BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier, Sophia Black

BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier, Sophia Black

The BabyHawk Mei Tai isn’t just pretty…it works! Do you have a high needs newborn? A toddler who hates the stroller or grocery cart? A baby who needs carried while you care for your older child? Then the BabyHawk is for you! Featuring a hip design.

Main features

  • Newborn to 40 pounds
  • Wear on your front, back or hip
  • Fully reversible to solid color
  • Easy to share between caregivers
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


The Ergo is simply better

I hate to give this negative review. Really. I love my Babyhawk because it is beautiful (I chose the color and patterns). I still use it but my new Ergo is without a doubt a much, much better carrier. You will feel the weight of your baby with a Babyhawk. The weight distribution is just not as good as the Ergo. Save yourself some money and frustration and just by the Ergo instead.Also, the straps are an issue with the Babyhawk. They are long. They twist up and need to be adjusted if you wear the carrier for a while. This may not be a problem if you are at home but is impossible if you happen to be alone with your child at the airport or Target or a hundred other places.BTW, do not bother with the infant insert with the Ergo. Just use a folded baby blanket.

Crystal Hensel, ND

Loved the design but….

I loved the design of this carrier but it hurted my back and shoulder so badly after wearing it for 10 minutes. My baby is 4 months old and there is no way that the straps can be adjusted to fit my body and the baby so baby wasnt tightly wraped against my body. This resulted in pulling her forward which I believe caused the back straining. I really wished it worked because it was very pretty to wear.

Nan Christiansburg, VA

I “heart” Babyhawk

I admit it…I am a babywearer. I have had so many great experiences wearing my babies and have used a variety of slings and carriers. My latest fave is my Mei Tai carrier from BabyHawk. I have been using it for about six months and I can’t remember life without it.Baby carriers seem to be a personal “thing.” Either you like it or you don’t. Well, I LOVE my BabyHawk and here is why.-With three kids, ages 4, 2, and 9 months, I am truly outnumbered in many ways. Just having the ability to “hold” three kids when I only have two hands is a miracle. Carrying my baby hands free makes this possible.-It is custom fit every time you put it on. I have lost 50 pounds (you read that right) in the past 9 months and the BabyHawk has fit at every stage.-The BabyHawk is SO comfortable. No matter if you are wearing your baby on your front or back, the weight is distributed quite well. I have experienced no back or neck pain even when wearing it for long periods of time.-I get a lot of compliments. Of course, many of the compliments are about my cute little baby, but people love the fabric. It is pretty cool, beautiful and stylish…if I do say so myself.-There are about a “bazillion” color and fabric choices. I easily found something to fit my style. They have something for everyone’s taste.-With its long straps it can seem overwhelming, but actually it is REALLY easy to use.-It is one of my baby’s favorite places to nap and I love having him so close.-My baby is getting a “hug” even my arms aren’t wrapped around him.-I can wear it over my jacket without any adjustments (like buckles and tightening of straps).-When I am not using it, it rolls up compact enough to fit in my diaper bag.-It “wears” really well. I have seen no wear after many trips to the beach, park, around town and associated washings.Actually, the list goes on and on. I could probably write a dissertation on how great it is. One really cool thing about the BabyHawk is, if you don’t find an insert fabric you like on their site (which there are SO many to choose from with endless color combinations) you can send in your own! They will custom make you one with your personal fabric. I am so excited about this for my next purchase.

Rosella New Bethlehem, PA

Returned it

I had to return this.We live in FL and this is far too hot for us.Plus it is a bit too complicated to strap having to hold a baby.Don’t recommend it.

Letitia Boutte, LA

kind of disapointed for a baby, but useful for a toddler

Sadly, I had high hopes in this product. I bought this, but I still continue to use my Moby Wrap. I am finding that my Moby wrap is SO much better! The Babyhawk is OK, but it is a rough, stiff fabric and it is too hot to use during the summer. I think I would like it better if it wasn’t so rough and stiff. I like the softness of the Moby. I am holding on to it, I may use it someday. I am thinking IF I use it, it would be more likely when he is a toddler and perhaps I might wear him on my back.Update: When my son reached about 15 months old, I found the Babyhawk to be the better of the two wraps to use. I still love my Moby for babies, but for a heavy toddler, I needed something sturdier and thicker.

Corrine Eudora, KS

Cannot describe in words on how cool this is

We looked around for various slings, baby carriers. We researched and watched a ton of videos with various reviews. In our opinion this Baby carrier beats them all. It is simple, pretty for a woman to wear and looks handsome on a man.Initially we narrowed down to 2. Babasling and this one. We ordered Babasling first because it looked like a very flexible, safe for a baby and easy to use carrier. After trying it out and trying to fit our newborn in it we gave up in about 1 hour. It was too difficult to use, taking too long to fit it, too long to learn on how to use it and baby wasn’t feeling comfortable in it.BabyHawk was complete opposite from Babasling. We had it on with our baby in it in about 30 seconds after unpacking it. It works like magic. Its like the best thing ever (in new parents world) since light bulb invention 😉 It is very simple, easy to use and it can hold Newborn to 40 pounds (how about that?) We love it! It is very easy to use and baby is very comfortable in it.

Maura Watton, MI

Love it!

I bought this mei tai to replace my Baby K’Tan that my daughter has seemed to outgrow. I love it and she does too (which is most important!). It’s user-friendly and easy to wear. I don’t have to wrestle to get her in or out of it. I got it in Night and Day; a dark brown with green, brown and ivory fabric accent. It is really cute! You can’t beat Amazon’s price- Highly recommended.

Margaret Karns City, PA

Sturdy, a burping machine, baby loves it. Allows for greater flexibility!

The Hawk is awesome. It allows my wife an I to move around the house with the baby. Gives us the ability to do house chores without having to put the baby in the crib. The baby seems to like it and will look around with help of the back and head support the Hawk has. Anytime the baby feeds I will put it on an almost instantaneously the baby will burp. Sometimes the baby will be really squirming and the Hawk doesn’t really help. The legs will come out and baby just wont like it. Initially it takes a some getting used to. It works wonders on my back, if feels like I don’t have the baby on me.

Nettie Purgitsville, WV

Very useful in the baby and early toddler phase!

I purchased this Mei Tai carrier 2 years ago and it certainly came in handy. It allowed me to carry my baby hands-free in the front while taking care of a myriad of tasks around the house and even while out shopping. In the early toddler phase I started carrying her on my back on occasions when she wanted to be held when I needed to get work done. I love the pattern (Sophia black) that I chose and its reversibility (solid black on the other side) which can be used with either gender. I could easily put it on by myself without assistance when wearing it in the front or back position. It seems a little overpriced, but the quality is great. I washed it several times in the washing machine in a “delicates” bag and it still looks nice. I will be using this again if we have another baby.

Angel Lone Jack, MO

Love it, but need more practice

The first couple times I tried wearing my daughter in this, I was uneasy tying her in. I need more practice before I will feel super comfortable doing this out and about! I’ll stick to my Snap SSC’s.

Cecilia Southfield, MI

The blue color was off

I bought this design largely based off the color I saw on screen. It was a much lighter blue in person, which wasn’t what I was looking for. Otherwise, it seemed nice quality.

Angelique Colmesneil, TX

Love the baby carrier! Got so many complements!

I love love love this baby carrier! I got so many complements when I take my son out for a walk in this carrier. People have been asking me about the brand of it and where I got it from because it is very pretty. Someone even commented on how it’s so great that you can be a new mom and by fashionable at the same time! I have tried BABYBJÖRN but it hurts my shoulder and my son does not like it. This Mei Tai one works great and he likes it better. It does not hurt my should or my back and I love it that my husband can also wear it. I can fold this carrier up and put it in the diaper bag.

Dorothea Newton, NH

cute but not super easy.

We have the Ergo Baby and this and love them both. I use the ergo more often but this one is much cuter. it also folds up into nothing==so you can fit it in your diaper bag. I like it but I use it a little less than ergobabay.

Ursula Lackey, KY

Stylish, comfortable, and my baby loves it!

I decided to try the BabyHawk Mei Tai as a replacement for our beloved Baby K’tan, which my son has grown out of (around 15 pounds, the fabric isn’t sturdy enough and starts to sag). I wanted something that was easy to throw on, but that would also keep my son snuggled close to me the way he was in the K’tan. We have an Ergo, which I like, but it’s too bulky, especially since we still have to use the infant insert. The biggest advantage of the Ergo is the hood, but with a sunhat, this is just fine (just have to remember the hat!).This is our new go-to and a favorite of my son! He has fallen asleep in it countless times. It’s really easy to throw on, once you do it carefully the first time or two. Just tie the part around your waist and then stick your baby in and tie the top straps – there’s very little time that your baby has to be out of your arms (and possibly crying). Make sure you tie a good knot – a square knot works well. We have been doing the front carry with the back tie, which I found to be more comfortable than the front carry with front tie because it transfers more weight to my hips instead of my shoulders. My son is 3 months old, but he hated to have his legs in the frog position anymore – this standard position has been better for him.The back comes up higher than a soft structured carrier like the Ergo, so it adds nice head support for the little ones. The straps are very well padded – I could wear this for hours (and have!). I love how customizable this is – I can always get the perfect fit, whereas with my Ergo I’m always messing with the clips.It’s a bonus that this product looks so good. I love that it’s reversible, so if the blue ever clashes with my outfit, I can go with straight gray/silver (I’ll admit it- I care about stuff like that!). The mei tai is well-made and the pattern is beautiful.It’s also so much more compact than my Ergo – I throw this in the car whenever I go out and in the stroller whenever I use it. My son loves to be worn, so it’s great to be able to have it on hand without having it take up tons of space.Gripe: The ends do end up on the ground, but that’s inherent to the design and is a small price to pay!Worth every penny and I’ve only had it for 2 weeks!

June Zanoni, MO

Great carrier

This is a great carrier that I use carrying my son on my front and my back. It is quicker to get into than my wrap, but not quite as comfortable. I use it when I am running errands or on a short walk, but not for a long walk. The ties are a little shorter than I would like, but it gets the job done. Also great for packing as it folds up flat.

Simone Monument, NM

We love our babyhawk!

This is an INCREDIBLE carrier. It is mine and my husbands favorite. We have had it since my son was around a month and a half. He is 4 and a half months now. It has gotten a lot of use! He falls asleep in it easily and it isn’t as bulky has my ergo so that is good for restaurants and cleaning!

Debra Eden, AZ


This thing rocks. If you are questioning the purchase of one- you will NOT be disappointed. Very happy I found this!

Callie Clear Creek, IN

Idiot Proof and Baby Loves It

The Babyhawk Mei Tai carrier is very easy to put on (idiot-proof even) and it is extremely comfortable with extra padding in the shoulder straps. It is important that it is idiot-proof because in the first sleepless weeks after baby’s arrival comprehension of instructions let alone time to read is at an all time low. I can carry my baby for long periods of time (at least an hour) without any strain where I have seen other reviews complain about other carriers after 15 minutes. I can also “wear” baby when I am sitting and just want my hands free. I used it within the first weeks home from the hospital. Baby loves it and settled right in. The other day baby was fussy while my husband was on duty. I suggested he use a carrier and he put her in his Bjorn which only increased the fussing. So I suggested he use my Mei Tai carrier and once he got her in she settled down immediately.Pros:1) easy to use (unlike Moby, Beco, and Ergo)2) you can put on and take off yourself without assistance (unlike Ergo which includes a buckle in between the shoulder blades)3) is safe and doesn’t come with concerns that the baby’s airways collapse (like with a sling)4) allows holding of baby in front and in back (unlike Moby)5) adapts in usage from newborn to older baby (unlike Moby which is really only useful for small babies or Cybex which is not functional with small babies)6) is stylish but not too expensive (unlike Beco, Cybex and Ergo)7) is comfortable and more ergonomic for a woman to use (unlike Bjorn).Cons:1)Baby is always facing your body which may bother some. But if baby is too small to see out when carried in front they probably don’t need the over-stimulation of seeing everything you pass by. And when they get big enough they can see out when carried in front or back.**UPDATE 3/19/13: Baby can be carried facing out in front so the con above is not applicable.

Arlene Charlton Heights, WV

Oh my goodness, I love this!

I never imagined that I would spend so much money on a wrap. However, some friends recommended it and I thought I would give it a chance. I am so very glad I did! It takes a little bit of getting used to learning how to tie the wrap but I learned quickly. I don’t think it worked as well for my son when he didn’t have good neck/head control because he would fall asleep and then flop backwards, I couldn’t adjust it so that it would support his head. When he got older it worked much better and I was able to put him on my back too. Great product overall.

Amber Bloxom, VA


I’ve tried about 5 other carriers, & after feeling discouraged about baby wearing I reluctantly purchased the Babyhawk. SOOOO relieved to finally find something that my baby & I both feel comfortable with that is also stylish & EASY to use. All of my other carriers are either too complicated, too hot, too uncomfortable or too confining. I can finally get out more without having to worry about pushing a stroller or my arms getting worn out too fast. I’ve got a wonky back & the Babyhawk didn’t put any unnecessary strain on it. Very happy!

Alexis Hitchcock, SD

Love it – Comfy carrier with stylish design

Most of all I got this carrier because it is a nicely modified version of the Mei Tai carrier. I really like the head support that this carriers offers to my baby. Often the Mei Tai carrier look like the do not have any head support and the baby just hangs in there, this carrier is really good for this reason. The fabric is durable and feels very nice. In summer it can get quite hot when wearing this carrier. Yet I really enjoy it’s style and comfort most of the time. It easy to wear and fit not only me but also my husband.

Abigail Arcadia, IN

Really Easy!

Overall, I’m very happy with this carrier. I have a Baby Bjorn and I love that as well, but I wanted something that I could carry my 2-year-old in as well as my newborn. So far, I’m still adjusting to strapping the newborn in comfortably, but my 2-year-old hops in with ease. I watched a few videos online and I think the wrapping is so easy! I really wanted my Moby Wrap to work out, however that thing was just too confusing for me, plus it took so much time. I will admit though that the Moby Wrap was a bit more comfortable, the stretchy material was just more cozy.Pros:- strong material- comfortable- cute- very, very simple- adjustable (I’m not tiny post-pregnancy and it fits just fine, but will also fit when I finish losing all the baby weight)Cons:- spendy, I’m sorry, I think it is great, but I don’t think it needs to be quite so expensive. I’m still questioning if it’s worth the price- pretty girly, I don’t picture my husband ever wanting to wear itI do recommend it though!

Brooke Buffalo, NY

Great carrier!

I really liked this carrier and so did my daughter. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out the moby (nor did I have the patience with a crying newborn!). This was great as it was just a few steps and it was on. No long fabric to get caught up in. Great for when I needed to put it on in parking lots to carry her in the shops.Although I use it only occasionally now as my daughter has gotten to the stage where she likes to look around and unfortunately I don’t believe you can use this forward facing. It’s fine though because she can look from the sides all I do is fold the top half down. Otherwise, it works great!

Marylou Lawndale, CA

Secure, beautiful, and helpful!

I have enjoyed this baby carrier. At first I was a bit overwhelmed when I received it. It came with a booklet on the many ways to tie it. Which is actually quite helpful but at first looked complicated. The first time I tried it my son was less than a month old He cried as I was trying to tie it so I took it off and did not try it again for several days. I thought he hated it . In reality he probably cried for one of the many other reasons infants cry.After giving it another try my son cried again as I was tying him on but then as I began walking around he was content. This carrier has been so much help to me. My son will sometimes nap up to two hours at a time when I am wearing him in it. I am able to do some paper work as well as some chores around the house. Newborns love being held. I have read this is known as the "fourth trimester". This baby carrier was helpful in this stage because I could free up my hands but still keep my baby close. It also gives me peace of mind to have him so close as I move around the house.After wearing him for some time my back does begin to ache a bit. Sitting while wearing baby in this helps alleviate that. The many styles that are available have beautiful designs and although they look feminine you can turn it over if you want a male to wear it. My husband sometimes carries baby in it as well.I recommend this carrier. Give it a chance if you are new to baby carriers. It was easier to tie than I thought when I received it. Baby loves being close to parents and this is a great way to free up your hands when you need to.

Deidra Alum Creek, WV