BABYBJORN Smart Potty – Blue

BABYBJORN Smart Potty – Blue

Ergonomic design with soft lines. BabyBjörn Smart Potty Is Comfortable And Portable With its ergonomic design and soft lines, the BabyBjörn Smart Potty creates a comfortable seat for your potty-training little ones. Its small size makes it ideal for families with bathroom space restraints or even for emergencies in the car. And if you’re traveling out of town, the Smart Potty is only one pound, so it’s lightweight enough to stash into a bag or suitcase and take along. Quick Facts About BabyBjörn Plastics Completely free from BPA (bisphenol A), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), phthalate esters, cadmium, lead, and bromine Complies with relevant product safety standards Playful design and bright colors to inspire children to use the products and learn Recyclable Tested and Safe The potty insert is easy to lift out, empty and clean. Stays In Place And Minimizes Messes Made of durable, PVC- and BPA-free plastic, the Smart Potty has features that make for a cleaner, hassle-free time for parents and caregivers, and a positive experience for your child. The potty has two parts: an outer potty and a removable potty insert. The potty insert has a large, integrated splash guard that helps minimize messes and prevents little legs from getting pinched. The outer potty has a rubber rim along the bottom that keeps it firmly on the floor without sliding around, helping prevent leaks and spills. Cleans Easily And Comes In Fun Colors Children who like to use their potty are more likely to actively and happily engage in potty-training, so it helps that the Smart Potty comes in a rainbow of attractive, vibrant hues. The choices include Red, Blue, White, Pink, Green, Yellow, and Turquoise. Each potty has the BabyBjörn teddy bear logo on the front of it. Made of recyclable plastic, the potty is easy to clean-simply remove the inner potty, empty it, and rinse it with hot water. About BabyBjörn: Quality, Safety, And Style A family owned company headquartered in Sweden, BabyBjörn has been producing innovative childcare products since 1961. Today, BabyBjörn works with an international network of pediatricians to develop products that reflect its core philosophy of quality, safety, and style. BabyBjörn ensures the quality of each of its products in terms of both durability and environmental impact by scrupulously overseeing every stage of the design and manufacturing process. Safety is also guaranteed through rigorous screening by industrial designers, testing institutes, and medical experts. This exact attention to detail has earned BabyBjörn international recognition for its success in creating products that balance usability with style.

Main features

  • Comfortable for your child; ergonomic design with soft lines
  • Practical for you; takes up minimal space and is easy to take with you
  • Easy to clean; inner potty seat is easy to lift out, empty and clean
  • Splashguard prevents spills

Verified reviews


Not for infant ECers.

We have been doing Elimination Communication since my son was born and started using this potty when he was around 7 months old. I have the Little Potty as well. Right off I can say that for ECing under 12 mos, you want to go with the Bjorn little potty or the Thermobaby Anatomical potty.Con:-This one is a little too big for 6-10 month olds being that its a little higher and wider, making it more difficult to get into the natural squatting position that is most effective for elimination.-Bjorn is pricey.-Since there’s no lift on the back, as with the Themobaby, it’s sometimes hard to aim when helping him sit, I hate when he’s too far forward and pee spills over the front.Pro:-The bowl is easier to empty, the front is easy to lift out and secure to hold. I like that the contents go out the back instead of over the front like the one piece potties. This feature also makes it much easier to clean.-It has rubber lining on the bottom so it doesn’t scoot around. I really like that, it makes it so much more sturdy.-At 13 months this thing is great for him and he’s around the 50th %tile in height and weight.

Ida Mossyrock, WA

A space saving alternative to the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

Deciding between the Baby Bjorn Smart Potty and the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair for my 10 month old boy whose weight is at 75th percentile, I went to a store to compare the two products. Major findings:1. The seat size is the same – the removable inner potty is the same on both models.2. The seat on the Smart Potty is lower. Pros – harder to topple. Cons – if the child is taller the sitting position may be more like squatting.At the store my boy sat on the Potty Chair and decided to reach for something and toppled the Potty Chair. The Smart Potty seems harder to topple, though not impossible. In the end I purchased the Smart Potty. It takes up little space in the bathroom and cabinet. My kid is in the first week of potty training and hasn’t had a “mission accomplished” yet, but with a toy in his hands he seems fine sitting on the potty for 5 minutes.

Patricia Mesena, GA

Small, Stable, good for EC, and easy to travel with

I have a now 15mo boy that I have been part time ECing since he was 10 months old. My son is currently 33″ tall and weighs 30 lbs – he’s by no means on the ‘normal’ size, but this potty has worked great! I love that this potty is small & stable – it fits well in our smallish bathrooms (we have one upstairs and one downstairs) and he has yes to tip it over. He sits on it perfect by himself and can easily reach the floor & within close proximity to pick up what he wants/needs And because he feet are easily on the floor he can get leverage from leaning forward to get the deed done – if you know what I mean 🙂 The white part of this potty comes out and it’s easily wiped/rinsed clean (fits great in the sink).EC’ers can use the pull out part of the potty as a lap potty like what’s known as a ‘top hat potty’.I also travel with it (I put a cloth diaper in the bowl, and then throw it in a wet bag until I get home).My only complaint comes from the fact that the little pee guard for boys isn’t very high, and sometimes we have some misses when it comes to that – but with that my only concern – I very happy with this product.

Winifred Applegate, CA

So far so good

My daughter really hasn’t used it too much yet, but she seems to enjoy it and it is pretty easy to clean.

Pat Melvin, IA

Great small potty.

I bought this for my 13 month old boy. Its the only potty I have, but I did shop a lot for this type of product, and I am very satisfied with the construction and durability of the product. It is easy for a child to remove the inner potty, but I think that is okay because we are teaching our son to flush. We have not had a problem with needing a different style of splash guard – this one works well. I do think that it is small… our son is tall for his age and I wonder if he will be comfortable on it at age 2. It is a good beginning potty, and I think its a good price, too.

Elba Park, KS

No as expected!!!

I am giving this product 2 stars based on my personal experience. I have seen this potty perform better on other kids or I should say on girls vs. boys. I have used many Baby Bjorn products in the past and I have had good experience. This product was recommended by friend (she has a girl) and I got it a while ago even though my boys (twins) did not use the potty at that time. We recently star using the potty and both boys would leak out of the potty. 8 out of 10 times the pee-pee would be mainly outside on the floor. I am tired of cleaning. My friend who has a girl does not have the same problem so from my experience this is a great potty but not as great for boys as it is for girls. The old version of this potty is way better.

Miriam Haven, KS

Insert doesn’t stay in place

My 26mo.old just started to show interest in “going potty”, and this looks similar to the potty in a bunch of our potty books.I wish I had known the instert does NOT snap into place. If my child leans forward, it tips. Imagine if there is urine in it. EW! YOU LOSE!The bowl is also a bit wide with the seat being narrow. Does that make sense? My kid ends up sitting in the bowl. I lose again.The splash guard is curved with the rest of the bowl, but NOT concave. So there could still be splatter out the sides, instead of it being set to flow downward.The base is sturdy, the height would be good for us, if it mattered (in my case it doesn’t because, like I said, my kid ends up in the bowl). When I can get him to sit right for a second, he doesn’t have to squat. (he is 36″ & 26lbs, to help visualize).Womp. Womp.I am going to try the Boon Potty Bench, I had been leaning toward that one in the first place.

Betsy Silverton, CO

Good design.

We started sitting our daughter on her potty to get her used to the idea as early as 6 months. She loves her potty. It’s comfortable, fits her well and has plenty of room for growth. The removable insert is designed well and does not pinch her legs when she sits or gets up, which another potty did! Very happy with this one and would recommend to anyone. Just make sure to hold your baby when they’re on the potty in the beginning so they don’t fall off and hurt themselves or have a bad experience. Happy potty training.

Vilma Avondale, WV

great little potty

We’re doing some infant potty training with our seven month old, and this potty is perfect. He sits on it happily and it’s easy to clean. He’s been using it since he was only a couple months old when we really had to hold him up, but now we just support his hands and he’s totally secure on it.

Gretchen Yakima, WA

Works well for EC

We started EC with our son a little bit before he turned 3 months. We keep it at the foot of the glider and sit him on it many times a day. He sits on it comfortably as I support him from behind while sitting on a stool. We are very happy with it thus far and will probably get another when we move into potty training.

Jo Syracuse, IN

Perfect Potty

My 16 month old daughter loves it, and so do I. It is the perfect size, both feet can reach the floor, and it’s the only potty we have found to be able to do so. It is featured on potty videos also – so it really helps her out seeing other little ones using the same potty as well. Perfect color for either sex too.

Sheena Bremen, ND

Great Potty!

This is a great potty chair.My son initially used the original BabyBjorn potty chair that’s smaller and doesn’t have a removable portion – it was all one piece. I really loved that potty, and when we lost it on a road trip last year (I don’t even know how that happened.:P) I bought this as the closest replacement to the original.I like that it comes in a variety of colors. I chose white, as it’s the same color as a conventional toilet, and I thought that might make the eventual transition to a ‘big’ potty easier. I also really like that I can see the white one at night, when I have to pull it out for my son to use one last time before I go to bed and I don’t want to turn on the light. But I appreciate the different colors, without being too tacky and covered in cartoon characters.I like the non-skid bottom, it keeps my son from scooting around, or potentially knocking it over.The plastic is very high quality, and cleans easily.The toilet is simple. We bought a gimmicky potty with lots of ‘features’ from Target to make it the rest of the way through the road trip after we lost the original BabyBjorn. It had a foam seat that got instantly gross, and had so many nooks and crannies to clean. Gross, gross, gross. This BabyBjorn is nice and simple.I know some folks have struggled with the shape of the front, but my son has used the smaller Bjorn and this one without problems with the splash/leak guard. My son is almost 4, and still has no issues.Overall, I love this chair. It’s clearly well thought out, and made of nice materials.

Catalina Sagola, MI

Nice design

I bought this way ahead of time for my grandson, just to be ready when the time comes. I put a lot of thought and research into the decision to purchase this, from the perspective of a child. I still remember how scary it felt for many reasons as a child, to be placed on an adult toilet…I don’t want him to experience that. Although he is only two and has not used it yet, I feel that when he is ready. he will like it right away and use it on his own quickly thereafter…he is very self sufficient and motivated.

Marcia Kent, OH

It’s good but a little small for my son

This potty is so much better than the Disney Cars one we first bought but I wouldn’t buy another one. I think it’s a little small and prefer the larger BabyBjorn for my 2 year old son.

Katina Donaldson, AR

I like it. This should NOT be meant for boys.

I like this potty. I wanted a plain potty for my daughter so this one is nice but before I bought this I did not realize that they sold the exact same potty but with a back. (I read reviews on the other potty that some of the older kids had trouble getting stuck in the potty because of the back being to tight) I’m not sure how the other potty is but I wish I would have got one with a back. My daughter does well now using the potty after becoming use to it but at first she was frightened because it did not have much support. I would recomend this product if someone was looking for a plain jane kind of toilet for their child. Also it is very IMPORTANT if you are buying this toilet for a boy do NOT buy this. The cup that is suppose to prevent the pee from spraying up does not come over the private place and you will end up with a BIG MESS. Luckily I have a daughter.

Tabitha Taylors Falls, MN

worth the price

I had a different one at first, but the hole was too far back and my 2 yr old son had a hard time getting on it without sitting on the shield. This is simple & easy, to use & clean. Low to ground makes it easy for him to get on and off, also he can reach the floor while sitting so he can play with bath toys or read books. Bought a second one for him to use at daycare since they only have full size toilets there. I know there are a lot of colors, but white makes it easy to spot progress & also to confirm it is clean.

Rosemary Waldoboro, ME

Small and awkward seating

Granted, it’s an effective potty, with easy clean-up and a very small footprint. The problem is, it’s TOO small. My 21-month old daughter is above average size for her age, but she’s no hulk. Unfortunately, she is nonetheless way too big to sit comfortably on the seat; she never quite knows where to place her bum, so she’s always readjusting and sometimes even falls sideways when she tries. We’ll keep this as a backup, but I’m buying a new one as a primary to make her more comfortable.

Ada Mount Bethel, PA

Lovely for infant/early potty training

Our 9 month old does his business on this potty about twice a day. It seems to be a good thing that it is low to the ground. It helps him, being more in the squatting position. He does sort of topple out of it if he were left unattended but that is to be expected, at this young age. The potty is simple and beautiful in gray and very easy to clean. It’s also small as noted by others so we actually keep it in the credenza in the living room to catch him in the moment. Love it!

Michell Stafford, OH

GREAT potty for boys

The oval shape of this potty and the splash guard makes it great for a boy. The splash guard comes up quite high, and he can easily sit far enough behind it because of the oval shape (and the low height). In contrast, a circular potty we also have is so small that when he sits on it he is pressed up against the splash guard. Not very comfortable. If your son is peeing on the floor with this potty, I would suggest you teach him to check his aim. As with any potty, he has to point into it to avoid a mess. Duh.This potty is also easy to clean, pours fairly neatly, and is small enough to bring along when we travel.

Bethany Fitzhugh, OK

Keeps our two year old toddler’s messes contained; comfy for him to sit on

We started potty training our boy at age 18 months. It’s slow going, but he likes this seat and when he does pee or poop, it does not go flying everywhere. We have not taught him how to point or anything so as long as he stays sitting, the pee does not spray anywhere. It appears to be comfy as he has sat on for more than an hour at a time. Easy to clean and doesn’t stink.

Jamie Parsonsfield, ME

Perfect for EC…

My husband and I are practicing EC with our new little one and so far, we love this potty. It is stable and sturdy and very easy to clean. I love that I can remove the white insert and use it on it’s own in my lap. Once our little one if bigger, we’ll probably end up getting a few more of these for various rooms in the house.

Adrian Shabbona, IL

Wish I’d bought the one with the arms

Many months since potty training and the user still uses this potty out of habit. It was just fine in the beginning because one of us parents would assist the sitting down, but now that it’s done independently, I can see how a set of arms, like the other Babybjorn Smart Potty model has, would be really handy. Absolutely nothing wrong with this potty and I would recommend it. The insert is nice because it’s easy to clean. We’ve brought it on the road with us and it is easy to dump or carry and dump (you’ll get there too, parent embarking on potty training).I will also add that I initially bought this, but then also purchased the Babybjorn Little potty because it is closer to the ground and for the small or early users, it is a must. I am happy with both purchases overall.

Viola Albany, OK

Like insert

I used to have the older style little potty that didn’t have a separate insert. I definitely prefer the removable insert–much easier to wash! Happy with this purchase and the way it allows me to start "elimination communication" early with my babies!

Katelyn Vinton, OH

Wish she would sit on it.

It’s nice because it’s really small so it actually fits in our apt bathroom. She is afraid of sitting on it though, so that’s a downside. Probably my daughter’s problem, not the actual potty’s issue.

Lourdes Del Rio, TN

Looks real – on the small side

I like this chair because it mimics a real toilet, it doesn’t look like a toy. It is a little on the small side, but not to where it’s a problem. Actually, it’s a plus for me because I rinse the bowl in the sink after we dump waste in the toilet (urine only so far . . .) & a lot of bathroom sinks are also small.

Joan Glenville, WV

Great for Small Kids & Bathrooms

I wish we would have had this potty when we were training our 1 yr old. We finally got it because we had bought Safety 1st stool/potty second hand–thank God because it would have been a waste of money as it is NOT built for boys & is the biggest pain to clean every time, not to mention it is still too high for our almost 2yr old (33 inches) to set himself down on. The Baby Bjorn Smart Potty on the other hand is short enough for him to set himself on all by himself which has been a big motivator for him. It is easy to clean & small enough for our tiny 5×5 bathroom, although he likes to put it in the linen closet each time anyway. We also have the Baby Bjorn Potty Ring that has also been great! Between these two potties & “Daddy style” (stand him up on edge of potty making him lean over to grab the lid), we are able to give him choices about how he will go potty which has been a good motivator.

Briana San Perlita, TX


I bought a couple of these to keep around the house. With very little instruction my daughter just started using them all by herself one day. These are awesome! And even better for the price!

Eugenia Racine, OH

Great for infant potty training!

I’ve been using this potty with my daughter since she was about 7 months old, and she loves it! She will happily sit on it and if I’m in luck, do her business :). She’s 9 months now. I initially purchased an Ikea potty because I had read a lot of good stories about it among people doing infant potty training/elimination communication, but my daughter hated it. She would stand up from it and get very upset. The babybjorn smart potty is awesome – she just sits there and grins away :).I love the removable insert. Makes cleaning up really easy.

Latoya Fremont, MI


What can you write about a potty? I chose this potty because one of our friend had the same in different color. I don’t believe potty that sings and lights up since I have seen little people check out the sound of origin after they were done with their business.This potty is plain, stable, easy to clean.

Alejandra Hampton, TN


Good little potty. He uses it well, it’s easy to clean! He’s used it while we ECed and now on his own.

Tricia Cape Elizabeth, ME