BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original – Green, Spirit

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original – Green, Spirit

Parents with active lives make their babies a bigger part of those lives. Whether it’s an outing to the park, a walk in the woods or making the rounds of city museums, the BABYBJÖRN® Baby Carrier Original Spirit frees both parent and child from the limitations of a stroller. Specifically designed for parents on the move, the BABYBJÖRN® Baby Carrier features ergonomically designed shoulder straps that work together with the built-in lumbar support to direct the child’s weight away from your shoulders, reducing strain and allowing you to carry baby comfortably for longer periods of time. The classic BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original makes it easy to keep your baby close and secure while you go about your daily activities. Developed with the help of both parents and medical experts, the BABYBJÖRN® Baby Carrier Original helps position the baby comfortably and at the same time provides the proper support for the infant’s spine and hips. Wide straps distribute weight evenly, so it’s extremely comfortable to wear without stress on your back or shoulders. It’s also easy to put on and remove by yourself because all adjustments are in front. When your baby falls asleep in the carrier, you can unfasten the front panel and lay her down without waking her.

Main features

  • cotton
  • Keeps baby close and parents hands free
  • Easy to buckle on
  • All adjustments are made in front
  • Wide, padded shoulder straps distribute weight evenly for comfortable carrying
  • All fabrics are Oeko Tex Class 1 certified material guaranteed harmless to infants

Verified reviews


Ok, but thought it would be better

It works for what we need it for and it is nice looking. However our baby is tall (like my husband) and i’m short…about 5’1. When i wear the carrier with baby in it her legs hit into mine when i walk. She sits too low in the carrier. Its not a great fit for short women.

Shannon Knob Noster, MO

I had high hopes…

My little one is a cuddler and starts howling the minute I put her down, which was cute at first, but after awhile the novelty wore off and getting things done around the house became impossible. I bought the Moby wrap after reading all of the reviews on it with high hopes of using it all of the time. While I have used it and my babe does like to be in it- it is such a pain in the butt to use for short instances or after car rides, when due to the sheer amount of fabric and complex wrapping makes it not worth the trouble- plus it is impossible to keep it off of the ground- which I feel is gross and unsanitary. It is a great solution to put on at home and then wear on walks, but I was looking for a more practical, easier to use option. I looked at every possible version of the Baby Bjorn and Ergo. I chose this option because my baby was too small to go into the new Bjorn comfort option and the I didn’t like how the Ergo needed the infant insert, as well as it didn’t offer the front facing option. Plus, the price was right and I loved the color options of the Bjorn Spirit- I chose the Pearl Gray- a nice neutral that will work for my daughter and if there is a son in my future. So, to make a long story longer- I bought the Spirit. It is super easy to put on and adjust and my little one seemed comfortable in it- she fell asleep in it the first time we had it on. My main issue with it- as is everyone else’s- is the lack of back support. My baby is on the minimum of weight and height of being able to wear her in this carrier, and my back was already hurting! Mind you, I am fairly strong, 5’8”, and on my way back to my pre-prego weight, so there is nothing abnormally large or small about me by any means to indicate why it was already bothering me after such a short time- no pre existing back problems, either. So, that was a huge downer for me!!! I plan on using it, though, still just for the convenience factor and then investing in a new carrier when she gets s little bigger and there are more options available to us. More than likely, I will end up with the Ergo- for the back carrying option and it’s much raved about comfort and support. Bottom line- if you are on the fence, give it a shot… it is fairly inexpensive, comes in great colors, it is very easy to put on and take off, and it offers both front and back facing options. Then, when your little one gets a little bigger, buy a carrier that can also be a back pack carrier- like the Ergo. In my opinion, once my daughter gets a big enough to be in a backpakc carrier- I probably won’t want to wear her in the front anyhow- no matter how comfortable the carrier claims to be (plus it solves the problem of the Ergo not having the front facing option)- hope this helps someone!

Lina Central City, IA

Great product but not as useful as I expected

This is great if you plan to use it a lot. Our problem is that our baby is really only comfortable in it for about 20 minutes at a time. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem very comfortable for her. Also, I wouldn’t recommend it for babies under 3 months, even if they meet the weight/height requirements. When facing inwards, your baby’s neck isn’t strong enough and his/her face will just plant right into your body, making you worry that she can’t breath. Now that she’s older she can face out, which she enjoys. But again, she gets annoyed after 20 minutes, it seems kind of restricting and I dont think all babies will like it for that reason. All in all, we’ve used it a dozen times, now that she’s nearing the weight limit, I’m not sure we got our money’s worth. But I love the color and it really is handy for those days (especially when there is snow on the ground) when you dont want to stroll your baby around and need to run a quick errand. I would still buy this product, especially if you plan to have future babies use it, or if you plan to sell it or give it to a friend.

Shawn Cleveland, UT

Great product and I love the color

Love this! Had other "wrap" type of carriers, my son hated them, they were tight and hard to figure the wrap, I am more chesty and a size 12+, wasn’t for me- this product is great for my use and my husband and baby loves it

Leeann Collyer, KS

Brilliant Carrier

This is a fantastic baby carrier. I have used it with both my children and I would recommend it to any parent. My babies were perfectly comfortable in it and it secures the baby to your body in a way that gives you the security to free both your hands. The adjustable straps at the top allow you to pull their head closer to you for extra support, and when the baby is older you can flip the top down and turn the baby around and let them enjoy the view. I used it for 9-10 months with both my children. A great product.

Marisa Scobey, MT

Great product!

I bought this for our second baby, and I love it! its one of the best front carriers I have ever owned. I owned a few different ones for our first child and all them dissappointed.

Beverly Seal Cove, ME

Functional * Great color * Comfortable for baby

We’ve used this Bjorn from the time our little one was about 7 weeks old until now! (She’s nearly 7 months old.) It comfortable for me – but of course, any sling/wrap gets somewhat uncomfortable after an extended period of time. These babies aren’t feathers… It cleans up well and functions just fine. I’ve noticed that this Bjorn is a TITCH smaller in length than the original black one. Still, it works perfectly both wearing the baby inward and outward. I’d buy it again.

James Gillham, AR