Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer

The Sit N Stand Ultra stroller has multiple riding positions, allowing children to sit or stand along the ride, or use an infant car seat in both the front and rear facing seats. The Sit N Stand Ultra stroller can accept one or two infant car seats, all Baby Trend infant car seats, Graco Snugride classic fit, Evenflo Embrace and Discovery, Britax Companion and Chaperone and Safety First On Board 35 Infant car seats to make a travel system for the little one and a ride along for your older child to 50 pounds each child. Folds compactly for easy storage and travel, large storage basket, and foot activated brake. The unique rear facing seat allows your older child to ride or they can easily forward face to stand on the sturdy stand on platform. The child tray conveniently can swing away allowing even older children easy access to the front seat, the parent tray has covered storage with cupholders, with a second child cupholder for your older standing or rear facing child.

Main features

  • Accomodates up to 2 children
  • Stroller allows your older child to stand on the rear platform or sit on the rear seat
  • Accepts up to 2 Baby Trend, Graco Snugride Classic Fit
  • Stroller accomodates 2 children up to 50 pounds each
  • Large Basket and easy compact fold for easy transporation or storage
  • Accomodates up to 2 children; sitting in stroller seats, in infant car seats, or one sitting and one standing
  • Accepts up to 2 Baby Trend, Graco Snugride Classic Fit, Britax, Evenflo Embrace, Discovery and Safety 1st On Board 35 infant car seats to make a travel system

Verified reviews


Okay for twins in infant seats, not so great after that.

I chose this stroller out of many options because it was affordable for my family to get off my registry, and it accepts two infant seats. This was a must since I had twins. We purchased it in the “Green Tea” color scheme, which is very gender neutral.It can be a little difficult to steer, no one handed steering at all, but that’s to be expected with a tandem stroller. The basket storage can be a little difficult to get to (when using with infant seats and when not also). The infant seats snap in super easy, no extra attachments needed. The parent tray is good, has two cup holders and a small compartment with cover for keys or and ID card/debit card or very small phone. My iPhone with a LifeProof case does not fit in it. The kids trays are great, each have a cup holder and large area for snacks, with a decent lip so the snacks won’t fall off everywhere. It does fold up pretty easily, however the little latch that keeps it together got worn out after only two months or so of use. I can’t say whether or not it would fit in a car trunk, as we have a truck. It did fit fine in my moms 2007 Santa Fe with third row seating up, but there was no room for anything else.If you’re having twins and on a budget, this is a great travel system. The infant seats that snap into the stroller are some of the best rated out there and are also affordable (search Baby Trend Flex Loc). While we used it with the infant seats this stroller was pretty great. Not much more to say about that period of use.Now we’ve been using the stroller for just over a year without the use of the infant seats (we used it for about half a year with the infant seats) and it hasn’t been so great. First, the front seat has a very small seat space. My daughter has a hard time keeping her butt on that first seat. She usually slides down a little into a pretty uncomfortable looking position, yes with use of the seat belt and even the shoulder straps. My girls are not large by any means, they are actually quite small for their age. Also, the child in the front seat doesn’t have much space. My girls carry loveys everywhere with them and if I do not fold down the first seat’s tray, it is guaranteed the child in the first seat will lose it out the bottom. The first seat only has two positions, sitting straight up or laying slightly back. The front seat canopy moves all the way forward and back. The back seat is more spacious. However, my daughter that sits back there also ends up sliding down into a somewhat uncomfortable looking position. The backseat does not sit straight up (I wish it did). The back seat is also very difficult to adjust. The back seat canopy is kind of useless, it doesn’t go forward anywhere near far enough to block the sun. I have not used the stroller with the back seat off (in the “sit n stand” function) so I can’t comment on that.I decided it was time to sell this stroller and get a more compact one (we just purchased the Combi Twin EX). When I looked over it to determine the state of the stroller so I could sell it, I discovered that the front seat is actually ripping on the bottom! The fabric is only held up by two metals bars on either end, but because my daughter is constantly sliding forward, it’s put too much pressure on the fabric. For only being used for a year, and with a child who weighs less than a full-term child her age the fabric should NOT be ripping!All in all, I would only recommend this stroller if you need it to use with two infant seats. I’d sell it after that. Even better if you want to use Baby Trend infant seats, it’d probably be better to just get the Double Snap N Go. There are better options if you only need one infant seat and child that can sit in a seat.

Aline Monument, KS

Front seat NO good!

I was really pumped to get this stroller since it does so many things – a double stroller, a sit ‘n’ stand, and holds carseats. Unfortunately, the front seat is horrible. My daughter slid right out because there is no support. So then I thought I would just buckle her in each time but she is still so unsupported that her whole body is slouched forward and only the buckle is holding her in! In other words, the seat itself is worthless because its so floppy. I returned it.

Julia Frackville, PA

Love it! It’s wonderful!

When I first read the reviews I was hesitant to purchase this stroller. People complained it was too big or too heavy or didn’t roll good but honestly I don’t know what they are all talking about. The stroller is a double stroller so it’s obviously going to be a bit larger or heavier then a single stroller but its not that much bigger than my evenflo travel system stroller and they fold up the exact same. It weighs about 40 lbs but is easy to carry cause there are lots of places to grab on to. Putting the wheels on when it arrived was extremely easy. It rolls good it turns around smoothly even though it is longer then a single I thought it handled the same. It does just as good in off road pavement as any stroller with wheels that size does. People complained that there kids didn’t fit in it that their knee hit the tray. Well I have a 3 year old that is tall for her age 90% and she fits just fine . Her knees don’t hit the tray and when the infant car seat is in the front it doesn’t get in her way either. so my opinion to them is obviously your kids are too old to be putting in the sitting stroller so remove the back seat and move them to the standing part. I couldn’t be more happier about my purchase and if anyone is hesitant about purchasing this stroller don’t be. It’s great and you will love it.

Antionette Philipsburg, PA


I had been gifted a brand new Baby Trend Flex-Loc car seat upon the discovery of being pregnant again. It came with two bases, and a nice single stroller. Well, a month or so later we find out it was twins and realize we needed some adjustments. I purchased another Flex-Loc car seat and this stroller after spending HOURS reading reviews and trying to figure out what would be the best set up for us. I do not regret my decision at all!!Buying – It shipped FAST. We got it exactly 3 days after ordering it on Amazon. I was incredibly impressed. VM Innovations emailed me several times updating me on my order, as well.Putting it together – SUPER easy. And this is coming from a very pregnant and barely mobile woman. Seriously, you pull it out of the box, snap on the front wheels, back wheels, foot stand and food try. Since it’s automatically going to be used for toting two infant seats, I didn’t even attempt to install the second canopy, but from looking at the instructions, it will be a piece of cake. Putting the carseats in was so easy. Simply push a button, rotate the feeding trays, and they snap in perfectly. The front carseat has a belt, but the second one doesn’t appear to. Odd, but I don’t think it will be that big of a deal.Size/Weight/Using it – While we obviously haven’t used it with babies inside, I pushed it throughout our little house while laden with both car seats. While it looks sort of huge – like a vehicle in itself! – the ride is SMOOTH and the turning is easy!! This is better than the double stroller I had used previously with my 4 and 2 year old!I will return to this review once we’ve used it WITH babies and let you know if anything has changed. I’m interested in seeing how it will fit in our tiny 1999 Dodge Caravan, but I will say I was surprised at the size when we pulled it out of the box. I had expected it to be bigger!All in all, I give this amazing stroller 5 stars. I do not regret this purchase in the least!**UPDATE**the twins are 6 months old. Just the other day my husband commented about how this is by far the BEST purchase we’ve made.THERE IS a strap for both car seats, I just had to read the manual to find it.IT DOES fit in our tiny cargo area. Just barely, but it fits!This stroller is SMALL. I love it. It’s light. I hate huge bulky strollers, and this one definitely is not bulky.We’ve taken this stroller to various stores, to the dam, walked on the road to a football game, it’s been everywhere. It has been amazing!My only complaint is the space below for storage is SMALL. But, the stroller is small, so that’s to be expected.The foot rest on the front seems to pop off a LOT when my 2 year old rides in it. He’s short, and his legs are almost too long for it! But again, this is for using with small children, and I’ve read a few suggestions on how to fix the foot rest, so it may not be that big of a deal in the future.I still keep the 5 stars. I couldn’t imagine this thing being any better than it already is!

Tracey Dunmore, WV

not what I expected

I have had the single baby trend expedition jogging stroller and loved it for 2.5 years. Baby #2 made us really need a double. We actually only went with this brand again because they are the only ones that have a decent sit and stand with the option for a full second seat. We used it for the first time on a full day trip to Busch Gardens. I found that after having the three wheels of the jogger and going to this plastic set of four, it was much harder to steer. These wheels would no do well on anything but a smooth paved ground. I also realized that I am not a fan of the inline double. I felt like the front seat was a mile away and I couldn’t see what my oldest was doing up there and it was hard to not run into people/things. The back canopy does not detached and move independently. The cup holders are shallow and cups/drinks fall over easily. I probably could have lived with all of those cons if it were not for the fact that the trays on both seats are ridiculously sharp underneath when they are opened. Both of my children had major scratches on them after one day of careful use. This was the deal breaker. We ended up getting the instep safari side by side. I love it and it feels much smaller and sooooo much easier to push/steer. Much sturdier & better construction. They only down side is that it is heavier than the baby trend.

Addie Magnolia, NC

Best double stroller ever! 😀

I hate going places & lugging things around while trying to wrangle our 2 young kids – this stroller made life SO much easier! Easy in & out of the car, looks GREAT, maneuvers like a dream, has a storage shelf below for all sorts of stuff, the cup holders are always in use,… I could go on & on. LOVE it.

Nadine Crab Orchard, NE

Doesn’t work with graco 30

Great stroller. Doesn’t work with graco snug ride 30. Make sure your car seat has slits in the bottom, otherwise it’s not secure. I’m still keeping it because I will need it until the kid can sit-up on their own which is a few months of car seat use.

Lenora Mountain Home, NC

Good Purchase

We’ve been using this stroller for 4 months and are happy with it. We have a baby, 2 yr old, and 5 yr old. We use the jump seat a lot for the older kids and it’s been great in the mall and on vacation. It is big and it is heavy, but I expected it for a double stroller.

Pearl Scottsburg, VA

Great stroller great price

The stroller is great for two young kids and the back seat comes off when the older child doesn’t want to sit in the seat anymore.

Bridget Grandville, MI


I got this because one day my mom had all five of her grand kids. I had to work and my sister in law had a last minute thing. She told me about her day so I was like, "okay mom. I’ll get you a double stroller in case another day like this comes up." I went with some other one first which was HORRID! the packaging was all messed up, the wheels sucked! the seating was great but you cant push a stroller anywhere is the wheels dont move. So I was on the hunt for another double and found this one. It is AMAZING! My mom says the boys love it. They both can see where their going, the seating is comfy. plenty of room. and, the wheels work properly. yes its purple (a color i hate immensely) but hey who cares, it gets the job done!

Julia Buies Creek, NC

only if you have to

We needed a stroller for our baby and toddler. We have a lot of kids and we have been through many strollers in these 10 years. This is not the best but it was cheap and it does the trick. The pros and cons: it fits two kids, but not big ones. It’s folds up flat, but it’s still long and heavy. It has storage, but you can’t get to the things you need real easily because the kids are on top of it. The canopy is nice, but the kids will play with them. The latches, tray, and wheels are all among the best the industry has to offer. The wheels are really important, they are good. And one handed closure is a nice benefit to this stroller, too.

Latanya Hartsburg, IL

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller..Elixer

Very easy to assemble and great for an infant and a toddler. Easy to handle.

Shana Redondo, WA

Like driving a bus!

We had the Citi Mini jogger single stroller for my son, so when we had our daughter close in age and needed a double stroller we looked into upgrading with the same brand. Unfortunately due to price, we decided to go with with the Baby Trend Sit & Stand since it fit our infant carseat and was 1/2 the price of the other stroller we wanted. Big mistake – we should have just spent the money and got a decent stroller – the Sit & Stand is hard to maneuvre and is like driving a bus. It also doesn’t fold very compact, so even fitting it in the back of our SUV was tight. Now we’re having a 3rd baby and will be getting rid of this Baby Trend stroller to buy a quality jogger.

Rita Rising Sun, IN

I love it!

Of course it’s big and a little heavy. I have found this to be the case with all double strollers. I love this stroller. Purple and gray is just what I wanted. My husband had no problem putting the few parts together (it comes mostly assembled). It works great and does the job. We are pretty tough on strollers and this is holding up great.

Esther Ansonia, CT

Pretty nice double stroller

This is the second time we’ve purchased two of these (the first two were damaged in a car accident)and really like them. I don’t think anything is different at all but the color.Pros:They are well-built and quite strong, and work well for infants who can hold their heads up/sit up on their own, all the way to bigger preschoolers.They turn and handle well, and easy to open with a quick slide of the button while gripping the handle.We can easily fit both into our minivan by stacking them on their sides, then one on top of the other. They fold very nicely, and there is still plenty of space for groceries!Hint: I’ve found the easiest way to get them in and out of the trunk is to have it on it’s side with the handlebar on the left and wheels on the right. Grabbing the handle with the left hand and the frame with the right, it has a nice weight distribution and seems to help ease the strain of lifting such a heavy/bulky item.We’ve logged hundreds of miles on our older ones, and expect as many on these. (I’m sure they had many more left in them, but they were badly damaged in the accident and we didn’t want to put the kids at risk.) They’re perfect for even Disneyland or the zoo since the wheels don’t lock up.Cons:The baskets are not convenient at all because they are totally open at the back so things might slip out. Also, the footrest for the rear child blocks the top access to the basket so it’s difficult to get things in and out.I will say that these new ones are more difficult to close- we almost have to twist the plastic piece with the slit onto the metal knob to get them to come together. Not easy with a bad back or arthritis…For the rear seat sit and stand feature, the seat had to be removed entirely, so there is no back rest for them to lean on. There’s simply a strap. If they wanted, they could lean against the back of the front chair, but that would make them hunch over and be even more uncomfortable.Overall, we really like these strollers and were more than happy to buy the same thing again when we needed to. If you can live with the basket issue and (common for all these types)sit and stand issue, I’m sure you’ll be happy with these.

Alissa Calera, AL

Great Product

I love the features, style and color. My son loves sitting in both seats and everything is really put together well. I would recommend this product.

Frieda Okolona, OH