BabyBjorn Soft Bib, Red

BabyBjorn Soft Bib, Red

BABYBJÖRN Soft Bib –  Red   The BABYBJÖRN Soft bib is ergonomically designed to fit your child’s body perfectly and has a deep pocket to catch food spills. The neck is designed like a bead necklace with continuous fastening, so it can be individually adjusted to fit your child.     The BABYBJÖRN Soft Bib is easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe, but be careful not to put it close to the dishwasher’s heater coil.  All Baby Bjorn products are BPA and phthalate free.

Main features

  • POLYelast TPE/Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Imported
  • Easy to clean; simply rinse off under running water
  • Food remains in the spill pocket, even if your child moves around a lot
  • Adjustable neckband to fit your growing child

Verified reviews


Comparing Baby Bjorn, Bibbity, and Bumkins bibs

I am a mother with 3 young children and I wanted to know which bibs worked the best. I have compared the Bumkins Superbib, the Babybjorn bib, the Bibbity bib, and the Bumkins sleeved bib.With my first child, I quickly realized that using cloth bibs and putting them in the laundry after each meal was a terrible idea. They would get moldy and I had to own a dozen bibs. Then I switched to Bumkins Superbibs. They are very easy to use. I just wash them in the sink after meals and hang them on my bib drying rack. The bibs are dry and ready to use again by the next meal. Bumkins Superbibs are lightweight and my babies never mind wearing them. Since the pockets are soft, they don’t work well if the bib has been kept flat in a drawer. I always kept my Superbibs hanging upside down by the pocket on the bib drying rack. So, the pocket dried in the open position and worked better. Now my third child is 8 months old and is eating mushy baby food. Even with the Bumkins Superbibs, there are still always some oatmeal spills on his clothes. I rarely have to change his entire outfit after a meal, but I wondered if there was a better bib available. So, I bought a BabyBjorn bib and a Bibbity bib. Here are my results.Both the BabyBjorn and the Bibbity bibs are SMALLER than the Bumkins Superbibs. The Babybjorn bib is made of hard plastic (like a cup). It says “soft” in the description but that is just nonsense. The Bibbity bib is softer, like rubber.The Babybjorn bib is difficult to put on the baby because it is so hard. Even the neck strap is made of stiff plastic. I had great difficulty adjusting the neck hole because it kept hurting my son’s neck. I never could get the hole small enough to keep food from escaping onto the clothes below his chin. Plan on baby crying the entire time you are fiddling with his bib. The pocket of the bjorn bib is great and always stays open. However, because the pocket is so rigid, it clashes with the tray. My son sits on a chair that clips onto the countertop. The bjorn bib pocket kept getting caught under the countertop and then it would yank my son’s neck. He really hated wearing this bib. The BabyBjorn bib is super easy to wash in the sink. It is easy to dry with a towel so you don’t need a bib drying rack with this bib.The Bibbity bib is much better than the BabyBjorn bib. It is softer and feels like rubber. It was awkward to put on at first and my son was mad. However, he got used to it. I was able to get the neck hole small enough to keep most of the oatmeal out without hurting my son’s neck. The pocket stays open pretty well. However, since it is soft, the pocket would close up when my son leaned forward and the pocket hit the edge of the countertop/tray. So, food did slide past the closed pocket and land on my son’s lap. The Bibbity bib is about 1 inch shorter than the Bjorn bib and is 2.5 inches shorter than the Bumkins Superbib. It is very easy to wash in the sink and dry with a towel. I think the Bibbity bib works a little better than the Bumkins Superbib because the pocket catches more. However, my 3 year old daughter refused to wear the Bibbity bib, and said it hurt her neck. She loves to wear her Bumkins Superbibs. UPDATE: My son is now 13 months old and refuses to wear the Bibbity bib. It is just too heavy and uncomfortable.Unfortunately, all 3 of these bibs left way too much food spilled on my 8 month old’s clothes. If you have a baby who eats mushy baby food and grabs the spoon, a regular bib just doesn’t give adequate protection. So, I bought 1 MORE bib. I bought the Bumkins sleeved bib. It was GREAT! It covered everything, even his lap! He could feed himself oatmeal, make a huge mess, and his clothes were clean afterward! The sleeved bib is very easy to clean too. I just wash it off in the kitchen sink and hang it on my bib drying rack (which sits right next to the sink). It went from dripping wet to completely dry in 2 hours. Since, the sleeved bib dries fast on the rack, I use the same bib at each meal and only needed to buy one sleeved bib. I put it in the laundry every few days.UPDATE: My son is now 13 months old. He refuses to wear the Bibbity bib at all. It is too heavy and uncomfortable. He also pulls off his Bumkins Superbibs, throws them on the floor, and laughs. So, I put the Bumkins Sleeved bib on him for every meal. He feeds himself spaghetti and makes the biggest mess you’ve ever seen. He doesn’t mind wearing the sleeved bib and can’t get it off. It also does the best job protecting his clothes. I wash it in the kitchen sink after meals and hang it on the bib drying rack. It is dry in about 2 hours. I put it in the laundry every few days. If I had to do it all over again, I’d probably buy 2 Bumkins Sleeved bibs and a drying rack and that’s it. Here is a link to the drying rack I am talking about.Mommy Genius Drying Rack–Dry or Display Just About Anything (Baby Bibs, Plastic or Reusable Food Storage Bags, Kitchen Dish Towels, Bathroom Hand Towels, Washcloths, Mugs, Sports Water Bottles, Herbs, Mittens, Children’s Boots, Lingerie, Holiday Orname…

Bobby Columbus, OH

a mi hijo no le gusta

mi bebe se la pasa tirando del babero y no presta atención a la comida, no me gusta para nada.

Noelle Live Oak, FL

Too small for chubby babies

My baby is only 5 months old but is quite chubby… This bib is already too small for his neck! I can force it on without strangling him, but it’s clear that he hates it because it’s not comfortable. I love the durability of the design, but I don’t see how this bib could fit a baby for very long, especially not one with any chub.

Marla White Hall, AR

귀여운 모양에 혹해서

샀지만 길이가 좀 길고요런것보다는 옷처럼 입히는 팔부분까지 커버가능 한 것이 더 효율적이라 생각되어bib을 다시 구매하려 하고있슴다.물론 cool한엄마라서 아이옷에 음식이 묻던 말던 신경 안쓰면 모르겠지만

Hollie Oro Grande, CA

Still too hard

These are still hard and also hard to store. I found the DEX bibs to be much better.

Jacklyn Arcade, NY


Everyone should have one of these bibs for their kids! I bought this one for a gift. I’ve used the blue one for my child since he started eating, around 6 months old, and he is now 19 months. It is great quality. We hand wash it or put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. It still looks great! I like how easy it is to put on or take off. The bottom part that is like a tray is fantastic. It is sturdy and catches lots of food. This should be on every new parent’s list! Buy it!!!

Aurelia Minden, WV

baby like bumpkins better

I really want to like this but my daughter doesn’t. She seems bothered by the hard plastic. It certainly catches food just fine, but so does her soft bumpkins. Also the bumkpins are much easier to travel with.

Jade Porterfield, WI

works like a charm

This bib does exactly what I wanted it to. Keeps all the food my 1 year old drops off her pants, it all falls right into the little pouch. It doesn’t seem to bother her that it’s plastic (FYI: It’s not a hard plastic). She fought it a little at first but got used to it very quickly. super easy to wash clean too! This bib has really lightened my laundry load 🙂

Nettie Gore, OK

Love it

Received this bib in pink as a gift for my daughter. It is great quality and doesn’t warp after being run through the dishwasher. Love the adjustable neck line and firm pocket that she can scoop food out of. I need a few more of these in green and yellow!

Margarita Greendale, WI

Best bib ever!

We love this bib. It catches all the messes that would otherwise fall on the high chair and makes cleaning so much easier.

Staci Stanley, NC

Great shape and easy to clean / neck closure is off

I really like this product and love the convenience of just rinsing it off after each use. The color is neutral and the large cup at the bottom helps to catch the random spills and splashes. The neck closure does seem off a bit though and it does not pull the bib close enough under my baby’s chin. So many times we do end up with food right around his neck line and I need to do wash anyway. So I either wash a bib or I wash a top. Just depends upon the day.

Beatriz Clymer, NY

It’s great… until your 10 month old knows how to remove it.

Great bib, catches almost everything… however my son learned to take it off at 10 months old! Now at 11 months old he’s taking it off within three minutes of us putting it on him- definitely defeats the purpose. 🙁

Norma Merepoint, ME

Wish I had gotten this sooner

It actually works well! It catches a lot of dropped food and spilled milk! Toddler will pick up food from it and eat it. He hated bibs before this one, he likes to chew the end of it. It is stiff so it doesn’t look comfortable in tighter situations but it didn’t seem to bother him.Now, months later, he likes to pop it off at the table when he’s done. Sometimes, I will put a cloth and bigger bib underneath this one ie for yogurt and messy things, and he’ll pop that one off now too. I’m still hanging on to it.

Laurie Swords Creek, VA

It’s nice and works.

This is a great bib, soft, solid and looks nice. My 7 month old son doesn’t really like it that much he’s a little uncomfortable in it, maybe he’s just too young for it….. Otherwise it’s great for mothers and easy to clean!

Melissa Warrenton, NC

Dont love this item.

I didn’t find this very useful. I like the idea of it, but it fits kind of funny and doesn’t work great in my opinion.

Hillary Singers Glen, VA

Lock-on bib

Our one year old was soiling all of her clothes because she could get off all conventional bibs…I purchased this one after appreciating that it appeared to "clip" on the side. She can not get it off. Furthermore, the lip on the bib catches most spills,it is also very easy to clean and is dry by the time you need it for the next use. I liked it so well I bought 2 more!

Wanda Fabens, TX

I like it better than my baby does….

This bib seems ideal: it catches food that would otherwise go on the floor, and is easy to clean up afterward. However, my son simply will not wear it. When he was quite young it was just way too big for him and made him cry whenever I put it on him. I kept trying, though, and eventually the crying gave way to him removing it himself. This might just be a peculiarity of my son, although he does tend to be pretty agreeable about trying new things generally. For what it’s worth, I also loaned it to a friend of ours and her son had the same reaction (he was about 1 year old at the time).

Natalie Valle Crucis, NC

Makes clean up easy!

When I first put this on my 6 month old I was worried it wasn’t going to work. She did not seem to like it and it hit right at her highchair table making it look really uncomfortable. However, my baby soon got used to it (within 1-2 feedings) and it doesn’t bother her anymore. I do put a bib under this one for any liquid that dribbles down her chin as it can sometimes get under this bib at the neck opening. Cleanup makes this bib very worth it. Her clothes stay dry and clean underneath and I simply wash it in the sink and it’s ready for the next feeding. The little pouch has caught a lot of food, utensils, drool, etc. keeping my baby and her high chair clean.

Margery Butte, MT

So disappointed!

I was really excited about this bib, but it has been a giant FAIL. First, my daughter, who is 18 months, can easily pull it off. The plastic strap that holds it on was secure at first, but became quickly misshapen and now is not secure at all. A gentle tug unfastens the bib. It stays on my daughter for about 30 seconds, at best. Second, the large cup-catch area at the bottom is so wide and inflexible that my daughter can’t lean forward at the table. It’s like she has a plastic wedge between her and the table. This infuriates her (understandably so) and then she just rips the bib off. What’s good about the bib is that it’s extremely easy to clean. If it stayed on, I suppose it would also catch a lot of food. But due to its design flaws, it’s unusable.

Genevieve Harrisburg, MO

Great for toddlers

When my little one was 6months this hard rubberized catchall was a little too cumbersome – it would catch on the lip of the high chair or the table and jump up and down his neck, and he would complain. Now at almost 2 years old this is the ONLY bib we have he cannot pull off and he is a messy eater. It is also super easy to clean and has washed fine in the dishwasher top rack more than once. Plus my son is totally into bears and the color yellow now, and he can easily pick the food back out of the catchall, so what can I say…. great little product now, just not great way back when I originally bought it.

Hazel Fessenden, ND

Best Bib EVER!!!

I’ve had these bibs for years and have used them since my oldest was 6 months. She is over 3yo now. The bibs are still completely functional and easy to clean. Two bibs + two kids + three years + still working like new = great investment! Definitely worth the cost!! Love them, buy them and you won’t regret it!

Marisol West Burlington, IA

best bib out there

This bib catches everything. Dishwasher safe (which is a plus). It is easily adjustable, but takes quite a bit of pulling for a child to pop it off.

May Delaware, NJ

Not for me

LO didnt like it. Makes it harder to eat.

Dee Waverly, VA

the best out there

i love it. baby loves it (surprise here!)no mass no fuss. you put it on…eat, stay clean (well as you can be at 8mo.), wash (mashine/hand). love the product, love the brand!!!PS and i lasts forever!!!!!!! you dont have to wait till it dry. give iot 3 minutes or wipe with papertowel.

Jeanne Gwynn Oak, MD


My son is starting solids and the cloth bibs no longer will do to keep up the mess. This is perfect and very easy to clean! Highly recommend!

Fannie Winnie, TX

Easy for Baby to Remove

This bib is great and worked wonderfully for the first few weeks, until my 7 month old figured out how to remove it. Now I don’t even bother and use a bib with snaps that he isn’t able to pull off. I hope when he is older he will lose interest in the game of removing the bib and then I can use it again. This is why I gave 3 stars. I would have given 5 is my child wasn’t able to remove it.

Vera Edcouch, TX

The only bib that works

I have tried thinner, fabric bibs, but the pocket doesn’t stay open and wont catch the food. This one fits well, catches messes, and washes easily. As others have mentioned, it is stiff plastic, but it is contoured to fit well against your baby’s chest. It does not appear to be uncomfortable. I also will put finger foods in the pocket and let the baby eat out of it like a snack cup.

Justine Pegram, TN

Great bib!

I have a 2 year old and had previously been using the Bumkins Superbib. After about a year of use, they are no longer waterproof and some have developed little spots of that have been stained by mold in the pouch from it not being able to dry out fully. A friend of mine loves the BabyBjorn Soft Bib and I decided to get one to try out after the Bumkins ones started getting too funky. I wish I would’ve gotten it soon! It keeps my daughter clean and she doesn’t mind wearing it. The pouch actually works and she can scoop out food that she missed the first time. It is so easy to clean and there aren’t any nooks and crannies to clean out. It’s one piece so that I don’t have to worry about the mold situation and I like that no matter how messy the meal, I can just wash it out in the sink and let it dry so that it’s ready to go for the next meal.

Noreen Hillsdale, NY

looks nice

bought it for my baby daughter, very cute. Though not sure how long the strap will last, it consists of round "beads" (all molded together so one piece) that you press into place in a plastic fastener, wonder if this will wear out over time so it will no longer clasp into place. I have seen others where the pouched is much deeper, I prefer this shallower one because it would be much easier to clean and is angled outwards to catch more things. It is not so shallow that things would spill out (unless you spilled a bowl of soup into it…but who does that?)

Suzette Retsof, NY

Wish I had started using this sooner!

I LOVE THIS BIB! My daughter is 7 months old and I just started using it, instead of the plastic-coated cloth bibs I had been using. For some reason I was thinking this was a bib for catching finger foods – but it’s great for this stage, too! We’ve been using it for a week now and have gotten NO food on her clothes. When she was wearing a soft bib, she would cram it into her mouth to chew on between bites, and that spread any food on her face or the bib onto her hands and her clothes. I thought she would protest this bib since she can’t chew on it, but it doesn’t bother her at all! It is SO EASY TO CLEAN – my (admittedly, cheap) plastic/cloth bibs were a pain to clean, especially if I accidentally let the food dry, and stayed wet for a long time, and sometimes even transferred color onto her clothes if they got really wet. All of those problems are now solved with this bib! The only time I wouldn’t recommend it is for those very early feedings when the food is extra-liquidy and more of it comes out than goes in! :o)**UPDATE: My daughter is now 11 months and unfortunately has figured out that she can take this bib off herself if she pulls really hard. After a week or so of that battle, I started using these:Tommee Tippee Explora Easi-Roll Bibs 2-Pack (Boy). The pocket isn’t nearly as effective, they are a little harder to wash just because they are floppy, and it became stained from tomato sauce after 1 use, but it has a little “button” kind of enclosure that she can’t get off by herself. Hoping I can go back to the Baby Bjorn one soon!

Hollie Roxbury, VT