Baby Trend Diaper Champ

Baby Trend Diaper Champ

Just a flip of the handle ensures that diapers and odors are locked in, and a one-handed system makes diaper disposal quick and easy. Drop diaper in, flip the handle, and go. Emptying your Diaper Champ is just as easy–unlock the top, lift, remove the bag, and you’re done. Can be used with any plastic bag (no need to buy custom-fit liner bags). A special locking feature prevents messy spills if accidentally knocked over, and the attractive design fits in with any nursery décor.

Main features

  • Medium 28″ Model
  • Discontinued and Very Difficult to Find

Verified reviews


How old is your kid because THIS REALLY, REALLY STINKS!!!!!

Ok, so the idea of the Diaper Champ is awesome–it is very easy to use–that’s why I gave it 1 star. However…the thing REALLY stinks!! Someone gave me the Neat diaper disposal system for my baby shower & I absolutely loved it. However, the handle broke on it just 2 weeks ago. I thought…”Maybe I could try the Diaper Champ since I won’t have to purchase any liners”…Well that was a HUGE mistake!! I see why this thing got 4 stars–all of these parents have young children!! My daughter is 14 months old & because she is older, I guess her diapers come with more odor! After literally only a few diapers, her entire room smelled of poop! I couldn’t stand it! In one week, I changed the garbage bag at least 4 times. Is that really saving money?? I don’t think so! Plus her room really smelled bad. I’m taking it back & getting the Neat again! The Diaper Champ must be great for infants, but you may want to consider something else for older babies!

Kathryn Dexter, OR

It broke after two months of use….

My husband and I hated this diaper pail from the day we first began using it. The cylinder continually got stuck, and diapers would often get stuck in the cylinder. It is no fun pulling apart a diaper pail at 2:00 in the morning because the handle won’t go down due to a diaper that is stuck in it. Plus, I think it is unsanitary. The diapers are placed in a plastic hole at the top of the pail, and then they drop through to the bag. Well, messy diapers sometimes left a bit of a mess in the opening area, and it was not easy to clean. Finally, after two months of dealing with this pail, one morning, I flipped the handle, and the cylinder fell right into the bottom of the pail. (It was not a pleasant task to retrieve it, either!) I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it, so we are using a Safety 1st Diaper Pail now, and the Diaper Champ will be hauled to the road for the trash pickup next week. I think that for the price, it should have lasted longer than two months. I do not recommend this product.

Tina Dairy, OR


……all I can say is the smell is horrible…..1 star….. Please don’t buy this one!

Lauri Carrolltown, PA

The best of it’s kind, but not the best option

This contains the smell and it uses regular bags which makes it the best product in its category. However, I never use it. It’s so much easier just to throw the soiled diaper in a regular garbage bag and take the trash out often. We take ours out daily – this product tends to make you lazy and by the time you fill it – YUCK!Save your money and just throw your diapers in the trash.

Agnes Fairfield, TX

i absolutely love it!

you couldn’t ask for a better diaper pail. one reason is, that you don’t have to use certain bags inside the pail…can use a plain trash bag and second is that once you turn the handle over, you don’t smell the dirty diapers. great product!

Elsie Valley Falls, NY

Easy to use!

This is easy to use, but it does not disguise the smell that great! I did like that you can use any kind of bag with it.

Jennifer Elgin, NE

Poor Quality Control

I have no doubt that my wife and I will be happy with the Diaper Champ (our first baby is due in two weeks). But we have had to expend quite the effort to find one that actually works. The first Diaper Champ that we bought had a piston that would not drop (the plastic joint did not meet and thus caught the piston on its way down). The replacement Diaper Champ’s piston moved just fine but the drum would not flip over easily. It took two hands and a foot securing the bottom of the can to the floor to get the drum to turn. This is not one handed operation as the box states. After a third trip to the store we finally found a Diaper Champ that works. And you do not even need to ask. Yes, it was made in China.

Charlotte Twin Lakes, MN

Best Diaper Pail Out There

I love my Diaper Champ. My son is 3 months old and we have had a great experience with it. It’s simple to use and is cost efficient. The biggest plus to this diaper pail is that you can use any plastic bag you want. As far as some people saying it smells, I haven’t had a problem. Once a week I soak it with Lysol and water to keep germs away. I highly recommed this product if you want a clean, simple, and convenient diaper pail!

Alyson Hi Hat, KY

excellent product!

the diaper champ does it’s job: it collects dirty diapers and conceals the stink. of course you have to clean the whole thing out from time to time (which should be expected considering the toxic waste it stores!), but i never had any issues with smell, unless it was so full it had to be emptied anyway. what sold me on this diaper pail vs. the others, is that this one takes ANY plastic bag you want to put in it, meaning grocery bags, trash bags… nothing fancy. as a new mom (or new parent) you have enough things to worry about and spend your money on; last thing you need is to head to the store for diaper pail bags. no complaints from me on this diaper pail.

Anne Mc Alisterville, PA

GREAT product. No odor problem here at all!

This is a wonderful product. One suggestion to the manufacturer–the blue piece that holds the bag in place–perhaps the mouth of this could be made bigger so that an 8 gallon trash bag actually fills up completely before you need to take it out. Right now, it’s only about 1/2 to 2/3 full before we have to remove it.

Arlene Sebewaing, MI

Save your money, this is the best!

I was recommended this by a fellow mom before we had our daughter and purchased it from Baby’s R Us. It’s fabulous! We’ve been using it for almost 15 months now and still love it! We save $$ on those expensive diaper genie refills AND it works great. We put wet diapers in a seperate trash can (because they don’t smell) and so we only put dirty diapers in the Diaper Champ so we only have to change the bag once a week and IT DOES NOT SMELL!! A few times I’d forget to change it (I change it, my husband takes it out to the trash) and if a FULL bag of stinky diapers is left for more than a few days, it does begin to smell, but ANY diaper pail would stink if it was full for more than a few days. So I just change it once a week and it’s the best, no expensive refills AND NO SMELLS!! 😀 I’d recommend this to anyone!

Katie Keswick, VA

Not just another “gadgety” baby product!

This is another great baby purchase. When I brought it home, my husband laughed at me and said that it was just a “gadgety” baby thing that we didn’t need. He changed his mind though after we put it into use and saw how well it worked!First, it really keeps the odor in. I’m pretty sensitive to smells, but this one does a good job of containing odors. Just to play it safe though, I make sure to empty it every day and a half to two days or so (you could probaby go longer), and I spray it with Lysol as well. Keeping with that practice, I haven’t had a problem with bad odors.Secondly, its economical–its not expensive to buy, and its not expensive to maintain. Its nice to be able to use regular garbage bags and not having to buy expensive diaper disposal system specific bags.No bad odors and not expensive to buy or maintain—I definitely recommend this product!

Gayle Tilton, NH

It’s okay…

You can’t put poopie diapers in this pail, it doesn’t hold the smell back at all. I use it for the wet diapers and it’s fine. I use the scented bags for the poopie diapers and throw them away in my regular garabage that gets taken out every day. Opening the pail to empty the bag is a little difficult, but it’s better than having to buy special bags for it. The big blue round part on the side broke off for some reason and it wouldn’t go back on. I ended up using masking tape to hold it on. It serves it’s purpose, but I’m not thrilled with it.

Arline Irwin, IA

Works like a Champ!

I initially planned to get a Diaper Genie. I opted not to because of the expensive refill bags. I’m glad I didn’t buy it. We live in an apartment and have the Champ set up in his bedroom. I don’t smell any odors unless I open the Champ up to change the bag….which is expected when you have a bag filled with wet and soiled diapers. We use scented Glad bags to help mask the odor, which helps. I don’t know how it will perform when I switch my son to formula and when he starts solids, so I give the Champ 4 stars. I’ll probably just put the wet diapers in it and take the soiled ones out to the garbage can. I would definately recommend this diaper pail to my friends.

Lou Worden, IL

Diaper Champ is a keeper

Yes, it does develop a smell after a while. However if you keep up with the maintance that problem is easily solved.Problem: SmellAnswer: Baking soda & regular maintanceThe great thing about the diaper champ is you can use regular bags, and it does keep the smell out. After some time with the Diaper Genie there was no way to stop the odor.Another thing, when the Champ starts stinking it is usaully past time to empty it. Empty the champ at least twice a week, if not more. We keep an air purifier in front of the diaper champ and that solves any strong smells when we don’t empty it out on a regular basis.If you don’t want to spend the money on the diaper champ, try a regular diaper pail with a lid. You would more than likely end up emptying the pail daily and that will keep the smell out(plus regulare maintance), and it is less expensive than the Diaper Champ.There are three diaper pails out that are cheaper:Safety 1st Diaper Pail: 8 gallons it’s a bit small$9.99 at Target & Babies R UsOdorless Diaper Pail: 13 gallons bags @ Target $16.99Easy Saver Daiper Pail: 8 gallons $14.99 @ Babies R UsI have not tried any of these so I can’t honestly review them. These are if you are looking for cheaper alternative. I would buy one of these over the Diaper Genie or Diaper Dekor.I still give it 4 stars. It does it job and a lot better than the Diaper Genie or Diapre Dekor, no expensive refills. Everyone has kitchen trash bags that can be used with the Champ or regular grocery bags could be put to use. The good thing about using grocery bags is you will be emptying the diaper champ on a dialy basis therefore elimating build up on odor.I have the older diaper champ and opening the lid to empty the pail was a bit of a hassle. It is enough of a detterent. You get the hang of it.

Sybil Nordheim, TX


You cannot imagine how much money you’ll save and it doesn’t smell AT ALL!!! You can use any kitchen size garbage bags without a problem and use it for A WEEK without having to change the bag. IT’S WONDERFULL!!!

Deanna Corona, NM

No smells here!!

I hate the Diaper Genie so I was excited to try this Diaper Champ out and I have to say I love it. I hear so many people complaining about the smell and I have to say they’re nuts! (no offense)My son is now 5 1/2 months old and is nursing but also eats most solids including table foods when were out at a restaurant. His diapers have definately changed in odor but I have not noticed any odor coming from the Diaper Champ.Usually we change the bag about once a week, every garbage day so no dirty diapers are sitting in there for longer than a week. I also fold my diapers up into what my husband calls an egg so the diaper itself helps control any odor.I have not even noticed a bad odor when changing the bag or I would do it outside to keep the odor out of the baby’s bedroom.So why so many people are noticing an odor problem with this product is beyond me. They’ve got to be doing something wrong.Oh and the unit does need to be cleaned…if you get a big blow out diaper like babies are known to do, and you get poop on the pail, it does need to be wiped off. A good wiping out with some antibacterial wipe, every week or two doesn’t hurt either.

Shari Kirkwood, IL



Kim Horton, MI

No smell and no costly refills.

At first me and my husband didnt know if we really wanted to get diaper pails for our twins. We thought since the babies were going to be at his parents house while we were at work. A garbage can would do just as well. We did reg for the diaper champ to keep at the grandparents house. We ended up getting 1 for their home and 2 for our home. We are SO HAPPY we did. They are so easy to use. You dont have to push the dirty diaper down with your hand you just lay it in the champ and turn the handle over. At 6 months old yes the diapers are starting to get bigger but you just fold them with the velco of the diapers and its so easy. Ive had no problems of getting them stuck. With the diaper champ you can use any kind of bags which is great!!! There really is no oder with the diaper champ. We take the dirty diaper out every 4-5 days depends on how many we go through in a weeks time :), but even when their is a “dirty” diaper there is no smell in the room. Sometimes if we have a very “messy diaper” we just take it directly to the garage. All around we have had NO problems and neither has grapa and grama. We wash it out once a month or sooner with bleach and water just help get rid of some germs. We also spray it with cleaner weekly to help with those nasty germs! All around its a great product. It really is hands free, which means less mess, and their is no costly replacement bags that you have to mess around with!

Susanna La Plata, MD

Love this thing!

We also wanted the diaper champ instead of the Genie because…who wants to buy special bags?? It is a life saver to just throw in a kitchen garbage bag. We ended up receiving ours as a hand-me-down, and I was worried that it would smell. Surprisingly enough – it only starts to smell when it’s time to change the bag. And sure enough, the lid would start “sticking” right about that time, which told me that the bag was full and it was time to change it (instead of struggling to stuff another couple diapers in). Since we are new parents, we’d sometimes make a mess trying to toss a dirty diaper in, but it’s SO easy to clean. Just keep some Lysol wipes by the changing table, and wipe it down if you get anything anywhere. Piece of cake.

Francisca Union Bridge, MD

Okay Product

I registered for this item because of the good reviews it got, however I was not impressed. For one thing, The diapers always get jammed in it. The product also leaves a faint smell in the room. All in all, the Diaper Champ serves its purpose, but it does not live up to its good reviews.

Earnestine Twig, MN

Wishes Granted: no refills, no fuss, no smell

The flip action is so easy to use that even your toddler (or your foot) can do it to make diapers and smell disapper. (Now that my baby is older and stinkier, I notice a faint smell if I stand right over it, but I just sprinkle some baking soda in the bag, or you could but a couple charcoal brickettes in the bottom, or any other of the 101 odor absorbing remedies out there.)And practically speaking, stratch another item off that long baby shopping list–with this you can forget the diaper pail refills and just use the good old kitchen garbage bags that are sitting under your sink.

Odessa Calypso, NC

It works ok I guess

It does contain most of the odors but not all. It is however a huge hassle to open so beware if you value your manicures. It will save you money on refills so that’s a plus.

Arlene Alna, ME

So far, so good

I registered for this diaper pail as opposed to a Diaper Genie because I didn’t want to have to purchase refills. So far (3 weeks), we’ve had no problems with the Diaper Champ at all. It contains the smell from our baby’s diapers and we can use just about any kind of bag inside. I also sprinkled baking soda in the bottom of the Diaper Champ to help absorb odors – every once in awhile I just empty the old baking soda out and replace it. I don’t know if we’ll run into trouble down the road with odors, but so far I have no complaints and I’m very happy not to have to buy those refills.

Patty Mc Connellsburg, PA

Very stinky

When my hand-me-down Diaper Genie broke, I bought a Diaper Champ. I figured I’d save some money not having to buy the Diaper Genie refills. While I was happy about being able to use regular trash bags, that was all that really impressed me with the Diaper Champ.The odor protection of the Diaper Champ really leaves something to be desired. My son’s room smelled very badly, even when I changed the pail every day.Changing the Diaper Champ really isn’t a pleasant experience. Not only does the odor of multiple nasty diapers spew forth (nothing is sealed) when you open the lid to change the trash bag, but the trash bag is somewhat difficult to position correctly.Well, I’m back to using a Diaper Genie, and my son’s room smells just fine. Save your money and buy something other than the Diaper Champ the first time around.

Audrey Grand River, OH

Heaven Scent Champ!

I love this diaper Champ. I got it as a shower gift and hadent heard of it before but when I started using it I had to tell all my friends. This will definatly be my gift of choice from now on to all my pregnant friends. As other reviews say the smell isnt that great when it gets full but its not that bad (I see it as a hint the bag is full and its time to change). I also spray the inside w/ febreeze or lysol disinfectant during each change and that nips the problem in the bud. Overall, Its one of those things that I cant live without but didnt know it until I got it.

Kayla Hickory, NC

A good buy

No special bags to buy… change at least twice per week (especially in the summer) and you are good to go. Remember this thing contains poop, so if it is not changed often, it will smell.

Ollie Wright City, MO

A Champ!

This is a fantastic product. It has a lot of room to store the dirty diapers, and yet there is little to no smell. You know when it’s full because the plunger won’t go down all the way, and you can’t return the handle to the other position. When you take the garbage bag out, you can tell just how much smell you’d be in for with any other container. I also like that you can use whatever garbage bags you want with this, instead of having to buy special ones. A good buy.

Tori Latta, SC

Great, sturdy pail

I originally had another pail and it broke after about 9 months of use, so I got this one. I love it! It is very easy to use and keeps the diapers away from little hands. It has a large capacity and cuts back on frequent trips to the trash can. I keep a stick on air freshner in the bottom and it helps with lingering smells. Also no expensive refills to buy! Great pail.

Isabel Pittsboro, IN

USED TO LOVE IT: Read my new review rather than this one

Turned out to be a total stink bomb. Read my new review. It absolutely reeks after 16 months. Amazon will not let me alter the star rating or it would be only one starDo NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF JUNK. It WILL STINK TERRIBLY in a little over a year because they put a foam and cloth gasket (porous) to keep the stink in. Not a good design.[for laughs, I will leave the old review here]We originally got the diaper champ because it was a locking container that could accomodate cloth diapers. We didn’t end up cloth diapering after all, but feel fortunate to have gotten the champ.Reasons we love the champ:*1) Cost- no specialized (expensive) bags. This takes any mid-sized household trash bag.*2) Effectively controls odors. We’ve put some really eye-watering, throat gagging diapers into this contraption and the smell doesn’t sneak out- even over time. However, sometimes you have to brace yourself before opening the cover and tying off the bag. That smell can bowl you over.*3) Easy enough for visitors to use- too difficult for them to play with. Many of the “grown-ups” in my world can’t help but tinker with whatever new items are placed before them. I’m thrilled they can’t figure out how to open the DC. As it emits a powerful odor when the lid is opened, I’m happy they can’t figure it out. I think this lid will confound any toddler, but it’s really simple for parents once you get the concept down.I just wish it could empty its own “payload.” I’ll definitely be first in line for the Diaper Champ robot.

Berta Forest Home, AL