Baby Tracker for Newborns – Round-the-Clock Childcare Journal, Schedule Log

Baby Tracker for Newborns – Round-the-Clock Childcare Journal, Schedule Log

This is a version of the award-winning Baby Tracker® series designed specifically to track and monitor the schedules of NEWBORNS and NURSING moms who need 24-hour (night and day) monitoring. Time Too’s simple, day- and night-on-a-page journal uses a charting system of activity by time with simple check boxes and fill-in-the-blanks to record and view feedings, diaper changes and sleep schedules and activities— creating a visual snapshot of schedules and needs. Spiral binding allows a 24-hour (day page plus night page) view that can lay flat on any countertop or bedside table with easy portability. A specific column for nursing mothers makes it easy to record and remember time duration of feedings and breast rotation. Daily pages formatted with additional areas for notes, a daily checklist, baby needs, and daily developmental notes, let the Newborn Baby Tracker- Round the Clock Journal display all important information of the day in a single view. Additional parent pages keep a Quick Contacts list and Health Facts at your fingertips. Perfect for monitoring nursing and baby sleep schedules, preparing for doctor visits, and making easy hand-offs to other child care helpers. Designed to accommodate 3 months (90 days) of night and day side-by-side tracking. A perfect gift and true mother’s helper for the new baby. iPARENTING MEDIA AWARD Winner. Top Product Award and Hot Pick, Just for Mom Category. – iParenting Media (a division of MOM QUOTES: “This product was my sanity saver” “Almost like having an extra pair of hands” “Helps make for joyful days, and sleep-filled nights” (**PLEASE NOTE: Other Baby Tracker® journals are available in different formats for daily activity tracking with day-only pages to record meals, sleep, changes, play and daily schedules and needs, with age-specific features. Perfect for working moms using childcare to make drop-offs and pick-ups a breeze)

Main features

  • Easily record and monitor baby’s daily activities, schedules and needs
  • Day and night (24 hr) tracking of nursing, feeding, sleep, diaper changes and more
  • Award-winning design creates easily viewed charts of baby’s day and nursing schedule
  • Added contact and reference pages for immunizations, health and emergencies
  • Includes alternating 90 day pages plus 90 night pages that display and record up to 3 months of 24-hour schedule tracking

Verified reviews


Great product!

I have used this book since my son was born. It’s a great and handy way to keep track of when and how much eats and when I change his diaper. Makes it easy to discuss his progress with his doctor. This journal is great for his grandparents who watch him while I’m gone. They are able to maintain his schedule and it makes it very easy for me to see how he is doing while I’m at work. Highly recommend this journal for all parents of children especially for those with little ones under a year of age. I’ll definitely continue to buy this every 3 months until at least my son is a year old.

Adele Industrial, WV

ONe simple thing would improve it.

THis has been helpful in tracking the feedings, diaper changes, naps and other developmental things for our little one but I REALLY wish they had laid it out so that you could leave it open and have the left side be AM and the right PM. The way the pages are set up you have to flip a page to see a full day (starts with PM on the left and A.M. on the right). It’s a nitpick but if they had just let the user fill in AM or PM then the pages would be identical and you could look at a full day at a glance (with your hands full, holding a baby). Sort of a pain to have to lean forward to pick it up and flip a page over just to see what happend prior.

Ella West Liberty, IA

efficient, useful, detailed

The layout of the hours are a little tricky but it does the job. The print on each page is a light grey, so trying to journal diapers, bottles, meds in the middle of the night is a challenge. It is detailed in slots to make notes and I would prefer a journal that does not take space for breast-feeding if one chooses formula only. I could use the space to make more notes and comment on something cute that day.

Anna Mc Mechen, WV

Useful and has almost everything to keep you organized

Inside is nice and clean. Columns for diaper changes, amount feed, comments, etc. The time intervals are :30 minutes seems adequate, though sometimes I wish it was a bit more detailed. Also would have liked a ribbon or movable tab/page to keep track of what page in the log book we are at. All in all, it does what is advertised and keeps us sane on what was done/changed when.

Kay Pierpont, OH

Every new parent NEEDS this log book!!

This is probably one of the greatest inventions. Before my baby was born, I purchased this and figured it’s a nice-to-have item.I didn’t realize until the first day home from the hospital how I would be RELYING on this simple, but easily organized log book. When you are sleep deprived and learning everything for the first time, you don’t know which way is up or down sometimes. It can be extremely overwhelming, especially when breastfeeding every 2 hours. This book is a life-saver. It literally never left my side for the first 6 months. (I bought a second one after the 3 months one was done.)I used it to keep track of diaper changes and what kind (pee/poop), naps, and how long my baby nursed on each side. I also wrote notes for each day so I could see a history of reactions/milestones. It made it easier to figure out what gave my baby gas or why she slept better on certain days.Coupled with the Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Timer (which is also a necessity), I never really lost track (or my mind). It’s also great for care-takers too, especially when they are picking up for an hour or two when you run out.Please get this for anyone you know who is expecting a baby and they will thank you! One of the most useful items yet.

Theresa Plainview, AR

Get it right away!! Before baby comes or after!

Easy to use, simple! I got this when my baby was 2 months old and love it. It makes it easy to track things and write down developmental notes in an organized way. I know moms who create spreadsheets of their baby’s nap times, etc. But I’m not one of those people! This book is practical and great!

Concepcion Buxton, ME

Very helpful for that first month at home!

We used this to help us keep track of pees and poops during that first month. It is really helpful if you breastfeed to keep track of feeding patterns and wet diapers to make sure baby is eating enough. Great book!

Dionne Dodd City, TX

Extremely helpful

This item was extremely helpful, especially with 3 adults sharing baby care responsibilities. My husband of mom didn’t have to wake me up to ask when the baby had eaten or been changed. It helped me keep a written record to take to Dr appts so I had all the information they ask you for on hand already, and even helped me note and analyze baby’s sleep patterns once he got a little older. Definitely a useful item to have.

Rosemary Panther, WV

So useful!

I’ve been using the baby tracker since the day my daughter came home from the hospital. We’re on the third one now. It’s useful for when the doctor asks how often she’s feeding and urinating, but even better for looking at and realizing, "Oh, she hasn’t slept in x number of hours. She’s probably crying because she’s tired." But the BEST thing it has done for me since her newborn days is help me put her on a nap schedule. I flipped through a couple weeks and looked at when she seemed to be sleeping during the day and looked for a pattern, then started putting her down for naps around those same times each day. It helps a lot.

Lenore Cave Springs, AR

Great for memories

Of course this has been a great/easy way for me to record all of my baby’s routines and a simple way for his caregiver to let me know how the day went. What I really love about it, though, is that it was so easy for me to jot down all of his major milestones as they happened. I knew that I wouldn’t have time to work on his baby book in the beginning (and sure enough I didn’t even get it out until after 2 months), and because I had this book I was able to finally transfer everything over. Life saver!! All of the funny little things would probably have been forgotten!

Beverly Columbia, IA

Great Tracker!

I’ve been using this since the day my baby was born (1 month ago) and it is a life saver! It is a great way to track when I breastfeed, what breast he ate from, how long, etc. Plus when pee diapers are changed and poopy diapers. Our Pediatrician is always asking # of Wets and # of Dirty Diapers per day…so I bring this book to our appts and let her see it all. I color code each item so its very easy to tell at a glance when he last ate, slept, or pottied. I plan on ordering 3 more so I have enough to track this entire first year of his life!

Brooke Topsham, ME

You will be sleep deprived and you will need to keep track of these things

I didn’t think I would really use this and I was wrong.In the hospital they were constantly asking "when was her last diaper?", "when did she eat and for how long?" – ummmm I was on pain killers for a c-section and a mass of hormones. I finally got this out and started keeping track using this.Yes, you could just use regular paper, but I liked the layout of the pages and it was just what we needed a we slowly lst our minds for the first 6 weeks.I an on giving this as a shower gift to the next first time mom 🙂

Elaine Delhi, IA

Looks like it has everything covered

I am 4 weeks from delivery of my first baby and was looking for a newborn tracker. From the reviews I read this one looked like it had everything that one needs to write down and remember, so I bought it. I have not used it but I am very happy with what I saw. Hope it ends up being as useful at it looks.

Letha Vandalia, MT

Great record keeper when the brain is sleep deprived!

I have used this tracker for all 3 of my children and swear by it! It is super easy to leave by the baby’s changing table or crib and jot down things throughout the day (feedings, dirty diapers, nap times, etc). I also used it to jot down other important "mile stone" things that I would have quickly forgotten…like outings, temperature readings, visits from friends to meet him, calls to make, when we stopped swaddling him, etc. I was able to use it as a resource when (many months later!) I went back to formally fill out his baby album since I would have forgotten so many of those valuable little tidbits of information & memories.

Toni Malta, OH

Love this book!

We found this book at a rummage sale and found it to be so useful, especially when several people are helping with the baby (ex: visiting family, etc.) We loved it so much that I’ve bought another one and have almost filled that one too. I like having the room to write things about our baby’s day and development, plus use the “Notes” section to write some story, etc. It also helps “Dad” see what has happened that day and feels more connected. I will be buying another one soon!

Elizabeth Vestaburg, MI

Great baby journal

GREAT journal. We use this everyday to communicate feeding, medicine and other needs when I don’t have time to give my nanny the full rundown. LOVE it! I’ve bought two!

Suzette Big Sandy, WV

Great to identify feeding and sleep issues

I have been using this baby tracker for three months and it has been very useful. My little one had feeding issues and it was necessary to explain his habits and behavior to the pediatrician and several lactation consultants. His feeding issues also contributed to sleep issues, which I was also able to track in the journal. After weeks of sleep deprivation, the Dark Period, I could easily respond to the pediatrician’s questions by referring to entries in the baby tracker.It’s nice to look back at the Dark Period and see how far we’ve come.

Henrietta Greenfield, CA


Great way to keep track of important daily activities/tasks when you are trying to get used to your new baby’s routine.I include this as a gift to all of my friends now when they are having a baby.

Terrie Patterson, IL

Couldn’t live without it!

Love this book! Just finished our first one and am starting a second one. It makes life much easier knowing my child’s meal and nap times. Much easier to plan you day around baby when you can start predicting what their schedule will be for the day. Excellent for communication for when you don’t have your child. Even when I’m at work, that night I know exactly how my childs day has gone just by looking at his book. Plus it makes it easier on the caregiver to learn childs patterns as well. I recommend this to all new moms! Especially during those first few weeks/months when growth spurts are common and you can’t remember anything because you haven’t slept much!

Andrea Averill Park, NY

Great for New Parents

I bought this tracker when my daughter was 4 weeks old. I was having problems remembering how much she was eating, whether she was sleeping better or not. This helped me keep track of those things and more. I could look back and see if there were any changes in her eating habits – it wasI started using it like a little journal that my daughter can see when she’s older. I kept notes about her moods, what she did during the day. It even became a good tool to use with my nanny once I went back to work.

Cheryl Argyle, NY

Could be very useful…

if I didn’t suck at documenting. Not sure exactly what made me think that I could keep up with recording every feeding, diapering, and sleep session. I was able to keep up with it for about 3 weeks…and then it fell by the wayside. I can really see how this would help with finding a schedule but I decided to let baby lead since we have a very flexible lifestyle.

Pat Karnak, IL

Perfect book to keep track of baby’s schedule

Easy to track feeding, playtime, changes, naps etc. Very helpful when nursing and even when you move on to a bottle. I work F/T so it’s great to come home and peruse his day (feeding schedule, play time) as a secondary account after talking to nanny. Would highly recommend for those Type-A personas.

Viola Dupont, CO

A lifesaver for a first time mom.

My husband gave this to me as a Christmas gift as our baby was due in February. This is a great book to have during your first month of having a baby. With the restless nights and the nights blending together, it’s so easy to forget the last poopy diaper or what side and time you started feeding your little one. I used this book religiously for a month. After that, I just stored it into my newborn box. I will defiantly use it again for my next baby!

Alisha Pataskala, OH

Must have for new moms

This is the best way to keep track of when your baby eats, sleeps, poops, gets a bath, etc. It’s also a great way to keep track of which side baby nursed on. I took this to all infant doc appt. And it’s a great gift!

Mavis Aiken, SC


Please, please take this to the hospital with you- you’ll thank me later. We did, but it stayed in the suitcase for 2 days because we were SO "out of it" dealing with my c-section,, etc. We had been keeping notes -on loose sheets of paper- of baby’s feedings and diaper output (so crucial those first few days). We were also using an iPhone app that proved more annoying than useful. Whenever a nurse or pediatrician walked in the room, we couldn’t find which paper scrap we’d written it on. Frustrating and inaccurate. Once we started using the baby tracker, we could see easily all the info in one page, quickly update it and keep us on top of things like expected time of next feeding, etc. I have continued using it and it really makes me feel organized and in control. I carry it around the house with baby, and my husband can add entries using the same format- no more trying to rely on memory to see baby’s needs and patterns. Can’t recommend enough!

Gloria Grand Haven, MI


I find this tracker very useful. I’ve been using it for my now 3mo son. I keep it by my chair where I nurse him, so I can stay on top of jotting things down. It has helped figure out his sleeping and eating patterns – great!

Gwendolyn Newark, NJ


This has been my go to for my scheduling of my twins. They are four months old now and I have their care givers fill this in when they can. That way I have an idea of the schedule they are developing. I highly recommend this!

Lila Paris, MS

Great for Caregiver!

While I love the app on my phone (Baby ESP) for my husband and I– it’s not realistic for someone filling in to download the app. Our parents, who frequently watch our baby, have yet to embrace the app world.So, we use this on days when we have help. It keeps track of everything the doctor will ask you. (How many poop diapers, how many pee diapers, how often are you feeding, how often is he sleeping, what’s his schedule like). We usually end up entering the data when we get home so our app can tabulate everything for us in easy to read charts.I kind of like this too because it helps us to review what was going on during the day while we weren’t at home.

Phoebe Port Trevorton, PA


I used this for my little on and it was really nice for me as a new mom to have everything so well organized. There was sufficient space for notes I didn’t think, but all in all it was nice to have everything laid out. If you’re organized you could easily make one of these yourself and not spend the money, but when we had our baby I just needed one thing done for me and not have to do it myself and for that it was very helpful.

Bethany Zurich, MT

Useful Indeed

The Daycare workers were offended by the book at first but after explaining its usefulness they realized how handy it is becoming.

Stefanie Colusa, CA