Baby Trend Snap N Go Stroller

Baby Trend Snap N Go Stroller

With the Baby Trend Snap N Go stroller frame, there’s no need to disturb your baby during the transition from car to stroller. Just snap your baby’s car seat into this high-riding stroller frame with parent tray and extra large storage basket — and off you go. Designed to accommodate most infant car seats, this lightweight stroller frame has an easy, one-handed fold that makes it simple to stow, even while carrying a car seat in one hand. It has a front suspension, dual locking front-swivel wheels and rear brakes to make stop-and-go strolls a snap. Carries all Baby Trend and most major brands of infant car seats Folds compact for storage and travel Extra large storage basket Baby Trend has distinguished itself among the worldwide leading manufacturers of juvenile products. Throughout the 21-year history of our company, we have been on the forefront of new and innovative solutions that meet the ever increasing demands of new parents. We strive to accomplish this feat by adhering to our goal of providing the safest, most reliable products available at an affordable price. We continually tailor our products as the challenges facing families’ change and grow.

Main features

  • Turns infant car seat into stroller in a snap!
  • Folds compact for storage and travel
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Rear wheels with brakes
  • Parent Tray with two cup holders

Verified reviews


Great stroller for infant seat

I used this stroller with both of my girls before they could sit up in a normal stroller. Things that I love about it:- When running errands, you can just pop your baby’s infant car seat in this. No need to undo straps or wake a sleeping baby.- The storage underneath is so big compared to a normal stroller. It is really easy to access things underneath even when the infant carrier is on top.- The cup holder and tray are very nice and sturdy.- It is lightweight and compact – easy to get in and out of the trunk of my car.The reason I didn’t give it five stars is because it is not a necessity. You can definitely get by without one but if you have access to borrowing one or can find one used, it is a really nice and convenient thing to have.

Megan Litchfield, MN

Works great with Chicco Keyfit Carseat

Baby can face forward or toward you. It holds the car seat tightly. There are straps that you can snap to secure it further, but I have not had problems with security and I don’t tend to use the straps unless I know the terrain will be bumpy.I use this for quick jump in and out of the car trips. The bottom basket is roomy and I have gone grocery shopping just shoving stuff in the basket instead of using a shopping cart.Right now it is my primary stroller – I have a jogging stroller for rough terrain or walking trips.My very heavy diaper (at least a few pounds) bag sits just fine on the handles and doesn’t tip over even without the carseat. I have a Skip Hop bag and use the clasps.Durable – its lasted with heavy use for 6 months now and still going strong.It is lightweight. I am very petite and have no problems throwing this around.It fits fine in trunk of my Prius but it does take up room in the trunk. I can still pull the cover over it though just fine.I wouldn’t call it an one hand fold, but it folds up easily. You have to hold one button in and press another to get it to fold up, but that’s ok as its quick to do once you get the hang of it.I love this stroller and it was well worth the money! Even if it breaks today, I have gotten so much use out of it that I am happy.

Jeanie Trafford, AL

Love it.

Just purchased this item for Chicco Keyfit 30 and it fits perfectly (no click just sitting in the base of the stroller, but deep enough to be secure). The stroller is light, very easy to fold/unfold, and ride is smooth (wheels are plastic but soft, almost feel like rubber). The basket under is good for a diaper bag, blanket and groceries, but the stuff must go from the front of the carrier.I have Skip Hop Duo diaper bag and that also fits great on the stroller, when the bag is light the stroller won’t flip over even without car seat.Love two normal size cap holders and little compartment in between.Price is right and shipment was fast (from Target). Also the look is modern and my husband loves it too, although he is 5’11” and the stroller is a bit short for him. I am 5’6″ and it’s perfect.UPDATE: Now my son is 7 months old, and I’m searching for a good umbrella stroller. Some of them can even recline flat, and are suitable for newborns (like Maclaren Techno XT). For some time I thought that I should have such stroller from the beginning. But when I think about it, newborns sleep a lot, and taking them from the car seat to the stroller, especially when the weather is not great-not a good idea. So this is really good option for moms and dads that don’t have a travel system (which I didn’t want to get because they are usually very heavy).I used Baby Trend stroller for about 4-5 months, when my son started to sitting up and look around, and also it was too hot in the summer for him in regular car seat.

Gail Kingman, AZ

Durable and convenient

Hubby and I strapped this thing on top of our car and drove it cross country during two snow storms (we were moving) and it still works GREAT! I love how convenient it is and it isn’t nearly as bulky and heavy as options I’ve had friends and family use.

Tricia Whiteoak, MO


I have a fat baby, so carrying around her in a carseat is like carrying a baby elephant. I love how easily I can pop this out of the trunk, open it up, and pop that sucker right in. We’ve gone on walks, gone to the doctor’s, and have gone shopping with this, and it’s never failed me.

Sheena Monroe, NE

Beware: Baby Trend sent me less expensive model

Baby Trend sent me a different Snap&Go Stroller – a model that costs about $75 and is missing the little red tabs that help make sure the car seat “Snaps” into place. I called Amazon to get the order number (it was a gift from my registry), and then I called Baby Trend, but they told me I needed to talk to Amazon. At any rate, another reviewer said that you have to pay about $50 shipping to exchange…I hoped they would recognize what they did and make up the difference in baby stuff – bouncers, etc. – in the future, but I never really got through to them. My guess is they do this with a lot of customers that don’t go back and check to see which model they paid for. Take note!

Margot Granton, WI

Could be better

Pros:Light weightEasy to openCompactsturdylarge basketRolls well on cobblestone and uneven surfacesCons:Baby Trend Carseat I have does not fit on it properly-stroller has these red tabs that the car seat sits on and even if the car seat is perfectly centered the red tabs are not long enough to properly support the carseat. You would think their own brand of carseat would fit the stroller. I bought them both this year and they are supposed to fit according to manual.Hard to fold-On the handle there is a button you squeeze to get the stroller to fold. This is very easy to do. Once squeezed the stroller starts to fold easily, then, thewheels get in the way! If the front wheels are not facing the right direction (they swivel 360 and if they are backwards) they hit the rear wheels and thestroller will not close far enough for the tab on the side to catch and the stroller will not stay closed. Yes, you can turn the wheels around before you closethe stroller but who wants to touch the dirty wheels. This is a problem when it is raining and you don’t want to get drenched trying to fold a stroller thatshould fold and stay closed. I live in an area where in rains at least twice a week.Not for Newborns-The angle of the carseat in the stroller is to steep for infants. My son’s head pitches forward or he slouches and falls to the side. Seems very uncomfortable forhim and dangerous. I have tried adjusting the positioning of the carseat in the stroller and the angle stays too steep.I feel that this stroller has too many defects to be worth the price. It’s not expensive to begin with but if it doesn’t properly fit their own brand of carseat, it won’t hold an infant in a correct position and getting it to close properly is frustrating a person would be better off paying more for a different brand that works as advertised.

Kaitlyn Garita, NM

Much preferred over a full travel system stroller!

I LOVE this stroller. It is super simple and easy to fold and unfold. I keep it in the trunk of my car, so it is always handy when I go out. It is small and doesn’t take up much trunk space, and it is very lightweight which makes it very easy to get in and out (even for a c-section mommy like myself). There are plenty of times in which I go grocery shopping with it, too. The basket can hold a fair amount (unless you are getting lots). I also took it with me when I took my daughter on a flight by myself. The airline brought it out to me when I changed planes, which was super helpful so I didn’t have to carry my baby through the airport along with all our carry-ons. It made my trip so much easier. I would recommend this for EVERY parent.There are only a couple of downsides I can think of. One is that it seemed like a pretty bumpy ride for my daughter as a newborn when we were going on long walks. I think it is made more for parking lots and stores! The other is that it doesn’t have an umbrella like many other travel system strollers. It really wasn’t much of a problem though, since there is still an umbrella/shade on the car seat, and I often put a light blanket over that to keep more sun out. Lastly, it is no longer of use once your baby grows out of his/her car seat. We bought a cheap umbrella stroller to transition to when she outgrows her car seat.

Maritza Sunset, SC

love it with our chicco car seat!

Works great with our Chicco car seat and is light and folds up very easily!

Noemi La Crosse, KS