Baby Simba Lion Bottle Nipple Brushes. BPA Free Holder w/ Sterling Silver base. Set of 2

Baby Simba Lion Bottle Nipple Brushes. BPA Free Holder w/ Sterling Silver base. Set of 2

Unlike nipple brushes that are attached to the other end of the bottle brush, these brushes are made to last. The bristles are quality nylons that will gently brush and clean nipples & pacifiers without scratching them. Standard size handle makes for easy holdings. Quality and Sturdy stainless steel wires will make these brushes last long and rust-free. Cone shape brush bristles fit all standard nipples and cleans them effectively.

Main features

  • Set of 2 BPA free nipple & pacifier brushes
  • Brush material: Quality Nylon
  • Handle: Pe (Polyethylene)
  • Handle Frame: Sterling Silver (Rust-free)
  • Size: Standard Nipple size & pacifier brush

Verified reviews


Terrible brushes

Terrible brushes, not only expensive but they broke after 2 months of usage … The brush part broke off the handle part making it basically useless, i had to throw it away …. Very disappointed.

Kristi South Windsor, CT


This bottle nipple brush is the perfect size and is really durable. I’ve used it on countless bottle nipples and it doesn’t show signs of wear like so many others did. The wire at the base of the brush where it goes into the plastic isn’t starting to fall apart like others do. I love this. I’ve only needed the one brush and it’s lasted more than six months. The others I tried didn’t last much more than a month before coming apart.

Sheree Irmo, SC


They’re small, they’re sturdy, they are really only useful for the insides of nipples…which is quite important and nothing else really works for that.We use these for the nipple and a regular sponge for the rest of the bottles. It would be nice to have one item that did both, but so far all the ones that offer both kinds of cleaning fall apart within a few weeks. These little "good for cleaning the inside of nipples only" brushes are totally rad for the job.

Lori Hillsboro, OR

is it BPA Free?

The packaging is in another language so I’m not too sure if it really is BPA free. The metal scratches the plastic flanges for my pump.

Jessie Marine On Saint Croix, MN

Love Them!

Perfect for baby bottle nipples and small pump parts! Kept one in the kitchen and one in the diaper bag.

Noemi Albany, WI

from wifey….

This is from my wife, she loves these and I got them for her for Christmas. They are okay. ‘

Kay Tulelake, CA

Bristles are too soft

I wouldn’t buy these again, the bristles are so gentle you end up spending twice the amount of time. Get a different brand!

Rosalind London, AR

Best nipple brush ever!

I’ve tried several different nipple brushes between 2 kids but after a few weeks they began to rust. Gross! I found these on Amazon and gave them a try after noting “silver plated” and BPA free. On my 2nd set… Only because my husband and toddler had used first set for alternative uses. Believe the price is line with similar brushes if not cheaper.

Marquita Bolivar, OH

good product

glad I finally found wider nipple brushes now I don’t have to use 3 diff brushes to wash the nipples, and straw things (dr. brown bottles)

Katy Waveland, MS

Bought to clean out breast sheilds

Works great to clean out breast shields for my Medela pumping kits. It works great. Really nice of them to include two. Also works great on nipples for bottles (Dr Brown).

Stella Buckhead, GA

Perfect for bottles, pump parts and little nooks and crannies

I use these several times a day and have for a few months and they haven’t broken yet. Perfectly designed for their purpose!

Peggy Myerstown, PA

My favorite brushes!

I’d assume it’s hard to get nipple brushes wrong… But Babies R Us sure got theirs wrong! I’ve been using those for awhile because I didn’t see anything else, and they kept falling apart. But then I found these. Never heard of Baby Simba Lion brand before, and the packaging was in Chinese or something… But these are just the best brushes! Full bristles, but very pliable for small spaces, and durable.

Mellisa Yancey, TX

Possibly causing scratches

I like these brushes enough, but with reservations: the bristles are soft and they’re great for cleaning pump parts because it gets in the little hard-to-reach crevices, but I noticed that they damage the bottle nipples a bit. The insides of the nipples are scratched from brushing, probably from the wire at the tip. Maybe I scrub too hard (I don’t think I do), or maybe it’s the particular brush I bought and it’s not actually a common problem. But now I just use them to clean pump parts and use a different brush for the bottle nipples.

Antionette Port Austin, MI


Cleaning nipples and bottles is such a pain and I’m obsessive about making sure that they are completely cleaned. All the other bottles cleaners barely fit into the actual nipples, and they don’t clean or reach the entire surface part. These do!!! I now order them for my first time mother friends.

Harriett Knife River, MN

Wish I would have found them sooner

Great product for cleaning out the nooks and crannies of toddler soft spouts in playtex and nuby sippy cups. They hold up a lot better than the foam nipple brush in the born free cleaning pack.

Lolita Dry Ridge, KY

Super brushes – clean very well

I’ve went through a few nipple brushes (some that came as an accessory to a bottle brush), and none come close to these! They do a wonderful job to get all the way in the nipple and clean, no sharp edge points that would puncture the nipple tip. Most importantly, they last a long time, bristles stay nice and firm (by firm, I mean in their original state – they are nice and semi-soft). I use this brush to clean nipples for Born Free, which has a wider nipple, as well as for Soothie pacifiers.I purchased the OXO bottle brush (which is awesome), but the nipple brush that is included is not really a brush at all, just a silicone tip that does no washing or cleaning, more like smearing.These brushes clean much better than the foam/sponge brushes that people complain about falling apart shortly. Definitely a must have, too bad it took me months to find this brush.

Evangeline Lenox, GA


perfect – exactly what i needed to clean bottle nipples and pump parts. MUCH better than those silicone nipple cleaners that come with most bottle brushes.

Aimee Ashcamp, KY

the best nipple brush

this is the best nipple brush. If you use a platex bottle with a disposable liner, this is a sufficient item for cleaning and it is also durable.

Cheryl Kearny, NJ


I love these nipple brushes. They are not only great for cleaning nipples, but also cleaning breast pump parts. I am planning on ordering more. I highly recommend these nipple brushes.Update: I have been using these brushes for 3 months now. I noticed that one of these brushes lasts about 1.5months. However, I still think they deserve a 5-star rating because they serve their purpose well. This is why I ordered three more packs of two. I love these brushes.

Jerry Hollandale, MS

What else would you use for nipples!

I had zero luck on what to clean my baby bottle nipples with until I found this on amazon. The store stuff does not clean well. He is almost 6 months old and I am on my second one. They do wear with time but what doesn’t? Totally worth it.

Christie Goshen, CT

Great nipple brushes – while they last

I have tried a lot of nipple brushes – most of the time, bottle brushes come with some kind of built-in nipple brush that is cleverly integrated into the handle of the bottle brush. These built in nipple brushes are usually too small and the bristles too firm for my liking. But my biggest “issue” with these built-in nipple brushes is that the nipple brush is stored INSIDE the bottle brush handle – which is going to be damp and dark. Can we say bacteria and mold haven? Ick. Not so clever if you ask me.Enter Baby Simba. I love using this nipple brush. The bristles are really bushy and have just the right amount of firmness. Not too firm, not too soft (I feel like Goldilocks!).The bushiness is also PERFECT for cleaning out Medela pumping parts.For perspective on size, it’s about the length of an average woman’s index finger, tip to end of handle.That said, they are not the best quality. After about a month, the orange handle eventually becomes seperated from the bristle rod. You can still use the brush, but obviously it’s more difficult to use without the handle. You can screw the handle back on, but it will fall off again, and again, and again, and again. If you’re willing to put up with this annoyance, the bristles will last for a few months of every day use before they become all warped. Since it’s a 2 pack, you’re looking at about 4-6 months of use from this package.However, this hasn’t stopped me from buying another pack after the first two died. It’s still the best nipple brush out there, and the relatively nominal expense is worth it in my opinion. It’s not like we’re talking $20 each time…

Lacey Wanatah, IN

Rust & Falling Apart!

I was impressed with these brushes when I first bought them. They were flexible, full head brushes that really seemed to be flexible and able to get in the areas of bottle nippes that are difficult to clean. Less than a month later, they had started to rst and the tip literally fell out. Will I buy again? I think not!

Thelma Humptulips, WA

Too big and rough

Ended up returning the item. The brush part is rough and way to big to fit into the dr. brown standard size bottle. Back of the the Munchies bottle brush cleaner works better.

Rachel Fredonia, WI

Not as soft as I thought they’d be

When I bought these, I thought I was replacing another Simba product – a small, spongey thing I used to wash nipples and bottles. These work just fine, but the bristles are very coarse. They are fine for nipples, but I don’t use them for anything else.

Celia Naruna, VA

Great Product !!

Excellent nipple brush. Soft yet durable, highly recommend this to anyone who is cleaning bottles as regularly as we do!!

Kerry Searsport, ME

Serves Pupose

Service Purpose and pretty durableI would recommend it for cleaning nipples vs other nipple brushes this is way better

Dana Pearce, AZ

Handle broke off after less than a month

These worked fine until the handle broke off after three weeks of use. I do not recommend these nipple brushes.

Dionne Eldred, NY

Very Effective

This is one of the best nipple brushes we’ve found and it’s built to last. It can seem expensive for two small brushes, but it’s certainly worth the money when you see how well it works. We’ve tried other brushes and they just don’t clean as well.

Sheri Kenna, NM

These are great!

I like these better than any other nipple brush! I’ve been using one everyday for 2 months and its still in great shape!

Magdalena Weikert, PA

Great for nipples!

Best nipple brushes I have used. They bristles are soft enough that they don’t hurt your hands as you brush, but hard enough to clean the nipples.

Esperanza Fairchild, WI