BABYBJORN Spoon and Fork, Pink/Purple

BABYBJORN Spoon and Fork, Pink/Purple

The BABYBJORN Spoon is designed to help young children eat on their own.

Main features

  • Grip-friendly for small hands
  • For use with Baby Plate and Baby Cup
  • Smart Design
  • Tested and safe materials
  • Suitable form four months
  • Suitabe form four months

Verified reviews


Not made in china

got it because it isn’t made in china, the spoon is a little wide for a little one, the handle is easy to grip though. but it beats anything that comes from the land of no manufacturing standards.

Jayne Fairdale, KY

from 5 months to over 3 years- love

I have purchased the take and toss spoons and these spoons. I love these spoons! The bibs are not so great and look uncomfortable for a child to wear. The bowls are great for infants and not for toddlers or preschoolers. Now that my child is a toddler I use these spoons still and the really cheap ikea bowls. Yes, the spoons are heavier than most but it also helps the child realize there is something on the spoon and helps with balance of keeping the food on the spoon. My child has never had a problem with these spoons in bowls like other reviewers state. My child has never thrown his food, plates, bowls, cups, ect. I think mainly since these spoons work so well and I only have two of them that it means something. I kept planning on getting more of these but have not. They have been in the dishwasher so many times I can not count and are fine next to my silverware, unlike the take and toss spoons and forks I had to put them in a container to wash them in the dishwasher or wash by hand. I am fine with the fact that they are heavy because they have stayed in all dishwashers where they should be with the rest of the silverware. I have used mulitple dishwashers with these spoons and they will last. I love that once I am done with them they look brand new still and I can pass onto another mom and or recycle them, as they are recyclable too. I was planning on purchasing more today and for five bucks a spoon why not!?!My child is getting to used to the weight in these spoons and now spills with other spoons as these are heavier than most spoons. Thus the love hate relationship. Durability though is 5 stars. This was around 20 months oldUPDATE – 3 YEARS USING THEM- I recently purchasd more having a total of 6 now. These have gone through the dishwasher numerous times and are outlasting my expectations. Now at three the weight of the spoon is insignificant factor and he uses them properly as well as big adult spoons. I am glad I found these and love them! Do not bother buying any other spoons try these and you too will realize these are the spoons a kid picks to eat with.

Lorna Saint Michaels, MD

Huge bowl on this spoon

Wanted to love these spoons, the handles are adorable and a great size handles for my 14 mos old twins to hold independently. Easy for them to scoop food because of the size of the bowl of this spoon – but the bowl would be uncomfortably large for my adult mouth, let alone theirs. So while they can get a great grip on it and it’s good practice for “scooping” unfortunately they can’t actually get the food into their mouths…

Keri Cottage Hills, IL


The white plastic stained after the first use with pumpkin, and I agree with others, the size is more for a toddler than a baby.

Priscilla Midpines, CA

Perfect toddler spoons

My 1 year old son loves these spoons. They are comfortable for him to hold, are the perfect length for him to put the spoon in his mouth, and are the perfect thickness for his little hands. The bowl/plate rest notch on the back of the handle is ingenious! He is happy at meal times when I give him his spoon to practice feeding himself with. I would highly recommend these spoons!

Rhonda Leachville, AR


I like them for both the look and color. I just didn’t use them for my few months old baby yet.

Sandra Laurel, IN

Best Toddler Spoons

A little pricey, but the best spoons for my little guy’s hands. Wide short handles make it easy for him to feed himself, and the spoon part is big and deep enough to hold plenty of food.

Elnora Northport, WA


Short easy to get that cleaned a little oil. Appearance is very cute, I love babybjorn. Children 9 months, holding their own use.

Silvia New Market, IA

Great spoons for toddler

My friend’s kid was using these so I bought some for my daughter after she used them successfully at their house. Helps pick up food a little better than smaller spoons. Easy for her to grip. When I ask her to pick out a spoon to eat with, these are the ones she goes to. I need to buy more and maybe try out the forks, as well.

Rosalie Parma, MI

Baby loved them!

Purchased for my 9 month old grandson – he loves these spoons! The spoon bowl is nice and shallow which makes it easier to use, and the handle is fun to chew on as well!

Opal Collbran, CO

Really great

These are great spoons, my 20 month old finds them easy to hold, haven’t had any issues to report. The do their job.

Thelma Arcata, CA

These spoons are great, I’ve already bought more.

I love these spoons, they are nice and chunky for when baby wants to play with them, chew on them, or try to feed himself. Free of a lot of crappy chemicals, definitely worth the money.

Etta Saint Peters, PA

Spoons for Baby

I bought these to get baby comfortable with holding his own utensils for future self-feeding. To that end they work wonderfully. They are easy to grip for little 6 month old hands, and baby enjoys wielding them and chewing on them. He even pretends to feed himself while playing with them. The ‘bowl’ of the spoon isn’t very deep as others have stated, but that seems ideal to me as it means baby won’t have to turn it upside-down in order to empty the contents into his/her mouth.

Olive Panama, IA

helped our son learn how to feed himself

The design of these spoons is really great – the handle is perfect for hands that are still learning accuracy of motion. Our son began feeding himself with this spoon after just a couple of feedings. Really worked great!

Nan Chester, WV

Great spoons

The shape of this spoon has never failed my children. My first child did wonderfully with these and now it’s the only spoon my second child does well with. The handle is thick and round, easy for little hands to grip in a fist. The spoon shape is like a small bowl. Liquids do not fall out of it easily. My kids can eat cereal and soup with it just fine!

Ilene Etta, MS

Fav spoons

I have had these spoons for a long time. They are still my 5 year olds favorite. The part that goes into the mouth is deep and wide not to wide but good for kids feeding themselves without all the food falling off the spoon before it gets to their mouth.

Bernice Ekalaka, MT


Would have preferred a deeper soup spoon. I brought it because it’s made with safe plastic.

Hilary Shelby, MT

Cute and easy to hold

it is easy to grab and fits my baby’s hands perfectly. My only problem with these spoons is the plastic of the scooping part feels too soft that is easy to scar.

Elinor Cassatt, SC