Baby Trend High Chair Palm Tree

Baby Trend High Chair Palm Tree

This full-featured high chair combines pleasant aesthetics (palm trees and plaid ruffles on beige) with contemporary engineering. Sturdy, easel legs with locking wheels can be adjusted for height in six positions. The idea was to make the chair feasible for any indoor or outdoor table, and it is. The seat (which has a machine-washable, stuffed cover) also reclines back in four positions, in case Baby stuffs himself on finger foods and needs belly space, in which case the deluxe food/toy trays can also be adjusted. Lastly, seat belts and a standard harness ensure a snug perch for baby and the chair’s wide-set, polished metal legs prevent toppling. –Diane Beall

Main features

  • The all-in-one nursery care center that grows with your baby, Cozy bassinet features padded mattress, Features secondary floor safety locks, Clip on 2-pocket(parent) organizer
  • Changing Table with safety strap swings away when not in use, Full Size 28″ x 40″ Playyard made of durable cloth and mesh fabric.
  • Removable mobile with 3 toys, Folds easily and compactly
  • Includes sturdy travel bag, Swing-away changing table with safety strap.
  • Recommended Age Range

Verified reviews


A few flaws

I chose this high chair because it had great reviews. Having used it for about a year now, I have a few complaints.1 – The tray is too large to fit in a standard dishwasher. This is a pain in the neck – it doesn’t need to be so big and, if it were a little smaller, I could sanitize it easily in my dishwasher. Now, I have to hand wash it all the time and never feel as good as if I could wash it by machine.2- It only has one extra tray, I didn’t realize it when I bought it, but as babies get to be toddlers, they really do get messy at mealtime and having a few more trays would be useful. Then I could wash them all once a day – instead of rewashing this one over and over.3 – The biggest flaw – My 16 month old daughter can get out of the 5 point harness simply by pushing up in the chair. She only sits in the highchair during meals and I still have had to jump up on numerous occassions to stop her from climbing out of the seat and onto the tray.4 – It is a real pain in the neck to remove the cover for washing.5 – It is even more of a pain in the neck to remove the straps for washing.Overall, this is really hard to clean and – more importantly – not very secure. Otherwise it’s fine. It looks good, my daughter is comfortable in it and it has held up nicely to daily use and, up until she hit 16 months, I felt my daughter was very safe in it.

Veronica Thiells, NY

Easy to Set Up & Great Design

I love this high chair.(1) Set-up is a snap. You just take the high chair out of the box and it is ready to go.(2) Love the neutral design. The beige works great in our home.(3) Great Features – height can be adjusted & seat reclines at different angles & tray can be set closer or further from the child.(4) Fabric has great cushion and is reversible. When reversible side is used there is no picture of the palm tree/animals and the outer frill edge is hidden.(5) The back of the seat is high enough and cushiony enough so if my son throws himself back – he is still safe.(6) Legs fold up for easy storage.(7) Removable dishwasher safe tray.(8) Has wheels and wheel-locks.(9) Have washed cushion several times and still looks great!(10) 5 Point Harness – a must!

Madelyn Loudon, NH

hate this chair!

I cannot stand this highchair! It was way to difficult to clean. The tray sits up to high for baby! I went with another one after using this one for 6 months!

Imelda Herndon, PA

Absolutely LOVE IT!!!

I just opened the box and pulled out the high chair. OMG…I should’ve opened this box a long time ago and had my daughter use this. She’s 3-1/2 mos. Why I said we should’ve used this earlier was that when it came time for dinner, either my husband or I would hold our daughter while the other eats or I placed her on my lap as I attempted to eat (which of course wasn’t easy). Or we would place her in her play-yard or bouncer but she would get fussy b/c she wants to be with us at the table. So now that we have this, she can be sitting with us at the dinner table!Other features I love about this are:1. This was so easy to assemble…the main high chair frame is already assembled. All I had to do was add the wheels and tray – so easy!!!2. All 4 wheels roll and each has a brake. So easy to move around. Not only for the dining room, but we can take this to the family room where we spend most of our time. Our daughter can sit in her high chair while we are on the computer…but we know she can sit there for too long…she wants to be out and about!!!3. Love the fact that it reclines to 3 positions: the first is when the child can already sit up by himself – which for our daugher will be in a couple more months. But the other 2 are perfect for her. It reclines back making it comfortable for them when they can’t sit up by themselves just yet. The 5-point harness is a must!!! I feel safer…you never know when they suddenly jerk forward!4. Love the fact that it has 6 different height adjustments. The lowest setting is perfect if you want to feed your baby while sitting on the couch. As your child grows, so does this high chair.5. When not in use, the high chair folds in half taking up less space when putting away. It’s not so big, bulky or stationary like the others out there.6. When the tray is not in use, it can be hung on the back of the high chair. Perfect for storage instead of leaving it on the high chair itself (great job BabyTrend for adding this feature). Doesn’t take up space. It’s double-tray’d…the top tray is removeable.7. Fabric and color is very neutral. I’m not one for those bright colored and very cartoon character stuff. Although I just opened it, I haven’t washed the seat cover yet but that’s the least of my concerns. All the other features outweighs that one!Granted that we haven’t used it yet…meaning we haven’t placed my daugher in it while we eat dinner…but I look forward to using it tonight for the first time. We can enjoy a dinner all together – sitting down!!. So far, I like what I see. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this product.

Kaitlyn Lexington, TX

very happy with this highchair

I’m very happy with this highchair. It has a lot of great features and is very versatile. In addition to eating in it, my son sits and plays in it, watches Baby Einstein videos while sitting in it, etc. It can easily be rolled around the house, brought out onto the deck, and so forth. Moreover, the fabric is very stain resistant – food and other things wipe off easily with a wet cloth, and it’s easy to machine wash and dry in the dryer.

Goldie Wetmore, MI

Best Chair!

I love this chair. It is so easy to use and the tray slides easily with one hand. (A big bonus when dealing with a wiggling baby.) It is easy to clean and I like how well the chair pad has come through the wash. Highly recommended!

Vicky Dodson, MT

Not as good as Graco Contempo

I’m disappointed in this chair because I think Baby Trend usually makes good products. While it is easy to use, it seems geared toward bigger kids. My 10-month old always falls to the side of the chair and the tray is too high on her chest (she’s average height and has been sitting up for months).I have been able to get food stains out of the fabric by washing the entire cover on Delicate cycle and then air-drying. However, the cushion on the bottom has bunched up inside the fabric and I have not been able to flatten it out.My nephew has a Graco Contempo, which my daughter has used, and I like it much better because she sits up higher and the tray comes right to her at the appropriate height. When my daughter is done with this chair, I think I’ll sell it in a garage sale and get a Graco for the next kid.

Tamera Whitehall, PA


I have had this high chair for 18 months now and I love it! It has such great features that grow with your child. The 3 positions of recline let you put your infant in the chair before they can actually sit up. My son was not the best napper, but he very often fell asleep in this chair in the reclined position. When he was a little older and started eating solid food, I really appreciated the removable tray cover. When your toddler is covered in avocado slime or smearing butter in his hair, sometimes you need to just remove the food from reach. The tray cover snaps off easily but leaves the tray in place until you can wipe off those little hands and let them down. The tray also slides out a few inches to make room to lift baby out without catching his feet. Another feature I like is the double sided cloth cover. When it gets dirty, just flip it to the other side. It washes beautifully… dries quickly and keeps it’s color. A friend of mine has the Peg Perego with the plastic “wipable” seat cover, but her son sweats too much when sitting on the plastic and there is always some sort of dried food caked in the corners. You can’t throw plastic in the washing machine. I’m so glad I didn’t spend twice as much for the Peg Perego!!

Alyssa Partridge, KY

A little big for baby

I haven’t had the same complaints other reviewers mentioned, but I do agree the thing is huge. My daughter is 14 lbs, and the chair swallows her up! Plus, the safety harness– which is a great idea– is set on it’s smallest adjustment, and it is still to big. I mean, I know it isn’t supposed to be snug like the car seat, but the straps are falling off her. And it took me forever to figure out how to get the tray on and off– I know that was just me, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t figure it out.

Estelle Rye, NY

Super Chair

We have this chair in another pattern but we love it! We started putting our son in it when he was about 3 mos. old – I tilted the seat all the way back and could roll him from room to room with me. Even now, at 10 mos., when he’s not feeling great, I put him in the chair and recline it so he can relax while I clean up. It was very easy to put together and I love that it folds up out of the way. Now that our son is eating cereal, etc., we just roll it right up to the table so he can join the family dinner. There are a lot of cracks and crevasses that stuff gets stuck in but it cleans up easily enough.

Adele Minetto, NY

Just okay…

This chair does its job in that my son is safe and gets to eat. I would highly recommend a vinyl seat that can be easily wiped down between meals because once my son started on finger foods the fabric cushion was just ridiculous to keep clean. The cushion does stand up to washing pretty well, but once you remove the straps to wash them(and you do want to wash the straps once your child has mashed a meal or two into them) you need to be a rocket scientist to get them back in. Although the fisher price high chair is not as pretty to look at, I wish I had just sucked it up because the convenience of vinyl would far outweigh aestheticas at this point. Also, we barely use this seat since my son is just as happy in the Fisher Price Booster seat for $25. It is a breeze to clean and also keeps him strapped in very well.

Roxanne Landisburg, PA


We went to Babies R Us with the intentions to purchase a Graco high chair! But after feeling this one in comparison to the Graco chairs, this was way more comfortable. The padding is much more soft!Now that we have owned this high chair for quite some time, I have to say it was one of the best decisions we made concerning baby products. I’m not sure why some people say it’s hard to remove with one hand. I have a VERY active baby so removing it and putting it back on with one hand is a cinch!It’s very easy to keep clean. My son is a messy eater so food gets everywhere. But I’ve had no problem with keeping it clean! Also, I love the 5-point harness feature. That helps my son not to fall out as I remove the tray. He fits in it perfectly. I don’t feel that the tray is too high either.All in all, this high chair is a must have and it’s such a reasonable price too!

Erika La Porte, TX