BABYBJORN High Chair, White

BABYBJORN High Chair, White

BabyBjorn High Chair – White The BabyBjorn High Chair is yet another testimony to BabyBjorn’s commitment to quailty, innovation, and the safety of children. Taking over eight years to develop, the High Chair is loaded with features to make baby more safe and your life easier. The locking table is designed to snugly keep baby put while the curved seat keeps them comfortable and happy. When they have finished eating, remove the easy clean tray for a quick wipe and fold the entire unit up for storage or travel! The High Chair from BabyBjorn is designed to make mealtime more enjoyable and safe.

Main features

  • Safety First; Along with the safety harness, the high chair features a foldable and lockable safety table to keep your child firmly in place
  • Proper sitting position; The backrest hugs baby’s body and helps your child sit upright and comfortable in the high chair
  • Less mess; The high chair’s smooth surfaces and detachable tray make it easy to clean
  • Folds flat, making it easy to store or pack for traveling
  • Ergonomic design facilitates feeding and eating; The curved backrest and rounded, adjustable safety table hug your baby for a snug fit

Verified reviews


Works great for my large toddler!

I have three children, so I have tried many different high chairs over the years in my quest to find the “perfect” one (Graco, Cosco, Fisher-Price, Chicco, Peg Perego, and the classic wooden high chair). The Baby Bjorn chair beats the heck out of them all! Everything about this chair is thoughtfully designed and made with quality materials. The other reviewers have mentioned how small it is, and they are right…it is perfect for tight spaces. But some of the reviewers said this high chair was too small for a toddler, and that is where I completely disagree. My 18 month-old, who is 33 inches tall and weighs 25 pounds, fits in it perfectly with a year’s worth of growing room. (I have posted some pictures in the “View and share related images” area to show this.) I am using the tray on the middle setting for my toddler, and it fits her perfectly, even though she wears big, bulky cloth diapers! It will be a while before we need to move up to the biggest setting. And her legs have plenty of room to grow before her knees get close to touching the bottom of the tray. This high chair is a little different from the others on the market, in that the tray is meant to sit snugly against the child, to keep him/her from being able to stand up in the chair. (This might be the reason some reviewers feel it is too small for their toddlers.) The bonus to this is that there is not a gap between the tray and the child, so no food falls down into the seat, and cleanup is a breeze!Here are the dimensions of the Baby Bjorn high chair. Base: 22″L x 22″W. Seat height: 22″. Tray height: 28″. Chair back height: 33″.It took me a little while to get used to folding this chair, but it gets much easier with practice. And I love the removable tray, which my toddler has not been able to take off herself (yay!). I love that this chair is compact and lightweight, because I can easily move it around to wherever we happen to be eating. In fact, when I am making dinner, my toddler occasionally scoots it over to me so that she can sit in it and watch me. Gotta love that!One last thought: my toddler really likes that the tray is lower on this chair, because she can see down into her bowl, and therefore scoop out her cereal more easily. If she were sitting in a booster seat at our table, she would be sitting so much lower than her bowl, that she would be looking at the side of it. How could she find her cereal like that?In short, the Baby Bjorn high chair is high-quality, safe, compact, lightweight, SUPER easy to clean (no crevices for food to get stuck in!), and suitable for both babies and toddlers…who could ask for more?***UPDATE*** My daughter is now two years old, 36 inches tall, and weighs 30 pounds (90th percentile for height, 85th percentile for weight, so, quite large for her age!). This chair still fits her perfectly (I have added another photo to the “View and Share Related Images” area), and we are still using the tray on the middle setting. I love this thing so much that I even take it with us when we travel!***2ND UPDATE*** My daughter is now 2.5 years old, 37 inches tall, and weighs 32 pounds (75th percentile for height, 80th percentile for weight). This chair is now getting a little tight for her, simply because her legs are so long. Her knees are almost touching the bottom of the tray. (I have added two more photos to the “View and Share Related Images area.) The tray is still on the middle setting, so she has more room to grow outward, just not upward. We are now retiring this chair, and it makes me so sad, because I have loved it so much!

Cynthia Shell, WY


This is a super product, designed with hygiene in mind. It is easy to put together and very sturdy. When I first saw this advertised, I thought it might be another product coming out of China which used cheap plastic materials which crack easily and which was put together in a sloppy wayI was surprised at how steady this high chair was. One nice feature is how the tray moves completely out of the way and then moves back into position near to the infant. I am loving this product.The design is modern and it would blend in with any furniture.

Cecile Sutton, ND

Grandson is only 4 months old and can sit up in this with belt and tray in smallest slot.

We Love this for my little 4 month old grandson who wants to sit up. However even though this tray adjusts out, I am sure it will not be able to use for several years to age 3 as suggested.Great compact one piece but for ages 3 months to 15 months. I don’t think this will fit most by age 18 months unless they are tiny kids.

Sabrina West Chicago, IL

Love it so far

I’ve had this chair for a month now and I really love it. I was hesitant on buying the chair because there weren’t many reviews and some of the negatives noted how small the chair was. I wanted to be sure if I was paying this much for a chair I’d be able to use it as long as my daughter needed a high chair. I am a big fan of BabyBjorn and I love my other products from them (which I believe are worth every penny) so I figured I’d give it a try. I also remember my youngest brother having this high chair that was like a monster, it was huge and took up so much room in our tiny kitchen. Although I have a large kitchen area, I don’t like clutter so I was hoping this chair wouldn’t take up too much room in the kitchen.First, ordering and delivery with Amazon is always pleasant. Assembly is a breeze! So simple, so easy, so fast! Its just as easy to take all the legs of and travel with the chair if you want. In fact, we take it with us whenever we go out to eat. At 6.5 months she isn’t quite sitting up on her own so those high chairs at restaurants don’t work yet, not to mention kind of gross me out a little. Even when she can sit up, I’ll probably continue to bring this with us because it is so easy.I love that not one piece of food has fallen beneath the tray at all. Because nothing has fallen below the tray I haven’t needed to try to get the straps out to wash them, and I’m not certain they come off. But honestly, if this continues, washing the straps won’t be a big issue. She’s gotten some food along the side of the chair where she can reach her hands, but it is so simple to wipe down. This was my main attraction to this chair — simple cleaning. No fabric to wash or pesky crevices to collect food. Just a good wipe down and you are ready for the next use. I also love that I can slide the chair under the table when we aren’t using it so you barely notice we have a high chair at all. You can fold the legs in and put it in a closet, or just pop them all off in seconds for easy storage.My daughter fits so well in this chair. She has great posture in it. Its impossible to slouch, which in my opinion is a safety issue especially in the first few weeks of eating. She’s currently in the smallest tray position and there is a few inches to grow to the next tray setting. Her feet haven’t touched the foot rest yet.I’m not sure how long she will fit in the chair. She’s long for her age and I’m sure will continue to be long given mom and dad are both well over 6 feet tall, so that is my one concern. I’ve seen pictures and video of bigger kids in the chair and it works well, so I’m hopeful we will get to at least 2 in the chair. Once kids get to a certain age they tend to want to use regular chairs or booster seats anyways. I will update my review as she gets older.I know there are complaints the chair is too small. I don’t feel this is the case. The chair is meant to be snug — rest up against the child’s belly (prevent the child from being able to stand up in the chair). The tray is like a safety belt. Although I still use the safety belt, I don’t even think its necessary. On the note of the safety harness– There are some complains about it only having a 3 point harness. Trust me, you don’t need 5 with this chair. Not even on the littlest of kids. Like I said before, I’m pretty sure you don’t even really need the 3 point harness the way the tray is designed.I don’t have any problems getting her in and out of this chair, but I could see wanting to be able to take the tray completely off. The tray just unlocks with a simple turn of a dial like button under the tray and folds into a vertical position. I haven’t had a need for this currently, but I could see how it would be nice.The tray size is smaller which in my opinion is fine. Yes, she throws some toys over the edge, but a bigger tray won’t prevent that. I actually appreciate that the tray cover is a manageable size to fit right in the sink with the dishes or in the dish washer. She’s little and doesn’t need room for a 10 inch plate on there. I haven’t put it in the dish washer yet. I wasn’t sure if the heat would warp it in any way. I just give it a good wipe down after each use and wash it at the end of the day with any hand washed items.If I could tell BabyBjorn to make any improvements it would be to figure a way to make the seat slightly bigger and have to tray completely off. If this thing could convert into a child seat it would be absolutely amazing!Overall I really like it and don’t have any complaints yet. I’ll update my review to let you know how long my daughter could fit in it.UPDATED: I just stopped putting my daughter into the chair at 17 months. She’s large 90/95+ percentile height and weight, but she still fits into the chair. Just looks a little like a stuffed sausage now. She’s used to sitting at the table at day care, so I got a booster for her now. I will say this was my FAVORITE baby item and I still give it 5 stars. We took this chair all over b/c it was so easy especially in the first few months she was eating and still not the sturdiest sitting on her own. As she got bigger she made more of a mess, but nothing compared to the mess she would make sitting in other high chairs when we were at our friends places, and nothing compared to the mess she’s making in the booster. The ease of cleaning is hands down the best selling point. Don’t tell the Bjorn folks, but I cut off the safety straps off. They were in the way and she started playing with them while she was eating. I looked all over trying to find out how to take them off to wash them, but you can’t. In my search, I noticed the European versions of this chair don’t have any straps, so just cut them off. I’m sad to put it in the basement, but baby 2 is on the way and I’ll get much more satisfied use out of the chair! I highly recommend.

Leah New Bethlehem, PA

Wanted to love this high chair, but it is truly TOO SMALL

I went back and forth over whether to purchase this high chair for my son, who is on the larger size for his age (97% for height and 80% for weight). I read all of the reviews carefully and decided that there were enough reviewers who noted that the high chair, while appearing small, fit their larger baby just fine. I really like the Baby Bjorn brand (we have the organic bouncer) and that the chair looked very simple and easy to clean. However, once we received the chair and assembled it (which was super easy), I couldn’t believe it. The chair did look like it was for a doll, as one reviewer previously noted. I put my son in the chair – he was only 5 months old at the time – and his chunky legs BARELY fit underneath the tray. Another problem with this high chair is that it is NOT adjustable in terms of height or recline- there is one position, and one position only. Even though my son can sit up without assistance, I still like the recline feature on the new high chair that we bought. If you want a nice high chair, go with the Peg Perego Siesta – multiple positions, reclines and has wheels so that you can move it around the house. The Baby Bjorn chair might be great for some families, but ultimately, my son would have outgrown it by 7-8 months. Not worth the cost; plenty of other high chairs are safe, easy to clean and support baby well.

Darla Jasper, GA

Super chair for baby and grandparents

My grandchildren frequently stay with me for a week or so at a time. They are all under five. This is a wonderful chair for the baby and the three year old. Easy to set up, easy to take down, easy to clean. What more could a home away from home high chair need? And oh yes, the baby seems very comfortable sitting in the chair! The three year old is a little big for the chair, but still fits.What I like most about the chair is the easy set up and take down. It stores really well in closet and doesn’t take up much room. Another feature I like about the chair is the clean up. The tray, seat and legs wipe down easily and there are very few crevices for food to get caught in. If you’ve used some of the more complicated high chairs you know how hard it can be to get the food out of some of the areas it falls in.Highly recommend this for parents and grandparents!

Mavis Saint Germain, WI

Easy to clean and use

We bought this for our 6 month old and have been using it for 3 months now. It is very easy to use and so easy to clean – no crevices for food to get stuck in! It works great in our kitchen because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Our friends’ daughters of 13 months and 23 months have used it as well and fit in it with no trouble, so I am hopeful that this will fit our son for a couple of years. The height is also nice because our son sits at table height with the rest of us. Set up took 5 minutes, and the chair is very lightweight and easy to move from the kitchen to dining room, etc. I initially purchased this and the Boon Flair. I opened he box for the Boon and didn’t even bother taking it out of the box because it looked so much bigger and more complicated than the BabyBjorn. Overall we are very happy with the BabyBjorn high chair!

Lindsay Penns Grove, NJ

The Best

This high chair is simply amazing! Easy to clean and a beautiful design. We’ve used it for 5 months now, and it still looks brand new – white version of it! I am a converted Baby Bjorner now, we own every single product they have on the market and would absolutely recommend that brand, they stand out with exceptional quality!

Maureen Auburn, IN

Best High Chair EVER

I have owned many high chairs through 4 boys…and THIS is my absolute FAVORITE. I love every. single. thing. about it! As my brother always says, it is amazeaballs!What I love:1. I choose red because it fits my decor- but also- there is no white that can get stained by orange foods- a huge plus.2. It is super light so I can cart it around my house as we have multiple eating places inside and out.3. It folds up compact which is nice when cleaning for company -and it has a small footprint.4. It cleans like a dream- there is no where for crumbs to get stuck and it does have a top removable tray.5. It keeps my baby cozy, secure and clean by the tray being right up next to his belly. I have tried a lot of different bibs- but lately I have found I am liking the classic fav bumkins superbibs (we have dr. suess). I can tuck these right in under the tray and absolutely no food can get on my little guys clothes.6. It is easy to put baby in and out once you get the hang of it. I saw another reviewer mentioned that there is a moment where baby feels slightly insecure when you are holding him right before you buckle and get the tray in place. The way to avoid this is to stand from behind the high chair when you are putting baby in. I watched a video and this is how bjorn showed a baby being placed in the chair. It works so much better!

Barbara Still River, MA

I love this high chair!

I love that it’s free of a lot of common chemicals in plastics, I love how streamlined the design is, I love that it is light and portable (we bring it with us when we travel) and it is super easy to clean. I also love the detachable tray.Mine first arrived without the tray, but Amazon handled a replacement very nice and easily.

Maryann Stonega, VA

Absolutely fabulous chair!

While being very expensive (which is what has put me off purchasing it for so long and why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5), it is BY FAR the best high chair I have ever used. We have had every type under the sun…those that recline, those with really padded, luxury seats, those that have all the bells and whistles, etc. This puts them all beneath! MUCH smaller than any other chair we have used (which is fantastic, given our tiny space available!). Easy (and I do mean SUPER easy!!) to store away, pull out, lock into place, put the tray table down, pull it out, push it in, etc. etc. etc. There is no need for a seat belt (HUGE plus for me!), due to the clever way that it fits exactly around the baby’s body – snugly – so it totally eliminates the need for having to continually wash "icky" straps after meals (and anyone who has a messy baby at mealtimes knows what I am talking about!). Several chairs we have tried are made in such a way that the straps cannot be removed! This is completely stupid if you are using them to hold a wriggling, food throwing baby or toddler! They just collect food and breed who knows what kind of nasty bacteria and germs. This does away with that. Also, to get the baby out, you do not have to fiddle with a difficult tray removal every time. You just press/turn a knob and it folds down completely out of the way. The top tray removes for cleaning, and the surfaces are very sleek and smooth, which also aid in easy and quick cleaning. The feet are nice and smooth, so it is easily dragged across our kitchen floor, and folds up into an unbelievably small little space when not being used. My 9 mos old and nearly 3 year old both fit in it, equally well. I wish I would have known about this with all of our other children! It would have made the investment (which is considerable) worthwhile. I highly, HIGHLY recommend spending the extra money to get this, if you can, because it will make your feeding times MUCH easier. Our baby is doing the "baby led weaning" thing, where she eats regular food, just like us – no purees, so this is much easier to clean after the meal than the others we have tried. Additional note after using this for the past week: we have allowed our daughter to eat spaghetti and other "staining" foods…you know the kinds that leave an orange colour on white stuff? After having spaghetti and covering her tray with the sauce, we simply carried the chair, baby and all, into the shower where we washed it off. It came out looking as brand new as the day it arrived! Excellent! The baby bjorn spoons are the same…the white does not stain like other baby spoons have for us. I am going to try to figure out how to upload a picture of our baby enjoying using this high chair.

Connie Corrigan, TX

Some of us desperately need a tight fit …

I had to buy this after my daughter kept climbing out of our other high chair. This one “traps” her in easily because of the snug fit. She is an average-sized one year old. I understand why people think this is too small for three year olds, but I think that is simply a perception of how roomy a high chair should be. I believe my daughter will be able to use this until she’s three, but it will be tight. (And that is NOT a bad thing.)I wish I bought this chair first, instead of the Inglesia (which cost a lot less). The Inglesia would have been fine for most kids, but my kiddo could wriggle out of the straps no matter how tight we made them, and the tray/seat was roomy enough to allow lots of leeway. (Plus the straps were a pain to deal with every time. I don’t even bother with the straps on the Bjorn, the tray keeps her in. So much easier!)I am not a mom who likes to spend money on baby gear. I had to purchase this pricy chair because it is the only one that can hold her. It was worth every penny.I’m guessing that very large babies would outgrow this before their time, but think most kids can use this until age three — but it will be a tight (but still appropriate) fit. Right now, we use the tightest tray setting, but will loosen as needed as she grows.I also appreciate how simple this chair is and how easy it is to clean (love that nothing makes it too her lap since the tray is snug — but the biggest help for me is the efficient fit for my little Houdini.

Bertha Schiller Park, IL

The absolute BEST

I don’t have enough good things to say about this high chair. I’m not generally a huge fan of all things Bjorn, but this is one well thought-out chair! I cannot even imagine how much of a headache it would be to clean a chair with multiple or creviced surfaces! This tray is so easy to clean, you can literally count seconds before it’s as good as new. The belt is a bit harder to wipe, but that’s no reason to complain. As for the size, it does LOOK small. But our 10-month-old son is in the 85 percentile and there’s still room for him to grow on the medium setting. My understanding is that babies should not be growing fatter or wider after a certain age, so that should not pose a problem, but we’ll see. So far this thing has been our favorite baby accessory for 4 months.

Imelda Grain Valley, MO

Simply Amazing

Our first child was in a high chair with lots of bells and whistles, a pretty cover, lots of adjustments etc and this chair is the definition of minimalist. When I put it together (in less than a minute) I was skeptical… Four legs, no adjustment, the seat is a single piece of molded plastic and the tray is fixed to the chair with the ability to move it a little bit. It’s small with the tray being about half and inch below our table top and it’s form fitting without alot of room for a child move around in. It does have a seat belt and there is a tray cover that you can put through the dish washer.After using it for a few months I can’t believe I put up with that over complicated high chair for so long! To clean this one you need a damp cloth and you’re done. Doesn’t matter what, spaghetti, yogurt, peas, graham crackers and everything else that got into corners or rubbed into the fabric and crevices of the old high chair and took real time to clean out this chair just wipes off (no corners, no fabric, no stains!) The child is at table height which I didn’t realize made such a difference but for feeding and crafts it’s awesome. It’s also small enough that it fits anywhere when you need it out of the way.This chair is perfect!

Mavis Wolcott, CO

Fantastic! Still room to grow at 15 months

This high chair is fantastic! I love it because it doesn’t look like your normal, ugly high chair. It’s very discreet. At 15 months, my toddler is still on the smallest setting so we have a lot of room to grow with this. I’m not sure how anyone’s toddler can be too large unless they are 45 lbs or not understanding that the seat can be adjusted.

Celina Westfield, IN

everything great quality and design and function

everything great quality and design and function. That said our 7 month old grandson’s feet are already on the foot rest…not sure how many more months before he grows out of it ! I would have given it 5 stars if it weren’t that I am concerned about when will he out grow it !

Vicky Faunsdale, AL

Great For Baby, Great for Dad

I’ll admit I have been a really poor resource for my wife when it comes to baby stuff. I’m not terribly informed about the products she chooses, and I didn’t take part in a lot of the purchasing. With that in mind, I have to say that the Babybjorn High Chair is an absolute dream.Previously we used a Greco (I think) high chair that was from a second-hand store. It did the job well, but pales in comparison to the Babybjorn.The Greco has a cloth seat, making particularly messy meals a nightmare when it came to cleaning up. The Babybjorn is quite the opposite. It’s made a composite plastic material that is incredibly easy to wipe off. The table portion can fit right in the dish washer, and it easy to remove.In our house, space is also at a premium, and that’s where the Babybjorn high chair really shines. It folds up, is really lightweight, and is easy to stash in our kitchen when not in use.There are some shortcomings, albiet very small, with the chair. It seems a bit short, which isn’t a problem right now, but it could be in the future when the little one is big enough to eat off the table. The seat also looks like it could potentially be small if our little one gets too big. The chair says it accomodates up to 3-years old, but I question the validity of that.Overall, the Babybjorn High Chair is a really great product. It’s easily replacing our old, second-hand high chair, and makes cleaning up after meal times quick and painless for Dad!

Regina Hamer, SC

Don’t judge a chair by its cover. Perfect for my 7 month old baby!

Once we assembled the high chair, we were thinking, "How will my 7 month old baby fit in it?" because it looks really small! My baby is about 9kgs and has quite chunky legs, but my fears dissipated when I tried sitting her in the high chair and she fits! I also love how compact and easy to clean this high chair is. It is also lighter than other high chairs, but it is very stable. Even though my baby moves around while sitting in it, it doesn’t move around with her. We have yet to see though how long this high chair will last as our baby grows.

Valeria Loveland, OK

excellent high chair

Beautiful high chair, easy to clean, safe, great for small spaces, expensive, but totally worth it. It is strong and sturdy.

Irma Browning, MO