BABYBJORN Plate and Spoon – Blue

BABYBJORN Plate and Spoon – Blue

The BABYBJORN Plate and Spoon make it easy for children to eat by themselves.

Main features

  • The plate’s three-leaf clover shape helps kids scoop up food onto the spoon
  • The plate rests firmly on the table and will not tip, even if the child bangs on the plate’s rim
  • Easy to clean; both the plate and spoon are dishwasher safe
  • Plate is microwave safe
  • Spoon has a short, easy-to-grip handle that works with the right or left hand

Verified reviews


great, cute, but a little big

This bowl is cute and difficult for my daughter to lift and throw. However, if your high chair has a smaller tray, this bowl will not fit. For example, we have theFisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat – Blue, and the bowl does not fit on the tray – it is too large for the tray.

Adrian Greenway, VA

Supposed to be safe per Baby Bjorn company

I bought this item at a local specialty store and the clerk assured me the item was BPA free. When I got it home and opened it I saw the dreaded #7 recycle code on the white part. I contacted Baby Bjorn to clarify. Here is what they said:”BABYBJÖRN and Plastic Safety: When it comes to the material used in the production of our products, we put significant effort into finding materials that meet our high standards of quality and safety. To guarantee the safety of our plastic products, all BABYBJÖRN Kitchen and Bathroom products are tested by Specialized Technology Resources (STR), an independent global provider of quality assurance testing. All plastics used in the production of our Kitchen products fulfill the demands of the European (EEC),and the American (FDA) Standard for plastics, and are classified as food-safe. Through testing, all of our Kitchen products have been designated PVC-free, phthalates-free and lead-free. Recent studies by health organizations such as the National Institute of Health have raised concerns about the safety ofBisphenol-A (BPA) in plastic products. BPA is an industrial chemical that is used to manufacture polycarbonate plastic.Polycarbonate plastic is the plastic that has caused considerable recent controversy because of its use in baby bottlemanufacturing and because it has been proven to leach BPA. Polycarbonate plastic is not used in the production of any BABYBJÖRN baby products and all BABYBJÖRN products with a plastic component are BPA-free. More specifically, the BABYBJÖRN plate is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic which is certified BPAfree. While both polycarbonate and ABS, along with other plastics, have a recycling designation of “7”, there is no knownhealth risk associated with ABS.”I decided to keep it and see how it goes, even though I prefer using glass or stainless steel items. I like that this one is NOT made in China, like so many things tend to be.

Stacy Hemingway, SC

Not bad

I went BabyBjorn crazy and bought a lot of their product line once my daughter was old enough to start using it. I think that their line is “Ok” but not the greatest overall. I actually bought 2 of this set. This set comes with 2 spoons (black and pink) and 1 pink dish. Great colors. The spoon fits well in my 15 months hand and mouth and she likes it. I have to hold the plate as she eats because the bowl moves with slight force. She is also able to pick it up and throw it though the instructions say that picking the bowl up for a baby is difficult. Not so. I was very concerned about it being plastic but it is NOT #7 (hard plastic) and is free of BPA. Hard plastic and #7 plastics are the ones we need to stay away from though all plastic is questionable. This set is “ok” as she learns to eat from a bowl with a spoon, but then it’s quickly on to a non plastic dish. Still looking for stainless steel baby bowl. Please DO NOT put ANY plastic in a microwave especially food for your baby. There are just too may unknowns out there about plastic.

Olga Haymarket, VA

~*~Easy for my Twins to “finger eat”, doesn’t tip or slip, my Favorite Bowls~*~

These are by far my favorite dishes for my Twins to eat out of and we have a lot of different bowls.My girls are able to grab more food out of these than any of their other dishes, this is due to the sloped & smooth insides.This does not slide all over their high chair tray, it stays right where I put it.It does not tip as many of their other bowls do.These are easy to clean & I hand wash them. I just un-snap the 2 pieces wash them and snap them back together when they are dry. This is VERY easy but a child would not be able to do it.These also fit together so they take up less space!!These are a little pricy but I figured since it was something we would be using EVERYDAY, several times a day, it was worth getting something that worked great and would not wear out.Several people have complained that their child is able to pick these up & throw them and are dissapointed. Ummmmm, DUH!! If your child is able to pick things up and throw them since this is not glued down, held by some magnetic force, etc. then yes, they will be able to pick it up. That is just common sense. These are just harder to pick up. Try teaching your child some manners, yes, even at 1 year old children can be taught not to do something. If you are having trouble with your child throwing their plate then perhaps you should be looking for a book on teaching your child some manners instead of trying to fix the problem with a bowl!

Johanna Northport, WA

Tips over easily

I bought this because it wasn’t made in China, was cute and fit everything I was looking for. I really like the fact that it’s big enough for little hands to fit in it. I can put cooked veggies that tend to be slippery, in it and my 9 month old can actually pick up the food (as opposed to it sliding around not ever being picked up). However, this advertised as “no tip over” which is another reason I bought it. I was disappointed that on the first time trying it, my child tipped it over and the food went everywhere. Other than that, so far it’s good.

Tabitha Auxvasse, MO

It does the job, but nothing special

I think it serves the purpose of a dish for a small child, however it’s nothing special. My son, 18 months old, is still able to pick it up off the table and dump it out. I love to use it as a shallow bowl for cereal, where my son can scoop things from it easily, but for dinner it doesn’t have compartments and thus all the food runs together in one pile.

Marylou Saint Inigoes, MD

Good baby bowl and decent spoon

This bowl is relatively hard for my daughter to tip over, and it is supposedly dishwasher and microwave safe. These are the reasons I bought it. Many other plastic bowls are melamine or contain BPAs and should not be microwaved. That does not appear to be an issue with this one.The spoons are OK. They are a bit too wide and not as soft on teething babies’ gums as some of the more rubbery options on the market, but they are fine and have nice stubby handles for babies to hold onto.My bowl did not come with a black spoon like in the picture. I received the advertised pink spoon, but my secondary spoon was green. For me, that was fine and even preferable, but if for some reason you’re really excited about a black spoon with your pink bowl, beware.

Cassandra Dundas, MN

cute but pricey

While the design looked promising, my 13 month old was easily able to pick this plate up off a flat surface and dump its contents everywhere. The spoons are very ergonomic for a toddler, but the bowls of the spoons are a bit large for their small mouths. The cloverleaf design does appear to assist her in getting food onto the spoon, rather than chasing it all over the plate. Overall, I’d say this plate is nice but over-priced.

Brigitte Kasson, MN

Not preferred by my baby

I’ll preface this by saying that I’m sure that every child has individual preferences in these things, so your experience may vary. That said, none of the purported benefits of this plate and spoons provided any advantage to my son. He prefers metal silverware (the spoons are narrower and easier to fit into a little mouth) and a smaller plate (less chasing food around). So while these are perfectly adequate, I wouldn’t buy them again, especially not at the infamously high BabyBjorn prices.Also, please note that the large base for this plate may not fit onto smaller high chair trays (such as our keekaroo). I haven’t downrated the product because of this, as the dimensions are listed right in the description, but thought it worth pointing out.For reference, here’s the silverware and plate that we prefer:;=UTF8&qid;=1358632535&sr;=1-1&keywords;=oxo+tot+plate

Gale Middleport, OH

Too much resemblance to a dog bowl

Spoon is too big for my son’s mouth (he’s 11mo old), and the look of the plate makes me feel like I’m feeding my son out of the dog bowl.

Deidre Laguna Niguel, CA

Plate okay spoons are great

If you have a little one who likes to pick up his or her plate and drop it on the floor this plate is not for you. The plate can be easily picked up. Plus the plate is too large and fits awkwardly on our highchair (we have a boon high chair that we love love!) I do however, really like the spoons. My son has more success and less mess with these spoons more than any other kind…for one thing the spoon bowl is quite rounded (compared to some spoons that are only slightly rounded or even flat) which is helpful as the child raises the spoon to the mouth the spoon may be tipped this way or that and the rounded bowl of the spoon helps to keep the contents on the spoon instead of falling back onto the plate. Plus the shape of spoon handle and texture of the materials makes the spoon easier to grasp.

Jocelyn Fort Dick, CA

one of my favorite toddler feeding options

I’d give this a 5 if it fit on the tray on our highchair. I recommend you measure your tray and see the dimensions on this plate– it’s a bigger plate than most baby plates.In every other way, this is a great set. Spoons are well designed, fit in kids’ hand. Plate is difficult or impossible for child to lift/throw (we have never had that happen).

Beatrice Davy, WV

Plate is too big

The spoons are great for a toddler. The plate is very much like a dog bowl. It is a little too bulky and a pain to store since you cannot stack that easily with your other bowls.Update after 2 yrs: still using it but white part of bowl gets stained and scratched easily. Also the spoon is plastic so it has lots of bite marks. If i were to do it all over again, i would just get the spoons. Spoons are great for 9m+ especially for soupy foods. But spoons stain easily. They are orange now. To be honest, you’ll be fine with the munchkin metal and plastic set for $4. I have those and toddler is fine with that, too. Munchkin utensils fit into Boon lawn dish rack better. The baby bjorn spoons have thick handles so they do not fit well standing up.

Mavis Tyonek, AK

Love baby bjorn products

My LO loves to eat with these spoons! and believe I’ve tried with others and he doesn’t like it. Is true they are a little big bigger but if my LO loves them I love them!

Stella Victor, CO

worth the $$

Designed/weighted well. The spoons were good for infant and still good at 16 months for toddler, with deep bowls and easy for her to hold and use herself. The sides of the bowl are deep, which helps for scooping food onto the spoon when she is self-feeding. They’ve held up well in the dishwasher and have survived being thrown on the tile floor.

Lina Mukilteo, WA

Great plate and spoons

This plate and spoons set has been great for us. Our daughter loves having her own plate, and we take it everywhere – restaurants, vacations, friends’ homes. It is non-slip and very stable, but not unmoveable by a determined child. Fortunately for us, our daughter so far does not pick up the place until it is empty, so we haven’t had to deal with her throwing a full plate on the floor (yet). The rounded edges are nice for little hands, and the 3-leaf clover shape helps make scooping food easier. The spoons are so cute, and very easy to use. We are overall very happy with it.

Gwendolyn Orderville, UT

Doesn’t do what it says it does

This plate is fine as a plate with raised edges, sort of like a cross between a bowl and a plate. But for twenty dollars give or take, it is wildly overpriced because what it does NOT do is stay put on the high chair tray. My 12-month-old son has no problem picking it up and tossing it if he so desires. The spoons that it comes with are easy to hold but a little wide for my son’s mouth at this point.

Deborah Thousandsticks, KY

Best I’ve Found

This plate isn’t perfect but it’s the best I’ve found. It’s more weighted than the typical toddler plate and has nice round edge for scooping food out with fingers or the spoons. I like that it doesn’t have sections because a lot of times my daughter is eating something like macaroni and peas that doesn’t need to be sectioned. It does not claim to have suction or that you’re baby wont’ be able to pick it up so you need to have realistic expectations about that. If you child continually picks it up either decide the plate isn’t developmentally appropriate yet and try later or enforce a no pick up rule (which I did and yes 10 month old babies can understand what no means). The thing I don’t like about the plate is that it claims to have a rubber base which I envisioned as the whole bottom being rubber but it’s actually only the outer edge so it does slide a bit. However since I can’t find anything better I have used this plate for every meal and snack for the past couple weeks and I have to say overall I really like it. Just an FYI don’t cut anything in it with a sharp knife as it does make scratch marks. I haven’t had any staining problems and I’ve served spaghetti and blackberries in it several times (I hand wash it after every meal).

Michael Rosedale, MS

weird staining surface

I loved this design even before I became a mother. Despite the higher price than most baby plates, I thought the sloped sides would make it hard for baby to pick up, and the curvature of the 3 arcs would make it easy to scoop up food so went ahead and ordered it anyways. THe design is cute as a button, and the material feels nice. I’ve used it for 6+ months now, and have started to notice a faint brown stain appearing in the main eating surface. Sometimes it seemed like a permanent stain, and other times, it will scratch off with my finger nail when wet, but not budge in the dishwasher, scrub surface, soaking, nor sitting out in the sun. I’m not excited about this at all…. I’ve had a smaller bowl from OXO that I’ve used just as long as this plate, and that white surface has no sign of stains…The baby is able to pick up the bowl, but that’s not the concern. The staining aspect that only comes off with my nail scratches, is a no no…

Millie Simpsonville, MD

Baby loves it.

He plays with the spoons all the time. Haven’t used the bowl yet, but I can tell it will work great. Very smart design.

Estelle Woden, TX

Plate is so-so but BEST spoons ever.

I was hoping my 11mo would not pick up this plate but that was the first thing she did, and threw it on the ground :(That being said, the spoons are pretty much amazing. I can get a good amount of food on it and it easily goes into her mouth because the edges are thin.

Carmella Alakanuk, AK


This bowl is cute and difficult for my daughter to lift and throw. However, if your high chair has a smaller tray, this bowl will not fit.

Elisa Errol, NH

The spoons are great, the plate does not stay put

Baby loves the spoons and actually he plays with one while I feed him with the other one.The plate looks lovely but does not stay put which is a total disadvantage.

Iris Louisburg, NC

Baby can’t pick it up

This solved the problem of our baby picking up her dish and dumping the contents out. Also, the color ‘frame’ has a rubber edge on the bottom, preventing it from slipping or being pushed around the table. We were surprised that some reviewers thought it was cheap-feeling. It is sturdy and high quality, what one would expect for the high-ish price; made in Sweden. Not ugly like most baby stuff made these days. So happy, we ordered another one.

Marcia Cherokee, KS

Sturdy & easy for my girl to feed herself!

I really like this plate. The edges are design in a way that the food doesn’t dance around while my toddler is trying to scoop it. It makes teaching using utensils a lot easier. I also love the look of the plate and spoons. They have funky and fun colors! I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

Greta Glen Cove, NY

great spoons

Baby can easily hold and feed herself with these spoons — they are great. A little pricey but I think worth it.

Rosella North Palm Springs, CA

Too light

My 10 month old easily lifted this off his high chair tray. It is a lot lighter than I expected and it does not grip my son’s high chair tray at all. Because of its shape, he had a hard time reaching his food. Maybe he is too young for it.My son is 13 months now and this is his regular plate now. He can still flip it over but it works better than the oxo and boon plate.

Helena West Union, WV

Cute, fun, and useful

These are my baby’s all-time favorite spoons. They are wide enough to pick up quite a bit of food and get it in his mouth without (too much) mess, and soft enough on his cheeks and gums. The low, wide base of the bowl makes it very difficult to tip over. Totally worth it the price.

Penelope Garneill, MT