BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance Air – White Mesh

BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance Air – White Mesh

Enjoy the little things in life your baby safe comfortable and happy in his her own special seat BABYBJ RN Babysitter Balance cradles your child while transforming baby s smallest movements into a soothing rocking motion Sitting cozy and secure your child can sleep rest or take part in the things going on around him her

Main features

  • Cradles your child while transforming baby’s smallest movements into a soothing, rocking motion
  • Easy to fold and take with you, wherever you go
  • Three positions: play, rest and sleep
  • Tailored fabric seat conforms to the child’s body and distributes weight evenly; Made from a unique 3-D mesh material that was designed specifically for BABYBJÖRN, this versatile material wicks away heat and moisture
  • The soft, comfortable cloth cover is both detachable and reversible

Verified reviews


I don’t understand what the big deal is with this chair…expensive for what it does

I was so excited to get this for my 2 month old. It got great reviews, has a great name behind it, and the baby in the video for the product looks like she’s having so much fun. My son hates it! He’s 4 months old now and he hates it even more each day. I immediately added a toy bar (not theirs, one that actually has a lot of fun, interactive toys) but that didn’t help very much. It keeps him entertained for maybe 15 min while I shower but that’s about it. He’s always been a very active baby who kicks a lot and even with all his movement this thing barely bounces. I have to put my foot on it and move it back and forth for him. So basically it’s just an expensive chair. He likes his other $50 bouncer a lot better, and that one is much more comfortable for him. I wouldn’t buy this if I had it to do again, too expensive for what you get.

Cecile Paradise, PA

Great seat, no complaints!

We have used this seat for our son so far from birth to 8 months. He loves it, espeically when paired with the Tiny Love Activity Bar. I love that this seat can fold flat for travel. I can also move it around the house very easily so baby can watch me. I don’t like all of our toys to have lights, bells, and whistles, so this seat was perfect. Very well made and easy to clean or put in the washing machine.

Eula Yutan, NE

The best baby purchase EVER!

This is BY FAR the best baby purchase we have made. I have tried many other bouncers and non made my baby as comfortable as this one. She has a bit of a spit up problem and they all scrunched her up, hurting her belly. The design of this one always kept her in a natural, comfortable position. The gentle bouncing from her weight is perfect. It’s light and I carried it everywhere around the house with her in it. It’s footprint is small and practical. The seat adjustment was great too. Now that she’s 19lb, we only use it on the highest setting because her weight pushes it down a lot, so it’s no longer a sitting position, more reclining. I can feed her in it too. She only loved this seat. I would recommend this to everyone! 10 stars. It’s easy to wash too.

Rosalyn Ridgeway, WV

Excellent bouncer, worth the price

We wanted a bouncer that wouldn’t heat the baby and would be easily portable — this bouncer fit both of our needs. We have the Fisher Price Snugabunny bouncer, which the baby loves, but as the summer heated up, the baby was getting sweaty and uncomfortable in the soft fabric. The mesh on the Bjorn bouncer really does help him stay cool.As to the portability, it folds flat, and that’s great. Because we were planning a few trips this summer, I wanted to be able to throw it in the big suitcase to take with us. However, the bouncer is longer than an average large suitcase at nearly 37 inches. We got a large duffel bag (Eagle Creek Luggage No Matter What Rolling Duffel Bag), and it fits in there. Thankfully, we had needed a new suitcase, so it wasn’t too much of a hassle.We are nearing the end of one trip, and I’m so glad we got this bouncer and were able to travel with it. Sure, it’s pricey, but to have something from home that the baby is comfortable in and can be used in hotels, at grandparents’ houses, indoors or out, and more, makes it completely worth it for us.One final note: we got theTiny Love Take-Along Arch, Sunny Strollto attach to the bouncer rather than the bar Bjorn makes for it, and it’s been great. Kiddo loves it.

Jane Westerlo, NY

A Godsend!!!

I was bit skeptical about spending this much, but it is so amazing I bought a second one! One for home and one for work (I take my baby to work with me). My baby is 15 weeks old and I started using it at 2 weeks with a snug n go positioner. I still use the positioner in it because my baby was a preemie and doesn’t have good head support.He cannot rock it on his own yet, so I bounce it with my foot. Family takes turns bouncing with foot because it is often the ONLY was to keep him quiet! When I can soothe him no other way, he goes in his chair by my feet and I bounce him! I can work at my desk while bouncing (getting strong leg muscles!). Then when he falls asleep in it for a nap he sleeps very soundly! I bring it outside in the up position so he can watch the world.I never go on vacation without it! It is absolutely invaluable. I would have spent even more if I’d known how important it would be to my (and my baby’s) sanity!!!I’ve bought the toy bar but took it off because he doesn’t pay attention to it yet.

Nanette Entriken, PA

Expensive, but worth it

We bought this bouncie chair, along with theBABYBJÖRN BabySitter Wooden Toy, for our daughter when she was a few months old. We also had a more traditional kids bouncie chair, with electronic snap-on toys as well. The traditional one was okay, but our daughter would complain and get uncomfortable after a short while.However, the mesh weave of the Bjorn made it more comfortable, and she would spend a lot of time, and sleep quite a while, in it. We only got the Bjorn after getting theBABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Synergy – Black, Meshand being impressed with the mesh fabric, which is comfortable and breathable.Now that our daughter is a toddler (18 months), she’ll voluntarily climb into this chair to chill out on her own. It was expensive, but has been well worth it.

Leona Danville, WA


This worked for us! It’s an excellent babysitter, especially if you get the wooden bar toy to go with it. Yes, it’s expensive. But it’s a high quality product. I love that he can use it as a chair when he’s older. For now, it’s a lifesaver because our 3-month-old son loves to sit up but isn’t strong enough to do so on his own. In the highest position, this allows him to sit up and keeps him from fussing. It folds flat and is super lightweight. I recommend this to anyone with a baby!

Carla Otter Creek, ME

Useful and Portable

Our five month old still sits in this thing all the time. It provides the perfect amount of support for him and he stays happy in it for awhile. We love that it is easy to pick up and move from room to room as we need to, and that it folds in to nothing for travel. Awesome product.

Fannie Des Arc, AR

love, love, love

This thing is awesome. We got it as a very generous gift…and it’s one of those things that looks so simple that you don’t appreciate it until you have it. We have the all black version and our daughter LOVES it. She looks comfortable and got really good at bouncing herself in this. She loves that it’s more upright than other bouncy chairs, which is great for putting her in just after she’s eaten. She uses it multiple times a day since 7 weeks and is now 4.5 months old. She’s trying to sit up in it now so we may have to discontinue use for a while until she gets the hang of that. But it was awesome to travel with (folds flat) and kept our baby happy and safe while we do things like cook or do laundry where it’s either unsafe or uncomfortable to hold or wear her in a carrier. And I love that the color isn’t offensive or too trendy. It’s well made, versatile, and an absolute must-have.

Annmarie Sodus Point, NY

Who is the genius that invented this thing?!

Brilliant in its simplicity, that’s all I have to say. Self-induced bouncing? Wow! Easy clean mesh for those inevitable poo leaks? Amazing! Lightweight so you can pick it up with one hand with a kid in the other? Thank you Baby Bjorn!This chair is my ticket to a long shower. Just park this chair just outside the bathroom for easy baby supervision and enjoy your shower, new parents. Add theBABYBJORN BabySitter Wooden Toyand watch the neurons grow as you load the dishwasher with two hands free. I repeat: TWO HANDS FREE. Just take a moment while you’re folding laundry in peace and thank yourself for buying this chair.

Brigitte Crane, OR


Great chair, expensive for what it is however. We bounced with our foot and our baby would fall asleep often. A cheaper bouncer may be fine, but we liked this one too. Definitely get the over-priced toy bar. It’s boring without it.

Beth Martinsville, OH

Love it

I got this for the babies, but my toddlers won’t give it up. The toddlers love sitting in this and rocking. Made very well and use everyday…

Kayla Lynnville, IN

Forget a swing or cradle – get this!

Well-worth the investment. Easily portable, nice and safe to place baby in there for a bit, easy to clean, and my baby loves it!

Paige Allen Park, MI

Great bouncer seat!

We love this little seat for our daughter. We purchased this when she was 3 months old and its perfect for moving around the house. It’s ultra light weight and you can purchase a separate toy bar to attach.

Olive Mottville, NY