Baby Trend Diaper Champ Refill, 3 Pack

Baby Trend Diaper Champ Refill, 3 Pack

Diaper champ refill has a multi-layer odor barrier bags. Use with any diaper champ for maximum odor protection and it is convenient and easy to use. This is very safe and sanitary. It has a 300 diaper capacity when using new born sized infant diapers.

Main features

  • Multi-layer odor barrier bags
  • Use with any diaper champ for maximum odor protection
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Safe and sanitary
  • 300 diaper capacity when using new born sized infant diapers

Verified reviews


Not a 3 pack!!! Only ONE box!!!

The previous reviewer is correct. For $15 you get ONE box of bags. They also don’t fit right. I made them work because I had too, but I won’t buy these again.

Carla Stennis Space Center, MS

This is NOT a 3 pack

I should have taken the warning of the other reviewers. For $15 you are getting ONE box of bags. There are about 15 bags in the box (in groups of five). Next time I’ll just wait for the BRU sale to stock up for half the price.

Cathryn Hydeville, VT

New Bags SUCK!!

People used to ask me why my Diaper Champ did not stink- I always said it was because we actually paid the extra cash and bought the bags that are made for the Diaper champ. I turned a lot of people on to the idea of buying these bags because they always worked so well for us. And like the most previous reviewers I was SHOCKED to find that the bags have completely changed. They are no different from an average garbage bag which of course does nothing to contain the odor of dirty diapers. In addition they don’t fit the diaper champ as well, they are much more narrow and it is hard to keep them in place and they don’t hold as many. What a rip off and why did they have to change a good product?!

Tamera Sidney, IL

ok product, some shipping problems

These work great! I found that if you use regular trash bags they don’t contain the smell as well and even though you can put more diapers in a regular bag, I still change mine before the bag would get full because of the smell, so these work great for us! Note for shipping it says “3 pack” but sometimes you will only get sent one box instead of 3. Just contact the seller and they will send you 3 more boxes no questions asked.

Nikki Walcott, ND

Great bags!!!

These bags definitely work. There is no smell coming from it, even with a lot of poopy diapers in it.

Stacie Duff, TN

These cost $1.37 per bag!! Are they crazy?

At the current price of $40.99 for 30 bags, it costs $1.37 per measly plastic bag.The boxes conspicuously do not show how many bags are contained inside (at least mine don’t. I counted them, and there are 10 bags in each box.) However, they do brag about the “300 diaper capacity.” Obviously, that’s because THEY KNOW everybody will balk at the thought of paying $1.37 for a stupid plastic bag.We got this diaper pail as a baby shower gift, thinking that it would handle standard trash bags, but apparently this only applies to the older style Diaper Champ.

Estella Bovey, MN