BABYBJORN Comfort Carrier – Gray, Organic

BABYBJORN Comfort Carrier – Gray, Organic

BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier is an ergonomic baby carrier that provides the best possible support when carrying a bigger and older child for extended periods of time The waist belt and the padded adjustable shoulder straps distribute baby s weight evenly onto your hips and shoulders

Main features

  • cotton
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Waist belt and padded shoulder straps adjust weight evenly over both hips and shoulders for more comfortable carrying
  • Flexible carrying positions, baby can face in or out
  • Organic and machine washable
  • Bib not included, can be purchased separately

Verified reviews


Some problems.

I will say that I have not tried my baby in this yet. We have an original Bjorn which she likes because it does not spread her legs as much as other carriers. I thought this would be good because of the better back support but it feels somewhat bulky when I put it on. Also the front panel which folds down to allow the smaller bottom section does not fold away and secure well. I am assuming it folds under the belt but it would be nicer if it detached completely. Worst of all the instruction manual is not very good at explaining how to transition the carrier from one position to the next and where to tuck everything. I am considering sending it back.

Meghan Presidio, TX

wow! the baby bjorn, improved!

I also own the Original Baby Bjorn, which is great, so I was very excited to give the Comfort Carrier a try. I have to say that I absolutely love it. The color is great. The material is nice and doesn’t smell chemical-y, even right out of the box. As with the Original, I love that each strap stays in place and feels very secure. (I never worry about my baby being unsafe when he is strapped into a Baby Bjorn carrier.) I found the Comfort Carrier to be even easier to set-up, lock into place, and adjust than the Original.It did take me a second to remember that the bottom, padded strap sits right above your hips, not by your waist. At first I worried that this strap would feel awkward and cumbersome, but it is actually very comfortable and, I believe, a great improvement on the Original. With the Original, I noticed that I started getting a sore back and sore shoulders when my son reached about 14 lbs. Nothing unbearable, but it wasn’t pleasant. (I am 5’6″ and pretty fit for having given birth a few months ago, so I don’t think the soreness happened because I am completely out of shape–or at least that’s what I tell myself.) With the Comfort Carrier, though, I don’t feel any soreness when I walk around with my son. The extra padding on the shoulder straps helps, too.The big question is, is the Comfort Carrier worth the price? From my experience, I think that the Comfort Carrier sets itself apart from the Original because it is more supportive and comfortable. Since I use a carrier ALL the time, that is an important feature for me, and the extra cost is worth it.

Mable Goldsmith, IN

Not worth it

This carrier is too bulky. It’s not even all that comfortable. I would rather use Babybjorn Miracle or Active. It was way too big for my son, who is a pretty big baby.

Jesse Cairo, IL

Great Bjorn

We got this bjorn after already using the ergo and the original bjorn. We originally purchased the ergo. It is very nice and we now like that it can go on your back, but it is not as easy to use as the original bjorn and the baby cannot face out. My son really like using the original bjorn and facing out but he is getting a bit large for that one (21 lb) and we thought that since this one says it goes up to 30lb would give it a try. First thing that I noticed was that the directions tell you you can only use it facing forward up to 26lb. This was a big disapointment and I highly considered returning it and getting the less expensive bjorn with extra back support that goes up to 26lb. The second disapointment was how you put the baby in. I really liked how easy it was to put the baby into the original bjorn, this one is a little more complicated than the original bjorn in that you have to lift him up and stick his legs into the pouch (for lack of a better word). It is easier to use than the ergo.It is difficult to tell how the product works when you look at the pictures on-line. I was tempted to send it back after looking at the directions, but we decided to give it a try. It is very comfortable for both us and the baby. It puts a lot less strain on my back that the ergo did (when the baby was on the front in the ergo it would hurt my lower back/hip and the bjorn does not). It is a little more difficult to get the baby in and out, but not terrible. We really like the head support that this bjorn has when the baby is facing inward. The Ergo is nice, but if he falls asleep (which happens a lot in the carrier facing forward) there is no head support option. Our little boy seems to love riding in it and it is very comfortable for both me (5’2″ and my husband 6′). Having both this and the ergo give us the best of both worlds because if we want to stick him on our backs we use the ergo and on the front we use the bjorn. If I had to pick one of the two I might lean toward this one just because our little guy really likes to face out and the headrest is great oh and it is a bit easier to put the baby in and out than the ergo.Just remember with this one you can’t use it till they weigh 13lb. With the ergo you can use an insert and use it earlier. The original bjorn holds a small baby the easiest. I got my original one on craigs list for $10. If you think you might want this one then getting a used original to start you out is probably a good idea.

Lucy Centereach, NY

Best Carrier for Us

I have three different carriers that I have all used quite a bit – The Ergo Sport, Moby and the BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier. I feel that the BabyBjorn is the best of the three because it offers different positions easily, it’s easier to put on, it feels more secure and it’s more comfortable for carrying my 20lb 6 month old.I started out with just the Moby and the Ergo. While the Moby was great until my baby was old enough to fit in to the Ergo (she didn’t like the infant insert and I didn’t like her being in the froggy style), the Moby was a bit too stretchy once she got bigger. We switched over to the Ergo and she loved it. It had more structure than the Moby and it was easier to put on than having to deal with all of the wrapping. That was great when she was sleepy, but I needed something for when I needed to go out when she was more awake because she always seemed to start to get a little frustrated that she couldn’t see out more. I got the BabyBjorn for her and she loves it, especially facing out! The first time I put her in it, she was so excited and has so much fun in it and from then on, it has been her preferred position so that she can explore the world with mommy! The Bjorn offers the same position with the varying leg positions and it is nice to be able to switch from the front facing position or the facing in position easily – which is nice when you have a shopping cart full of items and your baby starts getting fussy and wants a different position! It is also easier to put on than the Ergo and feels more comfortable. An added bonus is that when my baby is facing out, she can mouth the folded over front part. She loves that now that she is teething and I love that it is organic (and I am considering getting the bib for her, the front of the carrier gets soaked by the time we are done!).I was concerned about the Comfort Carrier still not being as comfortable as the Ergo since that seems to be a complaint about the BabyBjorn products. This is not the case with this carrier and I find it more comfortable and secure than the Ergo. The Ergo felt like the shoulder straps were going to slide off of me and I didn’t like the fastener between the shoulder straps being in the back. I felt like I had to be a contortionist to get the Ergo fastened by myself – all while my baby is sitting in it. The BabyBjorn is much better – you just slide it over your head, fasten the belt and slide the baby in. I feel this is a much superior design.I read almost all of the reviews on here before we made the purchase and I would like to address a few of the things that I had read that had concerned me, but that I found were not an issue afterall. Someone had mentioned that they felt that the waist belt clip was not very secure. I found that it is very secure if you have it tightened properly. I also found that unlike the Ergo, the weight belt is not the main part of the baby’s safety. It is more of an accessory to help with the weight distribution when it is fastened, but the baby isn’t going to fall out if it comes undone – not that I see that it would be able to come undone if you have it tightened properly. Also, the Bjorn is not all that much more bulky than the Ergo or the Moby. I was expecting it to be huge, but its size when being transported is not an issue since I am used to carrying around the Moby or the Ergo.I was also concerned about all the hype about the front carrying position being bad for the baby’s hips and spine. I did quite a bit of research and couldn’t find any studies that support this. Millions of babies have been carried around in these carriers since the 70’s and I feel that there would be more definitive problems and even recalls if it were as bad as people, especially on forums, make it out to be. I still use caution about keeping her in the front carry position for too long, though, just to be safe. This is what makes the Comfort Carrier great – I can just switch her around to facing me with her legs in what critics feel is a safer position (with the support fastened so that she is in a more sitting position).I don’t know what I would do without a carrier and this carrier seems to be the best one that is out there. Spendy, yes, but it is definitely worth it with all the use that we have gotten and will continue to get out of it!

Vickie Richburg, NY

Comfy and easy to use

This is my fourth BabyBjorn carrier over the years with my child and grandchildren. I must admit this one is my favorite.What do I like about this one? The materials are organic and the carrier is well made. It is also comfortable. So many carriers with thinner straps seem to cut into your back, shoulders or arms at some point. This one has wide, well padded straps that after an hour or so of walking were still comfortable. One of the best things about it, is the baby’s weight rests on your hips rather than higher up. Wonderfully comfortable after a long walk.Another thing I like about this carrier is the ease in which it assembles. I’ve had carriers where reassembling them after a walk to the park where my child was taken out and put back in was a frustrating experience getting the straps right again in order to put the thing on. This one is much easier than several I’ve experienced, but they have a handy “cheat sheet” sewn inside the carrier!The Company does not recommend this for babies under 13 pounds, so I was a bit disappointed that my coming grandson won’t be ready for it for most likely a couple of months. However, my toddler granddaughter had a great time being Nana’s lab rat! In the last carrier we had, the leg openings were very tight no matter what we did to alleviate pressure on her legs–we had to abandon that one after her legs started turning bluish color. So I was very concerned that this one not do the same restrictive circulation grip that the other one did. She assured me that it was comfy and not tightly binding her legs.The carrier is designed to have baby facing forward or out depending on your preference and the baby’s weight, this makes it a double duty item in baby’s repertoire of needed equipment for comfort, safety and fun.

Hilda Clarence, NY

If you like the original Baby Bjorn, you’ll love this one

I had been lent the original Baby Bjorn and my son was good with it–not great, but better than other carriers I had tried (slings). He was getting bigger and I needed something to help my back. This product is great! I barely notice his weight. It really does distribute the weight onto the hips. The shoulder straps are wide and comfortable. It is easy to get him in and out of it. My son is only 3 months old and sucks on everything near his mouth. The terry cloth cover for the straps is a nice and useful touch. I would highly reccommend this if you are looking for a carrier for the long term.

Cristina Bittinger, MD

Good for tiny infants but kills your neck after baby is 7 months old

I purchased this carrier for increased comfort as compared to the previous Bjorn models. It is after all, called the Bjorn Comfort, right? I previously used the original Bjorn and liked it because my baby seemed very comfortable in it and the baby loved facing outwards, but found that the straps dug into my shoulders. So, for baby #2 I purchased the Bjorn Comfort based on the extra padding provided in the straps. At first, it was divine. The straps had extra padding and seemed so cushy and I loved this carrier. My infant fit so comfortably in it and I could really feel the difference of having the extra padding in the Bjorn Comfort. I walked all over NYC with my new infant, pain free. However, when the baby hit 6 months, the shoulder pain returned from wearing the Bjon Comfort. By the time the baby was 7 months and getting heavier, the plastic plate that holds the two straps together would ride up and dig into my neck. No matter how I tried to adjust the baby and the straps, that plate holding the straps together would dig painfully into my neck to the point that I felt like the baby was being supported and was essentially dangling by the strength of my neck alone so I had to stop using it. I have no idea how someone could carry a heavier baby with this carrier, and I would think that 18 lbs of baby is pushing it before the carrier’s straps dig into your neck. Instead, buy another Bjorn with the lumbar support like the bjorn miracle!BABYBJORN Miracle Soft Cotton Mix Baby Carrier, Black/Silver

Kelley Hardy, VA

Very comfy and highly adjustable!

First off, let me say I don’t have a baby to put in this yet, as I am still pregnant. BUT we used a BB for my son 9 years ago when he was born, and I’ll tell you, BABYBJORN has come a long way! Before, you had to buy a size specific carrier. I love that this carrier is so adjustable, because my husband is quite a bit smaller than I am, and it can easily fit both of us. I am about a size 22-24 pregnant right now, and it fit me with quite a bit of room to spare.My first thought at seeing this was “it looks COMPLICATED.” I couldn’t have been more wrong! It is easy to put on, just slip it over your head and buckle the waist buckle in the back. You can pull on the waist straps to adjust them better after you buckle the back. If you have to make the waist really small, there are loops on the sides to hold the excess belt material. The buckle is interesting, it isn’t a traditional squeeze buckle, it is a tension type buckle and it makes it easier to undo behind your back. There is a cross brace slider thing on your back that can be adjusted for support. That was the only thing difficult to reach after having the carrier on. It would be easier to adjust before putting it on. The “snaps” up top to let the front be released to put the baby in are a cinch! The old carrier had actual snaps that were a total pain to use. This one has snaps that also seem to work on tension. I can’t accurately describe them, but they are so easy to use! The buckles/straps on the front to adjust for the size of your baby are easy to use, too. There are two small leg straps to use for smaller babies, and they hang free when not in use. The front also has a zipper that can be zipped up to make the carrier smaller for smaller babies, and unzipped when you need the carrier to have more room. The waist is very padded, as are the straps, and the fabric is very soft. It also comes with this odd looking bib thing to put over the front to protect the carrier from drool, etc. It wasn’t the easiest thing to put on the carrier, and it looked like it would hang free and be wonky, but it might be different once a baby is in the carrier. The only thing that will take some breaking in is folding over the front of the carrier for the baby to look out. Because this item is so padded everywhere, it is harder to fold over, but in time I am sure it will get easier.One other great thing about this carrier is that the directions on how to use it are stitched in fabric right inside the carrier in the front where you can easily reference it. I love that! The old BB was that way, too. Very convenient.I never used the old carrier, I really hated it and found it hard to use and adjust. I feel totally different about this carrier. I see myself using it often, and my husband sees himself using it a lot, too. He did use the old carrier, though, but felt this one, while bulkier, is far superior in comfort, convenience and support. Yes, it costs more than many other carriers, but you get what you pay for!

Lila Jessup, MD

Way to bulky and big

We have an original Bjorn, but my boys are getting big and heavy and it was getting very uncomfortable for me to try to carry them for long stretches in it, so I thought I would try this model. First let me say that if you are a petite woman, this will not work for you. I am 5’4″ and 112 lbs, and I could not adjust it small enough to fit. My husband is 6’2″ and 210 lbs, and it did fit him okay. However, we elected to return it because it is just too bulky. There is so much padding everywhere that it cannot even be rolled up to fit in a diaper bag, and it just seemed like if it were even a little bit warm outside a baby could get overheated in it (not to mention the wearer). Also, it is nowhere near as easy to put on as the original Bjorn, which is one of the reasons we liked the Bjorn so much to begin with. I ended up ordering a Becco Gemini and I am very happy with it, while my husband is just going to keep using the original Bjorn (and make more visits to the chiropractor).

Lula Rushville, OH

im 5ft 1 inch. carrier wayyyy tooo big for me..buttt

Wonderful product. Lives up to its name. Durable soft carrier for both baby & u. Women under 5 ft 4 inches should not purchase this item. And being that I am petite I’ve adjusted the strap to the maximum point & not only does it still not fit, but baby will b wedged wayyy mad close into ur chest if u try this. But women who r about 5 ft 4 inches & taller, ur baby & u will b super comfy. The wait belt is so fantasticly made to fit for what would seem like all day wear. And the belt r so sucure they r so firmly engineered. Just wish I didn’t have to return this 🙁 🙁 :(I’m giving 4 stars because this carrier is not meant for short women.

Kenya Columbia Falls, MT

This is fantastic!

My four month old is 19lbs and 26 inches long and was killing my shoulders and back in other carriers. This one is so comfortable because it puts the weight on your hips. He refuses to face me in the carrier and wants to see out. This one offers him the looking out option in a comfortable way so that his legs sit nicely and again…it is super comfy! Could wear him in this for hours!

Connie Essig, MN

FINALLY – a carrier for bad backs!

I’ve been looking for a carrier for awhile that allows my son to face both in and out and doesn’t kill my back. We have the original Baby Bjorn carrier, which really hurts my back and we had the ERGO for a while too. The ergo was more comfortable but my son couldn’t face out, which he much prefers. This carrier is very well made and its extremely comfortable. The straps are very padded and the hip belt really helps to shift the weight from your shoulders to your hips. One review knocked the carrier for not having a secure clip around the waist, but I found this not to be true and the belt stays closed and have never had an issue with it.The ONLY issue I’ve encountered so far is that the carrier is a bit hot for both me and baby when it’s very humid and hot outside. It is a sturdy carrier, but the fabric and the stuffed straps make it a bit warm. My bet is that soon Bjorn comes out with a mesh version, like they have of their original carrier but I have a terrible upper back and this carrier has been by far the most comfortable. Well worth the money!

Joan Richmond Hill, GA

Too bulky

I used the Babybjorn original for my baby from the time she was 1 month old to about 7 months. I absolutely loved it but by 7 months she was too heavy and i decided to go for a carrier that shifted her weight to my hips. This carrier does do this and i definitely felt much less pressure on my back but i have given it 3 stars because I found it too cumbersome and bulky. I am small-made and this was just way too big and heavy on me. It was also difficult to take on and off. I use the carrier primarily whilst traveling, especially air travel, and found it a nightmare to use when i was alone. With someone to help you it was easier. If you are tall this may work fine but for me, it was just too bulky. Since then i have been using the Ergo baby carrier which i love.

Isabelle Woodinville, WA

very good, strong, for bigger toddlers

We had a cheaper carrier at first, which worked good. But once our little one got to be about 5 months old we bought this one and it was worth every penny. Might be good to buy the organic version or to have something for baby to suck on, because baby will indeed suck on it ! Good for travelling.

Sandra South Webster, OH


The title says it all. I bought this after using a ring sling, a kozy carrier and a moby wrap. All of which I really liked for different reasons but needed a carrier that I could use for long walks without my shoulders killing me.This is it. It did the job. A little about my (big) baby: he is 6 months and 20lbs and almost 30in, so a big, heavy baby that I wasn’t ready to stop wearing yet. I’m 5’5″ and my husband is 6’4″ and we can both wear the Bjorn very comfortably.A little more about this carrier:In order to get the most out of it, you definitely need to put in a little work. I find that there is a very specific sweet spot in order for my baby’s weight to be properly distributed and not feel too much weight in my shoulders. But once I found that spot, I could wear this for hours. In fact we just did Disney World, the airport both ways, without a stroller at all and my back and shoulders were fine. I also find that with minor adjustments I can breastfeed in this carrier.The straps need occasional adjustment as they do tend to slip after I’ve been wearing it for a while. I also don’t find this useful for housework because as soon as I bend down I need to readjust the belt at my hips, but that may just be because of my shape. So I use one of my other carriers if I’m wearing the baby while doing chores.I love the material and how sturdy it feels. Also very helpful that it is machine washable and line dries pretty quickly.

Vivian Trout Creek, MI

Well designed

Only complaint: attracts lint and hair, and dust like no other material, so looks dirly, and constantly has to be cleaned up.

Ethel Effie, LA

ergo is better

I tried out this carrier because I wanted the option of facing my baby forward, in addition I wanted something with a waist strap because my child is large (18lbs at 4months). This carrier has more room than a standard bjorn for those "bigger" babies but overall I found it quite bulky. And, my child prefers to face in towards me even at 6months old. I am borrowing a friends ergo which is more lightweight. also, I feel like I can never get the waist strap tight enough to distribute enough weight to my hips, the ergo doesnt seem to have this issue

Rhoda Marydell, KY

Honestly, a little disappointed, good carrier overall though

I came on Amazon looking to buy a comfortable baby carrier with a hip strap, that allowed my son to face out (I know its been said its bad for the baby’s hips, but that’s the only way he’ll tolerate being worn). I also have theErgo baby Ergo Baby Carrier Galaxy Grey, which makes my son feel almost weightless, but he can only face in or ride on my back or hip, which I couldn’t use yet (he’s only 5 months old). I had the Baby Bjorn original, but once my son was around 15lbs it absolutely killed my back.I read so many 5 star reviews on here, that I took a chance and bought this carrier, although it was pricy. And I have to say, I’m really disappointed. So many reviews on here claimed that they felt no back pain, and that none of the baby’s weight was on their shoulders – that was untrue for me. While the pain and pressure of his weight WAS also distributed to my hips, I still felt it in my back and shoulders when he was facing out. When I wore him facing in, it felt a LOT better. Wearing him either way still wasn’t as comfortable as the Ergo, though. Also the Comfort Carrier is EXTREMELY bulky, and would never fit in a diaper bag and is really hard to stuff into a stroller’s storage basket (it takes up the WHOLE thing in our Chicco Cortina). There are some positives though. A list:PROS:-organic material, feels nice and sturdy and is easy to clean-helps keep weight off your shoulders-easy to adjust straps and you can put on by yourself-ability to face your baby towards you or facing the world-nicely padded strapsCONS:-does NOT completely take weight off your shoulders, like the Ergo-doesn’t have a sleeping hood, like the Ergo-doesn’t have a storage pocket, like the Ergo (something I never thought I’d use, but actually ended up using all the time)-EXTREMELY bulky and difficult to travel with and store-in order for your baby to face out, you have to unzip a section on the front of the carrier and have this huge flap of material just hanging down. it looks really odd and is irritatingOverall, I probably would NOT buy this carrier again, and would like to try another carrier for my son to face out, like the Beco Gemini. If you want to carry your baby facing in or on your back, hands down the Ergo is the best option.

Fannie Cedarville, IL

great baby carrier

We bought the classic Baby Bjorn and Ergo, then we bought Baby Bjorn Comfort. We love Baby Bjorn Comfort because it’s like a combo of classic Baby Bjorn with Ergo carrier. It feel nice on our back because of the back support (like Ergo carrier) and we can have our son facing forward (like classic Baby Bjorn carrier).

Jenny Gwynedd, PA

the best

comfortable, practical, easy to clean, provides great support for your lower back, stain resistant, I think you even look cool on it, I know it’s not the cheapest option, but, has been the best one for me… also important for guys, it doesn’t give you the sensation of being wearing something that was designed for women… that come on! we do care…

Gail Warren, NH

I wanted to love this product, but….

I wanted to love this product because we have another baby bjorn (without lumbar support that we love), but it just did not work out. The product is made well, but was just too bulky and the lumbar support was sitting right no my c-section scar which was not comfortable for me. Also, I had a real problem with the latching mechanism that holds the waist section together. I knew that the mechanism was closed, but I was always asking my husband if it was closed because the latching mechanism was shallow and not like your typical backpack latch that snaps closed and without a doubt is closed. So I returned this product and got the Britax Organic Baby Carrier with Seat Extender Insert. I love this new carrier, it works better for me because it is lighter, provides lumbar support, is less expensive than the Bjorn, and the waist latch locks so I know that my baby is secure!

Lesa Beeson, WV

prefer ergobaby

I bought this because it appears very comfortable and looked easier than my ergobaby carrier. I also got it to wear my baby facing forward now that she is older. I rarely use it. It definitly puts more weight on your shoulders and back and I prefer ergobaby so much more for comfort and stability.

Edwina Beatrice, NE

the best invention

This is one of the best inventions ever. It is safe, secure and lightweight. I can’t complaint. It has helped me in airports, malls, museums, everywhere.I did so much research for the best (in own opinion) and although this carrier was expensive, I think it is worth every dollar I paid.I can have my baby facing the world, or facing mom. I can even breastfeed him as I walk.I never keep my baby for too long in it.The weight is well distributed. My husband loves it. And he can wear the baby too.My baby started at 2 months in it. He is 35 pounds and still fits in it, but I suspect he will soon outgrow it. So sad.We will get a wheel barrel next to carry him. 🙂

Tracie Ostrander, MN

Really nice but designed for men

BabyBjorns are designed by dads, for dads, which means they are NOT designed for females. This is a very nice carrier – quality fabric, lots of padding, seemed comfortable. I had to return it though due to the massive scale. I had to pull the straps so far just to get it to fit that they were hanging all over the place. I felt like I was drowning in this thing. It was fine for my husband, but since I will be the main one using it, it was just too much money for something that would only be used every once and a while. I went with a cheap Infantino carrier after trying several on in the store. It is not the most comfortable one for long wear, but at least it fits.For men or for larger females, this would probably be a very nice carrier. For average (me) or petite women, this is probably not a good fit.

Angelica Titonka, IA

Comfortable but very bulky

Ordered this after we were given a cheap carrier and noticed after 10 minutes my son’s legs were being pinched. So far this hasn’t happened to him in the Comfort Carrier… but I do have to say, it’s a pain to put on and to get him out of. You have to put your child in from the top and pull them out that way too. There is not a side clasp like others have. The other con I’ve found is it’s very bulky. Of course, this is what makes it so comfortable. Other than that, it’s well constructed with high quality materials.

Carly Othello, WA

Love how easy it is for baby to get in and out and face the world!

This is probably the most comfortable Baby Bjorn carrier that they make. The waist support and shoulder pads make the difference. My husband likes that it’s easy to put on and take off and I love that our baby can face the world in it. I will say our Ergo Baby is still the more comfortable option as it somehow distributes the weight more evenly so our 20 pound baby boy can stay in it longer than when I’m wearing any other carrier. This is a pricy model though and I would suggest you try all the options out (if you can visit a store and put something heavy in them) before selecting one.If you’re looking for more tips on selecting a baby carrier or a must have baby registry list, check out the website It’s got down to earth reviews by a perfectionist mom that does a ton of research. You’ll also find information on what to expect during delivery and after recovery from the big event, what to pack in your hospital bag, and how to get the most sleep in the first few months postpartum. You’ll even find the Baby Carrier Guide or stroller shopping guide under “baby essentials.”

Rebecca Oil City, LA

Bob in Albany

My grand daughter should make this rating, as she has been in it for miles and miles. It was perfect.

Marsha Kirkersville, OH

Best Bjorn yet.

This is the best Bjorn yet.Both our 3 month old son and myself did not like the Ergo both times we tried it. We are definately a Bjorn family. My son is 3 months old and almost 20 pounds. We were in search of a carrier that was comfortable for a larger baby.When our child was a newborn we used the Bjorn Orignial, then we graduated to the Bjorn Active, now we are using the Bjorn Comfort and our son loves it.The best part about the Bjorn Comfort is that my 6’8” 350 lbs husband can carry our son without any problems. Other Bjorn models were too tight and uncomfortable for him to use.

Bobbie Mexico, NY

Comfortable, Best Baby Bjorn

We LOVE our Organic Comfort Carrier Baby Bjorn. The extra support is a MUST, and it is easily adjustable for myself or husband to use, two very different sized people! Our baby LOVES it and the color is a fabulous muted charcoal gray. We HIGHLY recommend.

Maritza Camptonville, CA