BABYBJORN Bib for Baby Carrier 2 Pack – White

BABYBJORN Bib for Baby Carrier 2 Pack – White

BabyBjorn Bib for Baby Carrier (2 Pack) The BABYBJORN Bib for Baby Carrier protects the upper part of your baby carrier so that you don’t have to wash the whole baby carrier as often. The bib has a soft and waterproof terry cloth surface that breathes and feels gentle against baby’s mouth and cheeks. The BABYBJORN Bib for Baby Carrier is an accessory that works with BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original, Active, and Miracle models only. Product Dimensions: 12.4 x 5.3 x 0.4 inches Product Weight: 1 pounds

Main features

  • Polyester, Cotton
  • Imported
  • Practical for your; bib helps protect the carrier so you don’t have to wash the carrier as often
  • Soft and pleasant; waterproof, breathable, soft terry cloth surface
  • Easy to clean; simply machine wash in hot water (140°F)

Verified reviews


waste of money….

my kid loves to suck on the bjorn. I guess alot of kids do and that’s why baby bjorn made this bib and decided to charge $8 a piece for a terry cloth. Their marketing team must be pretty smart since they figured out there will be parents willing to spend that money to decorate their baby carrier…So it’s a thin piece of terry cloth, just as thin as the cheapest burp cloths you can buy in bulk. The reason we bought these is because we’re doting first time parents who spend money on the top of the line baby items (orbit baby, etc…)and as a dad who is wrapped around the pinky of my daughter I thought a pink bib would be cute. We also bought the bibs since she sucks on the bjorn and we did try putting a burp rag between her and the bjorn, only to have it fall out. Well, I lost one of the bjorn bibs in a parking lot, it fell off when i removed the bjorn. Go figure.

Ada Montezuma, GA

Not bad

Slides off the active model but keeps the drool off which is the point. Actually wish I’d just made a couple from an old tea towel, its a waste of money to be honest.

Lindsey Lolo, MT

Not so useful…

I purchased two of these with the baby bjorn we ordered- we love the bjorn, don’t so much use the bibs. We mainly use the bjorn when we go hiking, so the white gets very dirty & while the bib catches her drool, it quickly gets soaked & then her face is stuck rubbing against a wet bib. Also, the bib always rides up in front of her face. I’ve heard from many moms that love this- that’s why we got it, but it’s pretty much useless for our family.

Katelyn Zephyrhills, FL


I think this product should come in the box with the Baby Bjorn; it’s essential! It is a terry like covering that fits perfectly over the top of Baby Bjorn. It absorbs all baby drool and I don’t have to wash the Baby Bjorn after every outing. You could just use your own cloth or towel but I like this product because it doesn’t budge and is not bulky.

Brandy Whitwell, TN

Constantly falls off

Fortunately, we did not pay a lot for the actual Bjorn carrier as it was a hand me down. But with a baby that loves to suck on the red (and fading fast) bib, I thought this would be a great purchase. Not so. Its fit is less than perfect. It’s thinner than paper, and it constantly falls off – EVERY TIME you take the baby in/out.Really, I could have just lived with the fading.

Marcy Lathrop, MO

great love it!

I love the fact that all I have to do is throw the bibs in to the washer and thats it not have to wash the whole bjorn and then hang to dry. Way easier.

Deborah Cushing, IA


Wayyyy over priced! Should have just used a cloth diaper tucked in. Material is kinda rough. Small and skimpy. But does do the job. Wouldn’t purchase again. Two does come in a pack, but for $16 it should be 6!

Polly Kenton, TN

black bits falling off

this product has got black bits of towel/terry falling off right out of its packaging. i had to be picking up all the bits.. everywhere. on the carrier and even on my baby too.I wonder if it only happens for black?

Sharlene Newkirk, NM

Waste of Money

Thin fabric. Pain in the neck to keep in place. Have to reposition or replace every time you take the carrier off. Better just to use a burp cloth.

Dessie Garwood, TX

Good Design but BAD Material

I love the thoughtfulness of this product as it keeps the carrier clean. However, after using it for the first time, I realize that my baby’s cheeks turned black! It was so hard to get the black stuff off of his face. I even use baby oil in attempt to get the black stuff out. The bib is quite expensive so I am disappointed with the quality.

Esmeralda Belvidere, SD


Nice idea, great product. I didn’t really used it much since the babybjorn didn’t look as stylish with it, but that is just preferrence.

Letitia Salt Point, NY

Perfect for a chronic spitter-upper!

These bibs are perfect for protecting the BabyBjorn from spit-up and drool. They fit perfectly and stand up in the wash. Sometimes certain food stains don’t come out but that seems to be the case with most bibs and the fact that I don’t attack the stains right away. This is a great add on to the Bjorn I would highly recommend it for any Babybjorn purchase.

Carlene Roseland, LA

Don’t waste your money; put a bib around your baby’s neck.

Not wild about the Synergy carrier and definitely don’t like these bibs that are supposed to go with it. The thinness of the material is a non-issue beacuse, they do have a non-permeable membrane to keep the drool from penetrating to the carrier, but a simple (and more cost-effective) plastic lined bib will do the same job. I don’t like these overpriced bibs beacuse they fall off every time you put your baby in or take your baby out of the carrier. I hate to pay for something that is suppose to make your life easier and only proves to provide more frustration. I have found that a simple, plastic-lined (or not) baby bib works better for my baby in (and out of) the carrier and costs much less!

Ronda Pompton Plains, NJ

Good looking, but difficult to use

I purchased Babybjorn miracle soft cotton carrier with its cover and bib when my baby was 2 months old. Overall very good purchase. But I should admit that they were pricey. Here are my reviews for each item:Miracle soft cotton carrier – very comfortable both for me and my baby. I use the carrier for grocery shopping and sometines out for walking. My baby and i both liked to face inward and forward. When my baby feels tired or if it is windy, i put her facing inward. So she can have some sleep or will not struggle with the wind :-). Otherwise she faces forward to enjoy peoples or things. It seems that my baby will outgrown the carrier around one i assume. Because she is a big baby which is usual for Mongolian babies. But, anyway, on that time i guess she will enjoy walking more. So i do not think it is a problem. Only i wish that i should purchase Air mesh carrier. I thought since i do not live in humid and hot country, it does not need to buy air mesh. But i was wrong! Sometimes I sweats a bit on my back which i hate it (even i wear just top or t-shirt). Well carrying baby in the carrier and doing some other things make you sweat even it is not that hot.Cover for carrier- very useful since we live cold and windy country. Highly recommend it if you live cooler region.Bibs for carrier – it looks nice but not that practical as other reviewers said. I decided to buy it because i want the carrier looks nice. But it is so annoying keep falling when i take out my baby from carrier. It needs to be washed not my baby makes it dirty, but it keeps falling in the ground!! The manufacturer should really consider the design making easy attachment to the carrier, etc. The material seems like when i wash a lot it will be rougher. Well will see.Again, they are very good purchase which makes my life easier and my baby’s life enjoyable.

Evangeline Millstone, KY

It’s pretty good

It’s a good product and fits very well with the Original, the Air and the Active-Sport carriers. I just wish that it could be a little bit softer though.

Ila Hillsboro, IL

Must Have!

We should have purchased this with the carrier. I took one star off, because it falls off very easily while I put or remove my baby from the carrier. It would be nice to have velcro or snap buttons.

Debora Cecil, GA

Not that great for Miracle carrier

Maybe because our baby isn’t that big yet (5 months) but the only way I can get enough coverage on the Miracle carrier is by putting the bib on backwards (with the name inside), otherwise it doesn’t provide enough protection from his drool. It is definitely overpriced and thin. If I had more time, I’d just take a burp cloth and stitch it together instead.

Aida Indianapolis, IN

Perfect for a drooling baby

Very satisfied with this, my daughter drools a lot and this kept my Bjorn away from the white stains and kept her face from being wet from the drool.

Amelia Atwater, CA

A great droolin’ solution!

We love to carry our twin infants around in their Baby Bjorn carriers. We actually also ownERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier, Green River Rockcarriers, but for now we prefer the Bjorn to the Ergo Baby carriers because our boys can face out and see the world.The boys are also teething right now. Everything goes into their mouths – and when walking around in the Baby Born carriers, they love to drool on the carrier, eat the carrier, suck the carrier, etc. The front of the carrier is constantly in their mouths.These bibs provide a great solution. As others have noted, they are essentially small, expensive washcloths. But they’re also custom-formed and sewn to fit nicely on the Bjorn carrier. They fit perfectly after washing, are easy to install and remove, and much easier to wash (and especially dry) than the whole carrier.These are definitely worth the cost. We’d buy them again in a minute. So far, they have proven durable through washing, and keep the carrier nice and tidy – should the babies spit up, only the bib needs washing.

Wilma Andersonville, GA

Could easily use a bib and achieve the same thing

Annoying to get on and the fabric feels very cheap. It surved the purpose but so could a bib. If you want the Bjorn to look stylish, buy it, if you want to just keep it from getting drooled on buy a bib and save some money.

Sue Wright, AR

Decent Bibs

These bibs fit on my Baby Bjorn great. I wish they were a little thicker, but they do the job.

Lindsey Leslie, GA

Very helpful

Keeps Bjorn nice & sanitary. My daughter drools a lot, so this helps prevent us for having to launder it as often.

Nelda Little Sioux, IA

Perfect product

Debated purchasing these based on some of the reviews, so just to clarify some of the negative comments -1. Yes, it’s a piece of terry cloth. If you can design it yourself you should, otherwise it fits perfect and does exactly what is needed2. It has slots on each side, so it goes in between the clips when you put the bjorn on. Obviously, when you unlatch it, it might fall off, but the point is that it’s removable and easy to just put on, so this is not that big of an inconvenience.3. Easy to wash and baby still likes to suck on this part of the bjorn. Bibs did not work, as it didn’t settle at the same height and she didn’t like the fabric as much.Highly recommend, wish I would have purchased sooner to prevent the initial damage to the carrier.

Deidre Mason City, IL

IF you own a Bjorn, GET THESE!

Before I found these on Amazon, I was constantly washing the Bjorn from spit up. These solve the problem! No more extra washing! Buy these if you have a Bjorn!

Sallie Flemington, NJ

Not soft enough for my son’s chin and cheeks

This bib is not soft enough and after a couple of trips with it my son’s cheeks were bright red from friction. What I do, I use it as a cover for the carrier, so I do not have to wash the carrier itslef, but I also use a big Aden and Anais bamboo burpy bib between it and my baby’s chin and cheeks for softness. This combination works wonders for us and even if the burpy bib gets soiled and is removed for a little while I am replacing it, my baby carrier is still protected from drooling and milk.

Ana Hanover, IN

Good idea

Any baby will spit up, or just drool, while you are out walking, so this will help save your carrier somewhat. Honestly though, any burp rag/towel would fit this purpose in a pinch. The nice thing about this is it is attached, so won’t fall off – but you can ‘attach’ a towel etc. yourself and save the money. Convenient, but might not be worth the price. That being said, we use it, so I’m glad we have it.

Emilie Iola, TX

A necessity

My 4.5-month old son drools constantly. This bib stays in place and absorbs all the drool and it’s super easy to put on and take off. Much easier than washing the carrier itself. A definite must-have.

Ronda North Miami Beach, FL

Not good

I love BB products, one could say i’m even a fan, but this item is of cheap quality, overpriced and not very practical. You are truly better served with a usual bib over the carrier side! It’s made of very thin and sort of worn-out cloth, which stops as much drool as a sieve would. The bib itself sort of fits the carrier, but not really. The baby moves, the bib moves with her. You take the baby out of the carrier, the bib comes along. You end up constantly adjusting it and you better hope your baby doesn’t start playing with it. It’s also very expensive for the quality it provides, so i’m disappointed in my purchase.

Lana West Hills, CA

A real necessity

When I bought the carrier I wasn’t concerned about drool- my newborn never drooled. Now my 4 month old sucks on the front of the carrier and it’s kind of gross, not to mention obvious to all by the 3 inches of darkened fabric. I tried sticking a burp cloth there but it wasn’t really helping, slipping out of place, falling, and still getting the carrier wet. We bought these and are quite happy to say we stopped washing the carrier after every outing. ;-pThey have:a water-proof barrier,are easy to pop on,stay in place,look good,and yet still seem tasty enough to gum and suck on.We are very happy and will buy another set of 2 for vacationing.

Regina Blountville, TN

Easy to clean

This cover is convenient for babies who are teething. It is much easier to wash this than the entire Bjorn every time you carry your baby. Sometimes it flips up in the baby’s face but usually only when it is twisted on the straps.

Patricia Griggsville, IL