Baby Sleeping Bag from Woolino, 4 Season, Merino Wool Baby Sleep Bag, 2 Months – 2 Years, Dream

Baby Sleeping Bag from Woolino, 4 Season, Merino Wool Baby Sleep Bag, 2 Months – 2 Years, Dream

Are you worried about which weight baby sleep bag to use and whether your baby will be too hot or cold while sleeping? With Woolino there is no need to worry because exceptionally breathable merino wool naturally regulates baby’s body temperature to ensure s/he sleeps safely and comfortably through the night. This luxurious baby sleeping bag will also save you buying lots of other brand sleep sack sizes and TOG ratings because it comes in one universal size that fits babies 2m – 2yrs old and it can be used year-round. This is the BEST and the only ONE baby wearable blanket you will need until your child turns two. • 100% natural: SILKY-SOFT Australian merino wool lining & organic cotton outer. • One universal size, 2mo -2yrs. For smaller babies simply close the underarm snaps to adjust the fit. • Can be used in all seasons – suitable for room temp. 63-77F (17-25C). • Unlike any other fiber, merino REGULATES BODY TEMPERATURE keeping baby warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. • Reduces the risk of overheating – a risk factor for SIDS. • Zipper-pull guards to protect child’s skin and prevent child from chewing on the zipper pull. • Opens completely flat for easy dressing. • MACHINE WASHABLE. • Nursery thermometer with dressing guide included. • Meets all US CPSC children safety requirements. • Woolmark certified merino. OEKO-Tex 100 certified fabric and accessories • Also available in toddler size 2-4 years Why Merino? Medical studies have shown that babies sleeping in merino wool settle more quickly, wake and cry less, sleep longer and gain weight faster. Significantly finer than other types of wool, merino is the perfect fiber to have next to child’s sensitive skin. It breathes, regulates temperature, manages moisture, it is hypoallergenic, easy care and durable. It is naturally perfect.

Main features

  • #1 rated and #1 selling Merino wool wearable blanket in US and Canada. Winner of Mom’s Choice Award and Creative Child’s 2012 Top Choice of the Year Award.
  • 100% Natural, made from premium luxuriously-soft hypoallergenic Australian merino wool. GOTS certified organic cotton outer. Machine-washable. Naturally fire resistant.
  • Optimal weight merino lining so it can be used in all 4 seasons. One size: 2m – 2yrs. This is the one and only baby sleep bag you will need until your child turns 2.
  • Maximum versatility: Both shoulder snaps and two-way side zipper for easy dressing and diaper changes; Closable seat-belt slots for easy transfer from car to crib.
  • Premium quality product, backed by the industry-leading Warranty from a US company with US customer service.

Verified reviews


Nice sack. We had to dress our baby more than the Woolino guidelines suggested

ORIGINAL POST: 2 starsCONCLUSION: While the blanket feels luxurious and seems to be well constructed, for us, it did not do the job of keeping our baby warm and I won’t be able to use this till the spring/summer unless I dress baby in VERY warm PJs. “Four seasons” is too large of a promise. If you buy this sack I would dress baby in something warmer than what the Woolino guidelines suggest.UPDATE: 3.5 starsWe still have to dress our baby pretty well in this sack to keep as warm as she would like (every baby is different!). It could just be my baby, or the babies of the few others who made similar comments. But we’re ok dressing her better and are willing to keep the sack for the following reasons:- Excellent quality. Well sown and really nice material.- Washes beautifully. Does NOT get smelly no matter how much she’s spit up on it in between washes (which I’m embarrassed to say we let go for some weeks) probably b/c of the wool’s anti-bacterial properties.- The car seat slots were life saver when were were traveling and had to move her to her car seat in the very early morning. She was able to continue sleeping relatively well.- Long enough to grow with her – huge plus. She also seems to like kicking around in the extra space it affords her now.

Shelley Ypsilanti, MI

love the. feel

I hate polyester, and any synthetic fabric. I’m glad I found this soft sleep sack. It’s a very good quality product. However, I agree with the reviewer who says that it won’t keep the baby very warm. My baby likes to sleep in lower temperatures, and he is always warm. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to use this.

Jodie Bodega, CA

Love this sleep sack, as does baby!

We started using this sleep sack when my daughter was seven weeks old. She immediately (perhaps coincidentally) started sleeping through the night. Since then, it has become an integral part of her naptime and bedtime routines, and the whole family counts on it. I wish I had bought two. She is 17 months now — the sleep sack has held up well through all the trials you would imagine… spilled milk, vomit, many washings even in warm water. We put it in the dryer, too. It is pricey but it was well worth the investment. Once our daughter grows out of it, it will easily be useable for the next baby.In the winter, we put her in a long-sleeve onesie or a long-sleeved PJs (no socks/feet — just her preference) with this. For the summer, even though we have a/c, we put her in a short-sleeved onesie with the sack. Works great for everyone.I also love the snap/zipper design. It unfolds flat so it is really easy to get her in and out.

Gloria West Hurley, NY

Keeps our kid warm at night.

This is a very good sleep sack. Snaps over both shoulders (instead of just one) are a very convenient feature. We use it every night. Our kid wears a onesie and pants, and then we put him in the Woolino. Keeps him plenty warm at night. We also have an MK sleep sack, which costs more and has a slot for a seatbelt. We haven’t really needed this seatbelt slot so far. The Woolino works very well, and so if we ever needed to get another merino wool sleep sack (though I don’t imagine ever needing another one), we’d probably get the Woolino.

Millie West Haverstraw, NY

Returned – too long for a baby

I really wanted to like this product but it’s just way too long for my 6 month old (who is in the 95th percentile for height). She moves and rolls around a lot in bed and I can imagine the excess fabric getting caught up. But otherwise it’s a lovely fabric. I still find it hard to understand how you can dress your baby in wool in Summer and Winter. I know I definitely wouldn’t want a woolen sheet/blanket on top of me in Summer.

Dorthy Portageville, MO


I had this in my cart for like a year. Well at 14months old i decided to buy it because even in the summer we had her in the summer infant sleep sacks etc and were ready to buy a bigger size and were layering with thinner ones for the winter.We love this. It is super soft and I appreciate that it will fit from infant to 2 year old. The colors are nice and classic. I got a grey and white striped one for my girl and i will pass it to my next baby whether boy or girl.The snaps at the top are much better than having to fiddle with a zipper in the dark and i love that the bottom unzips to check diapers. The slot for car seat buckle is an extra special added bonus, not to mention the little thermometer gauge and guide to how to dress baby depending on the temp. I have washed 3 times now (i only wash every few weeks unless there is stain from diaper or something ) and it feels like newI definitely recommend this, especially if your baby is a sack wearer not a pull a blanket over me type. JUST GO FOR IT

Erna Ethel, WA


We bought both woolino and merino~ we love woolino better than merino!! since it is easier to put on and take off! and more over the color is much more prettier than merino~and woolino has a complementary thermometer which is accurate!

Gail Wausaukee, WI

Cozy for baby!

The Woolino Sleep sack is super cozy for baby! A few things I like about it:- No chemical flame retardants (this is one of the main reasons I purchased it)- Soft and cozy, nicely made- Could work to help baby transition from swaddling (we stressed so much about giving up the swaddle, and then it kind of happened on its own)- Helps regulate temperature- Unzips flat so that you can put baby in it without waking her or pulling something over her head- I haven’t seen this mentioned elsewhere, but it works very well for those who don’t have crib bumpers! My daughter was constantly sticking her legs through the crib slats, the sleep sack makes it much harder to do this. I was going to buy crib bumpers; then decided not to bother.One negative is that now that my daughter can stand in her crib, she will trip on the sleep sack and fall down more easily, which I don’t like. (That is not particular to this brand, though).I haven’t seen the Merino Kids one in person, so I don’t know if it’s vastly better than this one, but this one is very nice and less expensive, so…. :-)Added 8/26/13: Our daughter is 21 months now and will soon outgrow this, and I think I’ll purchase the Toddler size. She really loves her sleep sack!Added 2/5/14: We purchased the Toddler size in the fall and she has been using it every night since. I think this is a great product, especially if you live in a cold climate.

Wanda Cobbs Creek, VA

Beautiful, nice quality sleep sack!

We absolutely love this sleeping bag. It is a very nice thick material and feels like wonderful quality. There are no sleeves, so you do still have to dress the baby warmly underneath but it regulates the temperature well. Because it is wool it rarely needs to be washed.

Cecelia Lawley, AL

The best nanny 🙂

my baby’s nanny call this sack “the best nanny”.it works like magic 🙂 calming, relaxing. it is exactly as they say ALL Season.I wish I could have I more( if it wasn’t that pricy…)

Augusta Superior, WI

Warm and cozy!

This well-made sleep sack is the best. Can’t beat Merino wool! My baby knows as soon as I take it out that it’s bedtime so having this sleep sack really helps with his routine!

Jolene Marydel, MD

One of the best baby buys

We ordered both the Merino Kids and the Woolino. We liked this one slightly better. It had a softer feel to it. I’m so fed up with all this Polyester crap for baby’s that i’m so happy to finally found something that is made out of breathing material and keeps our little one warm at night.

Cristina Ceylon, MN

Perfect for Our Tall Baby

We had another warm sleep sac that our son outgrew in a flash. I was willing to spend the money on one I felt would last. He uses it every night and while it is thin I trust that because it is wool it keeps him warm enough. On cooler nights I just make sure he is in long pants and long sleeves. Great quality and extra long.

Alba Atwood, KS

Pretty decent sleep bag for baby…with some cons

I’ve been looking for the perfect sleep sack for my 9 month old baby but i’ve unfortunately yet to find one. Here are my comments on the ones I’ve tried thus far:- Woolino sleep bag: This one is probably the best one we’ve tried so far at least given the requirements i’ve had. Firstly, I did not want a bag with nasty fire retardant chemicals and the Woolino one does not have it given wool is naturally fire retardant. I like that you can wash and dry this one in the washer and dryer although the drying takes a little bit longer than usual. It’s nice that this bag can be used from baby to two years old (there is a little armpit snap adjuster so you can make the arm space smaller for smaller babies). My only negative is this says it is a four season bag, but I don’t think this bag is warm enough for a winter night, even in Southern California where we live. I would recommend the manufacturer make a winter version that is thicker. Other pros of this bag are a nice design, the bag seems very well made (good zipper, good seams, etc) and the set comes with a little travel bag to put the sleep sack in as well as a free paper therometer which is all very nice. Also nice is that the zipper is on the side which I think is more comfy for baby when she sleeps on her belly.- Baby Dee Dee: So i bought both the summer weight and winter weight sleep bags. I like the summer weight sleep sack a lot and think it is perfect for hot Southern California summers. It also uses organic cotton which is nice. I thought the winter weight bag was great and sufficiently warm, except the filling in the sleep bag is filled with polyester, which inherently has fire retardant chemicals in it, which i wanted to avoid. Another negative is the zippers are in front in the middle which is probably not that comfortable if baby sleeps on his/her belly, although the zipper itself seems to be of good quality. You don’t have to buy as many of these sleep sacks given they have a decent age range for each bag (example: 6-12 months). Cute colors too!- Halo sleep sacks: Decent for the price. However, my two qualms are 1) They contain fire retardant chemicals and 2) you have to buy a lot of these sacks as baby grows versus a sleep sack like Woolino where you buy one from age 6 month to 2 years.- Skip HOp sleep sack : I got a Skip Hop sleep sack as part of a pack of bedding items that included a sleep sack, sheet, blanket and crib skirt. I liked everything except for the sleep sack which was extremely thin and flimsy not to mention small – basically you can only use the sleepsack from newborn to maybe 2/3 months – which is when most people swaddle their babies. So for us, we never even used this sleep sack.

Melanie Stanville, KY