BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One – Black, Cotton Mix

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One – Black, Cotton Mix

The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One will ensure long-lasting ergonomic carrying. BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One – Multifunctional Front And Back Carrying The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One will ensure long-lasting ergonomic carrying. This versatile four-way front and back carrier features an adjustable design with a pressure-relieving waist belt and shaped, padded shoulder straps. It offers three front carrying positions and one back carrying position for older babies, allowing you to safely carry your toddler on your back from 12 months. Baby Carrier One can be used for a long time – straight from birth without the need for infant inserts and up to three years of age. Easy To Use Without Assistance The baby carrier is easy to use by yourself in all positions, both on the front and the back. The strong, well-designed latches on the front click securely and are easy to release with one hand. The front opens completely so that you can lift your sleeping baby out without waking him or her. Optimal newborn position provides the important closeness and contact between you and your baby. Provides Closeness And Contact The Baby Carrier One helps you stay in close contact with your infant and reinforce the parent-child bond from the very beginning. You carry your child high up on your chest and close to your heart. Your newborn baby is soothed and reassured by the warmth of your body and the sound of your heart and voice. And as a parent, you learn to recognize and understand your baby’s needs. Ergonomically designed for both of you. Correct support for baby’s head, back, and hips. Perfect Fit From Newborn To 3 Years Specially designed to fit your baby right from birth, the Baby Carrier One has a firm, adjustable head support for secure and proper support of the baby’s head and neck. The legs and hips are held in an ergonomically correct position that is recommended by pediatricians. Your child is carried in an upright position, which keeps airways free and allows you to check on your baby’s breathing. It is soft and comfortable for your child, with a padded seat, non-chafing seams, and adjustable width for the leg position. The head support can be folded down when the baby is facing outwards. Outward-facing option, choose between carrying your older baby facing inwards or outwards. Outward-Facing Option From 5 months of age you can fold down the head support and start carrying your child facing outwards for shorter periods. At this age, the baby’s neck muscles, as well as hips and spine, are sufficiently developed. And most babies this age are excited to be able to see what is going on around them, while staying safe and close to their parent. Easy back carrying. Place your toddler on your back by yourself in one safe motion. Safe To Place Child On Your Back The baby carrier’s well-conceived design allows you to get your toddler on your back without help in a safe and easy way. With the child facing inwards in the front carrying position, you slide him or her around to your back in a way that avoids all risky moments. It’s convenient and practical when your toddler gets tired and wants a piggyback from Mommy or Daddy. BabyBjörn Collaborates With Pediatricians At BabyBjörn, we always put children’s safety and health first. We work with leading international pediatricians, child psychologists, and midwives, and their medical expertise is crucial to the development of our products. The approval these medical experts give to our products is a quality guarantee that no international awards or accolades can beat. Our policy of never launching a product without their approval means that you, as a parent, can feel confident that the choice you make for you and your child is the best one – regardless of which BabyBjörn product you choose. Soft And Durable Fabric The Baby Carrier One is made from a durable cotton and polyester blend providing soft, strong quality. Made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Safe and tested materials. All fabrics and materials used in Baby Carrier One are kind to your baby’s delicate skin and completely harmless to taste or chew. The fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 approved, an international safety standard for textiles, and contain no health-hazardous substances. The Baby Carrier One meets both European and America safety standards, EN 13209-2:2005 and ASTM F2236.

Main features

  • Cotton Mix
  • Imported
  • Multifunctional front and back baby carrier provides you with 4 different carry positions
  • Ergonomic design is adjustable, with generously padded shoulder straps and waist belt to relieve pressure
  • From newborn 8 pounds to 33 pounds
  • From newborn (8 lbs) to 33 lbs

Verified reviews



I have been an Ergo user since my first child was a baby, and I thought for sure no other carrier would be as comfortable or work as well. I was not aware that BabyBjorn was making the ergonomic carriers until I saw this one. My family took a vacation recently, and instead of packing the Ergo, I took the BB One along.The fabulous:She can face outward. She really loves this feature, and if she loves it, then I love it.Still with the better-for-her leg positioning. She can comfortably cuddle up to Mommy without dangling from her crotch.No awkward attempts to fasten the back strap. This means I can put the carrier on, load her in, and click the fancy snaps without pulling any neck muscles (seriously, that’s how you know you’re getting old – you pull muscles effortlessly).There is a mesh screen separating her belly from mine. This cuts down on how sweaty we end up, and we still get to be close.There is a really cool Newborn zipper for higher-up positioning. This means no bulky hot infant insert or rolled up receiving blanket.The not-quite-fabulous:No storage pocket. The Ergo comes with a storage pocket big enough to fit a diaper or two, some wipes, maybe your keys – it’s great.The waist strap should be tightened before you put it on, because it’s awkward to tighten once you’re wearing it. This results in my baby’s weight being distributed along my shoulder blades and back when I’d rather have it on my waist.I have not done a back carry with the One yet, as my baby is only 9 months and deeply into a hair-pulling stage. Having her at my back with all of my hair at her disposal is NOT a pleasant thought. I have enough trouble as it is with that!This really is a great carrier. It can be machine washed if it gets dirty. It is very well-made and incredibly sturdy. The back straps have a nice curve that follows along the shoulder blades rather than being pulled together by the back strap. The back strap itself is easy to adjust – there is a track that basically goes up and down without having to pull the straps through for extra slack. I can see this carrier lasting a very long time. I wish it had been around when my first was a baby.

Alyson Hooversville, PA

Super duper baby carrier

This is really the deluxe model baby carrier. Heavy duty, strong, easily adjustable.I do have to admit it took my husband and I a while to figure out all the “bells and whistles” on the carrier. There are a lot of straps, zippers, etc. And we wanted everything perfect for safety. It is going to take some practice to load one of the twins without some adult there to help me. The owner’s manual shows people doing this by themselves but I’m not sure how long it will take until I feel safe doing this by myself.The carrier is good for children 8-33 pounds (3.5kg-15kg) and 21-39 inches (53-100cm).You can carry the child facing inwards towards you front loaded (recommended until baby is five months old), facing outwards front loaded (the baby must be able to hold their head upright by themselves for this position), or forwards facing back loaded (after twelve months old).I am very pleased that the carrier is machine washable.Washing instructions: Wash separately in warm water, mild detergent, gentle cycle, and drip dry (NO dryer). No chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Improper care will void any and all warranties.There is a two year warranty for products with defective workmanship.The owner’s manual comes in English, French, and Spanish.

Paula Pilot Grove, MO


I love this carrier! I had the bjorn original and my son was getting too big for it. I tried several other carriers, including Boba carrier (which I hated, my husband hated, and my son hated!! We sadly found this out on a 45 min hike up to a castle in Germany and ended up carrying him in our arms the entire time). The first time we put our son in the babybjorn One, he cried when we took him out. He loved it! it is comfortable to wear, it seems to distribute the weight evenly and not just in one spot, so my shoulders don’t hurt after an hour of having him in it. I will never own another carrier after this one! Well done BabyBjorn!!!!

Lynn Kuttawa, KY

A very versatile baby carrier

The entire baby carrier is machine washable. This is a biggie for me as my children tend to be a bit messy.You can switch from the front carry position to the back carry position completely unassisted. This is totally cool. With just the switching of strap positions you can move your little nugget from front to back all by yourself.The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One has a special zipper system that allows the carrier to be altered to accommodate newborns and small children {newborn position} as well as bigger babies and toddlers { Baby/Toddler Position} – thus eliminating the need to have an additional newborn insert.There is also a leg zipper that allows a natural leg position for newborns {0-4 months} facing inward and for children 5 months and older in an outward facing position and a normal {wide} leg position for babies 4-36 months.I love the buckles on this. I wasn’t sure about them in the beginning, but after about a week I was sold on them. They make a clicking noise when they are connected – so I never worry about not having my nugget safe and secure in the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One.I love that I can easily slip it over my head to put it on and take it off. I don’t have to try to reach around and fumble with back clasps. It is very simple to use.I really enjoy using the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One and find that it has quickly become my go to baby carrier because of how easy it is to use unassisted. My only suggestions for possible improvements to this carrier would be a latch or snap of some kind for the head support when it is in the folded down position as well as the inclusion of a snooze cover. Those are the only possible improvements I can think of, this carrier is pretty fantastic and very user friendly.I was given a product sample to facilitate my blog review on Mom Mart, regardless all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Rosa Waynetown, IN

Baby Bjorn One Carrier vs. Ergo Performance Carrier

In a nutshell, I couldn’t find a review that compared these two products. I was given the Ergo, and I liked that the baby is in a more ergonomic position than that of the original, Active and Miracle Baby Bjorn carriers. Then, BB came out with the One carrier. I looked all over the internet for a frank comparison of the two but didn’t find any so here’s my take now that i’ve used both of them.the Ergo Pros:- Baby in ergonomic position- Zippered pocket for your things- Comes in multiple colors- Has snooze cover- Less expensivethe Ergo Cons:- no front-facing option- less comfortable than the One- doesn’t fold up neatly like the Onethe One Pros:- ergonomic back-facing position JUST LIKE the ergo- front facing option, TOO!- folds up compactly- more comfortable than Ergo- no need for too-hot infant insert. newborns can go in this!the One Cons:- really expensive (but if you go to Buy Buy Baby or BRU wiht their 20% off coupons, you can get it for $160)- only one color- nowhere to put my wallet, keys, etc.In the end, I exchanged my Ergo for the One because the front-facing option was too valuable for me to not have. And then when baby is sleepy, I turn her around, and the One has these zippers that turn it into an Ergo-like carrier. So the One is really like having an Ergo but with another position! I do miss the zippered pocket for my things on the Ergo… with the One, I have to carry a small purse across my body. And there’s no snooze cover on the One, but that’s a small sacrifice for having a front-facing option.If I could, I would give the Ergo 4 stars and the One 4.5 stars. If you’re on a budget, the Ergo is perfectly fine! But if you can splurge a little more and have a 20% coupon at BBB or BRU, then go with the One.Happy baby-wearing!

Mona Lyman, UT

Baby comfort 10/10, Parent comfort 7/10, Convenience 10/10

We have a 7 month old baby who loves to be carried. Our baby absolutely loves this baby carrier. We’ve carried her facing inwards (to encourage those naps during the long walks outdoors), or facing outwards, to simulate the brain development with new sights and sounds. We’ve used this carrier extensively over the past 2 weeks, and not once has our baby complained being in this carrier. I believe it’s because she feels comfy and secure in the carrier.Till 2 weeks ago, we’ve been using a infantino mei-tai sash style carrier (purchased from Amazon) in which you have to tie both the hip strap, and also the shoulder strap around the baby, around your back, and back to the front. As the mei-tai sash carrier is able to pull the babies body closer to your center of gravity, the mei tai carrier is actually more comfortable for the parent, however, one big draw back of the mei-tai carrier is the hassle of tying the straps, which is where the babybjorn one carrier wins hands down. Also, as the mei-tai is very snug for the baby, sometimes she complains when she is in the mei-tai carrier. Because of these 2 factors, our mei-tai sash carrier has not seen any use recently.Pros:-super convenient snap on buckles which allows for quick insertion and removal of baby from the carrier-1 person to setup, even for back carrying-heavily padded shoulder and waist straps-zippers allows for legs hanging down, or legs supported to the side configurations which increases the comfort for the baby-10/10 baby comfort level, baby is snug but not too snug-leg safety loops for use when the baby is an infant, helps secure the baby to the carrierCons:-7/10 parent comfort, due to strain on lower back, as compared to the mei-tai, the mei-tai sash carrier pulls the baby’s center of gravity closer to yours-For the small sized person, this carrier is a little too big and as a result, the baby’s center of gravity ends up being too low-No rain/sun shield (the mei-tai carrier comes with a rain/sun shield)-Price (the mei-tai carrier is only 1/5th the price of the babybjorn one)-Bulky, the mei-tai carrier is a lot more compact and folds a lot better for storage or transport

Chelsey Thorndale, TX

My favourite carrier and the most versatile

There are a lot of carriers of this style on the market, most of them variations of the same thing. There are differences in the snaps, how the straps are arranged, etc. but none of those things are usually deal breakers. We all come in different shapes and sizes so what differentiates them is fit and this ultimately determines comfort. The most important factor is finding one that has a waist belt so that the weight of the baby doesn’t rest solely on your shoulders and is also distributed to your hips.I’ve tired 4 carriers of this type: Beco Gemini, Baby Bjorn Original, Baby Bjorn One, Ergo. I liked Baby Bjorn One the most. I also have a Boba wrap.Baby Bjorn OneWe bought the cotton one and this is my favourite carrier. It is, by far, the most versatile.Pros: You can use it on a newborn without any adaptive device like an insert. There are zippers on either side at the bottom that allow you to narrow the crotch piece to adapt the sitting position. You can use it front or back facing. You can also carry your child piggyback but I have a feeling that when the time comes, a framed carrier is the way to go. The carrier also folds up neatly. The snaps are well conceived and easy to use, not as easy as the Original but much better than the Beco.Cons: The material is thick and the carrier is bulky. The mesh might be better for that reason but it’s much more expensive.Beco GeminiPros: It’s one of the less expensive options. You can carry your baby facing in, out, or on the side. It also allows you to cross the straps in the back when he’s forward facing. There are flaps at the bottom right above the waistband you can fold inward and snap to narrow it so that the newborn can sit in the carrier with their legs hanging down. The alternative is to have him facing in and tucked in a frog leg position.The body of the carrier is the most narrow of the ones I’ve tried, which worked well for me since I have a small frame.Cons: No matter what I did, I could not position the newborn comfortably in the carrier. I also found the snaps hard to buckle and unbuckle with one hand. These snaps were the most poorly designed of the lot making the carrier very clumsy to put on. Also, since this is a really narrow carrier, I don’t think it will work well when they are older since the legs will be less supported.Baby Bjorn OriginalWe got this one as a gift and it is the worst carrier. I would not recommend this even though it is the cheapest option.Pros: We were easily able to use this on our newborn facing in with his legs hanging down since the bottom (crotch) piece is narrow. It allows you to carry him facing in or out. The clasps are well designed so it’s easy to buckle with one hand.Cons: The shoulder straps are not well-padded and once the baby gets heavier (>12 pounds for us), it digs in and causes the shoulders to ache. There is also no waist strap so all the weight of the baby rests on your shoulders. Also, this means there is no anchor for the carrier below. When you lean forward, the straps slide from the weight of the baby leading him to fall forward. With the narrow piece at the crotch that’s not adjustable in width, this leaves his legs dangling and unsupported, not in the natural seated position, as he gets older.Ergo OriginalPros: As many have mentioned, the best feature of the Ergo is having a pocket in the front where you can store some essentials that are easily accessible. None of the other carriers I tried had this feature. Also, there is a hoodie to protect the baby from the sun. This can be used facing in, on your hip, or piggy back. I found this carrier really comfortable.Cons: 1) You need an insert to use as a newborn. I tried the insert and found it difficult to position with the baby. It was just really awkward. It was also thick making the baby too warm. 2) It doesn’t allow you to carry the baby front facing. Once he got to 3 months old, he really wanted to be able to see the world.BobaPros: The best option for newborns. It allows you to position the baby in a frog leg position facing in. When they have very little head control, they can be tucked nicely against you.Cons: The fabric is really stretchy so as the baby gets heavier, the whole thing sags. It’s also a ton of fabric making it really hot for both you and the baby. It’s fairly simple to wrap but not really something that can be done in public as the ends drag on the ground, so I didn’t find much use for it outside the house. Unlike other people, I didn’t find it that easy to insert the baby as he got bigger.

Antoinette Cloverdale, IN

Useful but hard to get on

The Baby Bjorn ‘One’ carrier is an upgrade to the Baby Bjorn original we already have. It’s made to be useful from newborns to older kids and can carry kids in the front or the back. It has a neck support for newborns which folds down to give older children a view.It’s heavier than the original and harder to get on. While the original can be put on like a backpack this one has to be slipped over your head like a shirt.At this time our twins are still small enough to fit into the original carriers so we’re continuing to use them. We may make more use of the One when they get bigger.

Hazel Caledonia, WI

Another comfortable carrier!

This is my third baby carrier by Baby Bjorn, and I have to say that, yet again, the company has created another wonderful product.There is no extra plastic or packaging with this carrier, which I love. You open the box, and the carrier is right there ready to go–no unwrapping necessary.I was a bit worried, at first, that I wouldn’t be able to figure out the strap situation, but following the instructions (which are on a tag handily attached to the carrier) was so simple. The carrier is set up to work with a newborn, but it can easily be adjusted to fit an older child. I actually tested this one out with my toddler. She fit snugly and comfortably in the carrier, and the straps were very comfortable on my shoulders and back. Plus, moving her from the front position to the back position was incredibly (shockingly!) easy. Such good, intuitive design.Overall, I am totally impressed with this carrier. It’s comfortable and supportive for Mom and Baby, and I love the option to wear Baby on my back.

Nita Walla Walla, WA

Front & Back Positions ~ Easily ~ Safely ~ Done By Yourself,

The carrier is exceptionally well designed and rugged. It’s well padded on the shoulder straps,.This new model is completely adjustable allowing overall balance of weight, which supports shoulders ~ back and hips.The carrier is mesh between the baby and myself which is helpful for some air flow.Three positions are possible ~ front facing ~ front facing away ~ and back facing forward.It’s easy to load our 4 month / 15 lb grandchild safely ~ and with no help needed.This carrier goes on like putting on a pullover sweater.The solid ~ (adjustable) but no opening design of the shoulder straps and back yoke means the carrieris automatically secure at all times, there’s no way a child can fall during loading.I’d give more then five stars if I could ~ this versatile design is luxuriously madeand as convenient as a carrier can be for carrying several pounds of weight around for hours at a time.This carrier is recommended for newborn – min 8 lb & 21″ to approx 3 yr – 33 lb & 39″The waist band will close to approx 23″ – 24″ and open to a maximum of 63″The carrier weights 2.3 lb and is a mix of 100% cotton in some areas and polyester in others ~ it’s machine washable and hang dry.An instructions booklet with drawings shows all of the following information ~ plus more use-full tips.Babyborn has a two year warranyEXTRA INFORMATION OF HOW TO USETwo points of adjustment before the carrier is put on.~ 1. Seat height ~ A zipper in the seat allows for a 4″ adjustment of the height of the seat.For newborns the upper height ~ and the lower position for 27″ and taller.~ 2. Legs ~ The outside front has a zipper at the top of the waist band.Leave closed for newborn (& button the leg straps closed) & zip both sides open for legs to dangle at 27″ and taller.Then put the carrier on and adjust where needed~ 1. Slide the yoke up / down so it’s just below your shoulder blades & adjust sideways if needed.~ 2. Buckle the waist band and tighten to fit.~ 3. Loosen the shoulder straps by lifting the outer edge of the buckle & pulling on the strap if needed.This allows for extra room for loading.~ 4. With the two head support buckles unbuttoned ~ plus one side of the safety buckles ~then the front lays to one side and is completely open to load an infant.When positioned ~ latch the one side of the safety buckle and the two head support buckles if needed.Pull the ends of the shoulder straps to tighten ~ Now ~ baby is safely and securely on board.To move your infant to your back ~ not suggested until 12 mo old & use wide leg position.~ 1. Loosen the shoulder straps by lifting the other edge of the buckles.~ 2. Slip your right arm in & upwards under the upper part of shoulder strap.~ 3. Slip your left arm down under the lower part of the shoulder strap~ 4. Un buckle the waist if need be ~ and again ~ because of the solid no opening designof the shoulder straps and back yoke the carrier is around your neck and secure at all timesthere’s no way for your infant to fall.~ 5. Scoot the whole carrier around to your back side ~ put your arms through the shoulder strap openings,buckle up ~ adjust other straps as needed.All of this description may sound like a lot, but it’s not, after you do this one time ~all these words require about one minute to do.

Nettie Irondale, OH

Comfortable upgrade to the older model

The new BABYBJORN Baby Carrier is comfy, easy to use, durable, washable and adaptable. To use it, you pull it over your head, snap the clips, and pull the straps to secure. Works on your front and back. It’s a bit complex (lots of straps and zippers), but easy enough. It’s both heavier and a bit harder to put on than the original.

Elva Waubay, SD

durable, practical, and comfortable

This baby carrier is durable, easy to slip on, and machine washable. Most importantly, it provides comfort for the baby and the parent through its material and its easy of use. The buckles are easy to adjust and to strap in. When necessary, it’s easy to take off the whole carrier as one unit. The career is intended for children between 8 and 33 pounds who are between 21 and 39 inches in length.

Tammie Cedar Knolls, NJ

Comfortable but a bit warm

My 5 month old son seems very comfortable in this carrier. We’ve gone on hikes lasting 30 minutes or so and he’s been very content. At 18 pounds, he was causing strain on my shoulders and back in other carriers we had been using. This carrier is much more comfortable because I am able to shift most of his weight onto my hips. We’ve only used the forward facing position so far but are excited to try the back position as he gets older. The carrier is also fairly easy to adjust between my husband and I (who is much bigger than me). My only complaint is that the material of the carrier is very thick and heavy. I foresee it being too hot to use regularly during the summer months.

Lakesha Leming, TX

My baby is still very small

He fits in it way too small (7 pounds) I guess it will work better for bigger babies. But I don’t feel any weight while he’s in it. I guess I will use it often when he grows up a little bit. Only concern is that it would be hot in the summer

Esperanza Simpson, LA

Very Versatile

I found this very easy to slip on and use. You put it over your head like a shirt and snap the clips together and tighten the straps. It was very easy and I feel it is very secure. I am comfortable putting my baby in this and since it is good for up to about 30 lbs, I have a good amount of time to use this. It is very well made, the material feels great, and the locking and strapping mechanisms feel very secure. I am very comfortable wearing it and it is not heavy at all to me.You must have your newborn facing you when wearing this up until they are about 5-6 months old and when they are able to support their own neck. There is a zipper that you can use to convert from infant to toddler, no additional accessory necessary. There are many adjustments and it is very versatile. The max weight is around 30 pounds, so depending on your child’s age and weight, you might get a good long use out of this. In order to put a child on your back, you have to put the child in front of you and then swing the carrier around to your back.It is very nice to be hands free when you have your baby with you. After wearing this and seeing other parents not having one in the stores while walking around, I don’t see myself not ever using one again. I have been using it when going out with my infant and around the house. I always felt secure using it and he loved being close to me chest to chest. You can get so much done when you have free hands. I highly recommend it. You’ll love it as much as I do.Update:When my son was an infant, this was comfortable to use. I never had back pain carrying him in it when he was smaller. My son is now 5 months, 28 inches long and close to 20 pounds. I have always felt very secure using the Babybjorn One carrier, and still do. I have used it on the infant setting, facing inwards, and facing front out wards. I have yet to be able to try it with him on my back since he needs to be 12 months. It does cause some back pain when used for extended periods of time because of his length and weight now. It is on the larger side, making it difficult to fold up and stuff in a diaper bag.I also use the ERGObaby 360 carrier. That has a narrower shape that I am able to fit in my diaper bag. The ERGObaby does not cause me back pain. The ERGObaby requires an infant insert that is sold separately in order to use it with a baby under four months. The Babybjorn One carrier had the zipper that allowed us to us it when our son was an infant. So it was nice that the Babybjorn goes from infant to 33lbs without any additional accessories.I really like both carriers and use them both frequently. For both carriers, you need to hold the carrier with one arm and place the baby in with the other arm. When inserting the baby into the carrier, I feel the Babybjorn is more secure with the extra buckles. But once the baby is properly in, both carriers feel secure. I highly recommend both. But with cost being a factor, you don’t need any extra accessories with the Babybjorn to use from infant age and up.

Bernadette Oak Bluffs, MA

It works so far

So far, it’s a winner, but…the baby is still a newborn, and those of us who have been down that road know how things can change as a baby grows.Its reasonably easy to clean,, reasonably comfortable, and holds the baby reasonably well for a carrier designed to last through the entire infant stage.Time will tell if it will still work as the baby grows and becomes larger, heavier, and more active.

Helga South Fork, PA

The perfect carrier!!

After extensive research (and I seriously mean it when I say extensive) I finally decided on this carrier, and I’m very happy with my decision! This carrier is excellent and excellent quality. We purchased this to use for our 6 week old daughter. We also have a two year old so I was in great need of having both hands, and arms, free to wrangle him. This carrier is extremely user friendly, easy to get on and off, and everything adjust very smoothly, even while you have it on with baby in it. I read a few reviews saying that there baby sat way to low in the carrier, even in the newborn setting. I’m not sure why they had that problem because I certainly did not and I can’t see how you possibly could have that problem with this carrier. My daughter sits perfectly in it (I am able to kiss her head, which is recommended) and she is very secure and comfortable. and there is no head wobbling or getting crunched up. My favorite part is definitely the fact that the front completely comes undone allowing you to take out a sleeping baby with extreme ease! No tugging on a stuck baby or getting one leg stuck in there. A carrier we had in the past my son would get stuck every time we tried to get him out, my husband would have to hold the bottom of the carrier while I pulled my son on out, so annoying. This carrier definitely doesn’t have that problem. Everything about this carrier is functional! I really like the way it’s designed to go on as well. it’s So simple, you don’t have to worry about trying to buckle anything behind your back, which to me is just crazy! The material is a very soft canvas material which I really like, and I haven’t had a problem with me or my daughter overheating while she is in it and we live in a very warm climate & I am one that is usually always hot. My husband also really loves this carrier. He absolutely did not think it would be worth spending that much $ but once he used it (just once) he told me he was wrong and that it was definitely money well spent! And my hubby does not like spending money. Not sure if this info helps but I am 5’6" and 165lbs and I have no problems with getting this carrier adjusted, it fits beautifully, it is just so perfect. And my husband is 5’10" and 185 lbs and he says the same about how it fits. So hopefully this review helps those of you like me that read review after review trying to find the perfect product. I highly recommend!

Sheila Beattyville, KY

Sturdy and goes the years!

I was very impressed with the new Baby Bjorn. This is a baby carrier that can be used from infancy all the way to three years old or 33 pounds, whichever comes first. My baby is 5 months old and loves to be carried around. This is the perfect way to get the vacuuming done and dinner started while still holding your baby. There are three positions–baby facing inward in front, baby facing outward in front (Which is great for a 5 month old!), and a back carrier for a toddler.I have a Baby Bjorn from 6 years ago that I used with my first child. I have always liked the Baby Bjorn carrier. My firstborn liked it and my five month old liked it too…but this new model is improved! It is stronger, well padded, has a adjustable straps for you and the baby,the clips are solid and easy to clip in and out, and it has a nice back support that seems to help with balance too. Another new feature that I like are the zippers by the baby’s legs. If you have a young baby…you leave them zipped for a snug fit. As your baby grows, you unzip the zippers as much as you need to adjust to your baby’s leg size.Finally, I like how there are directions on a tag with this Baby Bjorn. It’s great for grandparents or daycare providers that might not use the Baby Bjorn all the time. So whether you need a baby carrier for long hikes, a day trip at the zoo or just simply around the home, you will not be disappointed in the quality of the new Baby Bjorn! I gave it five stars for quality and usefulness. The only improvement I would like to see for the next Baby Bjorn is a small bag that clips on/off. This would be helpful for carrying a diaper, a few wipes and a pacifier.

Juliet Waldo, WI

Wearing out in less than 2 months!

Update: We purchased this May 2, it’s only June 26 and already showing signs of wear – the material is literally wearing out. It supposed to last until he’s 33 lbs? No way.Unfortunately, we love it! So much we prefer it over a stroller.I contacted the company but they first have to send out a shipping label, then I send this back, they examine it, then send a new one. At least two weeks they said. He’s not going to fit in this forever! Fortunately I still had time on Amazon who not only is sending out a new on via Prime 2 day but I also printed a shipping label to send the old one back – excellent!———————————————————My grandson’s parents have the original Baby Bjorn. He stays with me often so instead of them lugging one more thing I decided to get one for myself. I love taking the little guy out for walks and someday long hikes. Based on the positive reviews I decided to get the latest and greatest. But it’s not that great, at least for the price difference.I backpack so I know about weight distribution. This does not do a great job. Most of the wait is on your upper back even with the waist belt. I also don’t like how it cinches up. In order to get it tight around your upper body you are literally squeezing the little guy as well. They should have made separate adjustments: one for your body and one for the baby. And the flap doesn’t stay down when using it forward facing.I do like how it is designed to be used up to 33 lbs so it will last us longer than the original. It’s great that it can be used on the back. It also has two adjustments for the length of the baby via a zippered adjustment. Kind of a pain but once it’s set you shouldn’t have to adjust (it comes set for beginning age).It is definitely better than the original but way too expensive for what it really is. I see recently the priced dropped and there’s a $10 additional coupon. It’s worth it at that pricing.

Annabelle Alvord, TX

Top of the line baby carrier

The new Babybjorn one is a very versatile baby carrier that in my opinion, is of the utmost quality.The carrier is extremely adjustable fitting both a variety of adult sizes and children alike. The straps are easy to make the changes if you are switching carrier duties with your partner and it looks like it will be easy to adjust the pouch portion as a child goes from newborn to 33 lbs (as recommended by the instructions. The straps have a wide enough length to them to make them comfortable on your back and shoulders and the cloth is non abrasive to the touch. The carrier allows for numerous positions for children to be facing and at least for newborns, you can get them in by yourself.The pack is machine washable which is nice and it didn’t lose its shape or form after two washings.Overall I would highly recommend this carrier for its superior comfort and functionality.

Carly Stoneville, MS

Much more comfortable than the original…

We purchased the original Baby Bjorn and used it for our baby as soon as she was large enough to fit in it. It was a nice carrier that was easy to use but MAN O MAN my back hurt shortly after wearing her…Along comes the carrier one that supposedly fixes that. And yes! It does! We held out for the mesh because we have a very sweaty baby and knew from the experience with the original that they could get very hot very quickly. This one is much more comfortable for both of us!She is currently very content in the grocery store looking around and being worn (facing me at the moment). It does get a little tricky though there is a tab on the inside that has picture instructions so you always have it with you. When we change her position, i’m going to have to do some googling because I’m not great at just following pictures.

Amy Pelion, SC

We all love it!

I mulled over (ad nausea um) this and the Ergo for HOURS choosing a carrier for our 4th baby. I chose this based on my previous love of our former Bjorn carrier. SO glad I did! It’s easy to put on and my 3 month old loves to sleep in it when I carry him around. We also took it to D.C. and my husband carried my 3 year old on his back in it. Fantastic carrier- we made the right choice and look forward to years of carrying our boys around in it!

Barbra Kingston, MO

Very dissapointing

I tried this carrier at the store, and it seemed good, but after a few months of trying it, I went back to an old carrier I had at home.Here are some problems we had with this carrier:- Too much work to put on. Needs a lot of adjusting after my husband wears it.- Clicks are too loud. When I want to put my baby in bed while she’s sleeping, she kept waking up because of the click sound.- Too massive and too large to carry in a bag.- When the baby faces inwards, the straps are right in her face (she’s 7 months old).

Estella Selfridge, ND

Baby did not like

I was really excited to get this and start carrying my newborn baby around in it. It is very well made and I loved it out of the box but every time I put my baby in it she would start to scream. She hated her face pressed against the fabric and it was almost like she couldn’t breathe very well. I’m sure this works for some babies but it did not for mine. On the plus side, returning it was very easy.

Jane Hancock, WI

We love this!

The Baby Bjorn One is great for both newborns and older kids. You can carry the child in both front of back and it even offers a neck support which is great for newborns but it can be folded down for older kids. It does weight more and is a little more difficult to get on than the original Baby Bjorn Overall the One is definitely an upgrade from the original and we love it!

Stefanie Barnstable, MA

Too hot and heavy

We got this because our baby likes facing out. It is way to heavy and hot. I suggest the Ergo baby they just started to make a forward facing carrier.

Morgan Echo Lake, CA

too thick

The material is very thick and it feels like you are wearing a really heavy rain coat, my baby was not comfortable in it either, even when I kept it loosely it puts alot of pressure on baby’s stomache. I don’t recommend this product at least not for babies under 6mo.

Marisol Jackson, AL