Baby Tracker® – Daily Childcare Journal, Schedule Log

Baby Tracker® – Daily Childcare Journal, Schedule Log

Easily keep track of your baby’s or child’s daily schedules, activities and needs in one handy spot. And make the drop-off and pick-up process for childcare a snap. The Baby Tracker® Daily Childcare Journal is designed to make it fast and easy to record and review meals, naps, activities, playtime, daily news, milestones and to-dos —all in a single page view. Get ready for doctor visits, give to childcare helpers and use this easy at-a-glance daily record to monitor schedules and prep for your baby’s daily needs. This version records daily activities from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. The Baby Tracker Daily Childcare Journal is ready to keep track of up to 6 months of daily schedule tracking. Each journal includes: *180 daily at-a-glance tracking records (90 pages) * Key Contacts List * Medical Emergency Form and Instructions * Health Facts and Immunization Record * Printed on high quality, easy writing, bright white, 100% recycled paper Birth/3months to 3 years (**PLEASE NOTE: The Newborn Baby Tracker® journal is also available for night AND day schedule tracking for nursing moms and 24-hour newborns.) MUST USE. Pick up where the caregiver leaves off. Now every nap and bottle can be chronicled with Baby Tracker, an at-a-glance charting system. -Working Mother KEEP TRACK OF BABY. The Baby Tracker from Time Too is by far the simplest, most stylish, most no-nonsense planner we’ve seen. -American Baby FOR THE RECORD. Ask your caregiver to keep you apprised of your baby’s daily activities while at work. Baby Tracker journal makes it easy. – Child Magazine IPARENTING MEDIA AWARD Winner. Top Product Award and Hot Pick, Just for Mom Category. – iParenting Media (a division of

Main features

  • Easily record and monitor baby’s daily activities, schedules and needs
  • Page-per-day format tracks feedings, naps, diaper changes, play, milestones and to-dos (See Newborn Baby Tracker for day and night format)
  • Award-winning design creates at-a-glance charts of childcare activities and baby schedules
  • Added contact and reference pages for immunizations, health and emergencies
  • Includes 180 day pages (6 a.m. – 7 p.m.) for up to 6 months of daily child care logs and schedule info

Verified reviews



Perfect for new parents. We were able to keep track of baby’s feeding, sleep and diaper change schedule for the first two and a half months of her life. Made life easier when the doctor would ask questions about habits because we had it all right there!

Latoya White Horse Beach, MA

Should be required for all new parents!

This book is such a life saver. It has been so helpful to be able to go back to track trends, answer pediatrician questions, or communicate with each other when you are up at different times of the night with a newborn. I think it is one of those things that everyone should be required to have before they leave the hospital. We went through all the pages of the newborn version, then moved to the infant version, and will finish up the second infant book (third total) right as our baby turns 1. See other things that are must haves for baby at […]

Dessie Purcell, OK

Grandmother watching baby

Helps me know exactly how my babies day has gone with my mother in law watching him while I go to work. It also has a section for her to write notes and let me know anything she may need. I couldn’t be happier with this book.

Antoinette Islandton, SC

repeat buyer

I bought this a few times for my older son and have bought it again for my newborn. This is super easy to use and helps me keep track of his daily routine. When he started going to the sitter when I went back to work, it helped me know how his day went to better prepare me for how the evening would most likely go. When he was sick, it help me keep track of how many diapers a day he was producing to make sure he was getting dehydrated. The note sections to the side and bottom are useful too because his sitter writes in small notes about whether or not he liked his lunch or if the playtime included going for a walk, etc.Excellent for moms who are wanting to keep track of their kids daily routine even though they are at work. Excellent for dads to keep track as my husband can quickly forget what time he fed our son. LOL

Effie Lapeer, MI


I wanted an alternative to printing out daily log sheets for the nanny to fill out, and this has worked out great! I’m no longer searching my daughter’s bag for a crumpled piece of paper each day. It’s also nice to be able to look back on previous days and weeks for eating and sleeping patterns. I would have preferred a plastic-type cover, but it’s held up well so far.

Evangeline Kirkwood, PA

Great for basics, but not detail

This is great for basics, but I wish the space to write things in was bigger. A lot times I need struggle trying to read what the caretaker wrote in because the spaces go together.

Carissa Bryan, TX

Perfect for the working mom

My 3 month old son spend half of his days with my mother and half with a neighbor while I worked. I had them track his activity (loosely) in this which allowed me to get an idea of how his schedule was developing and how much milk he was eating. It was the best way to have some cohesion in his life while I was at work.

Marcella Ursina, PA

Great for newborns

This book is perfect! I’m a first time new mom, and this book made it so easy to keep track of feedings, diaper changes, sleep. Definitely would recommend this for new moms. Plus it’s small enough that I throw in the diaper back for doctor visits.

Concepcion Holloman Air Force Base, NM

It’s ok, but I liked a regular weekly planner better for a baby.

I wanted to love this, but it was pretty expensive for only a few months worth of calendar pages. I ended up buying a regular weekly planner – 55% OFF! – The Planner – that is 8 1/2 x 11 and has all seven days on the right page and the left page has room to write a To Do List and Goals. I found this to be more helpful because I could mark each day’s eating and sleeping blocks, then also see them side by side – I could see her patterns more easily with a weekly view. This planner was cute, just not what I wanted.

Wendy Lavallette, NJ

Best for Tracking!

The Baby Tracker brand books are the absolute best of the trackers that are available. You can track naps, feedings, diaper changes, activities, and notes. They’re easy to use and have a nice clean layout.I started using the Newborn Baby Tracker, which tracks nights and days. It gave me a nice way to track feedings and note important milestones. Once I used up the entire book, I bought this Baby Tracker, which tracks only days since my daughter is sleeping during the night now. Her caregiver notes her activities and sleeping times during the day. It’s a great way for me to know what happened. Plus, it’s nice to be able to look back and see patterns or trends.

Sherry Woolstock, IA

Helpful Reminder

During your postpartum stay at the hospital the nurses will ask you to keep a log of your baby’s feedings, urination and bowel movements. However, when you get home you do not have a nurse to remind you or ask when your baby’s last bowel movement was and you are so overwhelmed with the new schedule you can’t even remember what day it is. The daily tracker helped us so much because once we got home our baby cried all the time, could not sleep and we were having major problems breastfeeding. It was so bad we had to contact our pediatrician’s after hours on-call doctor. Looking at the tracker we realized a trend, the baby was not feeding for a long time AND we had very few wet diapers and bowel movements. This was an indication our baby was dehydrated and the doctor suggested we start pumping breast milk (to see how much we get) and supplement with formula until sufficient breast milk finally came in. The feeding column we wrote how many ounces of breast milk or formula we gave and how long he breast fed for. In the comments column we use it for tracking how much water I drink because I was not drinking enough to make an adequate supply of breastmilk. For a while I wasn’t sure what was giving him horrible gas, so I started to track what I ate in case it was a food allergy (we have a peanut allergy in the family). We even write notes about his first smile, who came to visit, ect to keep in his memory box.

Tracey Stamford, NE

Compact and Easy way to record the milestones

I use this so that our babysitter (grandma) can keep track of what goes on during the day. We’ve recorded so many milestones since we received this. It is a 6 month diary and has room for notes. I wish the hours started around 6 am and went until 8 pm, but we just write over certain times to suit our purposes. The nice thing is that if we had a rough night and we are super tired, we have something to refer to if we forgot when we last fed the baby or when he woke up. I also like that the front page has a place for emergency comments and a consent form in case your child needs medical care. It also has a place at the back of the book for immunizations. I’ll definitely get another one in 6 months when we finish this book.

Mildred Newbury, VT

Great for keeping track

This book is a great way for keeping track of daily changing and feedings. My only wish is that it was in a 24 hour format. But other than that it is great.

Alexis Wyndmere, ND

excellent communication tool

Has columns for all the info I need at a glance when I get home from work. Nanny is able to fill it out easily….love it

Laurie Bent Mountain, VA

Needs clearer AM & PM

I like this log, but think it would work better with clearer AM & PM sections. Each page is 12 hours so you really need two pages a day if your baby feeds or wets a lot in the early morning hours between midnight and 7am. We’re cramming those in to the 2 blank spaces above 7am right now.

Charmaine Paris, TN

Expensive and Somewhat Limited Format

My wife and I have a six month old baby boy and around the 4-month mark my wife decided that she would return to work instead of being a stay-at-home mom. We hired an in-home nanny to care for our little boy and the arrangement has worked quite well ever since. Shortly after starting the arrangement we realized that we would need some sort of journal to track our little boy’s activities while he was with the nanny and we were working. We used a plain notebook for a period of weeks until we stumbled on the Baby Tracker – Daily Childcare Journal.——————–LAYOUT AND USE:The Baby Tracker is really an excellent idea. The journal pages are clearly divided into columns for tracking feedings, nap-time, diaper changes, play-time as well as general areas for notes and tracking milestones. The legibility in the Baby Tracker is a huge improvement over our standard notebook entries that really ended up becoming small paragraphs. In a few short moments you can summarize all of the data in the columns in the totals section and determine key information – how much did baby eat, did baby have a bowel movement, how much sleep did they get, etc.There are, however, some frustrating limitations with this journal. First the entire layout is about half a notebook sheet divided down the middle (portrait layout). This constrains entries to very small spaces on each column and row. For much of the information that is okay – feedings can be summarized in ounces; diaper changes by a "#1 or #2" and so on. However, once your baby becomes more active and you’d like to know more than "tummy time" under the play-time column things start to get very tight on the page.Another problem is that this tracker only covers 12 hours out of a baby’s day. That’s fine if the intention is only to track hours while a baby is with child care providers. However, we really wanted to track our little boy’s entire day which often starts much earlier than 6am. Using this journal that would require the use of a second page.——————–WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE BABY TRACKER:(+) Good layout that is easy to read and instantly gather information about your baby’s day in a matter of moments(+) High quality paper(+) Consistent quality between the pages——————–WHAT I DON’T LIKE ABOUT THE BABY TRACKER:(-) Expensive and gets you at most 6-months, less if you use more than one page for tracking your babies entire day(-) The cover is thick but not a hardback and bends easily in a diaper bag(-) The pages should really be bigger. I understand portability is a concern but the current size is entirely too small——————–CONCLUSION:I ended up making my own format of this journal in a spreadsheet that includes a 24-hour day and more space for comments along with a few other changes and had the pages bound cheaply at a local shop. This is an adequate journal but expensive for what you get and limitations because of page size.

Martina Weber City, VA

This is fine … but I haven’t used it.

I thought keeping a simple handwritten journal would be nice. But I haven’t used this thing at all, and here’s why:1.) When you’re breastfeeding, it’s often nice to have your phone close by so that you can keep yourself entertained. If you are able to grab *both* your phone and this notebook – and a pen – consistently – and at 3 in the morning – you are more skilled than me. (I don’t nurse in the same place every time.)2.) You’re also often so sleep deprived that – at least for me – I’d forget to look at what time we started on a side, or what side we started on. I’m not perfect with the app I have either, but at least I just have to mindlessly hit a button.3.) I really like the app I have (Baby Connect). It gives me better data. For example, it can tell me how long on average feedings have been taking (helpful as we start to think about sleep training). It can tell me that I nursed him 177 times last month (granted that serves no useful purpose other than a feeling of perverse satisfaction).

Leah Abie, NE