BABYBJÖRN Navy Carrier

BABYBJÖRN Navy Carrier

The award-winning Baby Bjorn Navy Carrier keeps Baby close while keeping your hands free and supporting your back. The carrier’s design keeps Baby in close contact to promote bonding. The carrier is easy to put on without help and the wide padded shoulder straps, wide padded leg openings, strong safety slide locks and snug, adjustable head support are all easily adjustable in the front. The Baby Bjorn received both the American Baby Best of the Year award and the Design of the Decade Silver award. Machine washable. Imported.

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Keeps my high-maintanance baby happy

I really wanted a soft carrier, and the Bjorn had great reviews… but it’s pricey. Luckily, my mother-in-law was feeling generous with the baby gifts, and she bought us one.At first, my son hated it. When he was little, I would put him in it, expecting him to sleep peacefully like so many other babies I had seen. More often than not, though, he would thrash his head around and mash his face into my chest. Boy was I glad we hadn’t paid for this!But we kept trying…Once he was big enough to flip around… he loved it! I use this mostly when I am out and shopping, rather than putting him in his baby bucket in the cart. He loves to be up high and look around. Everyone remarks on what a quiet, happy baby he is. (If they only lived with us…)No matter how much of a fusspot he is being, putting him in the Bjorn almost always makes him happy. I keep it in the basket of my stroller when we go for walks, so if he starts wailing (as he usually does after about 2 miles) I can switch him to the Bjorn and he will be happy until we are home.He started teething early and one great thing about the Bjorn is it puts something soft and squishy right at mouth level for him to chew on. Dealing with a baby who is teething but lacks the developmental skills to hold and use a teething toy is maddening – so this is a great little side benefit to the carrier.The first few times I wore the Bjorn, it did feel a little hard on my back. Now I have no problems with that at all, and my baby is about 16 1/2 pounds. (He’s a big 4 1/2 month old…)I have no fears of him falling out of this thing, it holds him quite securely. It’s a little akward getting him into it when I am by myself and want him to be forward facing – but he doesn’t seem to mind being flipped about and arched back over my shoulder for the little bit of time it takes. It would be nice if there were some way transfer the baby from person to person without removing him from the Bjorn, but doing so would probably make the carrier a lot less secure.The longest I have ever walked using this carrier is about 1 1/2 miles. Before he was born, I really thought this would be great for nice, long, arm swinging walks, but it hasn’t really worked out that way. At about that point, we both start to get a little fussy. Also, his hands get really cold, I think because the top edge of the carrier cuts into his armpits and cuts off circulation. I have tried adjusting the seat height, but I can’t seem to find a way around this. It doesn’t happen if the top flap is fasted over his shoulders, but he likes to have his arms free and doing that restricts his arms.I haven’t tried any other soft carriers to compare this to, but I did get a Maya Wrap sling. My husband liked the sling when the baby was little, but I was never comfortable using it. It made the baby so folded up, I was constantly checking his breathing, as well as constantly supporting his weight with my arm, which rather defeated the purpose of using the sling in the first place. I really like how the carrier allows me to have my baby close, be arms free, yet still feel my baby is safe and supported.It would be nice if they made the regular carrier with just slightly longer straps. This size works just fine for both my husband and I, but I really find it annoying how you have to pay so much extra for just two more inches of material if you and your spouse are very different in size.One more sort of so-so point about this is, they say you can use it for nursing, but I can’t understand why you would want to. I understand how to do it in theory, but I have never tried it and doubt I ever will.

Jackie Crandon, WI

I love the new model -comfort and convinience all in one

My husband and I are students with two young children – ages 2 (27 months) and 3 months, so first of all, purchasing this item was a big step when we live on a tiny budget! We LOVE it!!! We bought the brand new one (not the one pictured above- it’s the new 2003 model) It has the attatchements that slide in on the sides, making it a sinch to put on. It also has the plastic snaps to hold up baby’s head and the teathers to tighten or loosen the part that holds baby’s head. Anyhow, it is wonderful! the new 2003 model is so easy to put on, and even my 6’4" 260lb hubby LOVES it, and thinks it is really comfy. It also makes my life easy with my two little ones – my toddler is in the stoller, and the baby is in the baby bjorn – and i don’t get tired of it no matter how long or far we end up walking. WORTH THE MONEY, in my opinion!!!

Blanche Bluffton, SC

What a Great Product

I got this carrier as a baby shower gift and it has been truly a great gift. I can use it anywhere and it is pretty simple to use. My son is now 4 mos and still fits comfortably in it. This is a “Must Have” item. It is kind of pricey, but worth the money since it has a 20 lb. capacity and won’t just be a couple of months worth of uses.

Karla Belen, NM

Worth the Money!

$80.00, fine. Knowing what I know now, I would’ve paid $200.00. This is the second pair of hands you need. It is very comfortable to use, even as your baby gets heavier. It’s got the option of facing your baby outward as well and my daughter loved to look around as she got older. I washed it and it faded a bit but I still feel the Bjorn can do no wrong. An ansolute must and a fantastic gift idea (maybe get a few people to go in on it to help if finances are a problem).

Jeri Spearville, KS

Life Saver At the Grocery Store!!!!!! Must Have!!!

Baby Bjorn was a gift. I never thought I would use it. I used to go to the grocery store with my daughter in her car seat (she is 3 months). She would do nothing but cry!! I tried to carry her. That did not work and I did not feel she was safe with me pushing the cart and carrying her. I finally thought to use the Baby Bjorn Carrier. What a surprise. She loves it!!! I got to shop for all the things I needed at the grocery store!! She faces forward in it and loves to look around. She also falls asleep in it! It truly is a life saver!!! I thought I was never going to be able to leave the house without my daughter crying her head off!! Must Have!!!!!!!!!

Alison Foster, RI

Absolutely great!

I’ve only been using this for a month and this product has made my life significantly easier! At home with a new baby, I really love using this around the house. When my son wanted to be held, I would just put him in the carrier, thus leaving my hands free to do chores. I had a sling which he didn’t like, and plus the carrier is much more secure than the sling. It is also great for walks outside when using a stroller would be too much of a hassle. He loves the feeling of being next to my body and almost always falls asleep when he’s in it!

Janis South Sioux City, NE


This baby carrier was the best investment I made for my sanity! It was a lifesaver for me and my colicky baby. I put him in it when he was fussy and I needed to get things done, or go out. He always wanted to be carried and didn’t like his travelsystem, so this was the only way I was able to take walks and move around the house with my hands free. I also used it when we went shopping. Lifesaver. He is now 6 months old and he still loves it! It is pricey, but I found it was well worth it for my sanity!

Goldie Mount Morris, IL


This is a great carrier! My son loves to fall asleep in it while I am working. He was fortunately big enough to be carried around it in from day 1, but your child must be 21 inches to start using it.

Crystal Union City, CA