BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer – White/Red

BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer – White/Red

The BabyBjörn Toilet Trainer is easy to adjust and fits firmly onto most toilet seats. Ergonomic design allows your child to sit comfortably and correctly. A Friendly Seat For Easy Toilet Training A child is more likely to use a big-person toilet if he or she feels comfortable doing so, and the Toilet Trainer is designed to achieve this. Making kids feel safe and at ease, the trainer’s soft, ergonomic shape provides a comfortable seat without any sharp angles. However, always help your child climb on and off the toilet trainer until it is safe for the child to do it on his or her own. The contoured curves also make it easy for kids to get on and off the toilet by themselves, helping them feel independent. To encourage this independence, a perfect accompaniment to the BabyBjörn Toilet Trainer is the BabyBjörn Safe Step. Another key design feature of the Toilet Trainer is its opening, which is wide enough for parents to help kids wipe, but small enough to prevent a child from slipping through. Fits Toilets Of All Sizes No matter how large or small the toilet is, the BabyBjörn Toilet Trainer will fit. The trainer features an adjustable dial that adapts it to toilets of all sizes. The bottom of the trainer has a soft rubber edge and adjustable wings, both of which ensure that it stays in place securely and doesn’t slide under little bottoms. Minimizes Messes With Built-In Splash Guard The BabyBjörn Toilet Trainer makes for hassle free cleaning for parents and caregivers. An integrated, angled splash guard helps prevent kids from making messes outside of the toilet. This splash proof feature translates to fewer accidents for kids, which in turn builds their confidence and makes them feel secure about using the full size toilet again and again. Cleans Easily For those family members who don’t require the training seat, the Toilet Trainer has a convenient, built in handle that makes it easy to remove and replace. It is easily cleaned with hot water. Like all BabyBjörn designed products, the Toilet Trainer has a distinctive style. Quick Facts About The BabyBjörn Toilet Trainer Ages: 2 to 6 Warranty: 2 Year Express Warranty Helps potty training kids use a full size toilet

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Comfortable and secure seating; ergonomic design helps your child sit correctly
  • Easy for the child; When it’s time to go, your child can easily put on and remove the toilet trainer on his or her own
  • Flexible use; The toilet trainer only needs to be adjusted once to fit your toilet seat
  • Easy to clean and the inward sloping splashguard prevents spills outside the toilet
  • A practical handle makes the toilet trainer easy to put away when not in use

Verified reviews


nice looking toilet seat trainer that works!

We bought this about 8 months before my daughter started seriously training. Once she started training this was a great seat and she used it until about six months after she was trained and could get up on the seat on her own. Great seat.

Delores Kingsburg, CA

A little big for my little girl

I like the style and ease of this potty seat, but for my daughter, the hole is much too big. She squirms on it, and will not use it unless I am holding onto her-she starts to slip and fall in. I am having to end up buying a much smaller seat. Hopefully she will grow into this one. She is 2 1/2 and a little on the small side.

Angela Rockholds, KY

doesnt fit-dont buy it

I didnt know you had to lift the seat up to use this. there is a rubber thing inthe back that stops you from placing it on the seat itself, you need to lift up the seat and place it on the dirty part of the rim….all b/c of that stupid rubber thing in the back. I evem tried cutting it off, but it still doesnt help. this was a poor design.

Trisha Stumpy Point, NC

Great for a second bathroom…

Works well, but you basically need to also buy the steps that go with it or your kid cannot get on the potty by themselves.. which is the point. To be honest we have the mini potty by baby bjorn and it is simpler and the kids can do it all on their own… so this might be good for someone to use in a second bathroom where they do not want to have a little potty sitting around. You can easily hide it behind the toilet…

Lucile Malakoff, TX

Cumbersome and not meant for boys

I’m surprised by how well this is rated so I decided to add my two cents to the minority.The PROS: Fits snugly on any seat. We have round and elongated and it fits both no problem. Also, easy to clean. I also like the look of it; simple and clean. I put one in the guest bathroom and I can leave it there when I have people over.The CONS: By the time you get the seat cover up, the pants down, the seat on and plop you kid on the toilet he’s already pee’d hisself.The slashguard – after watching my sons try to get up from it on there own I quickly realized they might end up eunuchs. Even with the stool and me standing there it is still dangerous; they have to be lifted. When they try to maneuver around it, the seat becomes dislodged from putting there weight on one side. I was horrified to hear that some boys actually pulled their skin open and needed stitches. I was even more appalled by some reviewers saying that the parents should have been more vigilant. With all the worry and guilt inherant in parenting thats just a mean thing to say; and not trure. The whole point of potty training is to get your child to go on their own. They can’t learn if you are hovering every time.I bought the built in toilet seat instead. There are two seats in one so both children and adults can use it.

Rosanne Catherine, AL

not for a 1 year old

Yes I am trying the impossible of early potty training with my 13 month old. This seems well built but just in case anyone was wondering, a little too big for a 75%ile 1 year old

Josefina Shippingport, PA

It’s So Easy To Use My Two-Year-Old Can Do It

So easy to put on, use and take off that my two-year-old has no problem doing it by himself. I have an oval, enlongated toilet that we use this seat on. A twist of the dial in back simply adjusts it to fit. There’s no screwing and unscrewing it each time you use it… just do it once for fit.There’s a different brand at church that has handles, so I thought he’d miss not having the them to hold onto. He doesn’t miss them at all. In fact, if you are potty training, it’s best to imitate the really thing anyways. You’re not going to find handles on a public toilet, so why train your kids to get used to them being there?The rubber edge allows it to grip the seat. You put it on there and it’s not going to slip.The gentle contour of the front splash guard makes it a great seat for both boys and girls to use. It doesn’t get in the way and is still functional.It does what it says and does it well. Very happy with this purchase.

Fern Valley View, PA

Excellent product. Ergonomically designed for comfort and mess prevention

My little one has tried a few different toilet trainers, and this one by far is the best. It’s ergonomically designed to allow for a comfortable set as well as preventing over shooting with the front elevated part.

Lorraine Molt, MT

simple and effective

In a move of overzealous anticipation which has become common for me, I bought both this toilet trainer seat and the Bjorn stand alone potty for my daughter when she was 18 months old. Obviously she didn’t do much with either, but she liked to sit on the stand alone potty and pretend she was going, or put her stuffed animals on it to make them pee. Fast forward to about a week ago, she just turned 2 in August, and she uses this toilet trainer all the time. For some reason she will not use the stand alone at all. As others have mentioned, she can place it on the toilet herself, which she really enjoys, and even helps me wipe it off after using. Even with a girl, she has managed to pee over the splash guard twice so far, but it is really a small price to pay for how clean and convenient this seat is. Partially it is because she is so fascinated with seeing what is going on that she leans back and the pee goes out, so it is not actually a flaw in design. I love that it fits in my (formerly) diaper bag, so she always has a clean toilet seat, even while travelling. I was skeptical of this seat initially, but bought it anyway based on the reviews, and boy am I glad I had this on hand and ready to go, because when the timing is right, it’s right!

Sarah Dayton, MN

What a mess.

This seat has such great reviews, I didn’t think I could go wrong with it. We’ve had it for over 2 years now, and I’m getting fed up with cleaning up the mess. At first the splash guard wasn’t tall enough, and everything ended up on the floor and on my son’s clothes. Now, that he knows to tuck it inside and keep his legs closed, the mess is on the regular toilet seat. I have to clean the toilet seat every time I lift the BabyBjorn potty seat. Also, it would have been nice not having to remove the seat every time, and just flip it instead.Anyway, an overpriced item in my opinion. And I can’t believe it has such great reviews. Maybe I’ll change my mind about it once my daughter is old enough to start using it. But for now, not very impressed.

Julia Fullerton, ND

Great seat!

I keep this toilet seat in my son’s bathroom along with the Bjorn step stool. My son loves using the potty with this seat! The simple design makes it easy to clean and use. I also took a plastic over the door towel hook and hung it from under the tank of our toilet (on the side). This works perfectly to hang the seat by its plastic handle when not in use.

Jenna Wallsburg, UT

Works for elongated seats

This potty seat fits very nicely on our elongated toilet seats. The adjustable fitting makes it nice and snug so the kids don’t wiggle at all on the seat. We are just beginning to potty train so it hasn’t had much actual use yet and I can’t speak to how well it works otherwise.

Melba Dickinson, ND

not a great seat for boys

We have been using this seat for about 6 months with our toddler boy. I love how it attaches to the seat easily and securely. Once it’s on, it doesn’t budge, but it removes easily. However, if our son sits down to pee, he gets pee all over the place. Even with him holding his private part down with his finger. The cheap “bob the builder” toilet seat does a better job of keeping the pee in the toilet while he is sitting. I wish they would make the seat more compatible with boys.

Colette Evart, MI

Best potty seat by far!

We’ve tried several different potty seats and this is the best by far:1) Fairly easy to clean, integrated design. Love that it wipes clean if it gets messy2) Built in pee guard for boys… We had another seat with a snap on attachment, and of course it got lost while our daughter was using it.3) very sturdy and stable on toilet. This seat positively sits on the toilet, and my son is comfortable on it for even long periods of timeWe tried the soft plastic ones, and ironically he complained a lot more about those being uncomfortable than this one. Highly recommended!

Emilia Ruffin, NC

Love it!

We have two of these and love them. I tried to use the little potty that sits on the floor but I prefer this one. It is much less messy. We have a boy and the front of the seat is high so it keeps the pee in the toilet for the most part. Would highly recommend this!

Juliette Put In Bay, OH

easy to install and adjustable

Fits on most seats with minor adjustment. Once set it is one hand operation especially for the times when you are running with the kid in one hand. My daughter likes to do it herself and it is very easy for her to do so. It not heavy in case the finger gets in between the seat.

Jasmin Odell, NE

Potty training success

After some little potty chair fails, I decided to try out a seat that fits on the big toilet. This one came up first as it has the most reviews, and it does for a reason. This seat works, period. I do have a girl though so I cant vouch if it works for the little guys.It has a device underneath that tightens it onto the big toilet seat. My toilet seat is the flat plastic kind so it went on with little problem. I have to finagle it a little, but it fits and is very secure so thats a win in my book.SIDE NOTE: Grandma owns the Fischer Price froggy potty which works perfectly, so if you are also thinking about getting a little chair, I highly recommend it.

Jasmin Baileyville, ME

Great seat!

Fits perfectly on our toilet and is easy for our 23-month-old daughter to sit on securely. She can even put it on the toilet herself.

Enid Quincy, IL


I definitely, wholeheartedly recommend the Baby Bjorn toilet seat reducer.This seat is contoured in a way that makes it comfortable to sit on and boy’s pee goes into the toilet.There is a kind-of dial thing at the back that you turn to make the seat fit snugly and securely onto your toilet so it does not shift when your little one is on it.The handle at the back means you can hang it on a little hook if you wanted to stick one of those removable 3M hooks to your wall.I also give bonus points for the colour- white without a licensed TV character in sight 🙂

Blanca Pennington, NJ

Our favorite, but doesn’t work on all toilet seats.

We’ve tried a few different brands of potty seats, and this is by far our favorite. It stays in place when kids climb on and off instead of slipping or tipping like some other seats. Unfortunately we changed our toilet seat/lid combo to one of those slow close plastic ones that has the removable hinges for easy cleaning, and the Baby Bjorn training seat doesn’t fit it. Also, after about three years (and a couple of kids) the black rubber handle on the back started to break, but I consider that minor wear and tear. Overall, I’d recommend this seat above others on the market. It safe and looks nice.

Leila Edgeley, ND

Still a Work in Progress, but Great Product

My son is 21 months old and likes the bear on the product, which entices him to sit down on it. There is no risk of him falling in, and it doesn’t seem to slip.

Lula Bush, KY

Daughter complains it hurts her

While I think it’s a great fit for the toilet, my daughter won’t sit on it for more than a couple minutes, having to adjust every few seconds because she says it "isn’t comfy". After the great reviews and was actually recommended to me by my sister, it just doesn’t work for our daughter. I’m going to have to buy a cheap padded one I guess. Stinks that I can’t return this thing. Pretty expensive.

Roxie Bristol, FL

fits elongated toilet, easy to clean, splashguard useless

this fits my elongated toilet which the padded cartoon character seats will not. It’s easy to clean too – there are no crevices like the padded seat. The splashguard doesn’t really do much for boys and because of it, my son can’t keep his legs close together like he can on the mini toilets in his daycare, so he has to be very conscious to not spray when he pees.I think it’s a bit bulky for travelling. we have a folding potty seat that we bring with us for travelling.

Lavonne Travis Afb, CA

Seems comfy, but messy!

Before buying this seat, we used a generic seat from a local department store that was padded and pretty flat, with a slight “pee shield” in front. It was pretty bulky and messy, so we looked elsewhere. The Bjorn Toilet Trainer is definitely more contoured to little peoples’ bodies, which is great, but we still found it to be pretty messy.It fits our toilet great- it doesn’t slip at all. Sometimes, though, it will stick to my son’s skin after he’s been sitting on it for several minutes, so it pops up as he stands. I can’t really blame the Bjorn, though, as it seems to be just the fact that it is made out of plastic.I like that it is so slim, so it doesn’t add much height to the existing toilet. It’s easier for my son to sit down and stand up (with the help of a stool.) It’s also very simplistic, so it is easy to clean.Speaking of cleaning, though, I have to clean it after every single use. I guess I was hoping for a basic seat that would act exactly like a normal toilet seat- the child sits down, the pee goes in the toilet, and you flush it away. Unfortunately, whenever my son urinates, even when keeping his parts pointed down, the pee gets everywhere! Maybe it is our particular toilet or something, but the splashing created from sitting so close to the edge of the toilet makes quite a mess. The urine gets on the toilet seat, between the bjorn and the seat, and on the bjorn itself- up under the edges.Honestly, I’m not really sure how the device could be improved to prevent this issue. I’d say- spend less money for a basic seat that you still have to clean up, but at least you’d have saved money! If you buy this seat (at least, for a boy), keep some wipes handy to keep your toilet seat clean for others to use!

Ramona De Smet, SD

Very good

I bought BABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer to potty train my son. He likes using it, and the splash guard in the front works. There is an adjustment wheel located at the back of the seat by the handle to adjust the Toile Trainer to the size of the regular toilet seat. We have elongated Kohler toilets and the BABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer adjust to fit snugly.The reason I am rating it 4 stars is the adjustment wheel started slipping after a few removal and reinstallations. Now if I have to reinstall the seat, I pre-adjust it and then position it onto the regular toilet seat.

Alana Strathcona, MN

Great fit!

It fits my toto oval shape toilet bowl, I like it! And my baby loves to put it on the toilet bowl and sits on it.

Dominique Wallace, KS

sturdy, well-made trainer for even infants

i first sat my baby on this when she was about 9 months old, and we’ve reduced the number of diapers significantly, with very rare #2 diapers, woohoo!!! of course i had to hold the baby, but at 11 months, holding is discouraged. there are occasionaly wiping of the front lip, but it seems much less ickier than cleaning out a typical potty.this fits almost all toilets except some smaller-sized apartment toilets, though i was able to place it on the toilet seat without having the trainer fit properly. (but then if your kid isn’t too young, you probably won’t need a trainer for a small toilet.) i even take this to other people’s homes and have used it successfully everywhere.i’m so relieved that my baby cooperated with early potty training, and this product enabled me to accomplish that.

Georgia High Shoals, NC

Wonderful Product!

I just got done potty training my boy/girl twins using the small potty chairs that sit on the floor but we are planning a vacation in a few weeks and they were terrified of using the big potty but we really had to get them using one. I bought a cheap-o potty seat and it slid around all over the place and they were scared to use it so we went back and paid twice as much and got the Bjorn and so glad we did. We have a TOTO brand toilet and the seat is very deep and contoured so the lock on the Bjorn didn’t work at all on our toilet seat, but because it also has a grippy bottom and is quite large, it fits great anyway. My toddlers were fine using it and began using the big potty the same day we bought it. Definately worth the extra money, great design!

Susanna Neligh, NE


I like this toilet seat. It keeps his little butt out of the toilet. He likes it, too.Good for boys, no spray. Looks nice. Cleans easy.

Maude Cassville, PA

Five Stars

the best! we have 4, all over the house…

Tina Burrton, KS