Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System Stroller – Everglade

Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System Stroller – Everglade

Car Seat can comfortably seat a child up to 30lbs Swivel wheel for easy turning indoors that locks for safety while jogging outdoors Parent Tray covered comparment features dual mp3 speakers that works with all mp3 players Expedition ELX Jogger has an adjustable handle for parents of all size

Main features

  • The Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System Stroller in Everglade is the answer to all your active daily needs. This all-terrain jogger will take you wherever you need to go in style. The Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System in Everglade comes complete with the Baby Trend Flex Loc Infant Car Seat, an industry leader in safety and ease of use. The Baby Trend Expedition ELX has an adjustable handle for parents of all size, a large storage basket, a large ratcheting canopy with peek-a-boo window, and a swivel wheel for extra maneuverability in stores or on a stroller. Locking the swivel wheel turns this stroller into a fully functional jogger and the 12 rear wheels help tackle any path. This model also includes the upgraded Baby Trend Parent Tray with two cup holders and a covered compartment for cell phones, but new this year is the addition of two mp3 speakers so that you and baby can listen to your favorite tunes.

Verified reviews


Bulky, uncomfortable, not practical

I bought this travel system for my daughter thinking that I would save money by getting both the stroller and car seat combo, but I was wrong.Cons:1. There is no good head support for newbies and Protection overall. It comes with a headpiece but it moves all over the place with the movement of the straps. Unlike other car seats that come with head protection onthe sides, this car seat does not have that feature, although it says it does.2 It is sooo bulky. Before we bought our minivan, we had a Honda Civic and it would barely fit in there. In fact, part of the cloth tore in doing this so often.3. My daughter is now 8 months and weighs 23 lbs and has outgrown the car seat, although it says it can hold up to 30 lbs. The bottom fastener will pinch her thighs if I use it and there is no more length to the straps. So, now I am on the search for a convertible seat. Hence, this travel system will NOT save you money.4. The front wheel, at first, would jiggle a little when you went fast. Eventually, it became so bad that at even a normal striding pace, I had to stop because the wheel would shake.5. The lining of the stroller’s seat is very hard and it’s very uncomfortable especially when my daughter was trying to fall asleep.Pros:1. The car seat is well padded.2. Variety of colors3. Lots of storage space4. Cup holders

Deanne Hope, ND

Car seat is H E A V Y

The car seat is amazingly heavy. I have elbow tendinitis and this is particularly difficult to carry.I like the stroller, after taking a few weeks to figure out how to open it on my own, but it’s still not exactly easy. But, for lots of walking and strolling, even on unfinished trails, it is a great stroller.

Rosanna Clute, TX

It’s the best… research helps.

The Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System Stroller – Everglade was/is a good buy considering the flexability of the travel system and the ability of the car seat to be joined with a smaller stroller that can be left in the back of the car. The Baby Trend Euroride I found at […] this light weight stroller comes in handy when we are not jogging around the lake.Good luck and happy baby time.

Martha Rose Creek, MN

Not an ideal system

This system came highly recommended to us by a friend, so I didn’t even do my own homework. My fault.The idea of the system is great, and I loved it until it came time to bring the little guy home….Here are the pros:1.Nice large stroller2.Everything works together, and the base adjusted to our seat well for the car seat3.Handle on car seat was niceCons:1.Stroller is huge, but it is a jogger. We have a equinox and this thing take up 75% of the free space in the back, and it weights a lot.2.The car seat buckle is a joke. You have to hold both shoulder buckle pieces together overlapping each other to snap them into the buckle… This is a nightmare when the little guy is thrashing about.3.The way the car seat attaches to the stroller is…iffy. The car seat snaps onto the plastic tray of the stroller, than has a elastic strap to hold the seat from tipping back, which is a pain to take on and off. After a couple uses the latching mechanism gets worn, and the entire car seat has to be jerked up while holding the release lever to get it free4. The car seat release lever is in the front, right between the little guys legs. I have woke him up way too many times to count just taking him out of the car!5. Stroller breaks are a joke, make sure they are fully engaged. You only have about 8 spots per wheel which they can seat with applied force, otherwise the stroller breaks go down like they locked, but unless it is in one of those spots… They won’t click in.The concept of this item is great, but they fail in many key areas.I have since purchased a city jogger stroller and britax car seat… I am done with this… I stuck it out for first child, the second will be a different brand all together. Test this first before your purchase it, make sure you can handle the frustrations.

Jordan Baskerville, VA

Smooth ride, but has some issues

I got this travel system (in a different color) over two years ago while I was still pregnant. I was overseas and this system was brand new on the market. I bought this system based off of a handful of reviews and the description. I’m writing a review now because of all of the unhelpful reviews about the front wheel. This is not one of those self-explanatory travel systems. Everyone who owns this needs to read the manual before assembling and then get it back out anytime there’s an issue with this stroller. For extra enlightenment, look at YouTube videos. The front wheel issue (detailed instructions are in manual) is easily fixed by taking off the foot rest and tightening the nut on the top. Just test the stroller outside before you put the footrest back on.Pros:The ride is smooth walking or jogging, with the wheel locked or unlocked.For jogging, the locking front wheel is so helpful.The brakes work very well and are moderately difficult to unlock.The car seat is very secure when properly locked into place.The seat recline is great once your child outgrows the car seat. My DD still occasionally sleeps in this stroller.There is plenty of leg room for tall children (mine is in the 80-90 percentile).The handle is adjustable for different heights. This was very important to me, since I’m 4’11” and my husband is 6’1″.The snack tray is awesome.The material of the seat and canopy are easy to wipe down.The parent cup holders and storage compartment are awesome. The storage compartment easily fits my iPhone 4s, which is huge due to its Griffin (similar to Otterbox) case.Once you get the hang of folding and unfolding the stroller, it’s pretty easy, but does take two hands.The tires are very nice bicycle-type tires. After two years, mine are still awesome.The built in speakers are nice, but I rarely use them.The basket underneath is huge, which has been fantastic the several times we’ve used this stroller at the airport.Cons:Assembly does take some time. It’s been over two years, but I think it took me about 30-45 minutes. Tip: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and REFER TO THE MANUAL. This is more complicated than your run-of-the-mill stroller, and you don’t want to make an error that could endanger your child.The car seat is tiny, ridiculously heavy, and difficult to buckle (especially if your kid is being squirmy). My DD outgrew it in 16 weeks. We replaced it with a Diono Radian RXT (5-120 pounds).The stroller itself is very heavy and awkward to carry when folded up. Solution: push it or carry it unfolded. It’s much easier.I have a 2005 Mark IV Jetta (not the City Jetta). If I put this in my trunk, I don’t have room for anything else.Bottom line:I do recommend this system to people all the time. If you walk or jog a lot outside, you will love this stroller. However, with baby number two on the way, we will not be buying a Baby Trend tandem jogger. I can only imagine how much more it would weigh and how much more of my trunk space would be taken up. We mostly walk indoors and on sidewalks, so I’m looking into the Contours Optima Tandem Stroller.

Monica White Bird, ID

Love it, but bulky

I love this stroller. It is so chic and glides very easily. The handle on the carseat is very comfortable to hold. My baby is very comfortable in the seat. My only complaint is that it is very bulky. I had read that in reviews when purchasing, but went to BRU and folded and compared to other strollers and it seemed to be similar. We went ahead and bought it bc we loved everything else. I figured the reviewers were just being picky. Fast forward a few months, we were taking our new baby out and decided to take my sedan. Baby goes in fine. Stroller, not so much. Yeah, it doesn’t fit in my trunk. Unless you have an SUV or Minivan, it probably won’t fit. I bought a Snap n Go that has been my lifesaver. I use the large stroller for walking around the neighborhood or if we take my husband’s SUV. Still love it, but I did underestimate the size.

Lily Piney Creek, NC

“Okay” for first time parents…

This system is okay. It does its job: gets the baby around safely. I was a first time parent and didn’t mind it at all in the early months. I thought I got lucky and wondered how others had been so critical. And then the months rolled by, I got more experience, and I realized… This system could be much, much better. There are a few things I like:-the basket in the stroller is massive-there is good ventilation in the strollerHere are a list of things I didn’t notice as a new parent, but now find annoying:-the handle on the carrier requires two hands to lower it. Not practical. And annoying.-the brakes on the stroller are plastic– they work, but you can’t release them by foot unless wearing sneakers or steel-toed boots. I broke a pair of flip flops trying to lift it!-the tired are cheap. Each of my tires has had a hole that I had to patch- the sunshade on the stroller is tiny and barely covers any of the baby’s head-the stroller when folded is pretty large, and doesn’t fit in my trunk (I knew this going in and thought it would be okay. It isn’t)-the speakers are so quiet, there’s no point in having it-the folding mechanism is cheap plastic, and gets harder to do with each time I fold it-things bounce out of the cup holderIt’s an okay system. It did its job. But now that I’m using just the stroller, I’m looking for a replacement. And for baby #2… This system will be retired!

Juanita Merrill, IA