available in two colors
  • Looks cute when baby wearing it
  • Concern and love for children

Verified reviews



This a good device for the price but my 2 yr old does not want anything on her head so I can’t use it. But its a good fit and works great.

Mandy Heiskell, TN

More of a struggle

I used to struggle with my daughter to wash her hair because she didn’t like water by her face. I thought this would be a great solution. It’s not. By the time you cram this on your kids head, you’ve lost already. Plus, you can’t really get it perfectly positioned. Somewhere, there is always hair that is not getting rinsed/washed properly. It’s better just to take the time to slowly get your child used to the water. Leave the gimmicky things like this out of it.

Octavia Quay, NM

Works!! Fits 21in+

This product is WORTH IT. It is not super sturdy, so I imagine it’s not going to last a very long time- but for the price that doesn’t really matter. I use i on my almost 2 year old (who’s head is big, so it fits older toddlers/ children) and it’s just a teeny teeny bit loose. Her head measures about 22 inches.When I use it I flip it up so it looks likes a crown, and not a single drop gets into her eyes. This is great because unlike other covers, it works when she looks down when I pour water over her head. (No matter how many times I say "look up, chin up!") Also because it’s so soft it doesn’t bother her skin for it to be on for a few minutes.I went back and bought a couple more, since it seems inevitable it will rip eventually, and I don’t want to wash her hair again without it!

Adela Gainesville, MO

not quite what I expected

When i finally got the visor, it was adjustable with snaps and was very flimsy. I feel like a good tug on it and the snaps would rip right out. My 1 year old doesn’t like to have it on his head either. When ever the water is pored on it, it flops down in his face and he pulls it off. I’m glad it was so inexpensive because I would have been upset if this was one of the $20 products. I will probably not consider replacing it either.

Marsha Derry, PA

Works well

Flimsy yes but works well. My 12 month old daughter has a rather large head so this fits her perfectly. Keeps the soap and water out of her eyes which is why I bought it. I feel however that is could be a little less flimsy but otherwise we use it for each bath and have had it a few months now.

Ethel Paradise, CA