BABYBJORN Soft Bib, Red/Blue, 2 Pack

BABYBJORN Soft Bib, Red/Blue, 2 Pack

Baby Bjorn Soft Bib Baby Bjorn Soft Bib is designed to keep your baby clean. Fitted with deep pockets that catch food spills, it is easy to maintain and meant for long use. This bib can be adjusted accordingly to fit your growing child. It is made of extra-soft PVC-free material. Age: Newborn and up Features Deep pocket to catch food spills Free of vinyl, phthalates and PVC Soft beads around the neck to enhance comfort Easy, adjustable opening for growing baby Extra-soft material Approved for food use Dishwasher-safe Food remains in the spill pocket even if child moves around

Main features

  • POLYelast TPE/Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Imported
  • Easy to clean
  • Food remains in the spill pocket, even if your child moves around a lot
  • Adjustable neckband to fit your growing child
  • simply rinse off under running water
  • Easy to clean; simply rinse off under running water
  • Food remains in the spill pocket, even if your child moves around a lot
  • Adjustable neckband to fit your growing child

Verified reviews


Comparing Babybjorn, Bibbity, and Bumkins bibs

I am a mother with 3 young children and I wanted to know which bibs worked the best. I have compared the Bumkins Superbib, the Babybjorn bib, and the Bibbity bib.With my first child, I quickly realized that using cloth bibs and putting them in the laundry after each meal was a terrible idea. They would get moldy and I had to own a dozen bibs. Then I switched to Bumkins Superbibs. They are very easy to use. I just wash them in the sink after meals and hang them on my bib drying rack. The bibs are dry and ready to use again by the next meal. Bumkins Superbibs are lightweight and my babies never mind wearing them. Since the pockets are soft, they don’t work well if the bib has been kept flat in a drawer. I always kept my Superbibs hanging upside down by the pocket on the bib drying rack. So, the pocket dried in the open position and worked better. Now my third child is 8 months old and is eating mushy baby food. Even with the Bumkins Superbibs, there are still always some oatmeal spills on his clothes. I rarely have to change his entire outfit after a meal, but I wondered if there was a better bib available. So, I bought a BabyBjorn bib and a Bibbity bib. Here are my results.Both the BabyBjorn and the Bibbity bibs are SMALLER than the Bumkins Superbibs. The Babybjorn bib is made of hard plastic (like a cup). It says “soft” in the description but that is just nonsense. The Bibbity bib is softer, like rubber.The Babybjorn bib is difficult to put on the baby because it is so hard. Even the neck strap is made of stiff plastic. I had great difficulty adjusting the neck hole because it kept hurting my son’s neck. I never could get the hole small enough to keep food from escaping onto the clothes below his chin. Plan on baby crying the entire time you are fiddling with his bib. The pocket of the bjorn bib is great and always stays open. However, because the pocket is so rigid, it clashes with the tray. My son sits on a chair that clips onto the countertop. The bjorn bib pocket kept getting caught under the countertop and then it would yank my son’s neck. He really hated wearing this bib. The BabyBjorn bib is super easy to wash in the sink. It is easy to dry with a towel so you don’t need a bib drying rack with this bib.The Bibbity bib is much better than the BabyBjorn bib. It is softer and feels like rubber. It was awkward to put on at first and my son was mad. However, he got used to it. I was able to get the neck hole small enough to keep most of the oatmeal out without hurting my son’s neck. The pocket stays open pretty well. However, since it is soft, the pocket would close up when my son leaned forward and the pocket hit the edge of the countertop/tray. So, food did slide past the closed pocket and land on my son’s lap. The Bibbity bib is about 1 inch shorter than the Bjorn bib and is 2.5 inches shorter than the Bumkins Superbib. It is very easy to wash in the sink and dry with a towel.In conclusion, I think the Bibbity bibs and the Bumkins Superbibs worked equally well. There were always a few drips of baby food on my son’s clothes after meals regardless of which bib I used. I suppose that is inevitable. All my children liked to wear the Bumkins Superibibs. My 3 year old still wears the Bumkins Superbibs but said the Bibbity bib was too uncomfortable to wear. I think most babies would get used to the Bibbity bibs but I think most babies would hate the Babybjorn bibs. (I’m sorry BabyBjorn. I LOVE to wear my son in your carrier:))UPDATE: At 14 months my son refused to wear the Bibbity bib at all. He also pulls off his Bumkins superbibs, throws them on the floor, and laughs. I bought a bumkins sleeved bib which is fabulous. It provides excellent coverage and ties in the back so my son can’t take it off. I wash it out in the kitchen sink and hang it on my bib drying rack between meals. It dries in about 2 hours so I can use it again at the next meal. Here is a link to the drying rack that I am talking about.Mommy Genius Drying Rack–Dry or Display Just About Anything (Baby Bibs, Plastic or Reusable Food Storage Bags, Kitchen Dish Towels, Bathroom Hand Towels, Washcloths, Mugs, Sports Water Bottles, Herbs, Mittens, Children’s Boots, Lingerie, Holiday Orname…

Jennie La Plata, MO

perfect in every way

My one year old loved to rip off his old bibs, plus they had some cloth in them so they took a while to dry, and they had those flip out pockets that sometimes flipped shut. We got sick of that, so decided to be a little more spendy and try these. THey are awesome! No velcro, so the little guy can’t rip it off (although sometimes that frustrates him too). They are easy to rinse off and wipe dry, so they are ideal for restaurants. The pocket is big and molded, so it can’t sort of glue itself shut when something wet comes along. We honestly should have bought these in the first place. Don’t make the same mistake we did… spend less, buy these now instead of the cheapo kind.

Mallory West Charleston, VT

too small

The closure for the bib was neat but was on the largest link when my son was only 7 months. He noticed the bib more than he has any other and insisted on holding it up in front of his face. The Baby Bjorn bib just didn’t work for us.

Jill Grafton, MA

Functional, and cleanup easily.

I LOVE these bibs. We use these daily! No more washing bibs in the laundry! These bibs catch nearly everything my daughter drops or spits out. They wash well in the dishwasher but also wipe clean SO EASILY! I would recommend these to anyone with a baby. I might have to buy another set!

Francesca High Bridge, WI


These bibs have a unique and easy clasp to close bibs with. They are soft plastic and comfortable for babies and toddlers.

Amy Medicine Bow, WY

Easy to clean but our baby choose to bite it

This is a good bib – keeps mess away and easy to clean, just run it under warm water with some soap. Never had staining on them. But when we first started using it, our 6 mth old would often push his chin all the way down and bite it – we didn’t snap it on tightly around his neck because it isn’t comfortable. It took some time for him to get used to it.Update: After more than 2 months, our baby now leaves the bib alone and it now works great! Easy to clean too. There is some staining from certain food like squash, sweet potato, carrot etc though.

Trudy Ernest, PA

Baby won’t leave on

Our son refuses to wear these. I think the rubbery neck around the bib bothers him. I really wanted to like these but our baby didn’t.

Liz Parker City, IN

Best bibs ever!

Love, love, love these bibs! Very sturdy but flexible for little ones. We have been using these since my son was a baby and he is now 4. Still use it and it looks great. Can be washed in the dishwasher (top rack). Still looks brand new. Would not hesitate to buy again. I have given several for baby gifts.

Etta Glenwood, WA

Smaller than expected

My daughter is almost one year old and she is very messy during her meal, so I thought these bib were just right for her. They’re nice, but very small and she doesn’t like the the strap in the back.I guess I keep them and try later to see if she will like them better…but maybe they will be too small at this time.At the end I think that product is a good quality but still over price, and definitly too small.

Erna Woodruff, SC

Not good enough

I really wish Baby Bjorn would have started messing with products that used to be so good… I have a 9-year-old who had a similar bib when she was little, and we LOVED it. It was much softer, and much larger. It was completely round along the sides, without this weird S-shape, and it definitely caught more food.The newer models aren’t as soft. The funky closure mechanism always gets my baby’s hair caught in it (ouch!), and worst of all, the cut-out shape means food now ends up all around the bib, and not in the bib pocket where it should go. All my baby has to do is turn his head sideways to mess up.On the bright side, these bibs do wash really well. I’ve even stuck them in the dishwasher, and they came out just fine.So here’s my plea to Baby Bjorn: RETURN YOUR OLD BIB STYLE BACK, PLEASE. They used to be much much better.

Phoebe Rock Springs, WY

Seem great in theory, but didn’t work for us

I bought these because I loved the idea that they would be easy to clean and would catch falling food. Unfortunately the stiff plastic was super uncomfortable for my son, and the bib always seemed to be bumping against the table and poking him at odd angles. We basically never used them after the first few tries.

Beth Watton, MI

BABYBJORN Soft Bib 2 Pack – Green/Yellow

BABYBJORN Soft Bib 2 Pack – Green/Yellow can do the magic in a good way. Less food drop, less cleaning, less trouble on wash, just rinse it through and wipe it dry. It is an invention to me. so creative and it is soft material. My kid won’t get hurt, even he fall on this item. high recommended. One last for a long time. still using it now after months.

Rosemary Hawi, HI

Really wanted to like it but didn’t work for us

I really like the material of these bibs. It makes them so easy to wipe clean. However, these do not work for us because of the pocket. The pocket sticks out so much that it won’t fit between my daughter and her high chair. She is one now so maybe when she gets taller the pocket will be above the tray enough so she can wear it. But for now they are useless for us.

Charlene Spring Lake, NC

The other is very good, is the band’s neck is short of the point

Others are very satisfied, no taste at all, but the neck strap is too short, the baby will feel a little uncomfortable in time, if the extension point, estimated to be perfect

Isabel Port Saint Lucie, FL

These are just the best bibs.

These are just the best bibs. They’re soft silicone, can be easily rinsed off after a meal and be washed in the dishwasher (top rack) anytime. There’re easy to put on and have a hole to hang up to dry.

Pamela Woodbury Heights, NJ

Way better than flat bibs, durable, good quality.

These Babybjorn bibs beat the pants off regular old flat bibs. It isn’t even close. We keep one hung on the diaper/travel bag and one for home use. Eating at home and at restaurants is now a much less messy affair. Every parent should have one (or several) of these.

Nona Willow Creek, MT


Great bibs. Only problem is my baby wants to chew on them (but thats my problem). Very any leaking or messing of his clothes A++

Randi West Creek, NJ

Worst bib for us

My baby 5 months old pulled this bib off and chewed on it. He does that every time and within seconds of putting it on. I buy from amazon several times a month for years now and this is by far the highest rated yet poorest performing item I have. This is the only item I feel a strong need to rate at 1 star. There is a version like this but with Velcro he does not pull off and the top part is fabric so your able to use in a high chair. Both kinds clean well in my dishwasher.

Kristin Clio, MI

Not my choice for baby…

I can understand the premise and I like the premise.However, I just don’t believe that these bibs are comfortable for baby.While they are not hard, they are not soft.The Oxo Tot Roll Up bib has a truly soft front with a catch for whatever doesn’t make it into baby’s mouth. It also has a flat velcro closure as opposed to Babybjorn’s plastic snap closure.Babybjorn can be cleaned off easier, while Oxo would need to be washed when truly soiled.But…Oxo can be rolled up for travel.

Mari Rabun Gap, GA

Soft bibs

Great!!!! BibsEasy to clean after feeding my toddler and dry’s fast too. I would recommend these bibs to any mom.

Herminia Fishing Creek, MD

must have baby item!

I ran a small daycare in my home for a few years and these bibs were one of my favorite items. I love that they contain spilled food AND drinks so well. The kids can just grab their food right out of the pocket and it isn’t wasted that way. Plus, I was able to send them home in clean clothes because liquids don’t leak through. Now the bibs have been passed down to my baby girl and I love them even more because I’m the one saving on laundry. I’ve used them on my daughter since she was 6 months old and I’ve used them on a large 3 year old and they’ve fit both well. After 3 years of use they still look and work great. It’s also nice that they can be washed with the dishes so that having 1 or 2 of them is plenty, as opposed to other bibs which spend a lot of their lives in the laundry pile. One word of caution is to be careful with toddlers with longer hair that you don’t catch it in the snap part. I have accidentally done this with all of the girls that I’ve used the bibs with and it causes tears and pangs of guilt- so just something to be careful of.

Eva Alamo, IN

good bibs

If you are tired of lots of clean up after baby/toddler feedings, save yourself and buy these.They wear well, are pliable and are just good bibs.

Charlotte White Lake, MI

Best bib for tots!

This is such a great bib for your little one. Super easy to clean, durable, and I love the “crumb catcher” as it keeps the bits off of baby! Its great because you can wipe it down or submerge it it water if you need to for cleaning. I only wish it came in more colors!

Nelly Shaktoolik, AK

Very good product

Why did not I buy this earlier?! My son is almost 2 and the cloth bibs we’ve been using were getting too small in the neck opening. I ordered a pack of 2 but seems like we just keep using one all the time because there is not need to wash it, just rinse and ready to go again! The snap is adjustable and easy to operate. The width of the bib is perfect and the pocket is well shaped.

Nanette Forest Hill, WV

Best bibs out there!

All bibs are not created equal & this one stands high above the others!! As a first time parent I wish someone had told me just to buy 2 or 3 of these & not any others. Tommee Tippee and the Bumkins (while cuter) just do not compare when it comes to catching food & protecting clothes. We’ve had no issues putting these in dishwasher even tho the label doesn’t say you can, and the sturdy pocket that doesn’t compress does a WAY better job of grabbing food. The neck hole adjusts much smaller than the TT ones to prevent staining on shirt necklines. They not as portable as some, but are by far our favorite!

Gertrude Ocilla, GA

These bibs are heavy!!!

I was sold on a waterproof bib which I could rinse under the tap – but I didn’t realise how heavy these bibs are! These bibs would cause a strain on my baby’s neck, and he’s not a small lad either! I’m sticking to the cloth ones.

Nikki Holt, MO


I have tried SOOO many bibs for my twins, on a quest to find one that would minimize mess to the high chair, their clothes, and the floor. I can’t begin to tell you how many bibs I own! I recently saw this on Amazon and bought it…they are the BEST! I recommend them to everyone! They’re great because they contain the mess…the size is adjustable to your baby’s neck size…and they wash SUPER easily.

Laura Clinton, SC


I haven’t actually used these yet but they seem to be high quality and very practical. Highly recommend based off of how they look and feel.

Rose Somerville, IN


Awesome bibs! Easy to put on and especially easy to clean. Baby drops food in the catch-all and then he can get it out again. Once used, I throw it in the sink and wash it. It is stiff and sturdy. Not good for travel because it does not roll up but for home use I would highly recommend.

Felicia Roosevelt, MN

Every baby needs these

These are amazing. I didn’t have them with my first child, but they are sooo perfect for babies. My son drops food, it falls in the little bib tray, then he picks it up again and eats it. Much better than the food winding up all over him or all over the floor.

Selina Hankamer, TX