BABYBJORN Potty Chair, Blue

BABYBJORN Potty Chair, Blue

The BABYBJORN Potty Chair helps your child graduate from the diaper stage. The potty chair is sturdy and rests firmly on the floor, and the high backrest and round, ergonomic lines make sitting as comfortable as can be, even for longer periods of time.

Main features

  • Comfortable for your child
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Splashguard prevents spills
  • Comfortable for your child; ergonomic design with soft lines
  • Sturdy construction; high backrest and comfy armrests
  • Easy to clean; inner potty seat is easy to lift out, empty and clean

Verified reviews


Simply the best out there…

After extensive research, I finally settled on this potty chair and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I, like many other reviewers, was intially put off by the $22 price tag.The problem I have with many baby products today is that companies try to make something a “new concept” by adding bells and whistles or attempting to make things multi-purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and my daughter has tons of electronic gadgets, but potty chairs should not double as toys. Nor do I care to have my child using her potty in the future to stand on to reach the sink.This is exactly what a potty should be… a potty and nothing else. Its ergonomic design and rubber bottom makes it comfortable and stable, even on carpet. It looks remarkably similar to a real potty because if its smooth, white finish. When I got it home my 16-month-old daughter immediately knew what it was and wanted to sit on it. She now loves to sit on the potty and this one appears to be very comfortable for her.In a nutshell, it is simply made, easy to clean and perfect for potty training.

Lenore Bland, VA

Great potty, especially for boys!

I had a Safety 1st potty that I just hated before I bought this Baby Bjorn potty. It leaked, its round opening was WAY too small, and I had a ton of problems with my son leaking all over the front and on to the floor. Plus it came apart in many pieces and had lots of spots bacteria could hide. The Baby Bjorn takes care of all the problems I had with the Safety 1st potty!The simple construction is so sanitary and easy to clean. There are no little places for bacteria to collect.The opening is bigger than other potty chairs and oblong instead of round, so no more pooping on the seat. This alone would have sold me on this potty.The splash guard is great for boys. No more peeing off the front of the potty and no flimsy detachable splash guards that flip down into the seat.It has a nice rubber grip on the bottom to keep it in the same place on the floor.Another plus is that it’s nice looking and blends in with the rest of the bathroom.I’m very happy with the quality and design of this potty and I have NO complaints!

Cecelia Blencoe, IA

Not for Boys that Stand Up

Great when my son was sitting down… now that he stands… junk. If not right on target, you’re going to have a mess every time. Think pee puddle under the chair… and now imagine the smell. Totally gross, and getting rid of ASAP.Skip.

Ginger Strongsville, OH

The MOST SUCCESS of them all!

We are currently training our 2nd child. With our first, we had 3 in diapers, giving us MAJOR motivation to get him potty trained, so we tried almost every seat out there. Most of them were okay, but just got nasty quckly, were hard to disinfect, or were uncomfortable for my son. The ones with the removable splash gaurd are not gentle and can scrape a child’s sensitive parts. Those were awful. We were “potty training” for a full year before we finally saw the BabyBjorn potty chair in a local botique, and DS immediately sat in it. He chose blue, and we took it home. Within a week, he was trained, and began using the “big boy seat”, so we saved the seat for our daughter. It was incredable! Now our 23 month old daughter is training. We bought her this white babybjorn seat for our downstairs bathroom, with the blue upstairs. She has been “training” for 6 days now, and is almost completely day trained!This seat is by far the best in our experiences. Here’s why: 1. the seat has a higher back and sides, which gives the child support while sitting down, standing up, or simply sitting there. 2. It is NOT easy to tip! several of the others we tried tipped without much effort when our child was putting pressure on the sides trying to sit down or stand. 3. It is super easy to clean – there aren’t a bunch of seams to gather gunk, it’s easy to wipe down with a clorox wipe and be done. It’s also super easy to take the little bucket out, and soak in clorox or hose down. 4. Kids can choose what color they want! This was such a big deal to my children — also, they are solid colors that can look nice with your bathroom. The surface is also nice that your child can decorate the back with cute stickers if wanted. 5. It works for children of all different sizes! My son was 40″ and 42lbs when potty training, and my daughter is 25lbs and a little shrimp, and this seat fit them both WONDERFULLY.Overall, having tried MANY seats, this one was the absolute best for both our children, and I would highly reccomend it to anyone in need of a seat for potty training success~!

Valerie North Anson, ME

looks cute but not functional for us. the depth …

looks cute but not functional for us.the depth of the plastic bowl is not deep.If the shit is coming out long and hard, it might push back up to the baby

Willie Horn Lake, MS

Why does this potty get such high reviews??

This was the second potty we bought for our son, who is almost 3. In one word – horrible. I had a lot of hope that, with all the excellent reviews, we’d find success with this one. The basic issue is the splash guard, which really doesn’t work at all. Pee still goes everywhere. I’d love to find one of the old-fashioned potties with the high cupped splash guard – but that’s nearly impossible. If I had known that this potty would be no better than others I’ve tried, I would have saved my money.

Patricia Dennis, KS

Wish I had just gotten the fisher price one from the beginning

I started out my son with elimination communication (EC aka early start potty training, of which Amazon carries great books by 3 different offers on the subject) when he was 6 wks old. We kept it up until he was 4 months old and then I stopped because my mother-in-law thought it was “weird” – I tried to start again when he was 6 months but he was already attached to his diapers. I could really kick myself now that he’s 2 and many many poop diapers later! Anyhow we had the smaller version of the Baby Bjorn potty when we were doing EC and it worked great cuz we could manuver him and pee him sitting down. The pee gaurd is in the opinion of more than just our family, TERRIBLE for toddlers! After he bumped it sitting down I couldn’t get him near the potty for weeks. I am not usually into frills and over the top plastic toys but I love the fisher price potty we got him instead. I didn’t put batteries in it – too much for me. I love it. My son actually uses it. It has a REMOVABLE splash gaurd. Our boy pees standing up anyhow – just like Papa! It looks more like a grown up potty except it has a cartoon smiley face. I thought the smiley face silly at first but since it makes my son like it more it kinda makes me happy now. And the potty seat removes so you can put it on your toiletseat for easing toddlers nerves when moving onto to toilet training. Not as simple-looking as the Baby Bjorn but a much better potty in many many ways.

Dawn Auburn, PA

Makes legs fall asleep

So we have been using this potty seat for several months now trying to get our daughter used to going on the potty. I bought this one because it had great reviews and was simple and easy to clean. But every time we put her on it, after only a few minutes she starts complaining that her feet hurt. What she means is that her feet are tingling and going to sleep. Then she doesn’t want to get off because her legs are numb and she gets scared. She is not a big girl but this seat is just too uncomfortable for her. Also, every time she gets up the insert sticks to her behind and will dump if there is anything in it. It also leaves her with a red ring around her butt. I am going to look for a cushioned potty chair next and hopefully we have more success.

Zelma Marlborough, CT

Best potty chair out there for a boy

I can’t say enough good about this potty chair. It’s inexpensive (but very well made), SUPER easy to clean, has a very comfortable splash guard for boys and is comfortable (I’m assuming). I originally bought the Safety 1st Potty Chair/stool. Don’t like it at all. Tough to clean (lots of spaces for urine to get) and I don’t think it’s very comfortable as my son refused to sit on it. Within 20 seconds of sitting on the Baby Bjorn he peed. Refused for weeks to do that with the Safety 1st. Great product. Can’t say enough good about it.From a parent’s stand point, it’s the best b/c it’s soooo easy to clean. I’m not clean freak, but this is a huge benefit with anything in the bathroom.Kudos to Baby Bjorn for a simple product.

Laurel Greensboro, FL

The Future is Hopeful

We just got this potty after trying the Safety 1st potty for a couple of months. As soon as my son saw it he knew just what it was. We watch the “Once Upon a Potty” video and the old bowl style potty in it was throwing him off I think. THis is close enough to that style that he started quoting part of the video upon first site. He then stood up backed up to it and sat down without any assistance, a great improvement from the other potty. He can get up and down from it without maiming his privates. His only problem with it so far is that he’s apparently gotten use to having the back pressed against his rear so he pushes all the way back on this potty too. This is a little odd given its oval shaped bowl. Hopefully our stalled potty training will get a jump start down. Just in one day he is much more eager and willing to sit on it and he giggles over quoting the video while he sits there.

Celeste Dent, MN

Uncomfortable for my daughter

I’m surprised this potty got such rave reviews. My daughter is so uncomfortable with this potty trainer! She’ll sit on it, but it’s so small. The splash guard is what really seems to make it uncomfortable for her. She’s accidental sat on it before and it hurt her. When she sits on it the splash guard makes her have to sit with her legs open, but as I mentioned the seat is pretty narrow so she can’t really sit on it comfortably.

Georgina Rentiesville, OK

Too easy to separate from the base, no cover.

This is a great potty seat and very easy to manage, however the potty disassembles quite easily from the base and does not have a cover. I was not able to find a babybjorn with the aforementioned essentials. Would buy the same brand, if they made a new version that covers and did not come apart so easily from the base (my daughter take out the center all the time)which can become a problem if she empties the content.

Tracy Bismarck, AR

No complaints

I started using this potty with my daughter when she was just able to sit up on her own. The high back was more helpful then, than it is now, but it’s still nice to have the high back. She likes to lean back and throw her arm over the back. She thinks she’s so cool when she sits on her big girl potty.I like the "handle" on the front shield because my daughter hangs onto it and leans slightly forward when using the potty for #2.I like the design of the bowl and how it fits in the potty. No leaks. The potty chair my mom has, if my daughter is at a certain angle somehow it leaks onto the floor. That has never happened with this potty chair.PROS:- High back to help support baby- No-slip bottom keeps potty from sliding on tile floorCONS:- Haven’t thought of any yetI bought a second one of these to leave at day care.

Stacey Raywood, TX

Great for infant potty training!

I bought this potty chair after looking at several other brands/styles because of the high back and arm support. It has a great “wrap-around” design that is perfect for my 4-month-old who is just getting familiar with the potty. For those working on infant potty training, I highly recommend this chair. My little one has no problem sitting up in this chair by herself (of course I’m holding onto her for security). She has already made many, many poops and pees in the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair! It’s also very easy to clean. Just dump out contents, rinse, and wipe with a disposable disinfecting wipe. Definitely easier than changing a diaper!

Susie Ardsley, NY

Nice potty

This potty is very nice. I bought this because of the sleek look, high back. It will work fine. My daughter turns 2 yrs old soon, I will then try her on it if she is ready.

Tamera Seahurst, WA

it hurts my 2 yr olds bum.

love the high back and easily accessible to dump and clean. the front is skinny enough for him to sit with his feet positioned nicely. what i dont like is my little one keeps saying his bum hurts and doesnt like to sit on it. when he sits for more than a few seconds and gets up, he has a red mark where the plastic touches his bum. he opts for the real toliet, even though it is awkward for himto sit.

Cora Orange, NJ

Works Great for Little Boys

When I began my research for a potty chair for my son, I had no idea how many things there were to consider! I really didn’t want anything that made noise or had lights but we ultimately decided on this chair because of the one-piece splash guard since I learned that it wasn’t uncommon for little boys to hurt their tender bits on other chairs. It is well-made and sturdy; it didn’t tip when my son got on or off. I think the main thing it did was to give my son the confidence to use a potty – his feet stayed securely on the ground and it was stable and didn’t slip around. He had no problem getting himself on and off of it and he liked the ‘responsibility’ of dumping the contents into the big potty (I liked that it was easy for him to do that, and easy for me to clean the bowl afterward).

Kari Concord, NH

Get the Summer Infant instead

This is a very nice potty seat. We’ve had it since my son was 6 months old, and he’s been sitting on it on and off since then. It’s a good size, seems comfortable enough for him, is simple, and is easy to dump out and clean. He’s now 21 months and potty training, and the seat is great for him when he comes running over saying “go potty, go potty” and can easily sit and pee.Why only 3 stars? Because theSummer Infant Lil’ Loo Potty, Whiteis essentially the same potty but MUCH cheaper. We have one BabyBjorn and 2 Summer Infants, and they’re all great. I actually slightly prefer the cheaper Summer Infant.

Latoya Cottonwood, AZ

nice potty.

nice potty is easy to clean and looks alot like the adult potty so helps eliminate confusion. has worked well so far.

Carla Garden City, SD

Love/hate with this

I LOVE that this is “healthy” materials – HATE that it sticks to my sons bottoms when he stands and in 2 cases pee everywhere (one other case POOP EVERYWHERE!)I will keep the 3 that I purchased for him, but I did purchase one wood potty that I like much better too.Just trying to keep healthy the best we can. I guess nothing is perfect…

Rena Mountain, ND

Just Got It, Already Love It

I just received my BabyBjorn potty last week, and my daughter is only 15 months old, so I can’t write about her being successful at potty training yet. But she has already gone #1 in her potty the first time she ever sat on it bare-bottom, and I am thrilled. I bought this potty early so she would see it around and get use to it before being expected to use it. As soon as I took it out of the box she wanted to sit on it, and cried when I took her off or took her potty away. And because she likes sitting on it so much, she has started sitting on it immediately after I remove her dirty diapers during her diaper change, before I put her new diapers on. And about half the time she goes pee in it while she sits there.This potty is so sturdy and sanitary cause it is easy to clean. I love how long and deep the opening is, and how there is no chance for leakage. When it comes to potties, the simplest design is definitely the best. My daughter can lean on it without it tipping over, and she loves to comfortably lean against the backrest while sitting on it. The shape of this potty ensures that kids sit on it correctly every time. I am so happy I read the reviews before picking a potty, and bought this one from amazon instead of just going with whatever I could find at my local stores.

Elsa Newcastle, TX

Good quality and price

I wanted a chair with a removable bowl, but now that I’ve seen my son grab it and attempt to dump it out, part of me wishes I’d have gone for a toilet adapter style.If this is the style you want though, it’s durable and sleek in appearance (for a potty chair, anyway).ETA: OK, now I’m glad that the bowl is removable as we’re using it more, but you do have to watch for spills. It cleans easily and my son finds it comfortable.

Leona Cresbard, SD

It works fine but

Our almost 3 yr old boy prefers the toilet with the babybjorn seat this fits onto toilet seat. He prefers flushing and using the big boy toilet.We will take this in the car for emergencies

Kirsten Snoqualmie Pass, WA


we used this for a short time and eventually it just collected dust. there’s options out there that aren’t as clunky if your taking it to go.

Aida North Salem, NH

Great for babies under 1 year old

I bought it for my 10-month old son who is extremely active. So when i got it, I was nit even sure I can seat him on the potty and keep him seated long enough. But the seat is so comfortable that he can sit in it and listen to a song for a minute or even two before he gets bored – that is usually enough to get him do his small business there. He even tries to play with it getting the white insert out and putting it back in like a puzzle though we try not to let him play with the potty much. Word of caution – when I tried to seat him for the very first time, he tried to just walk out of it and went down head-first – he was not a strong walker back then but I was ready and caught him and put him right back so he did not get scared of the experience. We had to pick him up to standing until he was about 10.5 months old and became more confident standing and walking though. He can stand up carefully from it – no stumbles since then.

Sarah Basye, VA

#1 potty chair

We’ve had several potty chairs and I’d say I like this one best. It has a high back and armrests, making it comfortable for my daughter to sit. There aren’t a whole lot of cracks and crevices, which makes it easy to clean. The chair is sturdy and doesn’t tip over. It is larger than some of the other chairs, which were a little too small as my daughter grew. If I had to do it over again, I’d buy this chair first._________________UPDATE: This chair eventually went to my niece and nephew. It had been a good potty chair and I was happy to share my good find with my sister-in-law. She agreed it is a good chair.

Marjorie Essig, MN

Great, supportive potty chair

Our daughter uses this every morning as part of early potty training. She has low muscle tone, so we needed a potty chair that would be supportive and comfortable enough for her, and this one does the trick. She seems very comfortable sitting on it, I think because of its high back and the little bump in front that kind of keeps her in the right position. I also like this chair because the little potty bucket is smooth, without many little creases, nooks or crannies where, um, germs might get stuck — so it’s very easy to clean. That’s a relief for me!

Camilla Cleveland, AL

great potty seat

I bought two potties before I realized that my boy had a big bottom and most other potties have really small opening and no pee guard in the front. I broke down and bought this. This doesn’t have the bells and whistles like some other potty. But it’s beauty is its simplicity. he is able to sit and do his business, carry the urine/poop container to the toilet and rinse it all by himself (he was not even 2 yet!). I would highly recommed the potty training book “Potty training in less than a day”. it’s out of print but you might find an used copy on […].

Tricia East Carondelet, IL

Functional and easy to clean

Why I love this toilet….it does not have all the bells and whistles of some of the toilets out there…but really, why do you need them? This one is easy to clean…must be pretty comfortable because my kid will sit on it and read in the bathroom…it is the perfect height…and has a nice seat back….best part, it doesn’t tip over (yet at least). Not sure how it works for boys…but for a girl it worked well.

Effie Clayton, ID

Use it for “elimination communication”-infant potty training

I was looking for a potty to use for baby potty training, he’s 6 months old and in the 25th precentile. I saw that some people commented that it was small, which is what i was actually looking for, and it works great for us. The back is great, he can sit on quite comfortably, so long as I entertain him!He has used successfully, and it’s really easy to empty. I just add some water if needed and flush it, the seat just lifts out.There is an imprint on his bum after he gets up, but he doesn’t seem to mind.Here’s a tip: since he still pretty short and his feel don’t reach the floor, I use something to put his feet on for leverage, and it really helps. The baby wipes container is perfect.

Josefina Fort Kent, ME