BABYBJORN Baby Sitter 1-2-3 Activity Bouncer, Black Gingham

BABYBJORN Baby Sitter 1-2-3 Activity Bouncer, Black Gingham

Parents looking for a premier bouncer need look no further than the Baby Bjorn Baby Sitter. It is one of the most exquisite versions of bouncer on the market. The Baby Bjorn Babysitter has all of the features which parents look for in a top of the line baby bouncer. It is for children to 2 years and up to 29 lbs. The Baby Bjorn Baby Sitter helps transform the child’s smallest movements into soothing rocking movements. The Baby Sitter 1 2 3 adapts as the child moves to help sooth. Another standout feature of the Baby Sitter 1-2-3 is the anti-skid pads. They are safe for household use and assure the parent that no damage can be done. When the child becomes big enough to climb out of the Baby Bjorn Baby Sitter, the restraints may be removed. It is one of the most compact chairs when folded and allows for parents to store the Baby Bjorn sitter with toy anywhere they please.

Main features

  • Adjusts to three positions: play, rest and sleep
  • No batteries required; baby’s movement is transformed into a gentle rocking motion
  • Folds compactly for carrying, travel and storage
  • Three-point fabric safety harness; can be removed so older child can climb in or out on their own
  • For ages birth – 24 months; maximum weight 29 pounds

Verified reviews



Folds flat, easy to wash, basic toy bar, no batteries needed, my baby loves it 🙂 I’m a happy mommy!

Lindsay Waterford, OH

Baby Bjorn does it again!

I initially bought this seat when we brought our adopted daughter home from China. She was very weak and could not hold herself up. This sitter was just what she needed!! She learned muscle control and taught herself how to rock in this seat and was quickly sitting up on her own. She loved it!! When our newest daughter was born, I brought out the Bjorn and we used it from when she was a newborn and is still using it at 5 months old. She loves to sit in it, very comfortable, and she also LOVES the toy bar. It’s a great investment and it wears very well (after all of this use, it still looks brand new).

Michael Melrose, LA

Finally! A place to sit!

Our baby loves to kick on the changing table, but she has reflux and kicking flat generates a lot of spitup, plus it doesn’t allow us much freedom. She’s not a big fan of her car seat, and despite being now 10 lbs and 24 inches, she’s still a bit small to enjoy her Fisher Price vibrating chair/rocker–it reclines too much, and is a bit wide, so she slumps. We’ve been at a loss for someplace to rest her other than our arms during waking hours. This chair is a lifesaver! It seems to fit better than the cheaper chairs, plus, as others note, it is elegant and attractive. The bouncing is gentle and natural, spurred by baby’s own movements (though you can gently rock baby to sleep, too). The different angles make it versatile. We’re thrilled–and wish we had it from the very first week! Worth the money, for us at least.

Tracy Lake Mc Donald, MT


Hello, I purchased this for a new Grandson who has acid reflux and colic and it’s turned out to be a blessing for him and my Daughter. It is his favorite seat over 5 of the newest swings and vibrating chairs etc.Worth every penny. I definately recommend to all Moms, Grandmothers, & for wonderful baby gifts. I happily give it at least 5 stars for sure.The delivery & purchase were everything promised.Thank you Amazon, keep up the great work!

Glenna Taswell, IN

A safe place to put my baby while I shower…

When my baby was first born, I used to let her play in a bassinet next to the shower. It eased my mind to keep her in view. Now, I strap her into this bouncy seat so she can look at her books. It helps to be able to see her and know she’s not going to get into any mischief. It’s a pricey product, but worth every penny because it gets daily use and keeps her comfortable and quiet. For parents with a “needy” baby who doesn’t like to be out of your sight, this investment will buy you back some of your “me” time!

Jessica Lompoc, CA

Well Worth It!

Vastly overpriced.Couldn’t live without it.When I opened the box I thought it was an example of style over substance. Something that looks good, is expensive, and cost practically nothing to make (all of which is probably true). Three weeks later, I’ve got to admit: Overpriced or not, The Kid Loves It.

Lauren Wilburton, PA

Great seat!

We started using this at 2 weeks old, and now (at 2 months) it is still a big hit! It isn’t something that necessarily soothes our daughter, but she can sit in it while I cook, shower, use the computer, use the breastpump, etc. It can be a little difficult to get used to changing the seat adjustment, but we’ve only used the lowest setting so far. My daughter can fall asleep in it, and has never had a problem (even at 2 weeks) with her neck or head drooping (a concern my pediatrician asked about).My husband and I really wanted something without all the bells and whistles, and this is perfect. We also bought the other toy attachment for it. So far, we haven’t used either toy bar (the bears or face/flower one), and yet my daughter still enjoys the simple bouncing. Naps can also be easier, since she will fall asleep to the bouncing, and bounces herself when she stirs to wake up (keeping her asleep longer). Though I’m sure you can, we don’t routinely use this as a place for her naps (that’s what her crib is for).I would highly recommend, but note that any child will probably need to adjust to this chair. It took some time for our daughter to build up a tolerance for it, and now will stay in it for hours if we leave her there.

Lora Dateland, AZ

Our Baby Loved It

I would highly recommend this product. We used it the most from when our baby was born to about 4 months of age. Now he’s 6 months old and I really only put him in it to shower. He prefers sitting up on his own now or being in the Exersaucer, Jumperoo or swing. But it was a life saver for a long time. I never really used the toy bar on it. It’s easier to take them in and out without it. And he was never very interested it it.

Kirsten Bankston, AL

Practical, Useful, Stylish, Compact – No Batteries Needed!

I wish I would have bought this sooner and saved myself some money! My 4 month old baby loves to play with the little bears on this for at least 10 minutes (a long time in newborn land) which gives me a chance to take a shower – hurrah! Much prettier and more stylish than any of the other bouncers and swings out there which I tried. None were successful in entertaining my baby. This collapses flat and is made from very comfy stretch cotton. Best part is the baby does all the rocking – No batteries needed!I see that BabyBjorn has come out with a nearly identical product for twice the price – hmmm…don’t fall for it! Get this one!!

Brigitte Portales, NM

Miracle worker

We now own two of these amazing chairs: one for our house and one for use at daycare. As a parent, it is important to me to have my daughter happy, secure, and close to me. She hates slings and the like, so I was baffled about what to do because I couldn’t hold her all day. I can easily bring this with me to different rooms of the house, and she loves it. When she is fussy because of gas, and my arms are falling off from bouncing her, I put her in her chair on the floor, sit on the couch, and gently bounce her with my foot. She immediately calms down. I know it sounds over the top, but this chair makes me a better parent. It is my miracle worker.

Anne Centerville, PA