Baby Vac Nasal Aspirator

Baby Vac Nasal Aspirator

The Baby-VacTM Nasal Aspirator is by far the best alternative for this purpose. Designed by an award-winning scientist, the Baby-VacTM Nasal Aspirator effectively and safely removes mucus from the nasal cavity in an efficient and gentle manner. The Baby-VacTM has been clinically tested and approved. It is recommended by pediatricians and ENT specialists from around the world. Research conducted by the Medical University of Vienna, proves by using Baby-VacTM, the removal of secretion from the nasal cavities will accelerate recovery in case of sickness, improve breathing and help in the prevention of further disease. Registered with FDA

Main features

  • Pediatric Nasal Aspirator

Verified reviews


Didn’t fit my vaccuum!

These didn’t fit my standard size Dirt Devil like I thought it would. I returned it, very disappointed! It sounded like a great product!

Maggie Brielle, NJ

dont waste your time with anything else!

I used the nose comfy before this and one of the battery powered ones. The battery powered one was a complete waste of time. The nose comfy is ok if u have good enough lung power to suck yourself. But this baby vac by far sucks out every bit if congestion with ease. It does make a high pitched squeal when you turn your vacuum on, and it almost makes you think the suction is going to be really powerful, but the way its made, it regulates the suction so its nice and gentle on baby’s nose (I tried it on myself and my husband to be sure). You will be amazed at how much congestion this thing will suck out. This plus saline nose spray is all u need to keep your babies nose open!

Araceli Benton, TN

Yep I was skeptical. But not anymore. Buy this thing NOW.

Bought this at my wife’s urging for our little one who had a runny nose. I wasnt convinced I would actually use it when it actually came in, but after two days of suffering trying to use the suction aspirator the hospital gave us, I was at my wits end when this package showed up.I immediately washed it and hooked it up to the Dyson. After testing the suction with my fingertip, and seeing it wasnt that powerful, I attempted it on my little one. As soon as I brought it to the first nostril, it started sucking out all of the gross stuff that was making him miserable. He cried throughout the whole cleaning, but he cries no matter what you put up to his nose.After cleaning both sides of his nose, he was finally able to breathe and sleep normally. Used it for the few days that he was sick and I am convinced he got over his cold faster because of this tool. It really gets all the snot/phlegm out from deep in the sinus cavities.Stop thinking, buy it now! It is safe1

Josefa Esperance, NY

Great nasal aspirator!

We bought this a few months after my son was born, from Canada. We had used the Nose Frida before the Baby Vac, and with sucking out his secretions by mouth, I ended up catching every cold he had, with the world’s worst sore throat every time. After that, I decided to look for a suction that could be attached to a vacuum. We actually bought a quiet canister vacuum to use with this suction, and this whole set up works so well! Our son, who is in daycare full-time and does get sick twice a month for about 10 days each, has only had 1 ear infection in 15 months. He sleeps well through each cold (after the aspiration), effectively fighting it off and strengthening his immune system. With a little saline, and the vacuum set on the lowest setting (I found it actually works better at easing out tough secretions), we clean his nose out every day when he is congested – multiple times a day when he’s really congested. It’s amazing how much it sucks out sometimes. I recommend it to everyone!

Rosario Bloomsbury, NJ

Good but doesn’t fit all vacs

Although it’s a hassle to take your vacuum out every time, it’s worth it. It relieves baby from a stuffy or runny nose instantly and with ease. The issue I had though was that it did not fit into my standard household vac. Luckily, I also have a small shop vac that fit it perfectly. The baby vac can be taken apart for easy cleaning and also comes with a small brush.

Madeline Force, PA

One of the best inventions ever.

So nice when you can get everything out of an infants nose when they are not even old enough to blow. Just be sure to hold it up to their nose in short 2-3 second intervals, don’t hold it up to their nose for an extended period of time- or they won’t be able to breathe and you will freak them out. Totally recommend though.

Lila Pemaquid, ME

it does work!

My son pretty easy got cold and it is miserable for both of us. He had hard time to breath and eat since he is under 1 year when he got cold. I had tried bulb suction, but it is useless. I had purchased 2 suction tube(you use your mouth to suck) from Amazon, they don’t work at all. I am surprise how these products got good reviews(that is the reason I was persuaded to buy).One parent recommands this one as they are very frustrated with the same problem that I have. Give it a try. It does work!This produce is truely a smartest invention. It worth every penny that I paid. Hightly recommand.The only thing is the home vaccum that attached to the unit is so loud that the noise scares him. I am looking for a portable and quiet operation vaccum.

Coleen East Berne, NY

BEST nasal aspirator invented yet!

I discovered this nasal aspirator from my doctor who uses it in his office for small babies. After watching how effective it was, I bought one! I am so glad I bought this, it has helped lessen the amount of possible nasal and bronchial infections my children could’ve gotten if I had not invested in this thing. They catch colds from school and each other and both of them are not very good at blowing their noses even though they try. All I do is spray a little saline into their noses and then vac. Don’t be deterred by seeing their snots in the tube, it’s a little gross at first but it’s actually very helpful to see the color of their snots. It helps you determine if they are getting a sinus infection. It works so very well and easy to clean!

Francesca Wilkinson, IN

Baby-Vac vs. NoseFrida…Baby-Vac Wins Hands Down!

We purchsed the NoseFrida first and we used it for the first 4 months. Well, I should say I used it (it’s a Mama thing). Had I known about Baby-Vac, I would have purchased it first. Here are the reasons we like it WAY more:1) The baby does not scream her head off while it’s being used. If she does pout, it’s for a much shorter time.2) You don’t need another set of arms to hold the baby. A bouncer, high-chair, or Bumbo is just fine. It is more difficult to use the Frida when I am by myself.3) There is no need to purchase additional filters. Baby-Vac will be cheaper than the NoseFrida in the long run.4) Can be used by a caregiver while Mama (aka snot sucker) is away.5) It really does seem to be more effective than the Frida and most certainly more effective than the bulb, but not dangerous in any way.Cons:Cleaning in not the simplest, but washing it immediately after use and/or soaking the separated pieces for a few minutes in warm soapy water works really well. The piece that attaches to the vacuum cleaner rarely needs cleaning, but if you do get water in the hose…running the vacuum through it (without part of the cylinder and evacuator attached) for a few minutes will dry the hose. Once you do this 1 time, it is really easy to do. I would certainly not take off a star for this. (Since this review is a comparison to the Frida…yes, the Frida has less parts, but I never feel like the hose on the Frida can get clean or dry properly.Things to know:The price on Amazon fluctuates quite a bit.It comes with two nose adapters. (I am picturing my two kids lined up to get their nose cleaned without having to stop and wash the adapter in between.). As far as I can tell the box does not state where it’s manufactured or whether it’s BPA free. Honestly though with this type of product, it’s not a big worry for me either way.My box came without any over wrap or tamper evident seal, I thought that was a bit odd. The contents seemed to all be there and unused.This is absolutely going on my buy/recommend for new Moms list!

Josefa Baskett, KY

Don’t hesitate!

This is one of my top 5 baby gear items!!The vacuum cleans out the mucus so effectively and quickly, and my son asks to use it and puts it up to his nose. The Baby Vac is a wonderful way to prevent more serious sickness when runny noses appear.Don’t hesitate, buy this for your child!

Antionette Edgewater, FL

Only thing we use with colds

This device is amazing! Hook up one end to your vacuum and the other to your child’s nostril. Watch the boogers leave in an instant!Like most parents, I was concerned with the intensity of suction from the vacuum. My husband and I purchased it, brought it over to our pediatrician and he told us that it was fine to use. He did tell us to use it ONLY for a runny nose. He told us not to use it if the nose is dry (blood in boogers from dry air). Easy enough instructions.I like that this device helps with extracting the liquid that my son cannot do on his own. He can’t blow his nose yet so this allows us to do it for him. He even points to the vacuum to ask us to suck his boogs out.We bought one for my brother-in-law who has a 6-month-old. He’s on his third child and he said he wishes he would have known about this earlier. It really makes your child’s cold more tolerable.

Cora Port Tobacco, MD

might not fit your vacuum, but once it does it’s great!

We have a Shark vacuum and its hose is too big for the Baby Vac, so we had to wrap the Baby Vac’s connector end with 50+ layers of blue tape… Anyways, we had been using the Nose Frida, but when our baby caught his first cold, we found out the Nose Frida (or us humans) wasn’t strong enough to suck out all the thick mucus. I would suck and suck until I’m about to faint but could still hear the mucus in the back of his nose… But Baby Vac is such a breeze to use. It sucks out all the crap from way back/deep in his nose, and he is happy and smiling afterwards! He would keep crying after we use Nose Frida on him. And daddy also likes to use it on himself when he has bad allergies…

Dollie Crichton, WV


My husband and I were happy with the NoseFreida until we decided to give the Baby Vac a try. In fact, it just arrived today. And, my son just happens to have a cold. I threw the NoseFreida away an hour ago.I was shocked at the amount of mucous that it sucked out, and my vacuum isn’t even that strong. His snot came out so fast that my son, who usually hates this ritual, didn’t even have time to cry. For any of you parents out there that haven’t bought this yet, stop wasting your time and get this Baby Vac now!

Elena Saint Petersburg, PA

Best Aspirator

We love this. Even our baby doesn’t mind it. Yes, it’s loud to use because the vacuum is intrinsically loud, but it’s pretty darn effective in getting those snots out. The suction is strong enough and consistent enough to get the job done, but not so strong as to cause worry about using it on Baby. Only thing is that it’s only something we can use at home because we don’t generally have a vacuum with us outside of the house. (Duh.) For outside of the house, we use theNosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator.A few things my husband wanted me to add to this review:1. It can sometimes be difficult to clean. The included pipe-cleaner doesn’t always help. Best bet is to clean it IMMEDIATELY after use by running hot water through all the pieces. Don’t wait even a few minutes. Hang tube to dry, and leave smaller pieces on the counter on or a dishrack.2. The boogers often don’t go into the reservoir like it’s supposed to. Instead, it goes down through the tube, sometimes even into the vaccum. We’re not sure if this is bad for the vacuum.3. It needs some sort of clamp to keep it in place on the vacuum. You often need to use one hand to keep it from disconnecting from the vacuum during use.

Laverne Woodworth, WI


This product is amazing. Very simple and easy to use. You hook one end to your vacuum clear hose (any size) and literally "vacuum" your baby’s nose with the other end. It saved me lots of trips to the doctor because it prevents ear infections in babies. I highly recommend this product.

Andrea Lancaster, MA

Baby Vac Review

Children are usually not able to blow their nose until they are between the ages of 4-6 and we have been through our share of snot-suckers (and nose wipes, vapor machines and aromatherapy….). The Baby Vac is easy to use, doesn’t freak out my daughter, simple to clean and…it works! I’m not sure what else you want from your snot-sucker, but the Baby Vac is the best we have tried!

Angela South Kortright, NY

No more troubles!

Love, Love, Love this thing! We spent over $1500 for a hospital visit one night and all they did was take some blood and suck out our babies nose. GRRRR. After watching them do that, I decided to look for something like they used and so I found this "Baby Vac". I would have to say, I was a little skeptical at first but just one time of using it on our little girl, and we were hooked. Works great. All you need to do it soften the nasal with some simple saline nasal spray, rub the nostril and then plug this thing into a vacuum and you are good to go. Your baby will thank you for it. Plus, it even comes with a spare in case the first one breaks. Don’t do what we did, save yourself a bunch of money and the grief of sitting in the E.R. all night. Do it yourself and within minutes of using this thing, your baby will be sound asleep; And that’s a good thing.

Ladonna Linwood, KS

A must for all moms!

I have a 4 month old and a 2 year old. They both got a cold at the same time.***Sounds crazy using a vacuum cleaner attachment to clean out your baby’s nose – and it will freak out your mother-in-law at first glance, but it is fantastic and it does not suck out brains as you might think. Somehow the power of the vacuum is diffused into the right amount of suction. Believe me, I tried it on myself first. Amazing! What a great invention. Wish I’d invented it! My 2 year old isn’t exactly a fan of having anything up his nose, but I bribed him into putting this in his own nose. We make a game out of it now. When he is sick, I leave the vacuum plugged into an outlet in the corner of the kitchen and it is much nicer visiting the vacuum “station” once an hour, than going through a box of tissues each day. No more chapped nose! My 4 month old isn’t a fan either, but the key to little babies is to make sure their mouth is open. Operation is easy. My vacuum has an attachment that fits one end of the vacuum tube, and gets narrow for edge cleaning on the other. I invert that attachment so the edger part goes inside the vacuum tube. The aspirator tube then fits on the exposed end. Onto that aspirator tube, you attach one of the 2 different nose hole attachments. I’ve only used the smallest so far and it works on both me and my kids. I find it works best if you move it around a little when vacuuming the nose out.***This is much better than a bulb because:(1) You can see what you are getting(2) I can get out more goobers than a bulb since you have unlimited suction(3) Easy to clean – enables me to see that it is clean with no germs left lurking around(4) For wiggly kids – if you miss the first nose attempt, the air is still being drawn so keep trying until you land on the nose hole.(5) You can’t stab your kid way up inside their nose. This fits right inside the nose hole and can’t accidentally go up too far.***Final answer:(1) For travel, since I don’t walk around with a vacuum cleaner in my pocket <grin>, I recommend: Baby Nasal Aspirator Vacuum Suction Pigeon:;=1334092810&sr;=8-1(2) For home use, this is the best by far. It is well worth it. So glad I gave it a try!(3) Looking for a creative baby shower gift that nobody else will think of AND you want her to remember what you gave her…here ya go!

Jean Mahopac Falls, NY

Better than the one you have to suck

I have both kinds of nasal aspirators. The manual one is basically a tube through which you use your lungs to suck as much as possible. I found that the vac nasal aspirator is much better in suction (obviously?) and because it is stronger, the less time you can spend trying to jam the device up your chilld’s crying nostrils. It will do it quickly and easily which is required. The manual one, especially if you are alone, can be challenging because your baby will hate it so much you’ll need two hands to properly hold him while trying to suction their mucous out.I would very much recommend this product.TIP: I have a Dyson vacuum that I used this product with. It doesn’t exactly have a good seal when attached but that can be simply fixed by adding rubber bands around the vacuum connecting part to make the correct seal. Also be aware that there is a certain criteria of vacuum strength. It can be too strong. The Dyson I have is within requirements but I still tested it on myself to be certain.

Latisha Lawrence, PA

Wow, do I love this

This thing is amazeballs. I tried it out on myself first, to make sure it wasn’t going to suck my kids’ brains out, and it was actually very gentle. I hook it up to my Dyson vacuum, and 5 seconds later, no more boogies in my baby’s nose. I used a Nosefrida with my older son, and while I still use it when I don’t want to take out the vacuum, it takes soooo much longer and doesn’t do half the job the Baby Vac does.The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I find it really difficult to get completely clean and dry.

Hilary Harford, NY

Snot sucking so easy!!

I’ll preface this review by saying I have two graco aspirator and nose Frieda. The baby vac is most impressive of all. I’m happy to have found it now but honestly bummed I didn’t get it sooner. If your serious about getting the snot and phlem out of anyone’s nose this is your device. I don’t recommend the graco, the Frieda works but gets you sick in the process (yes bacteria passes through the snot filter)

Elinor Climax, PA

The one and only!

The best and easiest to use nasal aspirator for babies. I cannot part with it even during summer vacations because there is no such product on the market that is so effective in cleaning baby’s nose. During severe cold season it saved my life and gave my son good night sleep with minimum "torture" which was holding him still for a moment to suck his nose. With little effort much goes. It works as a charm and does not harm a baby. My son even likes it. Finally I did not have to hold him still for an hour to clean his nose during cold, few seconds and job was done. Thank you!!

Julie Coram, NY

Love, love, love this!

Thankfully my son has only had one cold so far, but even for the here and there booger that is irritating him we use this attached to our vacuum and it works great. We started this early so the noise of the vacuum doesn’t scare him and when he see’s us setting up he knows exactly what is going to happen and cooperates. The only ‘downside’ I can see to this is that it isn’t portable unless you have a vacuum for use wherever you are going (ie grandma’s house or something like that) so doesn’t help you when you are on the go, but it works so well that I’m happy to have it and would definitely purchase again. Haven’t seen the need for something on the go up to this point (son is 9 months), but if I did I guess I would rather purchase something separately for that than to go without this product because it is that good. My niece had a portable one and it was much more messy to clean that this and didn’t work as well so that’s what led me in this direction in the first place. Happy to find this good quality product that is very effective.

Ursula Sabine Pass, TX


I was afraid to use it when my baby was smaller, but now that he is 8 mos I tried it and it is awesome! I just wish it was portable and did not rely on a vaccuum.

Megan Edgewater, WI