BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light , Blue

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light , Blue

The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light is the perfect crib to take with you on trips. It can be set up in record time, in one easy movement. It weighs only 11 lbs.(5 kgs.) and is light and easy to carry in its carrying case. Soft fabric makes it snug and cozy for your child. Both the mattress cover and the bed fabric can be machine-washed. The mattress cover and all fabric parts that come into contact with your child have been approved in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1, eco-certification. You can use the Travel Crib Light for newborns and up until your child is about three years old.

Main features

  • Easy open and close
  • Comfortable mattress included
  • Stable design keeps the crib firmly on the floor

Verified reviews


Not really for airline travel…

I was really disappointed upon receiving this at the size of the travel crib when packed away. I was hoping for something we could take on an airplane with us as a carry on, this is not the solution that allows for that. It is much too big. It must be checked, which in this age of paying for checked bags this is just one more thing we would have had to pay to check. We sent it back. The mattress appeared plush and the crib seemed like it would do serve it’s purpose well as a sleeping place, but it just wasn’t airline travel friendly in our opinion. If we drove while traveling we would have kept this crib. But with the number of times airlines have lost my bags if I had to check our travel crib when flying I’d also have to have a backup plan on where my baby could sleep when the airline lost the crib. We ended up with the GuavaFamily GoCrib and it’s fantastic!!

Petra Tyaskin, MD

BabyBjorn vs. Phil & Ted travel cribs

I have two Baby Bjorn travel cribs for my baby twins and a Phil & Ted travel crib for my older child. Which one is better for air travel? Which one for car travel? There is a difference.BABY BJORNThe BabyBjorn travel crib can’t be beat for use at home and for car travel, as it can be set up and disassembled in about 30 seconds. We useAmerican Baby Company 100% Cotton Value Jersey Knit Porta-Crib Sheet, Celeryand they fit the mattress perfectly, at a fraction of the price of the Baby Bjorn crib sheet. My son sleeps in the travel crib almost every night and seems comfortable, as the mattress is fairly thick and has no bars underneath like a pack n play would. However, at 31″, I think he’ll outgrow it in a few months as there is not a lot more room lengthwise (the mattress is 24″ x ” 41″).The material of the crib is also worth noting. It’s soft and cottony but over time, it will probably show stains as my babies tend to suck on everything they can. They’re not standing up yet.The Baby Bjorn travelcrib is also lot larger folded up than the Phil & Ted’s. I wouldn’t use it for air travel if you want to minimize the amount of luggage – it’s bigger than a carry-on and may have to be checked. I doubt the fine zippered bag it comes in will hold up to baggage handling. It’s also way too expensive – it costs almost as much as my son’s Bonavita crib!PHIL & TED’SThephil&teds; Traveller Crib, Blackon the other hand is a great travel crib for air travel as it folds up very small, is super lightweight, and fits into any suitcase or duffle – I think you could fit two in a without any problems in terms of size or weight. However, it does take about 15 minutes to set up and to disassemble and fit into the small bag it comes in. So plan ahead, practice at home, have your child sleep in it a night or two so they get used to it if possible, and bring along the manual, just in case. Set it up as soon as you get to your destination – you don’t want to do this later on with a tired crying child.The self-inflating mattress on the P&T; is long and narrow, similar to those used for camping. We put the mattress inside and used regular crib sheets on it and tucked them well underneath (the newest model has a vinyl sleeve to put the mattress into). It will probably work for kids up to age 3, as any older, they may not like being confined in a smallish space. My two-year old child slept well in it on long trips and it still looks new after much use, with a material that is easy to clean.Although harder to set up and dismantle, I found the Phil & Ted to be great quality, super compact and much less expensive than the Baby Bjorn travel crib. It’s also likely that I’ll be using it longer than the BB, as it’s more compact and can be used outdoors as well.In a nutshell, both are good but with some disadvantages – the Phil & Ted crib is better for air travel and indoor/outdoor use, while the BabyBjorn one is better for home and car travel. Regardless of which you go with, it may be a good idea to put your kids in their stroller or bouncy seat while you assemble either one of these (like theGo-Pod Portable Activity Seat in Pistachio by Kidco. You don’t want little fingers in the way.Finally, once your kids outgrow these travel cribs, consider getting the excellentAeroBed Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed for Kids. It works well for kids three and over, with built in side and end rails, sheets, detachable electric pump and storage bag with shoulder strap. It’s very comfortable, easy to clean, can be used at home for sleep-overs and great for trips.

Magdalena Pickford, MI

One major concern

I really love this crib for many reasons. It’s compact, light, easy to set up and it looks pretty cool. I do have one concern. While sleeping in the crib, my son rolled over on his side and had his face against the canvas. Since the mesh does not go all the way to the bottom I became concerned about SIDS and tried to move him back to the center of the crib. However, it happened again that same night. Needless to say we had one sleepless night. Now I’m worried about him sleeping in it at all, which is troublesome because the product is very expensive. I would not recommend this for a newborn or an infant under 6 months for this reason, especially if they are still swaddled or using a woombie.

Gayla Glenallen, MO

Polyurethane Mattress–not an environmentally friendly thing!

I also complained to Baby Bjorn about the polyurethane mattress, and they sent me a polyether foam replacement mattress that was discolored around the edges. I looked up polyether foam and my research revealed that it is also polyurethane based. So much for an environmentally friendly mattress/product.

Debora Lone Jack, MO

Awesome product, but overpriced

I recently bought the travel crib based on all of the positive reviews. Most of the other comments were spot on.Pros:1. Lightweight2. Not bulky and awkward3. Amazingly quick and easy to set up and take down. Watch the video on the Baby Bjorn website. It really is that easy.Cons:1. Overpriced2. Their sheet is also overpriced, but the Khoala Baby travel crib sheets from Babies R Us are $12 for a set of 2 and fit fine. When I first put them on I thought they were a little tight, but they turned out to be perfect. Pack and Play sheets don’t fit.3. Doesn’t have the raised bassinett. It would be a pain to bend down so far if you had a newborn and wanted to use this regularly, like in your home as a second place for napping. For that purpose I would just buy a cheap Pack and Play and feel like a goober for spending money on two travel cribs. They really serve two different purposes.I’m glad a bought it and would buy it again. I’ve used it once for traveling and it was wonderful. It’s a shame it costs so much, but we’re planning on having another child, so we’ll use it for several years.

Esmeralda Overbrook, OK


Researched this and received it as baby gift – was VERY UPSET to find it came with PUL Foam mattress after all Baby Bjorn claims that they are safe. I ordered a new all natural mattress pad from Moonlight that custom fits crib.I would have returned it but I had already opened it up and washed the pieces before reading tag. I have deleted all other baby bjorn products from my registry and will not support their companies continued harm to our babies/children. Read up on PUL in baby products – the chemicals leach off and impact baby health and the future health of child/adult.UPDATE – We did end up with crib mattress from Moonlight Slumber and it works perfectly.

Gayle Epworth, IA

Much better than Graco Pack N Play

This product is a joy to travel with. We used the Pack and Play from Graco a few times and looking back that thing is a huge, heavy plastic piece of junk.Our baby sleeps better in the Baby Bjorn, it is easier to assemble (great for quick naps on the go) and our child absolutely loves it.You can literally set this thing up in 2 minutes or less where the Pack N Play takes a while longer and requires a lot more assembling and back bending.Traveling with the Baby Bjorn is also great as it’s light and small. It fits easily in a trunk and can be checked on a plane or placed in an overhead bin if you want to use it in an airport at the Gate.

Juanita Ramona, SD

worth the price

Great travel crib, worth the extra money. Super easy to fold and set up, and baby is comfortable sleeping in it. Don’t spend the cash for the super expensive bjorn sheets though — standard travel crib sized sheets are able to fit.

Jasmin East Lynn, WV


This item was easily one of the best purchases I’ve made. My daughter is almost 2 and we are still getting a ton of use out of it. It is super lightweight and so easy to use. Much more convenient than a bulky pack n’ play. It is also more spacious than other playards. Worth every penny.

Margery Jacksonboro, SC

It’s all in the details

Although much more expensive than a pack and play (pnp), you get what you pay for: lightweight but strong frame, fully hidden hinges, ease of assembly, fully washable, tough-made-to-last materials, and a nice reasonably small/flat package. Hint: the price of this crib fluctuates wildly on Amazon.Instead of being annoyed by the legs that stick out, I noticed how it made it very difficult for the baby to bonk her head against an adjacent object or wall. This eliminates user-error when deciding on where to place the crib.We travel at least once a month and we are militant about regular naps when at other people’s homes so there is a lot of value in finding a product that our child will sleep in. As far as we can tell, our baby sleeps in this crib as well as she does in her regular crib. The pnp bassinet worked great but we had trouble getting the baby to sleep well in the bottom of it when she outgrew the bassinet. For future trips, I’m tempted to replace the basic foam pad with something more luxurious like memory foam… it’s as easy as unzipping the mattress cover and pulling it out.

Rosalyn Newman, IL

So easy!!

This is the best travel bed. So easy to set up and pack up. Fits in a black bag that’s easy to transport and travel with. Our baby sleeps great in it also. Highly recommend this!!

Renee Grubbs, AR

Great travel crib!

This crib is very lightweight and comes in its own travel case. It is very easy to put together and take apart just make sure to read the instructions. Any regular fitted crib sheet will work on it so you do not need to buy the sheet from Babybjorn. Great product for travel and we also use it as an extra crib for downstairs.

Phyllis Crosslake, MN

PerfectTravel Bed for Baby!

The BabyBjorn travel bed is exactly what it should be—easy to pack, truly portable, easy to set up, safe and comfortable. It fits easily into a small car for the trip and into a closet or under a bed at home. The wide base makes it very sturdy and it assembles with basically one movement. Our daughter sleeps very well in itOur pack n play takes a full 15 minutes to disassemble and it weighs so much the bag has WHEELS. This means that going and coming it takes one adult’s full attention to wrangle. We bought this heavy item to serve as a changing table and secondary crib, not to take along anywhere.The BabyBjorn may seem expensive, but the ease it will provide for your travel, and thus a fun time versus a period of anxious hassle, is well worth it.

Delores Lancaster, PA

LOVE this Travel Crib!!

We purchased this travel crib when my daughter was 13 months old and used it daily for about 6 months as a regular crib after an overseas move. We eventually bought a “real” crib and the travel crib has been just that- a travel item. My now-2-year-old daughter just discovered it again as we are planning another trip and she can’t get enough of it. She loves this travel crib and so do we.It’s safe, light, very easy to set up and take down,comfortable and durable. In my opinion, worth every penny. I would NEVER use a pack and play after having this. As a tall two year old, my daughter has just started to climb out, but still loves it to play in.I’m sad that I’ll have to pack it up for the final time soon – or at least until baby #2 comes along!!

Rena Mira Loma, CA

It really is as great as it seems…

I purchased this for use in our travel trailer and during visits to Great Grandma’s house. I was so tired of the pack ‘n plays — so bulky and cumbersome. This travel crib really is as great as it seems. It sets up in seconds and goes down just as fast. It is long enough for my tall 19 month old, and comfortable for her, too. It is incredibly light weight and fits into the bag very easily, which is nice after years of fighting the pack ‘n plays back into the bag. It is an investment, with the price, but worth every penny.

May Austin, AR

It really is as good as everyone says . . .

I bought this travel crib after reading all the positive reviews here on amazon. There were other, cheaper options, and our budget was tight, but I didn’t want to regret my purchase so I went with this one. It is hands down one of the best baby purchases we have made. We use it all the time — it’s both a travel crib and a safe playpen for our baby, now 16 months. He plays in it, sleeps in it when we travel, and loves it. It’s also not too big, so it fits in any room in our small apartment. And it’s so lightweight and easy to travel with. Easy to set up and down. Worth the money!

Margaret Santa Clarita, CA

One of the best baby gear I have purchased

We used to have a pack n play. Once we bought this item, pack n play went to a friend’s house. This travel crib is so much better. Besides the obvious benefits offered by this item, I also find it a much better napping and sleeping place for my baby. She slept 9 hours in it, the longest ever! I think if I have second child, I may not even bother with a bassinet and just use this crib to have our future newborn in it.It’s easy, compact, sturdy, comfortable. Other than being pricy, there is really no cons to it. Again, you are paying for it’s design though.

Ma Newton, MS

Pay the extra money to get this – your kid – your back and your sanity will thank you

This is by far the best travel crib on the market – i have used Graco and others – but for “travel” this is the best – super lightweight – sets up in seconds – has a nice cushioned mattress which our daughter seems to like much more than the hard bottomed ones of other models 9but not too soft you would worry with an infant). Yes its more expensive and yes it does not have all the bells and whistles – (bassinet, mobiles, diapers caddy, changing station) that the Gracos do – but honestly you don’t really need all those things and all they do is make it heavier, harder to pack, harder to set up etc. This thing weighs nothing, packs in seconds, sets up in seconds. I swear to you – you will not regret the expense. If you want a portable crib you don’t plan on moving anywhere fine – save the money and get a graco – but isn’t the whole point that it should be portable. And I also feel very confident saying this is more comfortable for the baby.

Lottie Sutton, AK

From eight months to two years and counting…

We purchased this travel crib when our son was about 8 months old and he is now nearly 2 and we continue to use it. It unfolds in mere seconds which is not just nice, but necessary when traveling long distances with tired children. We enjoy the mesh screen which allows us to peek in at him from our bed without getting up. The mattress is cushy. The frame is well padded.The only drawbacks that I have found relate to using the bed with active toddlers. The top rails of the crib form a much smaller rectangle than that of the mattress. As a result, it is much easier for a child to get the leverage they need to pull themselves up and over. When this has happened the bed has remained standing which I think speaks to a safety-consciousness in its construction. Also, on hardwood floors and with a bouncy child, the bed can slide a bit, potentially putting your child near objects they should not be in close proximity to. These are really just nuisances, that can be avoided, however. We love travelling with this bed.

Lidia Maysville, MO

Expensive, But Worth It.

My wife and I took a short getaway trip this week (our spring vacation) and we took our 18-month-old baby along. We stayed in a small cabin with three very small rooms. We brought along our BabyBjorn Travel Crib to provide sleeping quarters for the little one and we set it up in the kitchen where we could close the little dear off from the rest of the cabin.This BabyBjorn Travel Crib has proven to be quite useful. We’ve owned it for over a year and have taken it all over the place. We set it up at Grandma’s house when we take him over for a little visit. In one instance we checked it in as a bag on an airplane trip and then used it while visiting another couple. We’ve taken it along on many car trips. The travel crib packs and unpacks easily and fits in a suitcase-like container. The bottom rests directly on the floor and has a soft mattress. The bottom is larger than the top so the interior space is designed to slope inward and have a wide base so the baby cannot tip it over. We appreciate this feature. My wife thinks it’s quite stylish and I’d regard it as very practical. We both think it’s well designed and much better than other available travel cribs. Ours is the dark-blue model with a black container, but the color really makes no difference. It’s a rather expensive accessary but has proven to be one of those items that are worth it. I might add that it’s beginning to look rather small relative to the boy and probably won’t be useful beyond another year.Gary Peterson

Heather Reva, SD

love this crib!

it’s a lot to spend on a travel crib, but so worth the price. it’s light, a breeze to put together, and my baby sleeps in it no problem at all.

Darla Holly Grove, AR

Wonderful travel bed

VERY VERY comfortable mattress. Definitely WAY better than a pack and play. Light weight and SUPER easy to set up and take down. Only con is that the travel bag doesn’t have a shoulder strap. Also, although it could fit in a suitcase, it would pretty much take up all the room inside so it probably woulnd’t be too practical to pack.All in all a GREAT travel bed and far superior to the pack and play.

Elnora Providence Forge, VA

crib + playpen

This is one of the best baby gears that we purchased. We first tried the Pea Pod series, but my son figured out to open the zippers from inside to get out, and also rolled back and forth the tent while he is inside!This travel crib is impossible for my active 10month old to climb out. And most importantly it folds and unfolds in seconds, so we have been using it as a play pen since we got back form our vacation.My only concern is that the size, when packed in the bag is slightly bigger than the maximum carry-on luggage limit. If they could of made it slightly smaller to fit the limit, I would give 5 stars!

Lucile Brantley, AL

Buy this first!

When I originally looked for a play yard, I didn’t come across the BabyBjorn and ended up with the Carter’s play yard. While we use it as a playpen in our home, it wasn’t great for the repetitive travel we do. My husband isn’t patient with learning how to put up and put down the play yards so the task often fell to me. As an avid direction follower and a natural with assembling items, the assembly drove me nuts!I struggled with purchasing a second play yard, especially one this expensive, but I absolutely do not regret this purchase! It is SO easy to set this play yard up and pack it back up… so easy. You don’t even need to read the directions (my husband even does it). I love the compact case and light weight. It’s much easier to pack into a car than the standard play yard because of the dimensions. And when I’m traveling with my daughter alone, I can easily carry it and her. She seems quite comfortable sleeping on the thicker mattress, loves being able to see us when she’s sitting up, and has plenty of room to grow (she’s only 10 months now). It’s very sturdy so I never worry about her tipping it.There are a few minor drawbacks depending on your perspective. The base is almost on the floor so in colder rooms we put a blanket under the play yard to keep it from being directly on the floor. Also, there isn’t a baby bassinet or changing station. This wasn’t really a problem for us as we usually ended up changing her on a bed anyway. Oh, and the sheets that are made for it are way too expensive. We ended up getting a cotton sheet for a regular crib mattress with tight elastic and just tucking it underneath.Trust me, if you’re looking for a play yard this is well worth the money. And if this is your first play yard purchase… even better. Do it right the first time. Buy this one!

Paula Holcomb, MS

Amazing crib – worth the money!

Expensive, but worth it! This is the best portable crib out there! We had the Pea Pod, which was good until baby could sit up, and then it freaked him out that his head hit the top of the “crib” when sitting up (it’s like a mini tent) Also, it was sort of annoying to fold up again after use. Looked into the Phil and Ted crib, but the setup seemed too painful when you need a crib in a hurry (same with the Pea Pod). The Bjorn crib sets up in 2 seconds – you remove it from the bag and it pops into place by itself. Folding is equally easy. Koala baby sheets do fit it well; especially the “deluxe play yard” sheet made of ultra plushy velboa fabric (it’s listed as polyester but it’s the super-soft plush fabric otherwise known as velboa). This sheet is a little longer than the cotton Koala baby sheets, though the cotton ones are fine, too. We sat in the Bjorn and read books to get our son used to the crib, and there was room for both me (a full-sized adult) and baby to sit in it and read! It was really comfy, too. Set up over a carpet for an even more comfy feel. I would buy this crib again in a second!

Tina New Laguna, NM

I really wanted this to work…

I really liked it, but unfortunately, my 8.5 month old son did not. He cried every time.I think it may have been too much of a shock to go from a firm mattress in a regular crib to a soft thinner mattress on the ground.I think the product is really well made, but I guess we’re back to the PNP for travel!

Elizabeth Hudson, FL


We hemmed and hawed over whether we should get this, due to the high price. We finally went for it just days before leaving on a trip to Europe. Well, the Babybjorn crib is now on our top-3 list for baby essentials (along with the Maclaren Volo and Pampers, really). I can’t tell you how this thing saved our sanity in the airport, on ferries, in hotels, and on the beach. Our baby is at the crawling / just walking stage, and the crib is perfect. It is light, and most importantly, easy to set up and pull down. The mattress actually rests on the floor, so the unit is extremely stable. No draft, apparently, because the mesh is higher up. The mattress itself is high-quality, like a softer wresting mat, and waterproof. You can use a fitted sheet for standard cribs. The baby fell a couple times and didn’t feel a thing, or at least didn’t cry. The top rim is padded. The flaring poles are away from the sides, so when the baby falls against the siding, its head won’t hit a hard object. The design is extremely well thought out. Our only suggestion is a numbering system for the poles, as folding the crib up requires a certain order for the unit to fold completely flat. Took a while to figure this out, but once we did, the crib could be packed away in about 30 seconds. (About 15 seconds to set up.)

Gena Tomah, WI

Great bed – if your case holds up

This is a great bed. Very convenient to travel with compared to a portable play yard. Also very easy to put up and take down. HOWEVER the zipper on our case broke after two uses (we never forced the bed into the case). I have called customer service two times, and they have agreed to send a new case, but three weeks later I have not received the case. Another call and another promise to send a case. Maybe we just had bad luck, but the bed itself is wonderful. Just frustrating that the travel case isn’t holding up.

Jade Sheyenne, ND

Easy to set up, harder to take down

Pros: Super easy set up, very quick. Lightweight.Cons: Taking it down requires a bit of maneuvering, and the carrying case is bulky – we got it for airplane travel but is too big to carry on.

Erika Dodge, ND

Best travel crib!

I had a Phil and teds travel cot and hated it! I also had a chicco port a-crib and didn’t love it. I sold them and got this and love it, here is why.1. It is so easy to set up. This is what I hated most about my other cribs, they were so hard to set up, not cool when you have a tired baby in a hotel room. This crib you just pull out of its bag and it jus pops up and then you throw in the mattress. It literally takes 30 seconds.2. The mattress is really comfortable. The other cribs have hard thin mattresses my babies hated, this one has a thicker mattress it is almost as comfy as my regular home crib.3. It is small and lightweight, though not quite as small and light as the Phil and teds it it still very light and packs up neatly into a little suitcase tha won’t take up much room in your trunk.4. It is easy to take down and folds up nicely. My other cribs were so hard to take down and left me sweating. And then I could never stuff them back into their bags the right way. This one took me about 5 minutes to take down the first time and now that I know how I can do it in a minute. It fits back nicely into it’s bag just lime new!I love this crib. The only con is that it is expensive, but in my opinion it is worth it!

Neva Liberty, NC