BABYBJORN Booster Chair, White

BABYBJORN Booster Chair, White

By the age of three, most children are old enough to leave the high chair and sit by themselves. That’s where the BABYBJORN Booster Chair comes in. It is the perfect solution to help your child sit at the table at the correct height. When your child gets to sit on a chair just like you do, it strengthens his or her self-esteem: “I’m big now and can sit by myself!”

Main features

  • Correct sitting height at the table; perfect for when your child grows out of the high chair and wants to sit on a proper chair
  • Small and portable; Weighing just 2 6 lbs, the booster chair is ideal for restaurant visits and travel
  • Easy to clean; smooth surfaces make it easy to clean; just wipe it with a cloth
  • The unique two-stage lock prevents children from releasing the BABYBJÖRN Booster Chair when it is strapped to the chair
  • The non-slip straps and mini pads underneath ensure that the booster chair remains firmly positioned on the chair The ribbed seat surface makes the seat less slippery

Verified reviews



The BABYBJORN booster chair is the quality you come to expect from BABYBJORN. It’s extremely durable and comfortable. The strap mechanism is not cumbersome and unique. White looks modern but I am not sure about the cleaning aspect of it in the long run, we are talking about pre-schoolers here. I knocked off a point because the price is a bit extreme. There are far more affordable and I am sure durable booster chairs on the market.Update – We have been using this for several months. It is still in great shape and cleans very easily, no staining. One annoyance is that I can not push it all the way back on my chair because of the design. So when my child is sitting in this booster, the dining chair is pushed out further than usual.

Alisa Bass Lake, CA

it’s much smaller than any of the other seats that I have seen out there

This is a MUCH smaller seat than most I have seen out there for toddlers. There is no back to the seat, and no straps so it really is a “booster” seat only. However my three-year-old daughter, who is average size, barely fits in and it actually HATES it because it is so small. For the price, you’re much better getting a baby-to-toddler seat with tray and straps than this one. It’ll probably work if you have a very small child and small chairs, but my average-sized dining table and chairs are too big for it.

Cassandra Southborough, MA

a really great booster chair for bigger kids

My daughter (3 1/2) was ready to move up to a different chair at dinner. She had been sitting in an old Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster chair, which was fine, except she didn’t need the buckles or tray anymore. This is a perfect in between chair for her, since she’s still a bit too small to be comfortably sitting at our table in just a regular chair.Installation was as simple as can be. It snaps at the bottom, and there’s a knob to tighten it. It fits securely to our chair, and it looks nice on it. My daughter loves having a “big girl” booster and it puts her at the perfect height for dinner.There aren’t any real drawbacks, except that it’s expensive. I’m also not sure about how much longer we’ll need a booster chair for her (maybe another year or so?) so I don’t know if it would be worth having if you don’t have more kids to pass it down to when it’s outgrown. But if you need something for those big toddlers/preschoolers in your life that securely fastens to a chair (and want something that looks a little more elegant than some of the other booster chairs out there), this is a great choice.

Cindy Sabattus, ME

Lightweight and secure in seat

This little seat belts easily to a regular kitchen chair. The belts adjust to fit different sizes…we tried it on an overstuffed fat dining room chair and it worked fine.Little rubber nubs keep it from sliding and a smooth one-piece design of the top of the seat seems to make cleaning anything off very easy. I rinse it under the faucet and haven’t gotten any wet sounds or anything from the interior.It is a bit pricey for what you get. The seat is super light and travels easily as a result….but you’re left with that “this is so light and plastic, why did it cost so much?” feeling….

Shelly Emerald, WI

Love this!

This is the perfect little booster chair for a toddler who doesn’t need to be strapped in for safety and just needs a little extra height to function better at the table. We have been using the standard type that you find at a big box retail store, one with a short back and fairly substaintial sides, with straps that go around the back and the bottom of the chair and that has a harness system. Well, this seat is far sperior and here’s why:With all the seams, openings, back and sides on our older seat it can become a nasty mess and is so very difficult to get nice and clean. The seat part on the Bjorn is seamless, so there are no openings where food can spill down in… A breeze to clean! The device which locks the chairs onto the bottom of the seat works beautifully and the straps even have a non-skid feature which makes it feel even more stable. I love that there aren’t super high sides and back because it was also worrisome when a little one tried to climb up and over the sides. This one has slightly curved sides and back to provide support, but it isn’t cumbersome for them to climb into the seat themselves. I also love that on our dinning room chairs it is small enough so that I can completely slide the chair into the table and you can’t even see it! Overall, I love this booster and would definitely recommend it for the toddler who is ready to sit safetly without the straps.

Catalina Sand Lake, MI

Baby bjorn Booster

This chair is more expensive and smaller than the soft gear I ordered for my twins. I had to stuff a pillow behind his back with the Baby Bjorn.

Lola Kennan, WI

Have purchased two of these..

I purchased two of these for my older two children a year ago, and now my younger two are old enough to sit in booster seats, so I have purchased two more. They are a tad pricey for a booster seat, when there are many others on the market for a lot less. However, I have returned to get two more because the quality is stellar. They strap easily to the chair – any type of chair – and do NOT shift once secured! The seat is comfortable, and has little ridges to grip, so child does not slide around. It is aesthetically pleasing, and feels nice to the touch. MOST importantly, Baby Bjorn does NOT make toxic products!! Almost all baby products these days are made with and doused in very toxic chemicals, which can be absorbed through skin, inhaled, and offgasses toxic fumes for years. Flame retardant chemicals are applied, which contain all sorts of nasty carcinogens and poisons, like arsenic and bromines, etc. I do NOT want my child exposed to these! Baby Bjorn does not use these, so I feel safe purchasing their products, and this makes the extra expense worth it, in my mind. I highly recommend this item, as well as their other products, as we have used many of them! Check out their travel cot!! Best one we EVER purchased!!

Elva Tyner, IN

Very nice booster

With my two older daughters I used the Cooshie booster seat for them from the time they were about a year and a half old. One thing I always wished that seat offered was a strap to hold it on to the chair. I also didn’t like how the seat ruined the finish on my kitchen chair when my second daughter was using it.I was excited to check out this booster from Babybjorn. The seat is nicely designed. The booster can be securely attached to a kitchen chair. I like the little rubber grippers on the bottom of the booster. I think the design on the bottom will keep the seat from marring the finish on a chair if there happens to be a small spill.The booster is a hard plastic so shoes with buckles will not tear this seat up. It will also be a snap to wipe down. Of course, I do wonder how well the white plastic will hold up to foods that stain such as spaghetti sauce.The mechanism for the strap for this booster is interesting. The strap winds up to store itself within the seat so you won’t have loose straps dangling if you take this with you to eat out or visit family. There is also a nice little handle moulded into the bottom of the seat for easy carrying.I have to say I am a bit shocked at the asking price for this booster. It’s nice, but there’s no way I’d spend nearly eighty dollars for it. I suppose you’re paying for the Baby Bjorn name.

Tanisha Laurens, IA

Slippery and hard booster chair

The booster seat itself stays secure on most chairs with flat seats. The rubber disks on the underside of the unit grips to most flat surfaces, but the surface of the booster seat itself is hard and slippery and our son kept sliding off of the chair. This booster seat might work for older toddlers who don’t need a back rest and can balance on a hard seat for a period of time, but for younger toddlers (our son was 2- 1/2 when we got this), it didn’t work very well. I am a big fan of Baby Bjorn products in general, but this one was thumbs down.

Lena Alsip, IL

Superb quality, fantastic non-slip base, clever strap system

At first I thought “Man, $80 for a plastic booster seat? What, does $60 go to liability insurance?” Then it arrived, and while I’m sure a portion does go towards our overly-litigious society, most goes directly into the product. It’s toddler friendly and safe – no sharp edges, no points – it’s all rounded. The seat is designed for toddlers to be able to carry, so there’s the self-reliance enforcement built-in.The bottom of the seat has dozens of little red dots – these are grippy (my guess is Silicone) – the seat won’t slide. I tried it on wood, cushion, plastic and cloth. For contoured chairs (many wooden kitchen chairs), not all the red dots make contact with the chair. The base also has some contours for chairs that have more form fitting seats. For additional safety, there’s a built in strap. This should be used on any surface, and it’s pretty ingenious. There’s a snap and a tightening knob on the booster seat rear. Push it in to loosen, and turn to tighten.The portion where the child sits has some texture to make it more non-slip. It’s not that tall – only boosts by three inches.This is a well made, well thought-out product that I would heartily recommend to anyone.

Tamera Arlington, KY

Great booster for older toddler

This is a great booster for older toddlers who are stable sitters (i.e. don’t need a belt over their lap), but just need to be closer to the table. It is by far the easiest to clean of any of the booster seats we have owned (and with three kids we have owned many). My only complaint is that it is quite expensive for what it is.

Kitty Biglerville, PA

Very nice booster….

This is a very nice booster seat for my toddler. Unlike some boosters, it has a smooth seat, and does not have an uncomfortable bump in the center. The plastic is easy to wipe off. I appreciate the neutral white and black color scheme, since so many children’s products are garish colors.The booster has a strap that attaches under the chair you are putting it on. There is a dial on the back of the chair, that makes it easy to tighten the strap, instead of having to bend down under the chair to tighten it. The booster has a substantial weight to it. I put it on my kitchen scale, and it is a little over 2.5 lbs. It is almost heavy enough to use without a strap because it does not slide around on the chair. Of course, that depends on the age of the child sitting on it, as the strap is a good safety feature.I was a bit surprised to see that this booster was made in Sweden, since most things seem to be made in China.

Gayle Dunseith, ND

A great-looking booster seat

My son’s not yet old enough to use this, but I’m happy that I have it. Right now, we use a booster infant seat that attaches to a chair but also contains a strap to hold him in. As he gets older, he’ll outgrow it, but it’ll be awhile until he is able to fit into a chair comfortably on his own. This seat will fill that gap.It’s lightweight, attachest o the chair, and looks quite comfortable. Also, it’s minimal, so it will fit into many homes without screaming “KIDS SEAT!!!”I’m looking forward to using it.

Morgan Hart, TX

Have a Chair

With a baby boom in our family, I realzied how handy a booster seat would be–especailly now that I never look up numbers in the New York City telephone book and can’t place a stack of them on a chair. After shopping around, I settled on this attractive seat by Bjorn and my toddler guests give it a thumbs up. I especially love that it can be easily wiped clean and is compact enough to not take up much valuable closet space.One caveat: the chair does not have a seatbelt or other way to strap in a child, so it’s best for an older kid.

Karla Richfield, UT