Baby Trend Flex Loc Infant Car Seat, Elixer

Baby Trend Flex Loc Infant Car Seat, Elixer

The Baby Trend Flex Loc Infant Car Seat in Elixer is for weights between 5 and 30 pounds (2.2 and 13.6kg.) heights of 30″ or less (76.2cm). Includes a 5 point safety harness that is an easy one hand harness adjustment with a push button release. The 4 position push button height adjustable base comes with level indicator for proper installation. The car seat featuers a height adjustable seat back that doesn’t require harness rethreading. A one hand easy access seat release also has EPS energy absorbing foam for superior side impact head protection. A smooth carrying handle, won’t scratch your arm, and for extended protection a boot provided extra warmth and comfort. Flex Loc refers to the base’s flexible (not rigid) latch straps. Baby Trend Flex Loc Infant Car Seat is compatible with all Baby Trend Strollers.

Main features

  • 5-point safety harness with one-hand harness adjustement and push-button release
  • 4-position push-button height adjustable base with a level indicator for proper installation
  • Height adjustable back that doesn’t require harness rethreading
  • EPS energy-absorbing foam for suprior side impact head protection
  • Includes a smooth carrying handle and a boot for extra comfort and warmth

Verified reviews


Overall fantastic, one big con and a few small ones

I have had two kids use my Evenflo carseat. I HATED it. It was like they never even tried it out to see how well its features worked. I finally got so sick of it when my 2nd child was 4 months old that I ordered a Babytrend Flexloc. At first I was seduced by the high safety ratings, but even after that Consumer Reports article was rescinded, I still liked a lot of the features.Pros:-very comfy seat, good padding-the canopy is twice as long as my Evenflo so it can cover baby almost completely- the canopy stays in place; it doesn’t fall forward or backward behind the seat- the tightening mechanism under the baby’s feet is easy to reach and VERY easy to adjust to make the straps tighter or looser depending on what baby is wearing- the harness mechanism is very easy to adjust (the shoulder strap height). My Evenflo had to be rethreaded every few months and even my mechanically inclined husband said it was horrible. The Flexloc is just a dial on the back that you turn–it’s a breeze.- The seat can be transfered between cars without the base. It can be strapped directly to the car by using a seat belt on the car seat or by using the LATCH system if your car has it.- the triangular handle has a nice grip and is easy to hold in any position- this carseat is lighter than my Evenflo- The cloth is very wipeable, not as absorbant of spills and stains as my EvenfloCons:I found a few minor cons that definitely would not deter me from buying this carseat, and one that might (depending on how I can resolve it once I contact Babytrend).- The release button to take the seat off its base is at the toes under the seat. It’s a little harder to reach than the ones behind the head if the carseat is backward facing.- As others have said, the buttons to move the handle are a bit stiff, but not horribly so. I was prepared for them to be way worse.- The handle is thinner and doesn’t FEEL as sturdy as my Evenflo when carrying baby around, but it hasn’t had any problems-This is the one BIG one that I have to check with Babytrend on: Twice when I have turned a corner sharply, the carseat has tipped to a 45 degree angle! I have tightened down the seatbelt as much as I could, putting my full weight on it and using the seatbelt retracting mechanism. But maybe I’m still not doing it right. The base is narrower than my Evenflo’s was, so maybe that’s why? So I need to contact Babytrend and see if they have any suggestions. Until then, I guess I’ll take the corners slower!Overall, I have felt like this seat was a MAJOR improvement over my Evenflo and even over the Graco Snugrides I checked out at the store. It was intelligently designed to be easy to use and adjust as baby grows. I would recommend it for sure. Just make sure you strap it in tightly or use the LATCH system if you have it.

Melinda Elmwood, WI

Served it’s purpose

This car seat worked out well for us. All the features were amazing and the base was heavy which made me feel safe when sticking the car seat in it. I didn’t give it 5 stars because we had a problem adjusting the crotch strap. It is removable but we had to break out tools to get the metal part out of the grooves. Other than that, it worked out well and served its purpose.

Sabrina Crescent Mills, CA

great car seat

they are a perfect fit in our 2013 accord. i still have room to sit in my seat and drive comfortably. i am 6ft 3in so you can imagine how far my seat must go back.the latch setup for the car on the bases are very high end. they are way better then the cheap flimsy ones on example. graco seats. many eight adjustments and very easy to remove car seat from base. nice loud click when seat is secure to base. nice colors. only issue we had is we had twins so one twin was 5lb 12 ounces. great fit for her. the other was 4lb 14 ounces so we had to borrow a smaller car seat to bring her home safely till she grows into a 5lb seat.

May Scio, OR

Best Carseat Ever (MOTHER OF 3)

This is my 3rd baby, and this is by far the best infant car seat I’ve owned. The latch system is heavy duty and makes me feel so secure. My favorite is the enclosure at the baby’s feet. I hated how baby could kick off socks and shoes in other seat’s, and this also gives a protection from the elements. The handle is also comfortable. The seat is slender and easily fits between my toddlers front facing seat and my 4 year olds big boy seat. CAN’T SAY ENOUGH HOW THIS IS THE BEST VALUE AND QUALITY FOR YOUR DOLLAR…..

Janna Uncasville, CT

Just ok

I have owned 2 other infant seats and 4 other convertable car seats. This one did not impress me.Things I liked:1. The LATCH’s were easy to use.2. Baby felt secureThings I Disliked:1. Fabric very uncomfortable on my baby’s skin and wore out very quickly (like in 2 months)2. Baby was very uncomfortable in this seat3. Did not fit will with my Baby Trend StrollerOverall I liked this one much better than my Eddie Bauer, but not as much as my Graco. It was OK for the money, but to be honest if I have another baby I will skip the infant seat and just use a convertable car seat. I dont think infant seats are all that convenient. I usually end up taking the baby out if we are using the stroller and wearing a sling.

Carmen Glendive, MT

What can I say? This is a great carseat!

The only reason I have a 4 star review instead of 5 is that handle. And possibly it’s weight.I hear so many people say they LOVE the triangle handle. I really don’t like it! But it could be because I had a natural inability to carry a car seat. They’re too heavy. Too bulky. My husband loves the handles! He hooks them on his arms somehow and hauls the twins around like it’s nobody’s business. Me, I have one with one hand… two hands… to my side… to my front… no matter what, I don’t know what to do with that handle!! I just have a love-hate relationship to infant carseats, I guess. :)SO EASY to use. Easy to adjust the straps. SO nice to be able to turn a knob in the back and raise the shoulder straps. This car seat is just awesome! :)Also, I love that there is a ‘window’ on the bottom of these seats that show you how it should be tilted. SO NICE!They’re incredibly easy to snap on and off of the base. Sometimes I struggle with getting car seats unhooked from the base, but it’s ridiculously simple to take these off!Not going to lie, though, I can’t wait to buy convertible carseats once we get our tax returns so I don’t have to carry around 600 pounds of baby+seat anymore. ;)In a nutshell – if you buy it, I think you’re really going to like it. 🙂 REALLY easy to use. Plush, and seems incredibly safe. Easy to get in and out. The stronger you are, the better. 😉

Ora Snowshoe, WV

Fine carseat

We bought this carseat when we were pregnant with our first child. We used it for for our first three children and it was adequate. We were never in an accident so I can not speak to its safety. The reasons I did not purchase another like it when this one expired was that we found it very difficult to get the handle pushed back on it (the buttons were difficult to press) and it was a bit hard to adjust the straps for a growing baby. We purchased a Chicco Keyfit 30 for our latest addition and have been very happy with it, the issues that we had with the babytrend have been nonexistent with the chicco.

Lydia Albion, RI

nice for saving space, but not great otherwise

We got this carseat for baby#2 as we have a smaller second vehicle and need to be able to fit an infant seat and toddler seat in the back. We went to a store and actually compared this one with the others there (Graco, Chicco, etc) and this one was the shortest seat (although not by much, compared to Graco).There are a few nice things about the seat.The fabric is very soft and relatively cozy-feeling, so baby would be comfy. The boot is also a nice idea, but I feel like it would get in the way and you’d have to mess with it to get baby in and out. Not a huge deal though. The auto-adjust straps were AWESOME – all you have to do is turn a knob on the back of the seat and the head/strap positions move up. Pretty slick that you don’t have to worry about rethreading.The things I didnt like (and what ultimately made me return the seat) unfortunately outweight the pros.A minor thing was that the release button to get the seat out of the base was on the front of the seat (near baby’s feet) as opposed to on the rear (by baby’s head) and maybe it’s just because I’m used to Graco, but I just couldnt get passed having to stick my hand in between the carrier and the carseat to grab the latch. I’m sure I would have gotten used to it had I had the seat longer, but it definitely threw me off.One of the bigger and more annoying things was that the handle was VERY hard to move up and down. The little red buttons on the side were way too hard for me to depress. I thought maybe it was because they were just stiff, or I have small hands, but my husband had the same issues. I’ve read other reviews that indicate the same troubles, plus a friend who has the seat also hates the buttons. I thought I could look past that, but the seat manual indicates that the handle has to be locked in the down position when it’s placed in the car, which means each time you put the seat in and out, you have to be able to move the handle. Considering I had to basically fully leverage my body to depress those buttons, I just couldnt see myself being able to do that while the seat was in place.The other thing that I’m torn on was the triangle handle. It sounds nice at first, but then I think about how often I just hang the seat from the crook of my arm so I can carry stuff or hold my toddler’s hand. The triangle handle makes it harder and more awkward to do that. Again, I saw this on many other reviews, although it was a mixed bag on who liked it and who didnt.All in all, the seat was OK, but I just didnt want to fight with those stupid handle buttons. The nice fabric and adjustable straps werent enough for me to look past the buttons. I brought this one back and got a Graco Classic Connect 30 instead, which is about the same size and is more user-friendly (in my opinion).

Meredith Teresita, MO