Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame

Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame

The new Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go accepts 2 infant car seats and with a larger frame that acts like a cradle for a better fit for car seats. Allows adult to place 2 infant car seats onto carriage frame without removing your children from the car seat arranged in stadium seating. A 2-cup holder parent tray with covered storage compartment makes this a lightweight and easy to transport choice for parents on the go. This stroller has a convenient one hand fold, and comes with a large drop down storage basket. For stability, this stroller features rear wheels with brakes.

Main features

  • Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • Accepts 2 infant car seats
  • Stadium seating
  • Larger cradle frame for better fit for all car seats
  • 2 cup holder parent tray with covered storage compartment
  • Large drop down storage basket

Verified reviews


Good idea in theory, not so much in practice

On paper this stroller looked perfect, we’d just pop in the car seats and wheel the twins around without having to pick them up and re-buckle them each time. The stroller even has ample storage space underneath for diaper bags and other supplies.But in practice the Snap-N-Go has a few problems which have relegated it to the closet.First the seats don’t really ‘snap’ in, they lay on the frame and then you strap them in with a cloth strap that goes over the car seat. It works OK but the straps sometimes get caught in the frame and you have to take the seat out to untangle them.Secondly the storage space is almost inaccessible, the various bars and straps of the frame make it very difficult to get bags in and out of it.Finally we found the frame a bit shoddy. After just a few uses it shifted slightly out of line so when we unfold it I have to push some of the legs into place.Maybe with better construction or design this would be a good twin stroller but as it is we’ve switched to a MacLaren twin stroller and like it a lot better, even though we have to reseat the girls each time we use it.

Ernestine Sacred Heart, MN

Very handy

Love this snap’n go. It’s so easy to use – folds and unfolds very simply and it’s light. Fits two Graco carseats perfectly. Love it!

Joanne Jetersville, VA

Works great with Chicco Infant Seats.

I have twins and I was so bummed when the original snap and go would not work with my infant seats. I was so glad they decided to make one to fit more seats. This is a life saver for a mom of multiples. My boys are 10 months and still in their infant seats so we are still getting use out this stroller.

Flossie Union Hall, VA

Works great with Chicco Keyfit 30

We’ve used this ever since our twins were newborns and never had a problem. I prefer this model (Universal) over the old one, because I’m able to see both of my babies at the same time. It is a little tricky to steer sometimes, and I can’t manage one-handed as another reviewer had commented, but the ease of storing and light weight makes it 100% worth the money. We always get questions and comments about it, and I recommend to every new or expecting parent of twins I come across.

Ronda Shubert, NE

This is my second one, almost perfect though the wheels could be better!

Caveat: I am tough cookie when judging strollers, and finally took until the twins were 7+ months old to get their “fancy” running stroller (chose the Baby Jogger Summit X3 over the BOB Duallie)…So, as for this Baby Trend, we bought the first one on Craigslist(where the seats are both on the same level) and then we got this one where it is like stadium seating. I would give it five stars but there are a number of improvements that I think would merit a five star:- Not sure why, but I think the higher seat should be farther from the handle, so you can see both children easier? Anyone have an idea why they did it this way?- The wheels could be improved, or they should sell a version with more suped-up wheels for a higher price and I would definitely pay for the premium- The wheels could turn a little better, or rather, straighten up faster when you need them to!Overall, with twins, this is a FANTASTIC option, especially when you travel and want something light! (Gate checking, etc. at the airport)

Madeline Atlantic City, NJ

Perfect for twins

If you have twins, don’t leave home without it! I use it with Graco Snugride 35 seats and works beautifully.

Heather Woodmere, NY

Easy to use and great price!

This is really easy to use and much lighter weight than my other double stroller and it fits my two Chico carseats!

Blanca Southfields, NY

Recommended by many twin moms

So easy to use – break down n set up. And it fits the immediate needs. Great purchase for the value.

Gretchen Canvas, WV

Storage problems below

IT’s ok, except for the fact that anything you put in the bottom of the stroller you have to put in before you place the car seats on the top and then if you want to take anything out from under there you have to remove the car seats first. I hate that part. Otherwise it’s good, light weight and easy to push around. It’s kind of long though, kind of like driving a semi.

Rosanna De Soto, KS

highly recommended

Every new twin parent should have this. Seriously. Its so light weight and convenient… just made any outing the first few months so easy. At a children’s clinic we went to another twin mom was just carrying them in their car seat with a relative and saw ours and needed to ask what it was called and where to get it. Lol easy to handle in my opinion. Tall enough to not make pushing it awkward (im 5’9).

Stacy Dededo, GU

An absolute necessity if you have twins!!!

This is a must have for twins. This is the only stroller that fits in the back of my vehicle and it is so easy to use to run to the doctor or just out and about. You just set their car seat on top and clip them in. It is an absolute necessity! Love it!

Kerri Gulfport, MS