BABYBJORN Bib for Comfort Carrier, White

BABYBJORN Bib for Comfort Carrier, White

The Bib for Baby Carrier protects the upper part of the baby carrier for your baby’s drips and drools.

Main features

  • Practical for your; bib helps protect the carrier so you don’t have to wash the carrier as often
  • Soft and pleasant; waterproof, breathable, soft terry cloth surface
  • Easy to clean; simply machine wash in hot water (140°F)

Verified reviews


Pricey for what it is

My husband bought this and I have to say I thought it was pretty expensive for what it is. My 4mo old slobbers so much I have to take it off and wash it pretty much daily and I’ve found that I actually prefer to use burp cloths. If you drape it over and tuck it under the front flap it stays in place plus you are able to change it easily and more frequently if you plan on being out all day. PLUS I think it solves for a design flaw on Bjorn’s part. If you have a kid that slobbers (which I think is all kids at some point) the slobbers drips down the inside of the carrier. Using the burp cloth it covers more area inside and keeps the carrier dry (and again easier to swap out when it does get soaked).

Sasha Dillsboro, IN

Nice but not necessary

The bib for the baby carrier is nice but not necessary. Also, it doesn’t stay on real well and my 9 month old is constantly trying to grab it.

Mildred Morgan Mill, TX

you do need it!!!

you must always have a spare one!!!! quality just as the one in the baby bjorn, wish it was a little more resistant to machine wash but it’s okay…

Edwina Nineveh, PA

Good to keep things clean

Good to keep the Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier clean. I would have liked it to be a little thicker, but it fits well, and much easier to clean than the actual carrier. I am going to purchase another one so that I have 3 total so I can always have a clean one available.

Lilia Fabyan, CT

horrible fabric

its made out of cheap rough towel fabric.its better to put a soft towel on top instead of this thing.thing. i was very disappointed when i opened the package, because of how thin and rough it was. i used once and that was it..i dont like how hard is on babys face.I wish i wouldnt paid 15bucks for that.

Wendi Woodruff, SC

Keeps the Carrier Clean

This is a great product to help keep the front of the carrier clean. My little one loves to suck on the front part, so I was having to constantly wash the cloth part of the carrier. I was afraid it would start to wear out, so I tried these bibs that fit over the front part of the carrier. Soooo much easier to clean and wash. I definitely recommend getting a 2 pack so you can be using one and have one in the wash.

Tammi Harrold, SD

Bib is pointless when you can wash the Bjorn itself.

I have used this Bjorn bib with our daughter but found it to be too much trouble for the benefits its supposed to provide. I found that our high efficiency washing machine has a “hand wash” cycle that washes the actual Bjorn carrier nicely. I never use this bib anymore.

Gladys Greenville, FL