BABYBJORN Wooden Toy for Bouncer – Googly Eyes

BABYBJORN Wooden Toy for Bouncer – Googly Eyes

BabyBjörn BabySitter Wooden Toy The wooden toy’s playful eyes and spinning figures stimulate your child’s desire to play. Inspires the joy of playing The BabyBjörn Wooden Toy Engages Baby With Spinning Pieces And Vivid Colors Each of the eye-catching, colorful figures on the Wooden Toy spins and twirls, providing plenty of entertainment. Plus, your baby will be practicing fine-motor skills and developing hand-eye coordination. The Wooden Toy is a great accessory for all BabyBjörn bouncer models and encourages play and self-soothing. Particularly unique is the center figure featuring large, cartoon-like eyes. This comical character, along with the vivid colors and fun shapes of the other figures, will capture your baby’s imagination. A Little Piece Of Art For Big And Small Specially designed for the BabyBjörn bouncers, the cheerful colors make it easy for baby to spot the toy, and the fun figures with bright eyes and wide smiles encourage baby to make eye contact, play and maybe even smile for the very first time. Attaches Securely And Removes Easily Specifically designed for Babysitter Balance and Bouncer Balance Soft models, the easy fastening devices allow you to quickly, yet securely, attach the Wooden Toy to either bouncer. While easily removed by you, rest assure that your baby will be unable to take the toy off the bouncer. The BabyBjörn Wooden Toy and Soft Toy are fun accessories for all of the BabyBjörn Babysitter and Bouncer Balance Soft models (all sold separately). Quick Facts Ages: 0 – 24 months The wooden toy is made from wood, steel and plastic. The plastic is PVC-free and contains no bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, cadmium, lead, bromine, or chlorine. Moreover, the plastic is recyclable. Complies with toy standard EN:71. It is guaranteed free from harmful substances and safe for children to chew or suck on. Tested and approved as a safe product, the Wooden Toy complies with strict toy standards and is guaranteed to be free from prohibited substances. Made from solid wood, steel, and PVC-free, recyclable plastic, you can allow your child to nibble, chew, and suck, on the pieces – ideal during baby’s teething phase. The wooden toy is attached so that the child cannot remove it.

Main features

  • Encourages play; The wooden toy’s playful eyes and spinning figures stimulate your child’s desire to play
  • Attaches securely; The wooden toy is attached so that the child cannot remove it
  • Fastens easily; Easy for an adult to attach and remove
  • Encourages play; The wooden toy’s playful eyes and spinning figures stimulate your child’s desire to play
  • Attaches securely; The wooden toy is attached so that the child cannot remove it
  • Fastens easily; Easy for an adult to attach and remove

Verified reviews


Cute but Not Worth it!

Cute idea but not worth the price! We loved the baby bjorn seat and added this at about 4m. Baby loved it for 10 min but after that was irritated with the toy in his face. It’s not adjustable and doesn’t stay on well. We may have kept it if we bought it sooner but at his age he really was more interested in looking at real people! It’s cute and I love that it’s mostly wood and no overstimulating lights or bad quality music so I still give 3 stars!If you’re going to buy it do it when baby is young and only bring it out once in a while. Also, make sure it attaches well.Worth trying out since Amazon offers no hassle returns!

Enid Snow Hill, AL

I love it, my baby hates it 🙁

I love both colors and movements. I love the fact that’s wood and not cheap plastic. I love the funny eyes. It’s well done and sturdy. You can tell it’s a good quality product. Unfortunately my baby doesn’t care about quality, and just hates it. She did since she was born, and still does it after 6months. I tried to offer it to her many times, and sometimes she seemed interested. But after a few minutes she always gets ballistic. I suppose it’s because she can’t but it in her mouth. I have to remove it because of her screams 🙁

Johnnie Boyd, WI

Nice, but didn’t work for long

It’s a nice toy, well-made and pretty, but baby got bored with it quickly (after just a couple of days). Now he only occasionally hits it, most of the time accidentally. Maybe we introduced it too late? (at 6 months)On the good side, I didn’t have the technical problems other reviewers had: ours attaches well.Considering the outrageous price for it, I wouldn’t have bought it if I knew it would work for such a short time.The two stars only is mostly because of the price, and also because it doesn’t really work for us.

Samantha Waelder, TX

For the price, should be better

We love the BabyBjorn seat, but this toy should have been included in its price. The main problem is that for a $40 toy, the attachment “mechanism” is poorly designed. So, even if our son can occupy himself for a few minutes by spinning the main wooden disk, when he wants, he is able to easily detach the toy from the chair. He has been able to do this ever since he could reach and grab the bar. It would have been much better if the toy was integrated into the chair with a better designed attachment system, even if the chair became more expensive because of it.

Ramona Fountain, FL

nice and easy to add to chair

I liked this toy bar. It was easy to clamp onto the chair and it stayed in place. And baby took right to it. His hands fell right at the right place and he started playing right away. I really like the Baby Bjorn products. Even though they seem to be a little more expensive, the quality is worth it. The toy is not entirely wooden. There are a few plastic pieces, like the petals of the “flowers” and the red bead line around the “smiley face”. But very nice overall.

Arline Chloride, AZ

Well made but really expensive

we bought this toy to go with the Babysitter which we love but not sure if our baby (4months right now) likes it. For one, she always hits it by accident with her arm so then I am compelled to remove it. It doesn’t make any noise or anything so it has to rely on the pretty colors to draw her attention. The way it hooks on the side of the Babysitter is a bit awkward, although I don’t think it will hurt the baby – one side seems to never fit in the slot. It might have been better to make a removable toy hanger so you can put your own toys on it? Plus it’s outrageously expensive – and what’s up with the choking hazard if it’s a toy for kids under two (the chair only accommodates kids up to 2). I hope the baby likes it when she gets older.

Morgan Palmer, IL

Fun Toy

This is a really well made wooden toy. At first my son didn’t play with it much, it wasn’t until he turned 4 months that it started to pique his interest. He is now 5 months and gets fussy when he sits in his babysitter. Once I snap on the toy, he is entertained and doesn’t fuss. It keeps him busy so that I can get some stuff done around the house. It is slightly pricy but worth it if you have the babysitter. Love this toy and more importantly, so does my son!

Cara Livingston, WI

Expensive wooden toy

I don’t understand why this is so expensive given it is such a simple toy. It goes well with the babysitter bouncer, and gives something for baby to look at. It’s really not something to ooh and aah about though- I could get a whole load of toys for the price of this one item that is only functional together with the bouncer. I am hoping that it engages my child more as she grows up. . .

Dominique Brandenburg, KY

Overpriced but good

If you’re going to do the BB chair, you unfortunately need this or it’s totally boring for the baby. I’d either do both or get another bouncer all together.

Teri Camp Verde, AZ

Vale la pena

Si ya compraste la sillita no dejes de comprar el juguete. Mi hija lo adora. Juega con el desde los 2 meses y medio. Vale la pena así suene caro.

Eva Pittsburg, IL

Super Awesome

I really love this toy bar. It fits perfectly (as it should) on our BabyBjorn Balance chair. Our son is only a month old, but he likes to watch these twirl if we do it for him. Even if they aren’t moving he likes to look at the colors. He accidently touches them sometimes… which I think is great to help him learn spacial awareness… even at so young an age!If you have the balance chair… you should have the toy bar. It really is awesome!

Lorna Winchester, CA

Nice quality

I was pleased with how sturdy this is and like the fact that it’s not plastic. The eyes in the cookie face are creepy and they spin… also creepy… but our little guy likes it so I guess that doesn’t matter.

Lisa Calera, AL

Infant Daughter Absolutely Loves It

I bought this for my Baby Bjorn Babysitter bouncy-type chair. It is worth the price. It fits on the chair perfectly and provides her with endless entertainment. It appears to be a high-quality product and it is attractive looking and fun.

Jodie Macon, MO

Must have for the chair

If you buy the Baby Bjorn chair, then you have to have this toy. When I purchased the seat/toy my son was still pretty closed fisted. This toy is the perfect distance away from him and it got him to really use his hands a lot more. LOVE IT!

Sandy Pineland, TX

Cute addition to Bjorn bouncy seat.

This toy is very cute and my 4 month old seems to like it. She’s always in her Baby Bjorn bouncy seat, she loves it. Some reviewers say that this toy isn’t secure enough. I haven’t had any such problem. It stays on all day long even if she’s tugging on it. Maybe they had defective toys. Mine works great. This would have received 5 stars if it was priced more reasonablly. I mean 40 bucks? Come on.. A tad bit much for an already extremely expensive bouncy seat.

Octavia Jaroso, CO

Adds at least 20 minutes of entertainment

We first added the toy bar to the BabySitter when our daughter was about 2 months old and she had no interest in it. By the time she was 3 months old, she discovered the fun of twirling the toys, particularly the green flower. As she becomes more interested in grabbing things and exploring her world, she is enjoying the entertainment while in the BabySitter. It is easy to pop the toy bar on and adjust the height on the Babysitter. I do wish it gave the ability to customize or move the toys around or add new toys. I do think the entertainment buys us an extra 20 minutes, but a few toys might do the same thing at a lower cost.

Mitzi Foley, AL

good addition

My daughter likes to hit and spin all of the toys on the bar. They are durable and looks to be well made. The eye balls are a bit strange, but she doesn’t mind 🙂 Its a nice addition to the babysitter bouncy chair.

Evangeline Horseheads, NY

Great Addition

I love the wooden toy attachment for the BabyBjorn BabySitter. It snaps on easily and keeps my son entertained long enough for me to get ready for work in the morning. I highly recommend!

Lou East New Market, MD


This simple (but pricey!) addition to the Babybjorn BabySitter is incredible. Our son never gets tired of it. It keeps his attention until we take him out of the sitter. It’s a must have if you have the BabySitter!

Katharine Birchleaf, VA

So expensive but so entertaining

The only reason I give this 3 stars is that at $45 dollars it’s insanely expensive for a bouncer accessory. Cost aside, my daughter does like it and its well made. The beads are made of wood and the bar is made of metal. I am not a fan of the way it clips onto the bouncer though, my four month old always pushes it down and then kicks it off w/her feet. That’s if my 2 year old hasn’t pulled it off by then.

Eula Ronks, PA

Great investment

We purchased this to go with our BabyBjorn Babysitter. Both the babysitter and this toy have been worthwhile investments. We used the babysitter when little munchkin was about a week old and began using the toy after about a month. Still using them both at six months. Baby has figured out different ways to manipulate the toy. Found the babysitter and babysitter toy an invaluable combo for sneaking in a shower…or being able to wash some quick dishes.

Nell Lancaster, MO

Natural, safe and entertaining

I love this wooden toy for our Bjorn bouncer. Our 3 month old has just hit the stage where he notices it and loves babbling to the “cookie” in the middle with googly eyes. He grabs the beads with his hands and lifts feet to touch it too. Fun for him and I can actually get some chores done now! ;)Update: We’re now at 6 months and our little one still LOVES this thing. BUY IT. It’s adorable and yes, it’s worth the $. I cringed when I bought the organic chair but my gosh, it has paid for itself so many times over. Absolutely a must for everyone caring for a baby. The bouncer & this toy are worth every cent. (And they have excellent resale value if that interests you.)

Genevieve Gordonsville, VA

Great toy!

As others have stated, this is not the cheapest toy out there, but if you have the Bjorn sitter, this is a must. We have a 5 month old, and he was getting bored by just being in the sitter. I kept putting toys on the lap belt, but they would fall off. This toy bar really entertains him and he now likes being in the sitter again. I always bring this into the bathroom when I shower, and he stays occupied. We hope it keeps him engaged for a few more months for the price!

Hillary Dixon, MT

expensive, but worth it

The price tag on this toy seems crazy, but I would buy another one in a heartbeat. The BabyBjorn BabySitter with this toy is our baby’s favorite place to hang out.

Lana Meyersville, TX

Wonderful toy, keeps my baby entertained while sitting

I know this piece if very expensive. But I personally think it’s worth the money. First of all, it’s very well made. Not a cheap plastic toy. Second, when the baby sits in the bouncer, you have a perfect toy for the little one to play with. The toy is also well designed to help with child’s development. I can see my baby is making progress with it. First, she would use her fist to hit the pieces to rotate them, probably more of a reflex. Then, she started to open her palms and tried to use her fingers to rotate the pieces. She is very into it whenever she plays it. So I can go to the kitchen to grab some stuff or wash a few dishes while she plays it. It’s absolutely adorable watching her play this toy. I love it. Good investment.BTW, my DD is 3 months old.

Sophie Kings Bay, GA

Expensive but well designed

I was reluctant to pay so much money for an add-on to the baby chair, but it is designed thoughtfully and the baby latched on to it immediately.

Arline Sabana Seca, PR

Very nice but $40 is just too high of a price

You can buy less expensive activity arches that can latch and tighten onto this bouncer instead of buying this one for $40.

Noemi Manchester, NY

If you have the BabySitter You Must Get this

Ok I do not know why this does not automatically come with the BabySitter. If fits tight on the seat, you can place at any height you want. It stays put and is easy to get off. It is Babybjorn so it is quality. I only wish it came with the seat as the seat alone would be a bore for you little one. My little one bats at it and is entertained. It also serves as block from his other toys he may play with from falling to the ground as fast if it was not in place. You do not need to take this off when putting your child in or out of the seat, so once you place it on the only time you need to remove it is to wash the seat or if you child is old enough to not be entertained by the toy. Great buy, must have so order when you order the seat.

Delores Waialua, HI


My baby LOVED this around 3-4 months. Now that he’s 4 months he preferd things he can chew, but he still likes it sometimes. Just an FYI though, there is plastic on this toy (the petals and red part around the face), it’s not all wood

Arlene Lecanto, FL

Not all wood

which for some reason I assumed it would be. Baby doesn’t seem to be too interested in it. I use it more as a bar to prop her other toys on. Maybe she’ll like it more when she’s a bit bigger. She likes to rest her arms on it though when she’s in the sitter….so I guess thats pretty good.

Bertie Broomes Island, MD