Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium

The Baby Trend Expedition Travel System comes complete with the Expedition Baby Trend 3 Wheel Jogging Stroller and the Baby Trend Flex Lock 5-30 pound infant car seat with lock in car base. The stroller features a lockable front swivel wheel for jogging or allow to swivel for easy maneuverability, the wheels also feature a quick release for extra compact storage, and the wheels also feature all-terrain tires. The stroller also features both a parent tray for 2-beverages and covered storage as well as a conenvient child tray, in addition to a large storage basket. The push handle is extra wide, ergonomically shaped and foam padded, and the adjustable canopy with covered sunroof ratchets to block the sun and wind. The stroller features a multi-position reclining padded seat with a fully adjustable 5-point safety harness and tether strap, and reflectors on the footrest to provide greater low light visibility. The stroller features a compact lightweight fold for easy storage, and will accomodate children up to 50 pounds and 42 inches tall. The Flec Lock 30 infant car seat accomodates weights 5-30 pounds and heights up to 30 inches tall. Features a 5-poiont safety harness; easy one hand harness adjustment and push button release, and 4-position push button height adjustable base with level indicator for proper installation. The Flex Lock car seat also features EPS energy-absorbing foam for superior side impact head protection, and seat pads and inserts are easily washable. The large smooth carrying handle allow for easy transport of child and seat. The Flex Lock Infant Car Seat easily removes from car seat base to allow a quick and easy click in attachment to stroller to make the Travel System. When using as a travel system you should only walk, and remain on smooth surfaces. The jogging function of the stroller is for when your child is older and is in the stroller seat only.

Main features

  • Travel System includes our Expedition LX Jogging Stroller and our Flex Lock 30 Infant Car Seat
  • Expedition LX Jogger has front locking wheel for jogging and swivel wheel for easy maneuverability
  • Stroller features parent and child trays, large storage basket and large adjustable canopy
  • Flex Lock 30 Infant Car Seat accomodates children up to 30 pounds and 30 inches tall
  • Flex Lock Car Seat comes with easy flex lock adjustable height in car base

Verified reviews


Jogging stroller and car seat.

I am not a fan of this combo. Yes it looks nice and of course I love the jogging stroller but it is really big and bulky. It is great if you plan on keeping it outside your house and don’t ever need to put it in the car. But if you do have to out it in the car don’t expect to fit anything else in there with it. As for the car seat.. It is terrible for new borns. I used it to fly home when we had to evacuate Japan after the earthquake in March, and my baby was only 2 weeks old, well it didn’t really fit in the seat like the sticker on it said it would. In order to get it to fit the seat we had to lean it forward a lot which was terrible since my son could not hold his own head back. It just through his head forward. It also did that in my car in the states. I had to run to the store as soon as we arrived and buy a new car seat. Another issue with the car seat was that it was to snug. It was hard to put my baby in it and take him out. Every time I took my son out he would be covered in sweat.I think the stroller is great as long as it is only used for running and not traveling, as for the car seat DON”T BUY IT!!!

Sheri Linton, ND

Do not buy it

I have a bad experience with this stroller, every time I have to use it the tire is flat, a waste of time trying to pump it every time, I can’t use it. The car seat is very heavy to carry comparing to other car seats. I want to change it for another stroller, this one waste my time and money since I have to buy all the time those cans to pump the tire when it gets flat halfway the destination I want to get to. I do not recommend this stroller at all.

Selena Mosquero, NM

Love It

Absolutely love this product. The car seat is easy to use, particularly if you use the base with your car’s LATCH system. The harness/straps are very easy to adjust for baby, and the handle is ergonomic ~ a bonus given that all car seats are bulky and awkward to carry. But what I love the most is the stroller. This thing is so smooth, and turns on a dime! I use the stroller everywhere so I don’t have to lug the car seat around- just pop the car seat on the stroller and you are good to go! My diaper bag hangs perfectly on the back of the stroller and is not in the way of my legs or baby. My only complaint is that the stroller does not fold neatly- it’s bulky and difficult to lift in and out of my car. I guess this is a minor inconvenience given all the other great features, but it would be nice to not feel like I was fighting it when loading and unloading my car.EDIT 3/15/2014: Almost 3 years and still using the stroller. I don’t need it as much as I used to, as my daughter is older, but we do still use this stroller on longer walks. The stroller has only once needed the tires pumped of air, but other than that, this has been a very reliable stroller. Now that my daughter is older, I wish that the tray opened up so that my daughter could climb in and out on her own. Other than that, I still give this a 5 star rating!

Lilia Merrillville, IN

Love the stroller, dislike the carseat

I got this travel system for my newborn. I absolutely love the stroller. It’s great for going up & over curbs, medians, etc. It makes tight turns & pushes easily. I’ve never gone jogging with it, so I cannot comment on how it works doing that. As for the car seat, it offers a newborn NO head support for their wobbly lil heads. I also didn’t like how baby has to sit so upright in the seat. Newborns really need more of a reclined position to be comfortable and to help with their lack of ability to support their heads. It was easy to take in & out of the car, yes. I would recommend this system for a slightly older baby (3-4+ months), but not for newborns. I ended up purchasing a different car seat, a Graco one. I continue to use the stroller though.

Vicki Middletown, MO

GREAT stroller, BAD car seat.

We purchased the Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System for our first child in 2011. We found it to be the best bang for our buck, if you will.We loved the stroller right away and still love it. The stroller is amazing and I fully recommend it. However, the infant car seat was terrible. When our son was about 3 months old we started to notice that the handle mechanism was getting really difficult to use. We had to really finesse the buttons to lift or lower the handle. The problem worsened over the next few months and we became pretty annoyed. We called Baby Trend and they promised to return calls and to review the case all with no response over several weeks. The representatives, while friendly enough, didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about and I was asked several times whether I had handled the seat too roughly. That I did not appreciate. The bottom line was that I had purchased a product and expected it to function properly. They told me that I could send the car seat in to them and that they would have a look at it to determine whether they’d be willing to fix it or not. That process was to take up to SIX weeks. Was I expected to buy an additional car seat to cart my infant around for six weeks? The issue was never resolved.Also, we started to notice a red mark on our son’s lower back each time we took him out of the car seat. We inspected to seat to find the source and sure enough the comfort foam only went down to about the top of his hips then ended creating a gap. There was no support for his lower back. This was causing his lower back and bum to fall into the gap while the bottom of the foam pressed into his back making red marks. We finally decided to buy a Britax convertible seat that was appropriate for his size/age/etc.For our next child we will buy a Britax infant seat as we have been very pleased with the convertible seat as well as Britax’s customer service.Now, the STROLLER: This jogging stroller is wonderful! We LOVE it and use it a lot. I have used a BOB jogging stroller and found it great too but for the extreme price it just isn’t that much better than the Baby Trend, which is funny because I think BOB is the same company as Britax and as I said, we love Britax!My advice is to buy the Baby Trend jogging stroller but stay away from the infant car seat! Try to find the stroller on its own.

Sheree Dover, NH

the stroller is great, but car seat is horrible

the stroller is great, but car seat is horrible. the baby is in the sitting position at all times and looks uncomfortable. the handle gets stock all the time. the straps are hard to adjust. i just hate it!!!!

Amie Elkton, KY

4 months in and its okay

Likes:-Real tires for wheels!-Very sturdy, I saw someone at B&N; with the same stroller but 5 years old and it was still doing great!-Fits in my small car (Aveo)-Umbrellas are greatDislikes:-This is my biggest issue with this travel system is the infant car seat. The car seat carring arm does not like to move. It is such a pain to move it.-The car seat put the baby leaning forward quite high in the dock but when buckled without the dock it can be adjusted to a better angle-Infant car seat had a hard time docking into the stroller sometimes

Deanne Homeworth, OH

Won’t leave the house without it

This stroller is the best piece of baby equipment I have.The bicycle tires allow it to go everywhere. I am not a jogger, but live in the country so I knew that I wouldn’t even be able to take the baby to the mailbox with those hard little tires on most strollers. But with the jogging stroller, we can go anywhere.My baby is still too small to sit in the stroller alone, we have to use the car seat. But it pops right in and seems to be attached securely. Very easy to detach the car seat as well.I didn’t think I’d care about the MP3 speakers, but I have baby with me when I’m outside and I can plug in my smart phone and play music for him which he enjoys.There are a couple of negatives – but I would still buy this system again, even knowing these:1. Opening and closing: Opening always requires 2 hands for me – theoretically, you should be able to grasp the safety trigger with you fingers and slide the latch with you thumb, but I don’t seem to have enough strength to release the safety one hand – and I’m not usually the wimpy sort. My husband is able to do this with one hand. On closing there is a very simple piece of plastic you have to pop off or it will NOT close. Somehow that is always awkward to me – this is a very small thing.2. The basket on the bottom is great for carrying the diaper bag and when shopping. However, when the stroller is folded, it drags the bottom. So, if you fold it up and need to roll it a little ways to the car, you have to tilt the stroller way forward.It IS big and takes up a lot of space in the trunk but I don’t know how that could be avoided as the tires simply couldn’t be made to fold.

Catalina Bath, IL

Baby Trend Millenium Travel System

“It’s Ok”Pros:1. I love the traingle handle on the infant carseat.2. I love colors and they are very gender neutral.3. Baby seems comfortable and loves to nap in the carseat and stroller.4. Stroller rides nice and smooth. Handles very well. Sun shade is good.5. Price was excellent, as was price of extra base, and matching double stroller.Cons:1. THE STUPID PLASTIC “PUZZLE PIECE” CROTCH CLIP!!!!! I hate it so much. I have 3 kids and have used many carseats. This is the first time I have encountered a plastic crotch clip. You have to align the puzzle piece things perfectly to get the baby buckled in. This is extremely inconvenient when baby is wiggly or crying and thrashing. Frankly, it also seems extremely cheap and I don’t love the idea of that piece being made of plastic instead of metal.2. Stroller does not lay completely flat.3. Head support that came with infant carrier is a joke. I am constantly having to reposition baby’s head.4. It is difficult to snap the carrier into the base.5. The “release” thing that you pull to unlatch the seat from the base and stroller is in the front of the seat. I just don’t like it there, it’s ackward. On the majority of carseats it is on the back.6. The fabric is rough on baby’s skin.7. It is hard to adjust the handle of the carrier.7. The basket under the stroller is small and difficult to access.Overall, you can’t beat the price, and the set is a great value. I like this travel system better than the Graco travel system I had 2 years ago.

Dayna Oconomowoc, WI

Easy to use and looks great!

I love our new stroller and car seat it was very easy to assemble and use the stroller is easy to maneuver I am happy we decided to go with a jogging stroller as we live in a rural area and the big tires travel smoothly on our gravel roads. The interior of the car seat is a little stiff but I had purchased a infant insert for baby’s head beforehand and that seems to work well. The fabric so far seems easy to clean which is great!

Leonor Yorkshire, NY

I like the stroller, but I could care less for the car seat.

The stroller is pretty awesome! We use it wherever we go. It holds a lot in the underneath pouch even though the picture makes it look small. And it’s really easy to fold up and heave into the car. The steering is awesome! I can turn easily without having to back up or anything. The things that I would complain about on this is that there is no divider for the legs on the stroller. Typically there’s a plastic thing that sits there, but there’s only the seat belt. If I don’t have the seat belt on my daughter, she would just slide right out (and she has). The car seat kind of seemed cheap compared to the car seats we already had and when put in the stroller, it would rock around and only attached at the top of the car seat and not at the feet. So the car seat was flopping around as we were walking (so not safe at all!)

Claudette Lagro, IN

It broke…

Registered for/received this stroller system because we wanted rubber tires and the ability to take our child on all-terrain walks. The carrier/car seat does the job, no complaints other than the very ugly warning sticker that makes an appearance in every sleeping baby picture and the material, while not terrible, isn’t something I would chose to sit on for long periods of time. The stroller also does the job without being rough and teeth-chattering because it has decent shocks.The HUGE downside and reason this is a two-star is because the back support broke into two pieces diagonally. We think it happened because we had the back totally up when it was folded to stow away but who knows. Who would think you need to lower the back if you’re child isn’t laying down? Anyway, my husband was able to re-orient the two broken pieces and we added some seat cushion padding that came with our new car seat for some additional support that is now sadly missing.For the price, if it weren’t for the broken back rest, we would have rated this a 4 star product. If you read this review, I would recommend it as long as you’re mindful of folding it carefully to avoid breaking the back support.

Adrienne Hackettstown, NJ


I am very happy with the car seat very light weight. The stroller is amazing how light weight and easy to fold down and unfold fits great in my trunk of the car.

Evelyn Kiahsville, WV

Great product!

SO many interchanging uses! My only dislike is that you cannot adjust the head incline of the stroller seat…what the heck Baby Trend?

Mariana Fremont, MO

So disappointed

I got this for my first baby who is now 19 months old. We used it a lot the first 8-9 months, but the issues have been so prevalent that I spend more time cussing this stroller than enjoying it.Issues:The seatback is made out of basically a thick piece of cardboard. It cracked horizontally and suddenly my daughter’s head had no support. I had to cut along the top of the seat, pull out the two pieces of cardboard, and duct tape them back together (a shoddy fix until I get a new stroller which will NOT be this brand).The front wheel. When not locked, it can’t even handle a fast walk without wobbling. I’ve followed the instructions to fix it, but they didn’t work. Next I put my father, who’s a mechanic, on the task of fixing the wobble. He added a split washer to the front wheel assembly that fixed it for a while, but it comes back. Nothing is worse than trying to go for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood and having the wheel wobble and bounce your toddler around. Not cool.Pros:Cheap/inexpensiveNice adjustable sunshadeEasy to fold up, but not easy to move around once it is folded. It’s awkward.Please don’t waste your money. You’ll get what you pay for with this one. 🙁

Jodi Jenkinjones, WV

Best stroller ever

Best stroller ever! It does take up quite a bit of trunk space but the ease of use is worth it. The car seat is very easy to use. My daughter fit in it for 6 months and then the shoulder area got a little tight and it didn’t look comfortable for her anymore. But she’s now sitting up on her own so it’s easier for her to sit in the stroller itself so it worked out.

Lolita Blanks, LA

This is the perfect fit for any new family.

If you don’t have a lot of money but you want a product that is made tuff but still easy too use, then this is the one for you. There is not much out there about it but I am here to tell you, this is well worth the money. You will love the "every" position hand grip for those hard to carry situations. This has a 3 sided grip so you can carry it in any position you see fit. Haven’t really had a chance to use the stroller yet but if it is anything like the carrying, you will love it. Not the softest i’ve seen but if you snuggle your baby with a soft blanket or a "snuggie" you will have no problem. Is easy to install and remove. So easy a baby good do it.

Katharine Thornton, WV

easy to use but big in size

The combination is good. My little girl is super comfortable in this car seat but this is a very BIG stroller. If your in NEW this is not shopping friendly but so worth the purchase for active exercising mom’s!

Belinda Monterey Park, CA

Great customer service if there are issues

This product seemed a great value but I was hesitant about a few of the negative reviews that I had read. We decided to go for it, and were pretty disappointed to find out that the front wheel wobbled at anything above a basic walk and the back of the seat was snapped in two (yes completely in two) after about 4 months of use. Having purchased in October, the warranty was expired a month after our baby was born and I was really frustrated.HOWEVER, I emailed Baby Trend through their website (11 months after purchase and 5 months after the warranty was up) just to see what they would do, if anything. I nicely explained the issues, my disappointment, an my hopes that they could help me resolve some of these issues. I got a call less than 48 hours later from a very kind and professional woman that is sending me new bearings for the wobbly wheel and emailed step by step directions (they will replace bearings at anytime during the life of your stroller), she is also sending me an entire new seat because the back piece is sewn in. The color of our stroller is backordered so she is shipping out a substitute that won’t match but will be useable until the backordered one automatically ships. We get to keep the substitute as a backup once the original arrives.Not all of their strollers arrive in this condition, but if you do have issues, they are so reasonable to work with. Here’s a short list of pros and cons, aside from the major things I mentioned above:Pros:nice, sturdy, bicycle tires make it less bumpy no gravel or uneven sidewalksgreat cupholders and storage, with very comfortable handle and gripsthe sunshade is not attached to the handlebar like some strollers so you can more easily shade your baby by pulling it forward when needed5 point harnass is easy to useunder stroller compartment does not empty when you fold it up, so you don’t have to unload itCarseat is basic and easy to install, comes with head insert, and, like the stroller, the sunshade can be adjusted to any angleBaby Trend is a great company that is easy to work withOverall, a great value for your moneyCons:Not a lot of cushion on the stroller or carseat seat backTray doesn’t remove completely from stroller but can be folded to the side so our short guy can see outHave to recline the stroller seat completely back when folding it up or putting the carseat on it, or it will snap the seat back (Baby Trend rep said ours could have been shipped this way, so just check your package and call the company if needed)I really like the overall setup and product, and am really excited to have it back it working order. I know others that have got this same product and have had no issues.

Sheri Athens, WV

great travel system…and affordable too!!

We got this system as a gift and love it! Still use the stroller but my LO has outgrown the carrier by now. It lasted a long time (10 or 11 months?).I disagree with any of the less than 4-star reviews. This carrier fits great in a small car and is so easy to fasten into the car (unlike many other carriers and carseats!!). The stroller is not too heavy. It folds up pretty well and fits in my not-so-big trunk. The stroller is SOOOOO easy to push and perfect to run with!!I am so impressed that such an affordable option is so well-built and that I love it so much.I have recommended this system several times to friends and will continue to do so.Way to go Baby Trend!

Amparo Clifford, VA

Great Stroller, Not-so-Great Car seat

We received this as a shower gift. We love the stroller. The large wheels are easy to maneuver. The tread and minor suspension makes it a smooth ride for the baby. The handle bars are even high enough on it for me – a pretty tall guy – to push it without having to stoop. The cup holders are useful, and the stroller folds up into about as small a package as you can expect for a jogging stroller of this type.The carseat, however, is just not very good. It seems extremely narrow, and our baby isn’t even that chunky. She’s below average weight, in fact. It’s hard to get hands down in the thing around her to get her in and out, and the entire thing just doesn’t seem that comfy for her. The straps adjust, but not as much as you would really like, making them difficult to get on and off her and causing worry that they’re too tight. The entire thing is way too deep. That is, you can’t move your front seat back all the way if this thing is behind it. And the angle at which the base has the thing sitting is not great for newborns because they tend to pitch their head forward when sitting in it. One positive about the car seat is that the base has the clips for easy installation in the car, without having to rely solely on the belts.We intend to buy another carseat, one convertible for use as the baby grows older. This carseat doesn’t convert, and we’d have to buy another one anyway. But the stroller is great.

Sharron Clyde, OH

Great Stroller for the Price

I used this stroller often for jogging and just strolling with my first two children. I loved that it is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The wheel can be locked for jogging or left to swivel while just strolling. I had to adjust the front wheel a few times, which is easy and never caused a major problem for me, but I’m not a serious runner. My husband gives it three stars. It lasted a few years before my oldest child broke the seat back while climbing around and trying to sit facing backwards and driving me crazy. Owell, we got our money’s worth. I just bought a brand new one for the child we’re expecting and got the car seat to go with it this time. I love the triangular rubber handle for this car seat. I practiced with carrying it around the store and putting it on the shopping cart and stroller. It’s 100% better than the bulky Safety First Designer 22 car seat that I used for my first two babies, which has a straight bar handle. I hope to never test it’s safety, but I’m counting on it to hold up.

Mariana Athena, OR