Baby Trend Expedition Jogger, Vanguard

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger, Vanguard

Baby Trend’s Expedition Jogger is famous for durability and all-terrain versatility! Whether it’s a trip to the shopping mall, the boardwalk or gravel trail, the Expedition Stroller takes you there with comfort and ease. A lockable front swivel wheel makes it easy to go for a light jog or let the Expedition be your everyday all-use stroller. Nothing takes on varied indoor and outdoor situations like its large 12″ and 16″ air filled tires. Great for busy parents on the go! Create your own travel system in an instant – child tray accepts a Baby Trend infant car seat (sold separately). Accepts children up to 50 lbs.

Main features

  • Locking front swivel wheel
  • Pneumatic Bicycle-style 16 inch rear and 12inch front all-terrain tires handles any outdoor situation
  • Convenient parent tray includes two cup holders and covered compartment storage
  • Padded seats offer multi-position reclining seating allows your kids to be comfortable and happy
  • Effortless trigger folding easily collapses the Expedition for storage and transport
  • Pneumatic Bicycle-style 16″ rear and 12″ front all-terrain tires handles any outdoor situation

Verified reviews


More comfortable for child than BOB

This is a great, practical stroller. Jogger or not, the stroller is very occupant-friendly, and is a dream to navigate. You can stuff quite a bit in the basket below, and the fold-up is pretty good for a full size stroller. Have purchased two, for both sons & their kids, no disappointments. Amazon price best, both times.

Patrica Shawmut, ME

Great stroller for rough terrain

I love this stoller. I use it on rocky dirt trails and it’s great. My son enjoys it too and he is very picky. The sun shade is great. It adjusts to keep the sun out of his face. The ride is nice too. It doesn’t get too bumpy for him. The front wheel locks for jogging but you can also leave it unlocked. The bottom basket is spacious, the cup holders are nice. Overall, it’s a really nice, inexpensive jogging stroller great for all terrain. Its my favorite of all of my strollers- I currently have 5.

Cindy Conewango Valley, NY

Ready to go off sidewalk!

This stroller is wonderful. We have a traditional ‘mall’ stroller for which we used on short walks. Recently we needed a more versatile stroller for hikes and more park activity. We used it right out of the box, easy to put together. Easy to collapse and set up.The tray for the baby is of nice size as is the seat. The seat has several elevations to keep baby comfortable. Nice mechanism for doing so. Very simple and easy. It handles wonderfully. Steered on and off the sidewalk right across the lawn to the playground. No big bumps, easy to maneuver.There is a box on the stroller handle in between cup holders, held keys and phones. The compartment under the stroller is of a nice size for diaper bag, water bottles, extra jacket. Has a good amount of room.The stroller folds a little taller than does the other four wheel standard stroller, it is not flat. However it fits well in car.Very happy with this purchase.

Young Light Street, PA

I got a stinky stroller too

As another customer posted we got a stinky stroller too. My wife does not want to use it and wants me to send it back. If I had the energy, I would but so tired, this is the 3rd time in a row I have been burned by Amazon.

Lorna Oak Grove, MI

Second time was NOT a charm. 🙁

After ordering one of these joggers, and liking it very much for about a week. I had one of the rear tires constantly going flat (and the front wheel wobbling, even with the proper air pressure as others have commented on) so I asked for just a replacement rear wheel, to which I was told they would not do…but they would send me an entire new stroller. This didn’t make much sense to me, as the stroller I already had was very new, but I went along with it, just wanting a stroller with good wheels…because come on, what good is a stroller if it has wonky wheels, right?Soooo….the second stroller arrived, and I did as they asked by keeping the replacement stroller as a whole, rather than just taking one wheel out of the box and sending the rest back, to avoid the hassle of assembly, but truthfully, there was next to no assembly required on this thing to begin with, and it was not REALLY a hassle.I used the replacement stroller for a couple of weeks, and though I had to inflate the tires more than I had to my old In Step Safari (THAT thing I only had to even touch the tires maybe twice a year, and I’m a winter walker) it seeeeeemed better than the first one. Well, that was until the tire started separating from the rim entirely. I use a hand pump…not a high powered compressor…and I check it carefully, so as to not inflate too far…but this thing seriously started coming apart..I could see glue…and my poor toddler who happened to be IN the stroller at the time, was thumping around horribly, as it felt as though the entire left rear wheel had a huge lump.After two times, with two different strollers, and the SAME manner of wheel problems, I said enough is enough, and instead purchased the Graco Trekko with rubber, never flat tires and am sending this one back as well.

Ronda Hartsel, CO