Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe, Blue

Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe, Blue

Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe – Blue Easy to use Large capacity holds up to 30 diapers Use the Diaper Champ Refill for maximum odor control or use any 13 gallon trash bag No assembly required Odorless  

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Large capacity holds up to 30 diapers
  • They are odorless and easy to use
  • No assembly required
  • Perfect for a stinky diaper

Verified reviews


Take the naysayers with a grain of salt…

I think it’s a great product. Doesn’t require batteries or special bags.Does however require some common sense, which as we know is not all that common. If you fold up the used diaper – with the wipes inside, you reduce the smell and can fit more diapers in the pail. I have twin girls and with all of those diapers I change the pail 2x a week.The people complaining about changing the bag out remind me of the actors on infomercials who can’t use a colander or are attacked by vegetable peelers.Seriously people.1)A bag of used diapers taken out of the pail is in fact smelly, it is full of pee and poo.2)Half a kitchen bag full of dirty diapers already weighs about 15-20 lbs, I’m glad the whole bag isn’t used!This product is excellent for low maintenance people possessing common sense. All others should get a diaper genie.Update 9/30/12Still using this diaper pail, now being used for two 20 month olds and a 6 month old. That’s a lot of diapers. I would still recommend it. While the pail is closed, it’s great at keeping diaper stink isolated. But opening it releases a wave of stink into the room. I can’t really complain though. I’m sure I don’t clean it enough, so I’m glad it can still keep the room from stinking constantly. One of my better baby purchases.

Pearlie Quinnesec, MI

Good for newborn poops, does not contain stink for solids poops

This was great at containing the smell for the first six months while my baby was still exclusively breastfed and the poops were not super stinky, however now that she has started solid foods, the room smells like poop no matter how frequently we clean the champ or take out the trash. We are now looking for a new diaper pail to use until the baby is potty trained.

Olivia Marietta, TX


When my wife and I were starting to shop for our little one before she was born, there were way too many baby products out there, and its true to say that as a man I didn’t have any idea of why we needed so many different things. Ultimately however I must say that we have certainly found that among all those baby items there are some “definite must have” items that we could not have lived without. This is one of those. Below I will try to answer some of the questions which I can imagine you might have:1. DO I EVEN NEED A SPECIAL DIAPER TRASH ?We highly recommend getting one. Sure you can probably just leave a bag laying around and toss diapers in it but seriously, until you have to deal with diapers, you will not know how wonderful this diaper trash can is. We keep it near her things in a special corner of the living room and with each diaper change, its tossed in and done, forget about it, until its time to take out the trash of coarse.2. HOW DOES THIS WORK ?If you look at the photo, when you lift the white lid, you will notice a 2nd blue lid underneath, this blue lid is a rim where you hook the top of the bag around and allow the bag to hang into the trash. The white lid is then closed again on top of the blue rim/lid to seal close off the trash. At the top you will notice a blue handle which acts as a lever to open the diaper dispensing slot (appears as a round area on the top). When the lever is lifted up the slot is rotated to the open position to reveal the space for this one diaper, the diaper can be placed in it, and then the blue lever pulled down to allow the diaper slot to rotate back downward thus releasing the nasty diaper into the trash. Note that opening the slot to toss away a diaper does not expose the room to the inside of the trash as this rotating slot feature is meant to avoid it. Its very very simple, brilliant, built well, and has not failed us yet.3. SPECIAL BAGS ?Nope ! If you wanted you can probably be fancy and spend the extra money on special bags but we just toss in a standard white 13 gallon kitchen trash bag inside. We get quite a bit of diapers into this thing !4. HOW MANY DIAPERS DOES IT HOLD ?Well technically you can get quite a bit, as noted we use a regular 13 gallon trashbag and fill it up probably 75% before throwing it out. Ideally however it is better to toss it out before it gets too loaded for reasons ill explain in #5 below. I have noticed that because of the nature by which this works, adding one diaper at a time can cause them to “stack” on top of each other which can make you think its full when its not, and this is easily resolved by just giving the trash can a little shake, then you’ll find its allowed alot more diapers.5. THE SMELL ?I would say that we were concerned based on some reviews we read prior to our purchase, but we in fact have not had much of a smell issue for several important reasons that you should note. First, the rotating slot does not really expose the inside of the trash can when opening or closing, only the diaper disposing slot is revealed when opened. Second, as others have noted there is some common sense that is to be observed when changing diapers. A dirty diaper before tossed away should be closed correctly with the dirty wipes inside and no poop leaking out, be sure its closed off and sealed tight with the velcro part. If a bag of improperly sealed dirty diapers is left in a room, there is no container in the world that will hide the smell. But when done properly, these trash cans will be a blessing ! We don’t smell any diapers in our apartment and neither do our guests. Diapers sealed tight and bags taken out regularly.SUMMARY: This is a great little diaper trash for all the reasons noted above. So simple to use and it makes our life much simpler because “I hate dirty diapers” ! Its only as high as my knees and fits easily in any corner or by our baby’s basket of things. I’m not left having to buy any accessories or special bags and this is wonderful in a world where everyone tries to sell you accessories. As I said in the beginning, this is one of those “must have” items that is set apart from the many baby products out there.Best wishes shopping for you little one, I hope that you found this review to be helpful !George

Bobbi Smithville, IN

HORRIBLE- ferments dirty diapers so they smell WORSE!!!

This thing is pointless. You can SMELL the dirty diapers through the lid. We had previously just been using a open garbage bin with individual plastic bags for smelly poops. I guess the seal on the diaper champ just isn’t effective.ALSO, last night I just opened the lid for the first time…. OMG- I think I burned off all my nose hairs and scalded the back of my throat with the horrible, horrible, pungent stankvapors that rose up out of the bin. BEWARE!!!!!! This thing will trap just enough air IN the bin to ferment dirty diapers in their own horrible smell, creating a highly potent uber-stank.I appreciate companies that try to create nifty gadgets to make parents’ lives easier and more pleasant… but these people need to go back to the drawing board.

Karina Carson, IA

Doesn’t do what it’s supposed to

PROBLEM #1:It doesn’t completely hold in diaper odors. Every time you open the lid, you get a whiff of all the diapers that have been stewing in the container.PROBLEM #2:The bags are cumbersome to insert & replace.PROBLEM #3:The flip handle will jam once half of the container is filled so you have to constantly open the container to unjam the handle or replace w/a new bag.***update***It’s now 6 months later and we still use this. I keep it in the bathroom so that we don’t have to smell the darn thing all the time. We still have the same problems as listed above — we now use regular garbage bags instead of the refill bags. It still only holds about 20 diapers before it reaches the limit and it only keeps odors contained as long as you don’t open it.

Margret Windsor, ME

Very usefull

This is the second I bought. This product is great, easy to clean and good quality made.The only problem for me is that it keeps some smell and that’s the reason I bought another one. Anyway who can tell me that something made of plastic wouldn’t keep babies … smell?So, it’s very very good!

Mai Tupelo, OK

Loved this when my little guy was nursing!

We loved this diaper trash can when our little guy was nursing and didn’t have atomic bomb poos. Now that he’s older and eating real food all the time, we decided to buy a new one (Munchkin diaper pail) to try to contain some of the smell. We would even take it out every couple of days and I put the munchkin nursery fresheners (all of them from 1 package, which is 5) and it still didn’t make the smell better. We were tired of his room always smelling like a fresh poopy diaper. However when our little guy was smaller, probably until 13-15 months and started eating all solid foods and no breastmilk, it was excellent. We didn’t have to buy special bags for it, we could use the same bags as our kitchen trash can, which saved money. Would definitely recommend when the little ones are smaller and nursing.

Janette Fentress, TX

Great product even after a year of use

I love this diaper pail. I have been using for over a year. My favorite thing is that you don’t have to buy specific bags. I just use regular kitchen bags. I have not had any problems with the handle breaking. I do sometimes get a icky odor wiff when I put a diaper in and there is a loaded one already in the pail. It disappears quickly. This product is not meant to eliminate all odors. It is just meant to be a time saver so you don’t have to take a gross diaper out every time. I replace the bag twice a week. I do keep a fabreeze freshner on the wall by the pail to help with really stinky weeks.

Amber Jamestown, KY

Money and time saver!

“My daughter-in-law received the Diaper Genie as a shower gift, but opted to return it for the Diaper Champ because it does not require special, expensive bags. It’s been great–no odor or mess. Easy, one-hand operation. Easy to clean. Sturdy, lightweight. They’ve saved a lot by choosing the Diaper Champ.”

Gwendolyn Wapwallopen, PA

Not so “deluxe”

I had the original diaper champ with my first child, and boy do I wish I could find one of those! In my opinon, this is one of those instances where the original is FAR superior to the ‘new and improved’ version.Pros – it’s still nice to be able to use a regular trash bag instead of having to buy a specialized bag.Cons – Whew! It’s no longer odor-free! Yes, having the diapers go through the channel with the lid on top helps, but when they created the new design they lost that ‘lock’ the old version had that prevented odors from coming back up through the channel. This one also does not hold as many diapers as the old version did. This one is supposed to hold up to 30 diapers, and 30 is a stretch. Although with the odor issue, it’s best to change out the bags 2-3 times a week, so the limit on diapers isn’t such a bad thing.Bottom line – if you can find an original version, GET IT!! It worked flawlessly for me for two years, no odor, no mess, very easy to use. If all you can find is the ‘Deluxe’…. try out a different brand.

Audra Clearville, PA

Way better than Diaper genie

Keeps the smell in, holds a ton of diapers and you can use regular trash bags with it. No expensive additional refill bags.

Marion Weimar, TX

Does a great job!!

I bought this when my son was born 2 years ago. We are now expecting our 2nd child. A few pointers I would offer is bleach it out at least twice a month and change the bag 2x per week. I didn’t have to do this till recently and honestly I think it is because my son is eating more and his diapers are more smelly! As far as it being hard to open and close the lid I have found if you put a little bit of baby powder on it, it opens like new again. I noticed another review stating they use pam… I think over time it would cause a greasy build up…yuck! It is very easy to take it outside spray it down whith bleach and rinse it out. It has no smell after doing that. I also use sented trash bags and have found that they help.I have recommended this diaper pail to friends and family and will continue to recommend it. One major pro is that you can use a regular trash bag and not have to spend so much money on replacement bags and parts.I did not give it 5 stars because if you don’t keep up with cleaning it out it does smell up the room when you open the lid. But hey it’s a diaper pail and the only time I smell something is when it is opened… that’s to be expected.

Elda Wallula, WA

Works fine for me.

I registered for this pail over the diaper genie because not only was it less expensive than the genie, but the biggest issue was that I could put ANY bag in it. I use leftover thicker grocery and store bags most of the time so actually I don’t really pay anything. It works just fine for disposing of diapers (especially the early morning full ones) without smell. Sure, it’s not a miracle, (if you have a baby you’re just going to have to get used to smelling poop from time to time while changing a diaper) but I certainly don’t smell anything in his room thanks to the pail. It does need to be changed after a week, but in all honesty, it’s really heavy when I do change it so I couldn’t imagine it being much bigger. It’d be more hassle to clean up a busted bag of dirty diapers in my house than to just remember to take it out with the trash on garbage day.If he didn’t have it, his room would stink. It doesn’t – so to me it’s worth it. Also, I like the fact that it keeps diapers out of reach of other kids or pets.

Myrna Lequire, OK

Works for us!

I’ve scrolled through all the 1-star reviews and noticed most of them are comparing the Diaper Champ to an older version or a different type of trash can. I can’t say the Diaper Champ is better than anything else because it’s the only thing I’ve used for dirty diapers since my baby was born, but I really don’t have any problems with it! Sure it’s a little stinky inside after a year of use (even though I wipe it down with a bleach cleaner when changing the bag), but I assume that would happen with anything that stores dirty diapers. The smell stays inside, and that’s what matters to me. I’ll keep using it!

Lesley Windom, MN

It does the job

You’re not perfect, but you’re the Diaper Champit’s a household must like a couch or a lampLike pandora’s box, you hold bad stuff with powerful smellBut i like you and therefore in this review I’ll tellI’ve read other people’s review and they say that it leaks odor, but I haven’t found that to be the case. I like the fact that you can use a normal 13 gallon trash bag for it, and I actually prefer that than the liners (because the liners are a slight pain to put on). The only concern that I would have is that for diapers that are really messy (meaning they don’t hold all the brown gold within the diaper in a nice package) and are leaking, I would just open up the diaper champ and stick that bad boy right into the bag and not use the lever drop shoot because if it gets all over the plastic, then it would be a pain to clean. Overall, this one has suited me just fine.

Vicki Laingsburg, MI

Holds in odors but small

We bought this diaper pail to use as an extra with our newborn. We have different pails we use with our older kids who are mostly in cloth diapers. I liked that we didn’t need to buy any special bags for it. It holds in odors well, but is small. So it gets full really quickly even with just one baby. It also would not be good to use with cloth diapers as the way the lid opens is not convenient for dumping loose waste into the pail. It would smear all over the compartment. If you have one baby, don’t want to buy extra bags and use disposable diapers, this is a good choice.

Eunice Howardsville, VA

Better than a Diaper Genie

This is so amazing! I have this in my baby’s nursery and the real Diaper Genie in my kitchen (one on each floor of my home). This not only holds more than the Diaper Genie, but it is easier to change bags, do not have to use special bags, and is easier to dispose of the diapers as well. I got one for my mother-in-laws house and for my girlfriend for her baby shower too.

Adele Middleburgh, NY

No problems here

After one month of use, my wife and I are both big fans of the Diaper Champ. We opted for this since it uses regular 13 gallon kitchen trash bags. (I prefer Target’s Up and Up flexible ones; great product and cheaper than Glad). We bought this somewhat hesitantly based on the reviews here, but have been pleased so far. I have had no issues of smell emitting from it, nor is the trash bag difficult to put in. It really takes all of 30 seconds to open it up, remove the full bag, and put in a new one. A couple tips that might help:- Keep the champ “open” and ready to accept a new diaper. This prevents any sort of smell from building up for the next diaper.- When it starts getting stuck, tap on the top a few times to redistribute the diapers inside. This usually gets me another full day of use before I need to change the bag.- Lean the champ near a wall or something else solid to prevent the heavy lid from tipping the can over when you are changing the bag.- I also use this to put plastic bags filled with dirty cat litter (same idea as a diaper right?!) That makes it even better in my opinion since it keeps my kitchen trash from smelling or keeps me from having to run it outside every day.Again, we have had a great experience with this product and it does what it is designed to do. I knocked off one star since it could be a little taller (personal preference) and the lid is very top heavy which makes changing the bag a bit more difficult than need be. Check it out for yourself…you might be surprised how well it works!

Katie Oakdale, NY

It’s Okay

I have been using this diaper pail for 1.5 months now for my twins. I think the capacity and use is just fine. The one thing that is horrible is that everytime I open the pail to put a diaper in, the stink of diapers wafts out. It doesn’t seem to fill the room or linger, but the wiff of smell is horrible. And forget changing the trashbag, it almost makes me want to gag. However, upon reading reviews for other diaper pails, I don’t know if there are any out there that can contain odor when it is opened. This does contain odors as long as the lid is closed.

Fran Fruitvale, TX

Fine at first, but hate it now

I always hated having to smush the dirty diapers in my friend’s Diaper Genie’s so I bought the Diaper Champ for it’s great, flip-top design and the fact that I could use regular trash bags. However, I got some of the Diaper Champ bags to use at first and could not get them to fit with out ripping the top of the bag. I even double checked to make sure we had the correct ones. So for awhile we just used regular garbage bags because the others were too much of a pain to get in and didn’t even really seal off since they ripped so frequently. It worked fine while my daughter was still breast-feeding, but now that she is eating solid food and her diapers really smell…it is HORRIBLE! We went back to the Diaper Champ bags which help control the smell a little…until you have to flip the handle to put a new dirty diaper in. It is TOXIC! The worst smell ever! I had to move it out of the baby’s room and into the bathroom…and then, I have to move it out of the bathroom during bath time because it is so raunchy that I can’t stand even being around it! Not to mention the fact that when it starts filling up, you have to pick the whole thing up and shake it to get the diapers to fall down so that you can put another one in. Really don’t like it. Guess I should have bought the old version.

Tori Lineville, IA

ok product

This is a great product for holding in the smell. BUT…it fills up quickly and then it get stuck when you try to put in another diaper. It fills up within a couple of days, wish it was taller to last at least a week. Maybe even have a foot pedal. But at least it holds in the smells.

Elena Boonton, NJ

So stinky!!!

We’re on our second Diaper Champ with our 18 month old. This one has a better mechanism to dump the diaper than the previous version. The old one flipped in both directions and there was a drum inside that pushed the diaper out. This one just opens in one direction, you drop in the diaper, close it and it’s gone. Nothing fancy, just swallows the diaper. We got rid of the first one because bleach, soap, scrubbing, and fire couldn’t get rid of the stench. It was awful. So. Bad. This model is a little better at containing odor because with the single opening, there’s not always one open side exposed. But it still stinks. It won’t go away no matter what we do. Poop stinks, so maybe we just need to accept that.

Maureen Fort Benning, GA

Economical and Useful

This was an essential purchase for diapering our newborn twins. We liked our first Diaper Champ enough that we bought a second so that we wouldn’t have to carry it from room to room, although that is easy with the large handle. Being able to use kitchen trash bags makes this a very economical diaper pail. The design is easy to use and locks the smells in when closed. The only difficulty is that the mechanism gets stuck easily as the pail fills up, so you either have to open it up and squash down the diapers or change the bag frequently.

Chris Dewey, IL

Extremely Simple

Easy to use diaper disposal and great at blocking odor! I found it very nice to not have to buy special bags. I just pop a regular trash bag in there and I’m done!

Joy Axton, VA

Are these made for the Lollipop Guild?

What genius decided to make this thing so SHORT?! A lady who just delivered a baby doesn’t need the added back ache of having to bend over nearly to the ground to throw away a diaper.Not only that, but the handle sticks (and then pops off the side) on a regular basis.Also, when you open the chute to dispose of a diaper, you get a giant nose full of everything that’s in the bin. In other words, the awful stink that is in the bin is scooped into the disposal chamber and wafts out into the room every time you throw a diaper away. This is definitely NOT odor proof.The old model was taller and didn’t hurt our backs.The old model did not STINK every time you threw away a diaper.WHY IN THE WORLD DID THEY CHANGE THE DESIGN?!

Tanya Wonder Lake, IL

definitely not for cloth! & stuff gets stuck!

i do have the older one. i got it as a gift for my first son who i used plastic disposable diapers with. it worked fine i suppose. pretty much any pail that says you won’t smell the stink is lying, but still my problem with it was that if you didn’t have the wipes IN the diaper they got stuck in the lid and you’d have to go in there with you hands to get it out (not fun).with my second son i cloth diapered and found that the diaper champ was certainly not good for it. not only were the prefolds too big for the hole, but everything (the prefolds, the cloth wipes, the covers) all seemed to get stuck while the lid was trying to “push” it through, meaning i’d have to open the top which is majorly top heavy and always closes on you before you’re finished unloading it, and try to pull it through myself. needless to say, pretty gross. so i stopped using it altogether and it’s been sitting in a closet while i’ve waited to give it to someone to use with their plastic disposables (though i wish everyone would look into the newer cloth diapers instead of adding literally thousands of poop filled plastic bundles to the landfill which will all be there for over 500 years).my husband even tried to re-use it for composting (which i thought was kind of a gross idea) and the top heavy lid makes it impossible. i’m hoping they at least fixed that flaw with the newer models, but either way, i’m certainly looking for something much more simple to use with my newer gdiaperinggDiapers Little gPants 2-Pack Orange & Vanilla, Small(cloth and biogradable disposable hybrid diapers) system (which is much easier than the prefold and covers method that i used in the beginning of my cloth diapering experience). all i need is an air tight, or at least less stinky lidded bin and my cloth wetbag (a reusable and washable bag that doesn’t leak to hold the dirty diapers before laundry day). and if you’re grossed out by the idea of dunking poopie diapers in the toilet the bumgenius diaper sprayer is a must have! bumGenius Diaper Sprayer tada! very simple and a lot cheaper! with no landfill needed.(p.s. the myth about water use making up for the money you save buying less diapers is just that… a myth. if you have more than one kid you already know you have to do tons of laundry ANYWAY!)

Iva Buck Creek, IN

Awesome for cloth diapers!

I LOVE this diaper pail! We cloth diaper and I was afraid we were going to have to use a trash can- which I new wasn’t going to con taint the smell much. But then I stumbled across this pail and thought I’d give it a try. It is awesome!! Yes, the thing does fall if you lift oth lids while it’s empty, but no biggie! You can use any bag with it, including the cloth wet bags that I can then throw in the wash wit my diapers- and it still keeps the smell at bay! I love this pail and would recommend it to anyone, but especially to other clothe diapering parents!!

Eula Cleveland, OK

It’s Not Great But It’ll Do

We bought this for my son at the recommendation of a friend who has twins.The Pros:Cheaper than the GenieCan use regular kitchen bags instead of having to buy certain cartridgesKeeps the smell down pretty well for the first few monthsThe Cons:After a year-plus of use the entire thing smells. I even took it apart and washed it in bleach and the thing still stinks.The capacity is small. We change the bag about every 4-5 days and that’s after it starts to jam because the diapers don’t get pushed down.It’s super top-heavy when it’s open and empty which has woken up my kid a few times when I forgot to brace it.The Conclusion:It’s worked quite well for us the last 15 months but we’ll probably end up getting another one or just using grocery bags and taking them out until my son is potty trained. For the lesser price and using any bag you want, I can deal with everything else but after a year-and-a-half of use the plastic seems to have absorsed the smell of the diapers.I would recommend it to friends though, it’s lasted quite awhile and the quirks can be lived with. But that stench it terrible.

Delores Post, OR

Way Better than a Diaper Genie

We owned a diaper genie 2 with our first child and were not quite done with it, so we bought this for our second child. I wish we had known about it sooner!!! The fact that I can use regular trash bags instead of the refills has saved us so much money. I went through one $6 box of trash bags in 6 months instead of 10 or 15 of thos $7 refills. Talk about savings right there. It is considerably shorter and lower to the ground but that can easily be fixed. We simply covered a cheap plastic stand from wal-mart with fabric and placed the Diaper Champ on top of it. It makes it the perfect height. We have not had any problems with odor or messes with this system. If we have a really messy diaper I raise the lid to avoid getting it everywhere. No system is perfect, but I think this one comes pretty close.

Muriel Milan, KS

Good purchase

I have been using this product for almost 3 weeks now. So far no smells. I would give it a higher rating if it had a foot lever so no hands were needed to open the lid. I like that we can use any bags and do not have to purchase specific ones. We use small bathroom size garbage bags or grocery bags. I would purchase this diaper champ again and recommend to friends

Ursula North Branford, CT