The BABYBJORN Cup is the perfect first cup when your child wants to learn how to drink from an open glass, just like mom and dad. It’s ergonomically designed for tiny hands with a strong will.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Easy to grip for small hands
  • Stands firmly and is hard to knock over
  • Durable product; dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe

Verified reviews


Needs Improvement

• Wide base
• Slip-resistant base
• Shatterproof
• BPA freeThe BAD:
• No handles
• Thin plastic cup leaves red marks on face
• Too wide for little hands
• Too wide at the topThis cup would benefit from a lid with open spout, handles for little hands, a slightly narrower top, and thicker plastic walls so that it wouldn’t leave red marks on the face. THIS DEFINITELY NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.

Kaitlyn Bridgewater, CT

Great starter cup

We love the feel of this cup, the look, the size for teaching our 11 month old to start drinking from a cup. It is attractive and just the right weight to stay up when she sets it down or it falls down. Great product.

Avis Montreal, WI

Best Cup, hands down

My son has been drinking from this cup since he was 6mos old. Very light – easy for him to use, hold onto & drink from. Love the weighted bottom. A bit pricey, but I would still HIGHLY recommend.

Karyn Rockhill Furnace, PA

it’s a great product. sturdy. spill proof.

my daughter (2 yr old) handles it well. it’s sturdy and she has not spilled a drop unintentionally. it’s a great learning tool.

Eileen Shinglehouse, PA


When it was time for my baby to learn to drink from a n open cup, I tried out a few different cups. This was by far our favorite. The small size made it easy for him to handle, the cone shape seemed to help provide a more gradual flow, and the thin profile was easy for him to get his mouth onto without dribbling. In a perfect world it would be possible to make this out of something other than plastic (super-tempered glass?) but since that isn’t possible, this is my first choice for a starter cup.I will freely admit that the price seems out of line for a little plastic cup, but I’m not downrating it for that.

Marjorie Grey Eagle, MN

good to use but expensive

We like to use babybjorn cups for our little one because it’s the appropriate size and has good design allowing for good grip and stablity. However, the price is quite high as with other babybjorn products. Overall, i would rate it a 4 stars for product.

Dolly Bridgeport, AL

Sturdy little cup

This cup is sturdy with the larger base so spills are a bit less likely. Plus the size is right for our 2 year olds little hands. Like most Baby Bjorn products it is well built but on the pricey side.

Jackie Delafield, WI

Too cute and stable, too.

Very cute, stable enough not to tip over easily and perfect for little hands. I Love it and recommend it.

Serena Gualala, CA

great cup

My 11 month old son can hold this on his own now, and although he does spill it sometimes, it doesn’t hold much so it’s fine. I love this product and think it’s worth the money. I also like that he has the oz marked so you know how much they are drinking.

Alejandra Arp, TX

Pricey, but works well!

When my daughter was about 11 months old, she started showing interest in using a normal, non-sippy/non-straw cup in the bath. I wanted to give her a chance to also try it in her high chair from time to time, but the other kids’ cups were either too light or too big. She was also bad about putting the cup down gently, even if she got a good sip, sloshing the water out or knocking the cup over. This cup is great for her because it’s just weighted enough with a wide enough base that when she puts the cup down on her high chair tray, however unceremoniously, it has always landed without being knocked over. Still sloshes a little, but that’s the least of our worries. The price is steep for each cup, but it’s easy to wash (hand or dishwasher), so we just have one that she practices with on bath days.

Esther Sheffield, AL

Good product overall

Good size, light, 13 month old would rather swish his hand in it than drink from it. We got it because he wants to drink from our glass cups so I know he can do it. I give 3 stars because it is still a plastic cup despite the high price tag.

Lillian Scottsville, VA

Expensive but worth it

This is the only cup my daughter will drink out of, and we tried so many different kinds. It is shallow enough that we can put a small volume so she won’t spill too much, and sits well on the tray without getting easily knocked over.

Caroline Greenwood, WI

Good transition cup

Not sure it is worth the money, but we’ve been pleased with this product. Love that it has a heavy bottom to help prevent spills!

Toni Bucks, AL

don’t waste your money

I really don’t know why I bought into the hype of this product. Sure, it’s hard to tip over, but not impossible. I feel like any other cup would work just as well and then you could save the $12.00. If I hadn’t already used this product and ran it thru the dishwasher twice, I would return it. Just not worth it.

Lacy Prattsville, NY

Doesn’t tip easily

This cheerful cup is good for a baby learning to drink from a glass. Its wide, weighted base makes it a little more stable than a normal cup. Yes, it will tip over, but just that little extra weight makes it less prone to fall over so easily.

Dolores Temple Bar Marina, AZ