Baby Trend Snap-N-Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Stroller

Baby Trend Snap-N-Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Stroller

The Baby Trend Snap-N-Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Stroller is easy to push. Parents no longer have to disturb their little ones by removing them from their infant car seat. This Baby Trend Snap-N-Go Stroller frame fits the most popular infant car seats from Baby Trend, Graco,Chicco, Peg Perego and Evenflo. Just put your baby seat in the Baby Trend Car Seat Stroller frame and go. The maximum weight capacity of this Baby Trend Snap-N-Go Stroller is 45 lbs. The Baby Trend Snap-N-Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Stroller also features a large drop down storage basket,2-cup holder parent tray with covered storage compartment,and convenient one hand fold. Baby Trend Snap-N-Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Stroller: Easy to push llows adult to place infant car seat on carriage frame without removing child Maximum Weight Capacity: 45 lbs Large drop down storage basket 2-cu p holder parent tray with covered storage compartment Fits the most popular infant car seats from Baby Trend,Graco,Chicco,Peg Perego and Evenflo Rear wheels with brakes Convenient one hand fold Weight:12 lbs Lightweight and easy to transport Measures 16.65″L x 8.20″W x 34.45H” Maximum Weight: 45 lbs Color:Red, Gray, Black Gender:Boys,Girls Fabric Material:plastic, fabric, metal Manufacturer: Baby Trend Inc Features:Stroller Weight is 12 lbs,2 Parent Cup Holders, One Hand Fold Model:SG13105 Accessories Included:Sunshade Brand:Baby Trend Assembled Product Dimensions(L x W x H):19.50 x 39.75 x 34.40 IN

Main features

  • Weight: 12 lbs \ Maximum Weight Capacity: 45 lbs \ Rear wheels with brakes
  • Measures 16.65″L x 8.20″W x 34.45H” \ Weight: 12 lbs \ Maximum Weight Capacity: 45 lbs
  • Fits the most popular infant car seats from Baby Trend, Graco, Chicco, Peg Perego and Evenflo
  • Allows adult to place infant car seat on carriage frame without removing child
  • 2-cup holder parent tray with covered storage compartment \ Fabric Material: plastic, fabric, metal

Verified reviews


You get what you pay for

Pros: Lightweight, convenient, affordable, take it anywhere stroller. I found this most useful when we recently flew back home and didn’t have to worry about having our son’s nice(r) stroller getting smashed and mangled along with other luggages that are checked in.Cons: Flimsy structure, makes me a bit nervous putting my baby in his carrier on it. The button that you press to fold it is of poor quality. Many times, I have to press on it really hard to get it to sink in and snap. All of the cups I’ve used and put on the holders spilled liquid at the slightest vibration. The material they use as bottom compartment easily tears.This product is good if: a)You want the convenience especially for traveling b) You want to wait on getting a full size stroller until your baby is a bit bigger. Just don’t expect a whole lot from it, other than it being easy to use and cheap.

Dina Olanta, PA

Not a Match for Peg Perego

Got one as a gift and now have to return it. It is not as “universal” as it states. The only way you can keep a Peg Perego Primo Viaggio car seat from completely falling off is to use a strap that it somes with. The car seat does not lock onto anything, but merely rests on the bar. The problem with having to strap the car seat down is that the strap goes OVER the baby’s chubby legs and/or belly. It doesn’t leave much room for an infant once you secure the car seat to the stroller.

Summer Oreland, PA

Great carseat carrier, very portable

We really liked the chicco keyfit 30 carseat and were debating between the chicco travel system and this snap n go to use with the carseat. We decided on the snap n go because it is light weight, easy to fold and put in trunk (with one hand), and an added bonus was it was inexpensive. Many people said the travel systems were very bulky and cumbersome. We have been extremely happy with it. The only reason it does not get 5 stars is because it can be very difficult to remove items (i.e. diaper bags) from the bottom carrying basket… it is usually necessary to remove the carseat from the carrier to easily access the storage basket. If the snap n go had a hinged basket door at the back that you could drop down to access the basket it would really help.Also noteworthy is the keyfit30 does not snap into this snap n go frame. Many retailers say this is very dangerous, and that the keyfit30 and the snap n go are not compatible for this reason. However after researching many people use the keyfit30 with the snap n go frame with no problems, and likewise we have had no problems as well. Although it does not snap, it is a very snug and secure fit. The strap/buckle system adds extra security to ensure the keyfit30 stays in the snap n go frame.I highly recommend the snap n go carrier frame.

Bernice Bourg, LA

Basket? For what?

Yes, it’s lightweight, convenient, etc. Two big pet peeves. Not very stable on uneven sidewalk – so I couldn’t use it in my Los Angeles, neighborhood. Also, you can’t reach the basket with a car seat on it. The smarter moms I know got the Kolcraft.

April Wye Mills, MD

One of my top 3 baby purchases

I bought the Snap n Go when we took our 2 month old to Miami. We wanted a cheap stroller to travel with, so we wouldn’t mind if it got broken. We gate-checked it and had no problems. (Granted, we were lucky–we might have wanted a canvas bag to stick it in.)6 months later, it’s been one of my favorite purchases.I use it every day for quick errands in town, trips to the mall, dinner in some restaurants, even in the grocery store–it’s easier to push her in it than to lug her into the store and put her in a cart. I just carry my reusable bag and fill that with groceries.Especially at first, when she almost always fell asleep in the car, it was GREAT not having to wake her up–I’d just move her carseat into the Snap n Go, and she never noticed.I have not had any problems with durability, although it’s clearly not meant for rough terrain! I’m on sidewalks, in the mall, in airports (three plane trips later…), etc. It can “stick” going over bumps or rough patches (some iced-over snow on a sidewalk, for instance)–but I’m not on those surfaces very often, and the convenience of the snap n go far outweighs the few moments when I have to shove it over a small obstruction.I also, now that my monstrously tall daughter is about to outgrow her infant seat, am very glad that I did not purchase one of the “travel systems.” I’m looking for my “next snap-n-go”–the stroller that I will keep in the car and use for errands, plane trips, and the mall. I’m glad I’m not stuck with one of the strollers that comes with an infant seat–they seem to be either very bulky with the infant seat attached, or cheapish and plastic-y, or with other features that I’ve now realized I don’t want, or without features that I’ve now realized I DO want.To keep at home, I have a heavy-duty, durable stroller with good suspension for walks around our neighborhood (no sidewalks, and some unpaved roads).I like the advice from the Baby Bargains book–get whatever car seat you want and the Snap n Go. Use those for a little bit while you figure out what you’re going to be doing with your stroller, and then you can make a more informed decision. I thought my big Maclaren was going to be my stroller–until I had to lift it in and out of the car too many times. At the same time, I needed something pretty rugged for walks, so I just gave in and decided it was worth having two strollers for two purposes. People who live in an urban environment might want to ignore my advice…(and oh! The other two top purchases were a Hooter Hider (sounds crazy, but if you nurse your baby and don’t want to sit at home or go into exile every two hours, it’s a HUGE help) and a bouncy seat–it’s what she sits in when I shower, or do anything, really, when she needs to be secured and I can’t hold her.Good luck.

Rosie Munnsville, NY


I purchased this stroller under the assumption that when it said it “works with major brand car seats” that my Combi would be included. It doesn’t work at all and now I have to return it.

Socorro Tulelake, CA

Wish I had bought this 2 kids ago

I love this stroller frame. We bought this to use with our Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat before the birth of our 3rd daughter. I wanted something to take up a little less space in my van. I really wish I had bought this when my oldest was born. It is so nice, but when we were having our first, we just felt like we were buying so much and already had a travel system. The frame is very light, very easy to fold and unfold. I love that it has a latch to keep it shut. I can lift it into my van one handed. It maneuvers very well. Nice parent cupholders and compartment. The basket is a little bit of a pain to get into (I can really only get into it from the front, but it does not bother me much. Because it is so lightweight, when I remove the car seat, and have my diaper bag hanging over the handle, it sometimes tips. Once again, not a big deal, I just take my bag off first. Our carseat fits down in this quite snugly, we don’t need to use the strap over the top of it. Love, love, love this frame.

Audrey Mikana, WI

Makes life a little easier

I use this in combination with the Chicco Keyfit 30Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat, Adventure. They work really well together. It makes those first trips out with the new baby so much easier for a first time mom. I go to run errands, take the carseat off the base and place in the Snap and Go, and the baby stays asleep. She is six months old and we still use the combination. There is ample space underneath. I can fit a diaper bag, a purse, and things that need to be purchased or returned. We also use this for walks around the neighborhood (That’s about all the exercise you get for awhile after the baby is born) and the cupholders and closed compartment on the handle are nice for drink, keys, pacifier, etc. This is one of my most used purchases, and so much less expensive than some of the other options out there. It also folds flat with one quick button and fold movement and fits in a fairly small trunk. Great Purchase!!!

Wilma Holcomb, MS

help in so many trips!

Lightweight, simple, folds so easy, i can put myself in the trunk, cup rest, big space for diaper bag, took to few trips already and it’s awesome.

Sybil Wolford, ND

Simple, easy and compact 😉

I LOVE how compact this is. Makes it so easy to just roll my Little One around stores and even into restaurants- most will just let me roll it right up next to the table so I don’t have to bother taking her out. The ONLY complaint is it’s a bit hard to push, not bad, and what can you expect from an inexpensive compact frame? But otherwise it’s a great purchase… I ONLY got this because the jogger set we got wouldn’t fit in the trunk of my car- oops- so I had to make a quick decision and figured this would be good long enough to justify the little extra expense. Glad we purchased it! Gonna be a bit bummed when I have to upgrade to a fuller size stroller when our baby outgrows her infant seat. OH well. Great for now!!!

Clare Temple Hills, MD

Great with keyfit 30

I have the Chicco keyfit 30, which is a great car seat, but rather heavy. This makes my snap n go indispensable. It isn’t the equivalent of a high end stroller of course, but its pretty sturdy, and quite light. One of the reviewers complained that the keyfit isn’t compatible, that the seat gets scratched by the stroller. If used properly (there are little red tabs which have to adjusted to a larger car seat like the keyfit 30), it may still cause the most superficial of scratches, but certainly doesn’t endanger the integrity of the seat. I agree with the complaints that you have to go around to the front of the stroller to get things in and out of the lower basket, but this is a minor complaint. It handles pretty well. It takes some assembly, but nothing too complicated.

Kimberley Carnation, WA


Hubby and I strapped this thing on top of our car and drove it cross country during two snow storms (we were moving) and it still works GREAT! I love how convenient it is and it isn’t nearly as bulky and heavy as options I’ve had friends and family use.

Sonya Maitland, FL

Exactly what I bargained for

This base easily converted my Evenflo Embrace 35 into a sturdy stroller.It’s easy to assemble. It took me less than five minutes out of the box with no instructions required.It’s easy to use. More easy to store, carry and transport than any stroller system I’ve used. I’ve found it much more practical than the combination stroller car seat systems that I’ve used in the past and much more affordable.It looks great. Once paired with the carseat, it doesn’t look any different than any other infant stroller.I would buy again or purchase as a gift.

Sharlene Liberty, MO

Love it!

This stroller has been wonderful while my son is in a baby carrier car seat. The stroller is very light weight, easy to open and close, and folds down very small. It is especially good for when your baby gets heavier. The basket is a great size, only downsize is that you often have to take off the car seat to get to your stuff.

Helene Denton, KS

Pretty much perfect.

I can’t think of a single thing that I didn’t like about this stroller. Our carseat, an Evenflo, fit into it perfectly. We had a giant travel system that the car seat belonged to but a very small car and the stroller part of it wouldn’t fit anywhere in the car- not the trunk, not the front seat, not anywhere- so we had to come up with something else. We bought this one on impulse one day and ended up loving it. It is super light, it folds up really flat so we were able to throw it in our tiny trunk (stupid convertible purchased before we had a baby), it has cup holders, a little tray that held my keys and phone, the handle was tall enough for both my husband (6′) and I (5’7″), the basket is roomy and easy to get to, the price is reasonable, it’s super easy to operate, it felt sturdy, it steered smoothly… I’m totally serious, I can’t think of any negatives, except that we can’t use it anymore becuase we graduated to a full-size carseat. This one is definitely going into the “store for next baby” pile, not the “crap to give to Goodwill” pile.

Ora Sheridan, AR

Loved this thing

I did not want a fussy car seat or travel system so I bought this to use with our Baby Trend car seat. I got great use out of this. It was light weight and worked as it should have. It rolled smoothly. It resembles an old pram when the car seat is in it.Now we move on to a larger stroller since baby is no longer in his car seat. Bummer. 🙁

Mayra Sparkill, NY

Must have

Baby seat easily and quickly snaps in to make a nice lightweight stroller. Easily folds for storage in the house or trunk. The whole system is wonderfully thought out and easy to use.

Lacey Bryant, IL

A convenient way to take baby for quick errands

I got a baby trend flex lock car seat from a friend so I purchased this item. I used it in the house and today the first time on the street. The steering is not perfect but good enough. (today is the 2nd day after receiving it) I just don’t have 100% confidence on the red support tabs. My car seat barely stands on one of them and not touch any others.The assemble is really easy.(6/6/2013) Just want to provide an update: my son is now 18 month and I don’t use this product anymore but I still plan to keep it in case we decide to have 2nd baby. However, I just noticed that Amazon lists the price of $104?? I bought mine at $50 less than 18 month ago. Pls shop around.

Hannah Layton, NJ


The snap and go is such a great concept! It is very easy to assemble. It is easy to get the infant seat on and off. The basket is a great size and is easily accessible with the infant seat on. The parent tray is a nice size. And it is so convenient but, be aware that it is only good on smooth sidewalks. It steers terribly. Never try to steer with one hand…it is a bear…I love the convenience of this stroller I just wish it steered better. Guess other models that cost more might. If you only use it for trips to the mall and stores it is great but don’t plan on using it for anything else…

Elena Meridian, ID

I love this Snap N’ Go stroller!

I never wanted one of these little “bucket holders” with my first child. I thought it would break. When my second child came along, we got the double strollers, also Baby Trend, one duo front-to-back with the jump seat rider and one double-ride jogger. Both are good for different purposes. I decided to get this Snap N’ Go stroller because it was available for a low price, and I thought it might work 2-3 times while my son still fit in the carrier, because my daughter has been wanting to walk instead of ride. Wow, was I wrong about it! It is well-made, and SO convenient. It is extremely light and sturdy. I can fold and lift it into the trunk with one hand. The carrier snaps on and off easily, and feels very secure. There is also an extra strap for security, too. The basket is very spacious and holds my diaper bags and purse (neither of which are small, with two kids) easily! I have to take the carrier off to get to the bags, but it’s not been any big deal for us. I love the cup holders and the little compartment holds my keys and cell phone perfectly. I have taken it to the L.A. County Fair, and malls, and museums, and it gets used daily–which I never thought would happen. My other two strollers are collecting dust, for now. At least until my baby is out of the carrier, because I just don’t have a need for them now. I never would have guessed this little thing would work so well for us. Who knew? I highly recommend this Snap N’ Go stroller.

Tori Fort Hancock, TX

Don’t bother with fancy expensive strollers, this is all you need! Great for airport travel too!

This is so worth the money! I purchased a very fancy, expensive stroller for my first child that we used a handful of times. This is all we needed. It’s very light weight, so I can easily handle it with one hand in and out of the trunk. It folds up and down with one hand and my foot. It also has two nice size cup holders and a lidded storage area by the handle. The basket under is wonderfully large. It’s very fast and easy to put my infant seat in and out. It’s a life saver at the airport as well. I really believed I was going to love my super fancy expensive stroller before my kids were born, but this has been the best thing ever. I got it when my daughter was born, and I am still using it for my son.

Esperanza La Blanca, TX

Works great with Chicco Keyfit 30

We use this with a Chicco Keyfit 30 and it fits very nicely, it’s snug inside and although it does not “snap” I never felt the seat was not secure. There is a strap you can use to attach it but I never felt the need. We have a big diaper bag that you can’t get out once the seat is in place so you must left off the seat to access it but for us that’s no big deal, we never use the cup holders but the key holder works great for keys and cell phones.

Carey Everson, WA

LOVE IT! Much easier than my Phil and Teds, much better than my Eddie Bauer travel set.

For my first child I had an Eddie Bauer travel combo. Hated it. It was big, bulky and I was just not happy with it at all. Second time around we purchased a Phil and Teds classic stroller with the second seat. That thing is a money pit. After breaking two handlebars which are necessary to hold the infant carseat.. I’ve gotten the Snap n Go which is something I’ve always entertained the thought of buying. Let me just say, I should have bought this for child number one! This thing is awesome! Very simple, yet it has what I need. Two cup-holders. A place to put my keys and phone. A basket on the bottom for the diaper bag. My Eddie Bauer infant car seat rests on this stroller absolutely perfectly. Then we just strap it on for safety. Highly recommend!

Muriel Argusville, ND

Great Buy!!!

This thing is a life saver for me! I don’t have a huge car to store a bunch of "On The Go" extras in the trunk and usually just carry my baby in a Ergo carrier for errands (I live in a big city, so everything is relatively within walking distance) but sometimes I have to be out for a couple of hours (aka Christmas Shopping!:) and can’t keep my baby in his carrier for that long. that’s where this little handy stroller comes into play!It is very lightweight, yet sturdy and is impressively compact compared to a standard stroller. There is a one handed fold and unfold mechanism (I found it stuck a little when it was brand new, so I would have to jiggle it a little but this disappeared after a couple of uses) and a deep basket underneath for storage. The "snap" part of this stroller doesn’t not mean the actual car seat is "snapped" into the frame, it has two straps the come from the bottom and buckle (there’s the "snap") together on top of the car seat to keep it in place. When installed correctly (meaning buckled tightly) it feel very secure and safe. I was also impressed with its smooth ride and oscillating front wheels. :)One thing to Be Aware of: It is a little difficult to access the contents of the basket when car seat is in the frame. But this is only true if everything you need has been stuffed underneath in one big diaper bag. I found a bunch of cute smaller zipper pouches to hold various things – one for diapers and wipes, one for formula and bottles, one for extra clothes, that way I only have to retrieve a smaller pouch instead to trying to wrestle the diaper bag out and THEN rummage through that to find what I need! It just makes life easier for me 🙂

Tessa Clearville, PA

One of My Favorite Baby Purchases

One of the items that was highly recommended to me by other mom’s before my baby was born was the Snap N Go stroller frame. Boy, were they right! I have a Graco Snugride car seat which snaps right on this thing! As a matter of fact the first time I used it, I set the car seat on the frame and was preparing to bend over to look to see how it attached and I heard, “Snap.” It just snapped right onto the frame without me having to do anything! It folds up so easily and doesn’t take up much space in the trunk of the car. It unfolds easily, too. I love the basket in the bottom for holding purse, diaper bag, etc. and the cup holders and the little storage compartment on the handlebard are very nice! I hear this frame works with lots of different car seats. I say buy this easy, peasy item for a lot less than the fancy travel systems that are sold with the brand of car seat you buy, which are more expensive. Heck, you’re only going to use these infant car seats for a while anyway.The name suits this item perfectly…it truly is “Snap and Go!”

Lucy Mountain View, MO

Very easy to use

I love this stroller! I have a Baby Trend car seat, and I truly just snap it on top of this and go. I really like the cup holders and compartment – it’s great for tucking away keys and other items that you need to access right away. It has a very simple fold up mechanism – although it’s not intuitive at first how to do it, once you figure it out it’s easy. I would’ve given it five stars, but I don’t like how the wheels are pretty much useless when you fold up the stroller. I tried taking it on the bus once with the diaper bag still in the bottom – the wheels collapsed up and it just dragged the storage area along the ground. I also have a Kolcraft stroller, but it doesn’t do this – the wheels still work when the stroller is folded up, so I know it’s just a drawback to this particular stroller.

Deann Oshkosh, NE

perfect option

this is such a good price for this base. It was easy to assemble and I love how easily it folds to fit in my car.

Sheryl La Palma, CA

Love it because its so easy but the wheels keep falling off!

We have a Chicco Keyfit infant carseat so instead of buying another stroller for her we decided to go with the Snap and Go. It is really simple to use, is light and seems sturdy enough. One problem from the start, straight out of the box, one of the double wheels kept on falling off. My husband snapped it back together and it seemed fine. Then I was pushing the baby in the mall and the double wheels popped off again. Very frustrating and very difficult to fix with a baby in my arms! I took it back to the store and exchanged it for a new one. THey gave me the universal Snap and Go and this time the store worker offered to put it together for me. It seemed like everything was great and the problem was solved. Well the second time I took it out of my trunk to use it one of the bigger rear wheels popped off. I don’t understand what the deal is. I take care of it, I don’t go off-roading or anything. I just do the normal activities that any regular mom would do. I looked at the wheel that came off and pushed off the black circular cover to take a good look at the silver snap thing. Is seems like the little teeth that ‘snap’ onto the groove of the metal rod thing are a little bent so it isn’t as snug on there as it needs to be. Not sure how that happened since my baby is only about 12lbs right now. I only have her carseat and my little clutch and her diaper bag that go on it as well. Maybe all that is too much weight that it bent the teeth?! Anyway, I would love to love this stroller if the wheels would just stay on!

Erin Carlisle, PA


My son was born at the end of December. We live in Central Illinois and winters are harsh…especially for a newborn.I LOVE the Snap-N-Go because we didn’t have to take him out of his toasty infant seat when we went into places. We could keep him warm, covered, and sleeping and easily pop him on and go. We used this until he grew out of his infant seat—plenty of time to decide on his next stroller.We tried out three different brands of this type of stroller and liked the Baby Trend the best. It seemed to push and handle better.I’d totally recommend this it you don’t want one of the bulky travel systems.

Glenna Squirrel Island, ME

Love everything about it!

I purchased a full travel system With the huge stroller that took up my entire trunk And handled poorly? Later I purchased this because a friend had one and loved it. This thing is amazing! It turns well so I am no longer knocking Over things in stores and it is much smaller Which helps with both trunk space and fitting down tight aisles. It is quick and easy to open and close and I have no problems with it when I take my daughter out alone. I can get to the things in the basket underneath when the carrier is strapped in which is not true with my bulky travel stroller. It has 2 cup holders…one for me and one for a bottle and even a little compartment that snaps shut where I keep my keys and credit card for easier access. If I had it to do over I would have purchased the car seat separate, gotten this and then a good umbrella that reclines and has an under carriage basket for when she could sit up well. I also want to mention I have a Chico car seat and it fit very well. Don’t waste your money or storage space on a travel system stroller. Buy this and you will not be disappointed.

Ramona Danville, NH