BABYBJORN Eat & Play Smock – Blue

BABYBJORN Eat & Play Smock – Blue

Protects the child’s clothing The smock is made of lightweight, non-toxic material. Fits Children From Eight Months To Three Years Exploring the world in a hands-on way is an important part of childhood development, but often a messy one, too. Designed to please both parents and young children, the BabyBjörn Eat & Play Smock (Red) is a comfortable-to-wear, easy-to-clean garment that protects clothing more thoroughly than back-tie smocks. The smock is made of lightweight, non-toxic material. Protects Your Child’s Clothing The BabyBjörn Eat and Play Smock offers soft yet durable protection against spots and spills. It’s helpful at mealtime and when your child is painting or giving you a hand in the kitchen. The eat and play smock is easily buttoned at the back and never feels too warm, thanks to its breathable fabric. Its soft and supple quality provides full freedom of movement for your child. The hard-wearing material is easy to wipe off and is machine-washable. Liquid-Repellent Material BabyBjörn Eat and Play Smock is made from a liquid-repellent material that protects clothing while allowing the child’s skin to breathe. Easy To Clean Eat and Play Smock has no unnecessary seams where dirt can gather. The fabric is easy to wipe off and machine-washable. Liquid-repellent material that allows skin to breathe. Quick facts about the Eat & Play Smock Fits children from eight months to three years. Fabric consists of 50% polyester and 50% polyurethane. The textiles closest to the child have been tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 for baby products. They are guaranteed harmless to children’s sensitive skin and will not trigger allergies.

Main features

  • 50% Polyester 50%/Poly-Urethane Breathable
  • Imported
  • Protects clothing; long sleeves with comfortable elastic at the wrists and roomy fit gives kids protection both in the front and in the back
  • Easy to clean; Easy to wipe off and is machine washable
  • Liquid-repellent material; protects clothing and allows skin to breathe

Verified reviews


Less laundry

I’ve used this smock since my baby was 8 mo. It runs a little big, but it’s still usable when starting solids. I don’t need to change his clothes as often which is great. You can just wipe this with a wet towel after each feeding and reuse it later for the next meal. I don’t wash it that much since the stitching around the sleeves seems to be wearing out. I’ll rinse it at night if it gets really messy and let it dry overnight. The elastic around the wrist takes long to dry so you need several hours or overnight if you wet completely.Update after 2 yrs: Still using it and still fits my tall child. Collar area shows signs of fading. I’m glad I had my child use this at an early age because he is used to eating with it as part of his routine. I think if I introduced this later he would refuse to wear it.Update after almost 3 yrs: it is dying. need to put to rest. neck area is too large now due to worn out elastic. also material is thinning out around neck and turning white.

Mildred Rock Tavern, NY


Awesome smock. Great for mealtimes and craft/art time. Durable and easy to clean. Fabric is comfortable (not too plasticy feeling) to the touch.

Milagros Doland, SD

Wish I’d have bought these sooner

These smocks are wonderful for when your kids are wearing something nice or you about to leave the house and don’t want to have re-dress them after a meal. I ordered them for my twin 10 month olds when I started spending more time pre-treating laundry than cooking the meal that created the mess. These are a lifesaver although a little too cumbersome for everyday/every meal. We will get many years of use out of these as they are quite roomy and I look forward to my boys using them as art smocks as well. I balked at the price, but they are well worth it!

Alice Yates City, IL

I Love It…

But my seven month old daughter HATES it. She gets so overheated, and it’s only November. I cannot imagine using this in hot weather. I finally just found a 100 percent cotton long sleeve bib from Etsy. This won’t be used. What a waste of $30 dollars.

Natalia Cortaro, AZ

Great product

We were looking for something that keeps our 10 month old twins clothes clean during solid feeds. We tried every bib out there, but finally found this. This product is great because it keeps their sleeves clean, as well as the rest of the clothes. It’s definitely more expensive than bibs, but you get your money back by not needing to use stain remover!

Ila Mounds, IL

good fit for 2 yo, good clothes protector

This smock does exactly what it should and it’s a good fit my my two year old (even since he was only one). The loss of one star is because the hem started fraying from the bottom and neck after minimal use. It hasn’t made a difference in how the product works (and it does work well), just how it looks. That said, this is the most expensive smock available by a decent margin. It shouldn’t fall apart, period.

Tiffany Fort Loudon, PA

love it

love it since 3yrs ago I bought one for my older son. now I am purchasing it again it already says how much I love this product! great for not just eating messy food but also for painting and other activities. easy to clean

Hollie Stevenson, AL

No more stained clothes!

I love this smock! My son is 16 months old and quite a messy eater. When we feed him anything messy, he usually rubs it all over his shirt. This smock protects his clothes completely. It tucks in under the highchair tray so it even covers his pants. Now we can feed him anything without having to change his clothes first or worry about stains. It also covers the highchair seat so we don’t have to clean that as often either! It is easy to put on and take off, my son doesn’t mind wearing it at all, and it’s very easy to clean with a damp cloth. You can throw it in the washer too but we haven’t had to yet. It works great for art projects too. Now that I have this, I don’t know how I lived without it!

Annette Kreamer, PA

i love

I was so like the overalls. It helped me a favor. Easy to clean, easy to dry. Color is also very nice. I love it.

Gloria Grand Blanc, MI

Fantastic protection

I’ve dubbed this "the one true bib" as it keeps my daughter’s clothes clean completely, unlike mere bibs that only cover the front of her shirt, leaving sleeves and lap uncovered.

Wanda Beaverton, MI


I waited a really long time to buy this because it felt like a lot of money to pay for a smock. I regret waiting at all. It makes feeding time infinitely easier- I don’t have to completely strip down my toddler anymore or spend hours trying to clean out stains. It’s long enough to cover his lap beyond the highchair tray (if you don’t use a tray, part of the legs will still be exposed for spills). The neck is high enough to cover his collar which used to get hit even with a bib. It’s really easy to clean, and I’m no longer afraid to let my child feed himself goopy, staining foods! It’s completely worth it and I wish I’d had it since he started solids. Later edit: We’ve now had this smock for about 2 years and it’s barely showing signs of wear. I throw it in the laundry about once a week for a thorough cleaning and just wipe it down with a paper towel between meals. The best way to get it clean is to turn it inside out in the wash and then hang it over a chair. It will dry extremely fast and get really clean. If you don’t turn it inside out, the sleeves have a hard time drying on the inside where the absorbent fabric is. We LOVE this smock and just ordered a second one for my daughter.

Anna Sidney Center, NY

A must!

A must! We used this for our daughter’s fancy dressed occasions. Think Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. Now she uses at daycare for painting and it’s perfect my

Kate Ogallah, KS

thin and heavy duty in one!

Waterproof – toddler spill proofThin enough so it doesn’t impede child’s mobilityThick enough so it doesn’t break or snag easilySurvived machine wash at regular cycle; hung dry in 10 minsEasy to close yet hard to open by a child so they can’t just pull it offFits my 3 foot child to about the knees more or less so great coveragePerfect size around the neck

Vickie North Star, OH

Good product, but didn’t work for us

We bought this looking for a larger big for dinnertime for our toddler (age 1.5). It’s a good product: water-proof surface makes it easy to clean and dry after doing so. It didn’t work for us in the end. Our son somehow found the material clammy and would always try to take it off. Perhaps the rubberized material is uncomfortable against the skin. The lack of a pocket on the front for catching food that drops is also an issue. All in all this might be better as an art smock. In the end, we kept this but also use the larger size Kushies bibs.

Lela Lakewood, NJ

Easier Cleanups…. for MOMS and DADS

PROS:Colors are bright and eye catching! Extremely cute!Keeps EVERYTHING off of my daughters clothes!!!Does not seep through!Easy to rinse! In the sink and hang dry!Drys quickly!Less mess in your kitchen and to have to clean up!CONS :Cant think of Anything YET! Will keep you updated!

Lakesha Richgrove, CA

Great for older kids

I bought this for my 8-month old son because he’s an incredibly messy eater and practically needs a clothes-change after every meal. I found this smock to be cumbersome for a child this young. It’s a little too bulky and too much work when you have a hungry baby on your hands. This will be great to use an art smock when he gets older.

Marisa Kiron, IA

Has Saved Countless Outfits from Stains and Made Laundry Days Much Easier

We own five of these smocks. We started off with one when our child was about nine or ten months old. I loved it so much that I progressively added to our collection. Our child is now almost three years old. These smocks have been machine washed in cold on gentle cycle in mesh Woolite laundry bags and left hanging to air dry overnight more times than I can count, and they all are still in wonderful shape. The necks and wrists have held up wonderfully. We use these at every meal and with any snack that runs the risk of being even mildly messy. We also use the BabyBjorn bib over the smock–although I have a suspicion that my child will soon stop agreeing to wear the bibs. I hate to think of what my child’s clothes would look like if we did not use these smocks. My child was one of those toddlers who managed to get food everywhere–including on her elbows and under her arms. We also use these as art smocks when we use finger paints, paint with water, and water colors. They are great for that purpose. I would qualify that only by saying that if you have a messy painter who is older and taller, this smock obviously won’t cover all of the child’s legs. My girl is about 40" tall, and she sometimes manages to get paint on herself from slightly above the knees and down. This isn’t an issue for me because I change her into play bottoms before she paints.

Annie Fenton, LA

clothing saver

got this for son when he does his art classes it is great planning on getting another for home

Ashley Canaan, IN

Excellent product !

We bought 3 of these smocks for our 5 month old for mealtimes. It it is a great product and we found it particularly helpful in keeping our baby’s clothes clean. We now use it for our now toddler’s art class. Long lasting product. And we washed them a lot !

Marjorie Gipsy, PA

The best purchase i made

We love love love this smock. I remember my friend’s kids using them long ago and now i got it for my baby. It is on a large scale but that makes me only think i will get to use it longer so worth the money. It can be good for meal time, arts and crafts, etc. will cover clothing well and it sooo easy to wash or wipe off. Snaps in the back in two places. Easy to put on and take off. You will not regret getting it. I wish it was cheaper though.

Leta La Porte, IN

Save you from mess!!

When you have a messy eater, this smock can save you from a lot of mess and trouble!! My baby girl wears this smock everytime when she eats something very juicy (e.g. watermelon). It works perfect!!

Bobby Mulberry, IN