BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle – Black/Silver, Cotton Mix

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle – Black/Silver, Cotton Mix

Ergonomic design ensures correct support for baby’s head, back and hips from birth. Quick Facts About The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Miracle 0–15 months or 8–26 lbs 2-way front carrying Padded waist belt and back support Comes in three different fabrics and several colors Pediatrician recommended Machine-washable Safe and tested material BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Miracle – Flexible And Ergonomic Carrying With the front-positioned BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Miracle, you carry your child comfortably through his or her first 15 months. The combination of a padded waist belt, back support and fully adjustable design provides optimal carrying comfort as your child grows and gains weight. Designed specially with infants in mind, the baby carrier supports baby’s head, back and hips from birth. Suitable from newborn up to approximately 15 months. Easy To Use The baby carrier is easy to put on and take off with all adjustments conveniently made in front. The strong, well-designed latches on the front click securely and are easy to release with one hand. The front opens completely so that you can lift your sleeping baby out without waking him or her. Provides the important closeness and contact between you and your baby. Provides Closeness And Contact The Baby Carrier Miracle helps you stay in close contact with your infant and reinforce the parent-child bond from the very beginning. You carry your child high up on your chest and close to your heart. Your newborn baby is soothed and reassured by the warmth of your body and the sound of your heart and voice. And as a parent, you learn to recognize and understand your baby’s needs. Padded waist belt and fully adjustable design provides optimal comfort right through from newborn to 15 months. Perfect Fit From Newborn Specially designed to fit your baby right from birth, the Baby Carrier Miracle has a firm, adjustable head support for secure and proper support of the head and neck. The legs and hips are positioned in an ergonomically correct position that is recommended by pediatricians. Your child is carried in an upright position, which keeps airways free and allows you to check on your baby’s breathing. Outward-facing option. Choose between carrying your older baby facing inwards or outwards. Waist Belt For Great Back And Shoulder Relief The generously padded waist belt transfers the weight of your baby to your hips to relieve your back and shoulders. The adjustable back support provides stability in the lumbar region and maximizes comfort. All adjustments can safely be made from the front of the baby carrier. Easy adjustments, made from the front, transfer baby’s weight between your waist, hips and shoulders as needed. Adjustable To Growing Baby The baby carrier adjusts to your growing baby with the size adjustment buckle. The adjustable head support can be folded down so that the older child can be carried facing outwards. BabyBjörn Collaborates With Pediatricians At BabyBjörn, we always put children’s safety and health first. We work with leading international pediatricians, child psychologists and midwives, and their medical expertise is crucial to the development of our products. The approval these medical experts give to our products is a quality guarantee that no international awards or accolades can beat.Our policy of never launching a product without their approval means that you, as a parent, can feel confident that the choice you make for you and your child is the best one – regardless of which BabyBjörn Product you choose. Safe And Tested Materials All fabrics and materials used in Baby Carrier Miracle are kind to your baby’s delicate skin and completely harmless to taste or chew. The fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 approved, an international safety standard for textiles, and contain no health-hazardous substances.The Baby Carrier Miracle meets both European and American safety standards, EN 13209-2:2005 and ASTM F2236.

Main features

  • Cotton Mix
  • Imported
  • Waist belt and back support provide excellent support
  • Adjust the carrying height as your child grows
  • Perfect for newborns

Verified reviews


Better than the original BabyBjorn, but doesn’t compare to the Ergo Baby

My daughter is currently 11 months old and weighs a little under 22 pounds, so she is inching toward the weight limit for this carrier. However, I chose this product through Vine because my daughter loves to be carried and many of my friends have raved about their BabyBjorns. Since my daughter was born, we have been using the Moby Wrap and an Ergo Baby Performance Carrier. Here is my comparison of these three options:1) BabyBjorn Miracle Baby CarrierThis carrier is lightweight and doesn’t feel stuffy or heavy while wearing it. It is also designed well. It has far better back support than the older BabyBjorn models. It also has an advantage over the Ergo Carrier in that you can carry your baby facing outward. However, it is the most expensive of the three by far, and it can only be used up to 27 pounds. The comfort and material are also no better than the Ergo, in my opinion.2) Moby WrapThe Moby Wrap has fantastic back support because the material covers your whole back, and it is also rated to hold babies up to 35 pounds. It is also versatile, with options to carry your baby in a number of different positions facing both into you and outward. The Moby Wrap is also the cheapest of these three (although arguably still overpriced given that it is mostly a long strip of fabric). The problems with the Moby Wrap are that it is very warm for both adult and baby, so it doesn’t work very well in hot weather, and it really needs to be put on at home unless you’re comfortable with the fabric dragging on the ground outside – which can be inconvenient if you don’t want to wear the fabric in the car, etc.3) Ergo Baby Performance Carrier (the best choice, in my opinion)The Ergo carrier is not cheap, but it is lightweight and can be used for front, back, or side carry (facing inward only). It is significantly less expensive than the BabyBjorn but it carries up to 40 pounds (and has even been tested with much higher weights), so even large toddlers can be carried in it. It takes a little bit of time to figure out the best configuration for you of strap lengths, but once established is pretty easy and fast to put on and take off. When our daughter was smaller, we used the newborn insert but did find that it was more challenging still to get her into a comfortable position until she got bigger. Overall, this is a carrier that I expect to continue to use for some time with our daughter and I still believe it is one of the best out there.

Melisa Wolf Lake, MN

very comfortable for both baby and me

I love carrying my baby. I have all different kinds of carriers–a Lovey Dud (moby-like wrap), a Maya Wrap (d-ring sling), an ErgoBaby Sport, and a Chic Papoose (pocket sling). I like them all, but had always heard good things about the BABYBJÖRN and wanted to try one to see if it was worth the hype. In my opinion, it is totally worth it. I am very happy with this carrier. My baby is comfortable and happy in it and it doesn’t hurt my back or shoulders.Pros:
• Easy to get baby in/out
• weight is well balanced
• lightweight and not a lot of added heat (baby is hot, so having him close is going to be hot no matter what)
• simple to adjustCon:
• doesn’t fold up easy–seems trivial, but it is difficult to fit into a diaper bag and carry with me
• can’t take baby out easily without waking (Maya Wrap is awesome and my baby sleeps right through being put down after falling asleep)
• doesn’t convert to carry on your back (the ErgoBaby does and will last you longer with your child)
• when putting on, I get my arms caught up in the different straps–another little nit, but it isn’t a quick on sometimes when I need it to beMy son is 3-months-old and fits in it easily. He was 8 lbs, 4 oz and 21 in at birth, which are the exact requirements for this, so he could have been in it from birth. I’m not sure how comfortable he would have been as a newborn, though. I do really like the ErgoBaby because baby can be bundled up inside it without his legs sticking out which is how newborns usually prefer to be. The slings are also great for a newborn.Overall, I am very happy with the BABYBJÖRN. It is my go-to carrier right now. I use it to carry my son around the house when doing chores or to go to the store. I also used it recently when we went to a college football game. It was hot and uncomfortable that day, but when baby was in the carrier he was happy (very unhappy and hot, so he didn’t last long at the game).The price is a little steep for a carrier, but most are expensive. If I had to chose to only have this one or the ErgoBaby, I would probably choose the ErgoBaby because it will last until the child is bigger and is more versatile (carried on your front or back)–with the added cost of the newborn insert, it is comparable in cost to this one (we never used the newborn insert as my son was 13 lbs with good head control at 7 weeks when we really started using it). If you only plan to carry on the front, then I would go with this one. It is completely worth it.

Elisabeth Campton, KY

Baby boy loves it!

My 11 month old fits perfectly in this. I’m free to use my hands while shopping and not have to worry about lugging around a stroller. It took a bit for me to get this adjusted but once I did it fit perfectly and my son can be placed in it easily and he loves to snuggle with his mother.I can’t compare it to other products as I never thought about using one of these (why did I wait so long?) but here is what I like about it.
• The BABYBJÖRN Miracle Baby Carrier balances his weight comfortable on my shoulders and hips instead of directly on my back.
• It’s light weight, made out of material and it folds up, I actually can place it in a bag and it’s not some sort of bulky carrier to lug around if I decided not to use it that day.
• It’s all straps! Okay that sounds like a bad thing but it’s not. The straps allows you to adjust it to your body as you need it and to the baby. My longer bodied husband can adjust this to suite his needs as easily as I can adjust it to suite mine.
• It let’s baby grow! It has a body length chart inside so you don’t have to guess at how long 30 inches is. Just move the bottom part to suite your child based on an measurement guide inside the carrier
• Front and back for newborn to older baby. If I had this when my son was just born it would have been a godsend (hint, hint to those looking for baby gifts) but I didn’t but I could tell it would have been nice.So regarding the price. You know everyone has their idea of what expensive is , for me I think of quality first and then worry about price and I really feel this product is a great quality piece. I have in the past thought about buying something like this but couldn’t decide between this and “wraps” but now that I have it I don’t think a “wrap” would be as comfortable or as stable and I’m glad I didn’t buy one.

Therese Shelby, OH

Excellent carrier

Our 7 week-old is not our first rodeo and so we have been through all kinds of carriers -from slings, to soft packs, backpack carriers and more. This carrier has been the most comfortable and ergonomic for working around the house and keeping the baby close (she has been the most demanding of constant contact of any of our kids). Because of the high-carry setup and the versatility of the system, it is very easy to go from sitting to standing and back again without having to remove the carrier or spend five minutes readjusting it each time. We had always heard good things about the Babybjörn and we were pleased to learn that it is worth the price.

Doris Williamstown, MO

Loved it!!

I love that this is very light product!! Still need to test but one of the best I have seen yet, I also like the color, the back support and very easy to fit in…I would recommend this to anyone looking for light and easy fit option..

Charmaine La Grande, WA

Fantastic Carrier Until 9 months Old (Own Ergo Also)

I own Babybjorn Carrier Miracle and Ergo. I needed to invest in good carriers, because my baby did not like to be in her stroller. Babybjorn Carrier Miracle is a fantastic carrier. It is so much easier to put a baby without worrying about positioning of his/her legs (compare to Ergo). And my baby had so much more fun taking a walk facing front. I am not very athletic or strong, but I was able to hold my baby with this carrier for about an hour walking very comfortably. But after my baby passed 9 months old (18 lbs), I couldn’t keep holding her with this Babybjorn over 30 minutes. My shoulders hurt! I had to switch to Ergo. It has gotten easier to put my baby to Ergo now, because her legs come out of it. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend this carrier. Use it with Babybjorn Bib. You won’t regret buying bibs with the carrier. I also used “Rain or Shine Kids Suncover For Baby” to protect my baby from the sun. This was also a great buy. This suncover does not work with Ergo, however. Just for a reference, my baby has slept well in both Babybjorn (facing back) and Ergo.

Gale Reva, SD

Comfortable, easy to use

This is the first baby carrier I have used. I was hoping for comfort and ease of use and I found both. The carrier prevents all of the baby’s weight from pulling on your back-it’s more balanced between back, shoulders and hips so you can carry for longer without pain. The straps are easy to figure out and very adjustable. I am 5’7″ and my husband is over 6′ and we can both use this comfortably. It’s easy to clean (a must) and easy to fold up and stick in your bag when not in use. Points for stability and sturdiness.

Lori Louisburg, KS

Good Bjorn Carrier

I had been usingthe Baby Bjorn Original Carrier when I received this through the Amazon Vine Program. This is a much more comfortable carrier. The Original carrier was hard on my shoulders, and my son is only 10 lbs. Adjusting it did not bring much help.The Miracle Carrier, however, gives more adjustment at the back, and allows me to carrier him lower, on my belly. He can even nurse if I wanted him to. I carried him for an hour the yesterday, with no discomfort. And he loves this carrier; he’s completely snug against me, and enjoys himself whether facing out or facing me. I’d recommend it.

Rosemary Jackson Springs, NC

Not for petite women but okay for large men

This is a great carrier – very comfortable and extremely easy to put on and take off. The only problem is I am 5’4″ and 112 lbs, and I could not get it adjusted small enough to fit. If I had been able to, I would have kept it. My husband is 6’2″ and 210 lbs, and he was able to adjust it to fit him just fine. (Also a side note – we have an original Bjorn and this one is in fact much more comfortable if you are trying to compare the two).

Amalia Wilson, NC

Great! Ease of use and good for plus size.

One of my concerns for a baby carrier was safety but also fit and comfort for me and my baby. Being a plus size woman makes a good fit hard to come by. Harder when you are nursing and in between your normal size and the baby weight. I had tried other carriers and well…they left a lot to be desired. Either not fitting or pinching or not comfortable for the baby.The Babybjorn is…as near to perfect as I could ask for. Upon opening the box it looked confusing. Up, down, clips. I first put it around me and attached everything to see how it fit without a baby. Surprisingly I didn’t have to adjust anything for it to fit. It was snug but there was plenty of strap left to make it larger. With a baby it was comfortable for both her and me. Easy to put on and take off. It was comfortable to wear for long periods.Overall wonderful.

Corinne Bennett, CO

Sleek, comfy, and trustworthy. Beautiful design.

This baby carrier is indeed a miracle. It manages to feel safe and sturdy, while being comfortable and easily customized for size of baby and the person doing the carrying.I’m pretty fussy about fabrics, but the fabric used on this is both sturdy and soft, and it has padding as well as boning in all the right places. It feels structured yet is so well-designed you can forget you’re wearing it.If you’re wanting a comfortable, adjustable baby carrier, but don’t like the formlessness of the slings, then this is an awesome solution. Good for newborns 8 lbs or heavier as well as babies up to 26 lbs.

Alexis Short Creek, OH

good baby gear

This is a great piece of baby gear to have around. ONly recommendation I have to improve the product is there should be someway to tie the straps down so they are flapping in the wind. Tucking them in may irritate the baby or the person wearing the Bjorn. If you a capable of sewing a little velcro type fix will do. After that little modification the product is even better, believe me it also looks better too when you dont hae straps flapping everywhere.

Lea Mc Caulley, TX

Nice design for adult but bad for your baby…(compare to Ergo)

BabyBjorn Miracle:Pro-Excellent weight relieve for your shoulder.Con-The flat piece that you hook on to the back supporting piece, the hip area has a big solid plastic connects to the waist belt…and Baby’s weight is all on it…-The baby’s weight is all on her own pubis (bone)…and my baby girl just keeps crying when I put her in…Ergo Performance:Pro1. light weight2. baby’s back stay cool( My baby girl is really hot and very easy to sweat and I have to use baby insert as well…and amazingly her back stay cool… )3. baby’s weight is on her butt, not on her pubis.ConI can feel the baby’s weight on my shoulder and my back after having her on me for couple of hours….but at least she seems comfortable and safe in it though~

Gayla Perry Hall, MD

Easy and Comfortable for parent & baby

We love the Bjorn Miracle. I use it daily! My son didn’t like it until he was about 3 months old, but now we use it all the time: grocery shopping, errand running, festivals, vacuuming the house, other household chores. It is very lightweight and comfortable. Baby can be worn facing you or facing outward, and there aren’t any adjustments that need to happen to the carrier once it is sized to you and baby. My husband is much larger than I am, and I was afraid it would be difficult to adjust from one to the other, but it is really easy to adjust if you need to.I live in a warm climate, so I’m glad we got the mesh. It is very breathable and doesn’t make my son sweat like his carseat does. It is also very easy to clean (machine washable and air dry).

Consuelo Danville, OH

it was ok

I ordered this bc of the ‘airyness’ of the product. I thought it looked sporty and would be great for walks bc it gets so hot in the summer. I was disappointed bc 1) the material is very stiff and was cutting into my baby’s leg, 2) the fit was so much different from the babybjorn miracle organic. The organic gave so much more support. I usually walk about 40mins with the baby in the miracle organic but after 10 minutes with the airy I had to go home bc my back was hurting… I don’t recommend this. I gave it a 2 star only bc the look is cool.

Esmeralda Hermitage, MO

impossible to carry

These get such good reviews but I found baby at 6 months and 13 pounds too heavy with this one. Ergo and mammasmilk were better

Margaret Mc Bee, SC

Comfortable and 3 week old loves it

I had my baby 3 weeks ago and although she’s a charmer there is nothing better she loves than sleeping in mine or her dad’s arms. We have almost everything under the sun. We bought theFisher-Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing,Fisher-Price Zen Collection Infant Seat, the expensive4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat, Pinkbut there is nothing that quite calms her down like this. It was pretty easy to set up and I’m not exactly sure if its the closeness to our bodies that calms her but she’s very comfortable in it. It’s also comfortable on your back and you don’t feel as though your back is straining since her weight is evenly adjusted. That could also be that she’s under 8lbs so I’ll have to update this when she’s older and a lot heavier. The carrier straps is long enough for my 6′ 5″ husband to use as well without feeling uncomfortable and it’s also very lightweight. It’s also very easy to get baby in and out and baby feels very secure in the carrier. I also love the fact that the carrier can be used forward facing when baby gets older. Not a lot of carriers can be used with newborns so this is a definite plus for me.The only con I can truly say is that its a little on the expensive side but other than that its a very great carrier for newborns.

Debbie Tipton, MO

better support and breathability, but…

We had an original Bjorn for our first child and decided to upgrade. The back support on this one is a huge improvement. The mesh does allow for better breathability, but don’t expect this to be completely unnoticeable to wear in hot weather. My only complaint with it is in the forward-facing mode. With the original Bjorn, when you turned the front flap down in forward mode, the direction of the top fasteners held the flap folded down. Not so with this model. It’s easy for it to pop back up in the baby’s face, which I do not like. I am considering stitching it down once my baby wants to face front all the time.

Charmaine Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

great product but pricy

Miracle carrier does exactly as advertised. It helps to carry the baby as with the carrier its like the baby is pasted to your body, and the back support works very well. but my wife said she has some pain in the hamstrings when she uses it. Overall its a good product but the price is too high. Plus there was not drip cloth provided with the carried which i expect for the high price.. the drip cloth is sold separately for 17 dollars.

Vivian Pleasant Plain, OH


My boy is happy and he feels very comfortable. Is very comfortable for us, because has a very good back support. Ten points for BabyBjorn baby carrier miracle!

Audrey Moose, WY

The most comfortable carrier I tried

After having our baby in August, I ordered the Babybjorn Miracle Organic Cotton Carrier, the Cybex 2 Go baby carrier and the Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap. This is after trying the Moby wrap as well as a general sling (which will probably be great once baby is bigger). Out of all 5-6 carriers/wraps that I’ve tried, the Babybjorn is my favorite. In the beginning I was a bit intimidated by it as at first glance all you see are numerous straps. It looked confusing and complicated and I was hoping that the simplicity of the Cybex would win me over (it didn’t). Once you experiment with the Babybjorn, after reading the directions a few times, it loses it’s intimidation factor and you are left with a secure, comfortable, baby carrier. To simplify, here are my personal pros and cons with the Babybjorn miracle:PROS- works well for a newborn (baby is currently 8 weeks old and 9 pounds, have used it for about 4 weeks)- it adjusts to your babies length- easy to get baby in and out as you can have an entire side open for baby install- comfortable for the wearer (both me and my husband find that it fits us and he is 6 inches taller than me)- doesn’t dig into the babies legs, seems to keep his hips in the right position with the weight just on his bottom- secure with numerous buckles, I don’t feel like my little one is going anywhereCONS- like most carriers, it gets pretty toasty when you’re wearing it (so not a huge con, just a fact of having an additional 98 degrees on your chest)- the weight limit (which mean a new carrier in the future)That’s about it! I would definitely buy this again and I look forward to seeing how it fits us as little one grows. It is a miracle worker for having a small baby and making it easier to do normal things again like go to the store and wash dishes.

Ida Blue Ridge Summit, PA

BabyBjörn is very Güd.

This BabyBjörn baby carrier is one heck of a product. It’s light but strong and solid. It’s also about as comfortable as a baby carrier can get. So far, it’s incredible durable, too.I could perhaps give a more lengthy description, but I see this as a rather clear-cut product to review: If you’re willing to spend the money (obviously, this thing is not cheap), you will get an outstanding product, one that I anticipate will last through multiple kids in a family, or perhaps can be gifted to friends and relatives. In other words, this isn’t an expensive product that will fall apart the instant you get it, thus making you feel ripped off. It’s a very good baby carrier that I expect will last for quite some time.

Nelda Morven, GA

Excellent carrier!

I am very happy with thiscarrier. i first bought Ergobaby, but returned it. You need to buckle it from the back, which is not very easy to do. Babybjorn is so easy to adjust, and has far more superior material than Ergobaby. I highly recommend this carrier.

Martina Saginaw, MO

Got a lot of use

My husband loved this carrier, and my son loved being in it (with either me or my husband). We loved using it for grocery shopping or just doing chores around the house. It definitely took a little bit of figuring out at first… adjusting all of the parts to make it fit isn’t exactly straight forward.We found that the carrier worked best when our son was younger and we had him facing towards us. It was soft and cozy, with plenty of head support.A few picky things:1) The thing that hangs down in the front feels awkward. It’s part of the adjustable thing that allows you to make more or less room for baby, but it just feels weird.2) There is a little mesh bag that is tucked into the bottom of the little thing that hangs down the front. It’s barely big enough to fit the carrier into and has no handles of any kind… those two things make it basically useless. Plus the little pocket it tucks into is tiny so it was constantly falling out, which makes you look kind of silly.3) This carrier wasn’t as good for a forward facing baby. The little flap thing that is supposed to fold down for a forward facing baby (shown in one of the pictures) never stayed put, so it was always blocking our son’s face. Also, he chewed all over it since it was right in his mouth.4) This carrier doesn’t give the support under the baby’s thighs like many people are recommending these days. I can imagine that being in it for a long time might be uncomfortable for the baby.Overall, we really liked this when our baby was small enough to prefer facing mom or dad. We used it for relatively short periods of time (usually an hour or less) in our house or out on the town. It was cozy and comfortable for everyone, without being too hot. I wouldn’t recommend it for a forward facer or for really long periods of time (save your back and their legs!).

Lily Tres Piedras, NM

great carrier

Great carrier, just a little pricey. I’ve been using it for two months now. I chose the bjornBecause I have the option to face him outward.

Gretchen Waterford, OH

Five Stars

Very good. Didnt’use that much because my kid grew up really fast.

Robyn Chesapeake Beach, MD

Best baby purchase ever!

Purchased this carrier a month ago and I’m finally ready to leave my first review ever. My 3 month old daughter loves it. She will fall asleep as soon as I put her in it and will stay asleep for as long as I carry her, which could be hours, because the carrier is so comfortable! I use it every day, and nothing ever hurts, my shoulders and back are fine even after 3 hours of baby wearing. I have the mesh version of it, and have used the carrier even in 90 degrees weather without overheating myself or the baby. It is pricey, but is without a doubt the best baby purchase I have ever made. It’s easy to use, very sturdy and I couldn’t be happier with my choice! Would recommend it to anyone who has a baby that likes to be carried around, is fussy or has trouble falling asleep, it truly is a miracle!Update as of 01/28/2013We still use it daily. The baby has put on 10 pounds since I wrote the review, and still no pain for my shoulders, back or hips. Without a doubt, the best baby carrier out there! We now own all Baby Bjorn products, that’s how much we are impressed with the Miracle. Worth the $$$!

Judy Wynne, AR

one of our BEST purchases!

I would recommend this carrier to ANY new parents! It hasn’t hurt my back and my 15lb chunky monkey is carried in this often throughout many days. I also got a moby and that was great in the beginning when baby wants to be cradled, but this has been a MUCH better investment overall. I absolutely love it!

Jessie Pleasant Hill, MO

Worth the upgrade to avoid back pain!

I had originally purchased the Synergy Mesh carrier based on cost, and I ended up returning it for this one. The Miracle carrier has much better back/lumbar support in the form of a waist belt. This is invaluable! I love to wear my baby- it feels like we walk around in a cuddle- and he loves being in the carrier. But he gets very heavy quickly. The Synergy left me with a very sore back. The Miracle carrier supports the weight much better and leaves me much more comfortable during and after wearing the baby. We take long walks with it and it holds up! I am very peitite, and the side straps could be a little shorter or adjustable to fit me better, but the rest of it adjusts enough and it fits me fine. My husband – who is much taller than I am- can also wear it comfortably.

Marcia Warrensburg, IL

baby and mama loves! a must have!!

much much better than the original baby bjorn in material and back support. i love that it comes in organic cotton. i have ergo baby also but only use it at home to get my baby to sleep. why? my 7 month old like to face out! he likes to engage the world!! when he is in the ergo he keeps turning his head left and right trying to look at what’s going on.i LOVE the new strap that shifts weight from shoulder to back. so much better and a lot less fatigue on my back and shoulder. all in all i think it’s a great product. i highly recommend it!!

Jeannette Fox Lake, IL