BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light 2, Blue

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light 2, Blue

Sleeping away from home has never been easier thanks to the BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light 2. This travel crib is perfect to take with you on trips. Weighing only 11 pounds, the travel crib sets up in one simple movement and comes with a handy carrying case.

Main features

  • Easy to take along; weighs only 11 lbs, including carrying case The case’s handles make it as easy to carry as an ordinary bag, and the crib takes up minimal space in the room
  • Simple set up; In one simple movement, the travel crib is set up and ready to use When you are not using it, simply fold it up to take with you or store it in its case
  • Safe for your child; The sturdy mattress keeps the travel crib firmly on the floor
  • The crib’s inward sloping sides create a snug and cozy feeling, and the soft fabrics feel nice against baby’s skin
  • From newborns to approximately three years

Verified reviews


Excellent portable crib

This is very lightweight and super-easy to put together. Much more practical than most other travel cribs because it has fewer components and it is more portable. Another big advantage: it is big and deep, so the child can use it until toddlerhood. So even though it’s pricier than other models, it will also outlast them. My other portable crib, which is a pack’n’play type, is already too small for my 6-month old. The Babybjorn is also nice to look at, with clean lines–we keep it in our living room so we have a place to put baby in addition to her crib. My only complaint–although I don’t know that it could be solved–is that it is very deep, so for someone short like me, it’s hard to put baby down and pick baby up. If you’re tall this is probably not an issue! Still worth it.

Cathy Chula Vista, CA

Excellent travel crib, and way better than the pack ‘n’ play

This travel crib was worth EVERY CENT we paid for it. Here are some of the advantages it has over a regular pack ‘n’ play:-Fits into a regulation-sized suitcase for checked luggage (still a large one, but within acceptable size to check), with quite a bit of room to spare. This saves us money on checking an extra bag every time we travel, because instead of checking the crib separately, we can put it in our big suitcase and still have room in the suitcase for clothes, books, and even a booster seat with tray!-Really lightweight and portable.-The mattress is comfortable, and there are no metal rods underneath it.-Much easier to set up and take down than a pack ‘n’ play. I can set it up almost in one swoop. Once I learned the trick to folding it back up (you have to pull on the legs to unlock them, so they fold in), it’s really easy.-A wide base, so even a toddler can’t knock it over.Our little one loves it, and he never took to a pack ‘n’ play. And over time, we’ll make up all the money we spent on it by not having to check it as a separate bag while flying. (On many airlines, the 2nd bag costs $35. You’d only have to fly 6 or 7 times, and it would pay for itself.)If you’re thinking about buying this, but worried about the price, in this instance, my comment is: you get what you pay for.

Flossie Lake Mary, FL

Company does not stand behind their product

Purchased this crib at a local Kohl’s. One of the legs stopped collapsing after 2 uses, which makes this crib worthless for traveling with.Called the company and explained the issue, they were not at all apologetic and asked me to ship the product back to them in order to receive a functional product. That would be no problem if I could collapse the leg in order to ship it!They told me to go to the local UPS place and that I would be helped, in fact no one helped me there. So I dragged this broken thing to UPS and back without a resolution.Called back again, and again received the same story that I need to find a way to ship this back to them if I want a replacement. They do not understand how large the item is with one leg not collapsed.I asked if I can break the leg and ship it to them that way, and was told that they want to find out what was wrong and therefore I have to ship it to them somehow as is. If I break the leg, that is damaged product and replacement would not be provided!Never will I ever purchase anything from Baby Bjorn, as they clearly could not care less about their customers, nor have any desire to resolve the issue of their defective baby product.My next step is to try and return it back to Kohl’s and at least get store credit to buy something else.Buyer beware.

Marva Lyons, NE

Would be perfect EXCEPT for…

My 11-month old will not sleep well in a Pack n Play. In addition, Pack n Plays are too heavy and big for air travel. So, I decided to buy the Bjorn Travel Crib Light 2 despite its price (only slightly cheaper than my actual crib). For the past two days my baby has taken her naps in the Bjorn crib and really likes it! I was very skeptical because she loves her crib, and does not sleep well anywhere else. So, much to my surprise, my baby did take her usual 2-hour nap in the Bjorn crib. She also played in it for a good 25 minutes without crying to get out! So, this travel crib would be just perfect, EXCEPT for the non-mesh sides, which are somewhat unsettling to me. They say the sides are breathable, but honestly, I don’t think they are. I put my mouth against the fabric and could not really breath well, and I am in my mid thirties! So I am not sure how they say babies can breath. I did a research and could not find any negative feedback (only one here) with bad experiences about this concern, so I guess statistics show that the bottom fabric is not really an issue. I just wish Bjorn would improve the fabric in the bottom part of the crib in the future.

Marisa Spinnerstown, PA

Baby Bjorn vs Phil and Teds travel cribs – which is better?

I have two Baby Bjorn travel cribs for my baby twins and a Phil & Ted travel crib for my older child. Which one is better for air travel? Which one for car travel? There is a difference.BABY BJORNThe BabyBjorn travel crib can’t be beat for use at home and for car travel, as it can be set up and disassembled in about 30 seconds. We useAmerican Baby Company Value Jersey Knit Porta-Crib Sheet, Celery, and it fits the mattress perfectly, at a fraction of the price of the Baby Bjorn crib sheet. My son sleeps in the travel crib almost every night and seems comfortable, as the mattress is fairly thick and has no bars underneath like a pack n play would. However, at 33″, I think he’ll outgrow it in a few months as there is not a lot more room lengthwise (the mattress is 24″ x ” 41″, the dimensions given in the description are for the outside). *** Please note that the mattress is on the soft side and may not be suitable for newborns or babies that cannot roll over on their own ***The material of the crib is also worth noting. It’s soft and cottony and has stayed like new after daily use.Why not five stars? The Baby Bjorn travelcrib is also lot larger folded up than the Phil & Ted’s. I wouldn’t use it for air travel if you want to minimize the amount of luggage – it’s bigger than a carry-on and may have to be checked – call ahead to check carry on dimensions allowed and if you can gate check it (new restrictions may apply). I also doubt the fine zippered bag it comes in will hold up to baggage handling. It’s also way too expensive – it costs almost as much as my son’s Bonavita hardwood crib!PHIL & TED’SThephil&teds; Traveller Crib, Blackon the other hand is a great travel crib for air travel as it folds up very small, is super lightweight, and fits into any suitcase or duffle – I think you could even fit two cribs in without any problems in terms of size or weight. However, it does take about 15 minutes to set up and to disassemble and fit into the small bag it comes in. So plan ahead, practice at home, have your child sleep in it a night or two so they get used to it if possible, and bring along the manual, just in case. Set it up as soon as you get to your destination – you don’t want to do this later on with a tired crying child.The self-inflating mattress on the P&T; is long and narrow, similar to those used for camping. We put the mattress inside and used regular crib sheets on it and tucked them well underneath (the newest model has a vinyl sleeve to put the mattress into). It will probably work for kids up to age 3, as any older, they may not like being confined in a smallish space. My two-year old child slept well in it on long trips and it still looks new after much use, with a material that is easy to clean.Although harder to set up and dismantle, I found the Phil & Ted to be great quality, super compact and much less expensive than the Baby Bjorn travel crib. It’s also likely that I’ll be using it longer than the BB, as it’s more compact and can be used outdoors as well.In a nutshell, both are good but with some disadvantages – the Phil & Ted crib is better for air travel and indoor/outdoor use, while the BabyBjorn one is better for home and car travel. Regardless of which you go with, it may be a good idea to put your kids in their stroller or bouncy seat while you assemble either one of these (like theKidCo GoPod Portable Activity Seat – Pistachio. You don’t want little fingers in the way.If you are considering the Kidco Peapod – beware. The sides are made of non-breathable material and it’s easily malleable. A 5 month old child tragically suffocated in a PeaPod last December (see March 27, 2012 review from Christine Whelan, the mother, for the Kidco PeaPod Plus Indoor/Outdoor Travel Bed – Red – see links under comments).Finally, once your kids outgrow these travel cribs, consider getting the excellentAeroBed Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed for Kids. It works well for kids three and over, with built in side and end rails, sheets, detachable electric pump and storage bag with shoulder strap. It’s very comfortable, easy to clean, can be used at home for sleep-overs and is great for trips.

Jeannie Gardner, CO

Amazing travel crib – Excellent warranty

I love this travel crib. It’s light weight, very portable, and easy to set up. The mattress is much softer and thicker than normal pack and play mattresses, making it easier to sleep on. It worked wonderfully for us for two years.I noticed that the legs had been a bit wobbly this fall, and then one day one of the legs popped out of place. I contacted customer service, and they paid for return shipping for my broken item and replaced it with a brand new travel crib! After two years of use, I was given a brand new replacement for free. Also, I noticed on the new model that they sent me that the legs have been re-enforced so that I will not have the same problem in the future. I was so impressed with a company that stands by it’s product. I highly recommend this crib.

Claire National Stock Yards, IL

In a word- Excellent

I just wanted to write a recommendation for the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib.I know many of us travel alone with infants, and it sucks.No, really!Initially when my son was born, I had aGraco Travel Lite Crib, Winslet, which worked perfectly at the bedside until we transitioned him to his larger crib. We live overseas and travel a lot, and thus begun the daunting task of transporting his much largerGraco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Travel Playard, Go Green. It wasn’t until one of my airlines told me that infants in arms were entitled to 20lbs of weight – to include stroller, car seat and any other accruement, that I started to panic. I knew my pack n play was heavy. I estimated about 10lbs… Well surprise surprise, it was 22 lbs. I also knew that I could no longer travel without a bed for baby – and I couldn’t continue buying a new, cheap pack n play where ever we went and disposing of it when we left(something we had made a habit out of). Thus, I was lead to the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib.I ended up buying the Travel Crib II and two other “lightweight” pack n plays with the intention of returning two. These were:The Lotus Crib (Guava Family)Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard&The Phil and Ted’s “Traveller”.phil&teds; Traveller Crib, SilverFirstly, the phil and ted’s traveller: I’m pretty sure you need an engineering degree to put this thing together. It’s ridiculous! It took me 25 minutes to set it up and another 15 to take it down. However: It’s VERY lightweight and it folds up really, really, small: You could easily put it in your carry on bag. However, because I’m buying this to travel alone, I had to pass on this one and send it back. It was just too much work to put together.The Lotus Crib is the one I thought I would keep. I really liked that it had backpack straps, it was fairly light and fairly small. FYI for those of you familiar, it folds up about as small as aGraco Travel Lite Crib with Stages, Peyton. So, while its smaller than your conventional pack n play, and definitely lighter, it is still the basic shape of a pack n play when folded. If you’re like me and feel like you play tetris with luggage carts every time you have to load one up: especially nowadays when you’re paying 5 bucks per cart at the airport! I also had trouble with the fold, and all the velcro and buckles you have to do up. I kept it for about a week while awaiting the Baby Bjorn to make my decision. I liked how long the Lotus was, because I have a long baby, I could see alot of use out of it. It will also shortly be able to convert to a bassinet with a new product the Guava family is putting out. I liked the zipper entrance, too. It works well.Well, finally the baby bjorn came and I am soooooo sooooo happy. Immediately I knew that I would be keeping it. The long, flat shape is stellar, for packing and stacking: I could either put it in my suitcase, or leave it out, its about the height of a standard carry on bag, but wider. I dont think you could carry it on most airlines. However, it’s so flat, It will easily stack. It felt lighter than the Lotus Crib, even though its only about 1lb lighter. I thought it would be smaller than the lotus crib, but its almost the exact same size. The only thing it doesn’t offer is the zipper entrance. The fold, for me, anyway, was easier. AND I can get it back into the bag no problem (Am I the only person who can never get these things back in the bag?).I really like the mattress on the bjorn, it’s “Squishy” and reminscient of Memory Foam. I found a regular crib sheet worked fine for my 11 month old. Although not the tightest fit, it’s certainly not loose, and I would use a regular crib sheet with any child over 3 months (who can roll, etc). I used aGerber 2 Pack Cotton Knit Fitted Crib Sheets Yellow/White Jungle Designsheet, and I left the sheet on the mattress when folded. It did make zipping the bag back up a little tighter, but saves me time and effort when I’m trying to get it set up.The only negative, for me anyway, is the price. Yup, it’s expensive. It’s one of those things you have to toss up. I love quality baby items – and I tend to spend a lot on them. If you are at a lower price point, I would recommend the newValco Baby Zephyr Travel Crib, Storm, which is priced lower (or was when I was looking). It’s a similar design with a few more steps involved and a little more weight, but still miles lighter than your traditional pack and play.So if you are travelling alone this summer, I highly recommend the Bjorn. It’s fantastic!

Jillian Lutsen, MN

Not for air travel.

Yes, I know, I should have called the airline BEFORE I bought it. But I did call American Airlines after I received it to check before our upcoming flight. I asked a customer service rep if this would be considered a carry-on. NO. Asked if he would please verify with a supervisor. Again, NO. Perhaps gate check is an option, but since it is for baby sleeping and the carry bag isn’t really luggage quality, I don’t think that is the best idea to go in the cargo hold. So, despite Amazon’s description and the lovely photo of the family at the airport, this will not serve your purposes if that is your intended use. I do hope Amazon clarifies this, but in the meantime please be advised.Perhaps some airlines might allow you to (I only contacted one), but I tend to think that AA is pretty standard in their policies. Good luck!!!

Saundra Saint Leonard, MD

Nice crib, but may not be worth paying the premium

I spent the extra money on this crib over a standard pack ‘n play because I thought it would be worth it for the convenience of travel. My assumption was incorrect. The crib is, however, a nice crib and my daughter sleeps comfortably in it. For these reasons, I am fairly mixed.Pros:- it is attractive (not sure how important this is, but it’s true)- good mattress (seems comfortable to my baby, who will not sleep on most playpen type mattresses)- extraordinarily easy set up and take down (i would say it takes less than 2 minutes to get it in and out of the bag) (definitely an advantage over most pack ‘n plays i have seen)- fits very neatly into its bag and is lightweight once packedCons:- doesn’t fit into an airline overhead compartment which, unfortunately, means that it has to be checked. some reviews on here said that you can fit it into your suitcase and that it only takes up half the suitcase. those people must have very very big suitcases. i can fit it into a large suitcase, but then there’s really no room for anything else.While I am only listing one con, I think it is a pretty big one for what is supposed to be a travel crib. With airlines charging for baggage these days, you are likely going to have to pay in order to travel with this crib. That means that you are probably going to pay at least $25 each way to use this thing – which seems sort of crazy, when you can buy an inexpensive pack ‘n play for $70.Bottom line: would buy this crib if I was someone who did a lot of traveling by car or overnights at other people’s houses; would keep looking for something more convenient if I was someone who primarily traveled by air.

Rachel Arcadia, PA

Inconvenient for plane travel. Doesn’t fit in a suitcase!

Here’s what I love about the crib. We bought the black one. It looks great, is lightweight & set-up/take-down is a breeze. But be forewarned, if you travel by air…it’s a headache to actually travel with. Since the crib breaks down into a big rectangular bag that is too large to carry-on, unless you have an even larger suitcase to pack it in…I mean HUGE…the only way to bring the crib along is to check it as a separate piece of luggage. So by the time you shell out all the extra baggage fees, any convenience the crib might offer quickly evaporates. The crib would be so much better if it folded into a smaller package. As is, this crib is only really convenient during travel by car.

Lelia Cranks, KY

Great Travel Crib

We purchased this to travel with. I do not like the idea of my son sleeping in a gross hotel crib. This is very simple to put together and take down. It is pricey and so are the sheets that fit it, however for us it was definitely worth it. We purchased both the Phil and Teds travel crib and this. We decided to keep this one because of its simplicity. This can be assembled and taken down in minutes and everything fits nicely in the bag it comes in. It is also light weight. It is not very compact but it isn’t a big deal for me because we travel by car with the kids. This is also a little taller than the Phil and Teds.

Lynne Lyons, OR

Great Product — but, watch out your lumbar…

The crib itself is very good. It is simple to set up and looks very reliable. It is very light and easy to travel with (reason why I bought this), but is does not fit in a suitcase. You will have to check, which is not a problem with the bag it comes in.My only complainant about this product is that it is killing my lumbar.I had a leakage in the nursery, so the baby had to sleep in our bedroom until it got fixed, what took about 3 weeks. After the first week I simply couldn’t pick him up from the crib anymore. It was extremely painful to lift a 16 pound baby from this crib, and I point out that I exercise regularly, so wasn’t a matter of strength.I wish they had a side opening for a easier access to baby, which also would help if you need to change a diaper during the night, because it is impossible to remove baby from the crib without completely wake him up.So, if you are considering this product, remember that this a travel crib, and therefore, is supposed to be used occasionally. If you a need a crib to put the baby down for afternoon naps or playing in the leaving room, please do your lumbar a favor and consider another model.

Ebony Roseau, MN

Tripping Hazard!

I love the compact and easy to use design of the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib. I bought it in addition to the pack n play I have and bought a special suitcase to bring it on a trip… however, when I got to my destination, it became very obvious what a hazardous design this is. The legs stick out and you can easily trip on them yourself or while holding your little loved one! If you chose to purchase, put in a safe area where no one travels often and perhaps put some orange markers on the legs to help avoid an accident. My recommendation to Baby Bjorn would be to add some type of element surounding the top opening to clear the same area as the bottom – to help keep a clear safe zone around the crib.

Minerva East Boston, MA

only non toxic crib

This is the only crib I found that is non-toxic. You should never ever ever buy any crib that contains fire retardants or other toxic chemicals as the P&T does!!!! I contacted the company! All mattresses do as well just FYI as a side note so only buy OMI (Lifekind) or Natura for example. The baby bjorn is OEKO-TEX certified which is the most stringent certification for fabrics as far as chemicals and toxic substances go. So bottom line regardless of Baby Bjorn being heavier it will still fit into a suitcase to check it in along with babes other items and it is the safest crib for your baby! Do not ever buy anything with fire retardants. They will tell you they are safe which is a lie. They disturb the hormonal and neurological development of your baby and also are not proven to prevent fires. They do not work and only cause damage to babies and have contaminated our water and food supplies. Google it to read about it. American women contain the highest amounts of these chemicals in their breast milk because they are everywhere like in your electronics and couches! (Cisco brothers for couches no toxic chemicals). There is a ton of info about how toxic they are. So get the baby bjorn and get orbit baby for car seat (also oeko-tex certified) and if buying anything else always ask the company if they use fire retardants or any other toxic chemicals or PVC and if they test for heavy metals! It is your baby and it is their brain and development you are messing with! As far as the safety and suffocation risk that is still questionable. I contacted baby bjorn to ask but this crib seems safer than the kidco pea pod.

Kasey Lashmeet, WV

Love love love the Bjorn Travel Crib and this is why…

We bought the Bjorn Travel Light crib for a 3 week trip from Asia to the US and it was one of the best buys I’ve made for our baby. I like everything about it, but best features:- Sets up in 30 seconds flat and I could do it holding baby if I had to- Nice design – doesn’t look cluttered or bulky like some other travel cribs and play yards- Really is lightweight (we were traveling with 10+ other bags so this was important)- Grows with the child – we bought for our 6 month old daughter, but also used it for our 18 month old niece and it worked great for bothAs another reviewer suggested, we bought the American Baby Company Value Jersey Knit Porta-Crib Sheet instead of the Bjorn Sheets. They were a fraction of the price, amazingly soft and washed well.

Marquita Hernshaw, WV

Great portable crib!

This crib does what it says it will do-easy to set up and take down, and the mattress is softer and than most pack n’ play models by other companies. However, it is a little smaller that I thought it would be, although I did "measure" it out with a tape measure before buying-it must be the top portion that makes it appear smaller. I do think it is too expensive for what it is, but if you want something compact and light, this is the crib for you. I do think that it should come with a sheet for the mattress for the cost. Also, it would be nice if they made this product in an organic version.

Maritza Vernal, UT

Light, easy to use, very low to the ground

I have had this for maybe a year or so and I really do like it. It works well for both infants and larger kids.The only complaint that I really have is that it can be difficult to get your infant in and out, as the mattress is literally on the ground and you have to position yourself awkwardly to be able to reach the bottom over the sides. My parents have a pretty difficult time with it for this reason. Once your child starts sitting up, etc. it’s no problem. But being that infants are laying flat, and that sometimes you are putting them into the crib while they are asleep, it can be a bit difficult and awkward.But, it is super light, easy to unfold and fold (once you get the hang of it), and I think my babies like it better than the ‘regular’ pack and play.I didn’t want to spend the money on the organic cotton sheet. I got a jersey 100% cotton portacrib sheet and if fits great (nice stretchy material with a snug fit).

Kari Punxsutawney, PA


We have a pack n play but it can be a pain to put up, take down, and travel with. We travel fairly often (car and plane) so we were looking for something easier. We traveled over the holidays and used the Babybjorn Travel Crib Light 2 for the first time. We loved it!!! It is a little expensive but amazon had the cheapest price and it is worth it if you travel. It was easy to put up and take down. It could fit in a suitcase but you wouldn’t have much room for other items. We just checked it in it’s case on Southwest and didn’t have any problems. I purchased two sheets for it (one was the american baby co sheet as recommended in another review and the other was a sheetworld sheet). Both sheets fit fine and were much cheaper than the Babybjorn sheet. My son slept great in this travel crib. I would definitely recommend this travel crib.

Kate Sun City West, AZ

so so happy!

I bought this to use when we travel to visit friends and family or go on vacation. The thought of lugging the pack and play was not ideal, but that was what I was going to do. I happened to see this in a store and knew it was a much better idea than the pack and play. I was right! My 6 month old has already slept in it for a few nights while visiting Grandmother. The mattress is comfortable, not too hard and not too soft. This is so easy to move from room to room that we also use it at home. I ordered SheetWorld fitted sheets which fit perfectly. I would highly recommend this as a travel crib.

Flossie Lumpkin, GA


I loved this travel crib until we went to the beach and it started to grow mold underneath it. So disappointed as I spent a lot of money to make sure my child would be safe. We threw it away!

Mari La Vernia, TX

still looking for a good travel crib

So compared to other products I have found I still think the Bjorn is the best of the travel cribs but it still has design issues1. baby sleeps on the floor, so if it’s cold in the room you really don’t want to use this.2. angles legs stick out and you will knock into them constantly, and they’re metal so it hurtspros: folds up very compactly (unlike pack and plays)not ugly – plain design no children’s print so it blends in well

Elda Vina, AL

As advertised

Simple to use, simple to pack, easy to check in on a flight. Our go-to travel crib and our little guy sleeps well in it. It doesn’t come with a sheet so make sure you get one (get the cheaper generic sheet that fits as opposed to the name brand one)You need to have a good back to bend down that far to put them in and out. But that goes for any travel crib

Vera Gowrie, IA

Seriously the BEST travel crib

By far, this is my favorite baby accessory to date. We travel frequently, and this took all the guesswork out of where baby was going to sleep. Comes in an awesome, well-made carrying bag. It is lightweight and packs well into a small-medium size (we have a Chevy Tahoe, so space isn’t really too big of an issue, but it is sturdy when folded down so you don’t have to worry about damaging it when stacking it underneath or around other cargo.) After we read the instructions, set up and take down was SUPER simple. No need to remove legs, fold everything up tight to try to make it fit, deal with broken zippers because you didn’t pack it like the factory, etc – this crib fits right every time without any issues. The Travel Crib Light 2 has incredibly superb quality and I can see this lasting for years. When you are handling it, you can just feel how well-made it is, and it is a joy to use it every time. I don’t mean that I am jumping for joy, lol, but it’s one less thing to think about when traveling with baby because it works correctly and without issue every single time, and that is priceless. Final note, it fits nicely in hotel rooms, we’ve never had an issue of it being too big in a standard hotel room. I slightly balked at the price but it was very highly rated and we knew we needed a good travel crib, after using it I can’t even complain about the price, I would pay the premium price again in a heartbeat.

Rosalind Convent, LA

Expensive, but awesome

The only reason I give it 4 starts is because of the price! We waited & waited & waited to make this purchase & I’m so glad we did. We’ve used it several times now & I totally love it. It’s compact & easy to fold up & set up. I hope that we can use this for a few years!

Sadie Talmage, KS

Love this travel crib!

I love this travel crib! I use it when I go out of town … It’s super lightweight and fits in the overhead bin on a plane. Super easy to put up and take down!! I use the American Baby organic pack n play sheets … They fit perfectly and are only $9.99. They are also really soft and hold up well.

Leanna Campo Seco, CA

The best travel crib around

This is our second one. Same color. We used the other one for our first child so much it finally broke. But it took 3 years!Best purchase this year for #2

Alisha Eastland, TX


We love love love this crib. Its great for travel or visiting someones house. Very light weight and it all zips off for a good wash after a travel. It also fits inside a large suitcase for flying (no dirt on this crib)! Little pricy but totally worth it.

Jewell Wingate, MD

BabyBjorn travel crib

it is the most perfect gift for my grand son, my daughter-in-law and my son. My grand son will enjoy it soon.

Cherie New Matamoras, OH

Really great travel crib

Light weight, easy to put up/take down, great carrying case – just brought baby home 3 weeks ago and have been using this so he can stay in our room with us. The mattress is thick enough and firm enough that he’s comfortable. The sides are high and there is plenty of space inside. A standard crib sheet does fit the mattress, however I’d recommend purchasing the crib sheets made specifically for this product as the standard sheet is a bit too deep. This will be fantastic as he grows up and we begin to use it as a pack & play instead of only a crib.

Elnora Holdenville, OK

Easy set-up

Simplicity at its best! You can literally have this all set up in 2-3 mins. Not only is it easy to set-up and take down…it’s also made real well and looks great! I take this everywhere with me so my son always has a nice clean place to play in. I don’t ever let him sleep in there though because it’s pretty deep and lifting him up or putting him down in it would just hurt my back. I still love it though.

Misty Sharpsburg, GA