Babyganics Natural Insect Repellent, 6 oz

Babyganics Natural Insect Repellent, 6 oz

What’s bugging you?! Mosquitoes, gnats and flies – oh my! Enter our natural DEET free insect repellant. Use the non-toxic power of natural essential aromatic oils (Citronella, Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemongrass & Geranium) to safe keep pests at bay! Our exclusive blend of essential oils creates a powerful combination that is pungent to insects, especially mosquitoes, smells great and is safe for the entire family!

Main features

  • Natural Bug Spray
  • Safe for Babies
  • By Babyganics
  • 6 oz.

Verified reviews


Skin Reaction

I got this for my 7 month old daughter and the first time we applied it to her arms, she broke out with a bunch of tiny red bumps all over her arms. She does sensitive skin so my husband tried it too. His arms also broke out in little red bumps (his skin in not sensitive at all). I was hoping this would work for us but I am just going to throw it away and try something else.

Mitzi Boone, CO

safe and effective

This repellent is made with all natural oils and I feel comfortable putting this even on my baby. We live in se GA and have horrible gnats. This does seem to help with those. Because this is oily you should spray and then rub it around like lotion for the best effect. My only real complaint is that because it is oily, my son had a harder time playing sports that required catching and he got a little dirtier. Small price to pay to be able to enjoy the outdoors again though!

Peggy Parnell, MO

Doesn’t work

I guess either the bugs in Hawaii are extremely resilient or this product doesn’t work. Maybe both. After looking more closely at the contents, I’m convinced my baby smells more like a flower to be eaten.

Aida Atkinson, NH

I’m greasy and the bees love me!

I was excited to find a natural product for my son and i; when i sprayed us we were super greasy. As we were playing outside, a few bees starting following us-i kept walking away and they loved that nice soybean, citronella, and Rosemary scent. This product seems more dangerous than helpful-unless you’re a bee farmer I’d definitely look for something else!

Rochelle Prosperity, SC

works in city areas, but not in the country

This spray works in the city area, but when I was in the woods, my legs were attacked despite spraying them all over.

Melva Hermleigh, TX

No bites, but not the most pleasant smell.

My baby didn’t get any bug bites, but it’s hard to say if that is because of this or because we bundled him up and swatted any that came near. It smells fine but not great, and it is oily. Still, I’d much rather use this than something filled with chemicals.

Nina Rockport, MA