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BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator


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should work well

No baby yet (a few more weeks). However I ordered this and was pleased. It’s nice to have an aspirator you can wash in the dishwasher. It’s also really nice that it is so easy to control the amount of suction. I expect it to work really well. It is a bit pricey for what it is (standard plastic), however you can tell a lot went into the design of the product. For example, the bulb part is genius (it really is impossible to “suck” any stuff past it. It definitely seems worth getting.

Shirley Eclectic, AL

This is Fantastic

This is by far the best product I have found to clear my babies nasal passages. She was so congested that I’d have to use the standard blue hospital bulb 4 times a day and she still sounded gurgly. After using this for 3 days, it cleared out everything that had built up that the bulb never got. I don’t even have to use it every day because it does such a good job if clearing everything out.

Taylor Sparta, TN

A must-have product for babies

As soon as I used this, I immediately threw away the bulb aspirator I had purchased before my baby was born. This product really works. I have told everyone in my mom’s group about it. The best part is that my baby rarely cries when I use it. In fact, sometimes he smiles and lets out a sigh afterwards.

Kristina Table Rock, NE

Definite MUST BUY!

Oh my goodness, this was a miracle to us! It is the best aspirator around. And trust me, we tried them all. You won’t get any snot in your mouth, so don’t worry on that score. And it suctions amazingly well. At first our baby girl didn’t much like it. It didn’t hurt her, but I think the sensation was odd. However her Daddy would use quite a bit of suction, so maybe that was it. She quickly got used to it, and used to laugh when we did it. She liked the noise. :p When she got old enough she always tried to steal it and try it our herself. ;)It is very easy to clean. And so easy to just put some tissue in there. You’ll figure out how much by trying it out. And at first it might take a few tries with how much tissue you need and where it needs to be placed. But once you have that down, you’re golden.She is 2 now and able to blow her nose, but this was a miracle worker for the first year and half. Don’t even think about it, just buy it. I am so glad I did. I recommend it to every new Mom I see.

Lilly Preston, CT

Get over the concept and this product rocks!

Okay, so it seems a little gross at first. Not to worry…your mouth stays clear of the boogies. Think of it as a fine aiming missile tackling those hard to reach boogers. The other type on the market sucks everything in sight…not as effective. I can aim and suck with this thing and clear her passages like a pro. Besides, you can control the suction, so you don’t feel like you are going to suck her brains out in the process. A must…if you get over the concept. But when it comes to your baby breathing clearly…trust me, you’ll do anything to make her comfortable.

Elva Newport, NY

get this not nosefrida

this is a great snot sucker. uses tissues instead of filters you have to buy. my kid still fusses when i use it, but he doesn’t scream like i’m cutting off an arm like he does with the bulb aspirator.

Estella Madison, CA

Easy to use and easy to clean, kid loves it

Where do I start? Around the umpteenth time your kid cries because their nose is stuffed up, and you’ve used the “hospital-issued suction bulb” for umpteenth-squared time to everyone’s frustration — you begin to wonder if there is a better solution? There is — baby comfy nose…So, why baby comfy nose (BCN) over any other parent-powered suction device? BCN has several features that I find very helpful. First, there is a little “bulbous” part at the bottom, where you can put a piece of tissue to serve as absorber and filter for the snot. Second, it has a long hose that gives you flexibility to maneuver around a fidgety baby. And third, you control the suction — sometimes one big whoosh, sometimes several little ones — whatever works to get the snot out. Also, it comes apart easily for cleaning with dish-soap and water, and it is easy to dry off to — immediately ready for the next use.It works great on both dense and runny snot (I know, I know… the joys of parenthood!), for little and a-little-larger noses. We started using this when our kid was about 1 year old (could have started much earlier) and by the time she was 15 months she would volunteer to have her nose cleaned with BCN if she was feeling stuffy. It’s pretty good when your 15-month-old collaborates on anything, let alone nose-cleaning! By the time she was 2 years old, she would bring us the BCN and come to us to have her nose cleaned.Overall, we are very happy with this little low-tech gadget. We’ve been recommending it to our friends and family, and they have been using it with same satisfaction.

Letha Max, NE


This product came just in time for cold and flu season. It gets a lot deeper than the bulb aspirator did, and I can wash it in the dishwasher. I also use it with the saline drops. I bought this when my baby was only 7 weeks old and now he’s 12 weeks old. They recommend use until the child can blow their own nose (2 years old)

Deborah Minerva, NY

Wish I had known about this earlier

Used the hospital blue bulb aspirator for the first child. It didn’t seem to do much – though it’s difficult to tell since you can’t really see what’s being suctioned. It gave him nosebleeds sometimes. He had recurrent ear infections and his ears were always plugged up.I used this diligently for baby number two who has never had an ear infection. I don’t know if this is what made the difference but it works. The snot comes out (saline solution a couple minutes prior helps). Baby is happy, able to nurse etc. I really wish I had known about it the first time around.Someone had written a review mentioning that it cuts the roof of their mouth. Holding the mouthpiece between your teeth helps.

Geneva Kirkman, IA