BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator CRYSTAL With Extra Nose Tip and Mouth Piece | #1 Tested Snot Sucker

BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator CRYSTAL With Extra Nose Tip and Mouth Piece | #1 Tested Snot Sucker


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Vacuum those suckers out!

I chose to buy his product over other similar products because of the fact that you can use regular tissue as a filter instead of buying special filters. It works well once you build up your lung strength and realize not to put too much tissue in there. At first I was getting frustrated and about to pass out. It’s much easier if you use very little tissue and some nasal saline spray (I use Little Noses) and kind of wiggle the aspirator around as you suck and try pointing it towards the center of your baby’s nose rather than straight up. Now I get satisfaction seeing how much comes out of my little baby’s nose!

Denice Chicago Ridge, IL

I like it better than nose Frida

We bought both this aspirator and the nose Frida at the same time.After using both for several weeks, I like this one better for the main reason that the tip is rubber instead of plastic and seems to be much easier on my young infant’s nose.

Letha Kunkletown, PA


Thought this would be disgusting, but it’s not! Works like a dream without irratating baby’s nose. Great for if baby has a cold or allergies and needs lots of snot-removal. I still use the trusty brown hospital aspirator too, but this has a regular place in my bugger rotation.

Catalina Troy, SC

Better than a suction bulb!

This nasal aspirator works better than the suction bulbs that the hospital sent home with our newborn. I can control the amount of suction I need to get boogers and mucus out of my baby’s little nose. I like how I can see what and how much I’m getting out. The nose tip seemed a little wide, but it fits into my baby’s nose just fine, better than the tip of the suction bulb. My baby fusses from time to time when I use it, but there are times when stays still for me while I clear her hose and she seems relieved after. It is very easy to clean and dry.

Abigail Franklinville, NY

Works great!

Was recommended by a friend, and it works really great. My baby doesn’t care for it, but he seems happy after I am done cleaning his nose out.

Jerri Kegley, WV