Babyhome Emotion Stroller – Blue

Babyhome Emotion Stroller – Blue

The new Baby Home Emotion Stroller combines practicality, quality and European design with a lightweight, strong aluminum frame – making the Emotion one of the most sophisticated stroller’s on the market today. At only 13 pounds and a super compact fold (8.5″ x 18″ x 27″) the Emotion can go anywhere easily. With reclining seat and adjustable footrest baby will be comfortable. Emotion includes a removable waterproof canopy, large shopping basket and also includes a rain cover, mosquito net and maintenance kit. Single pedal rear brakes. Large and easy to access storage basket. Emotion is easy to fold and stands upright when folded.

Main features

  • THE PERFECT CHOICE IF YOU HAD TO PICK ONLY ONE – There is no such thing as a single stoller that does it all, but with the Babyhome Emotion Stroller you come really close. Ultra lightweight and manuverable makes it great for travel, errand running and keeping up with lots of in and outs. Yet, the Emotion still gives your child the comfort and amenities associated with a full sized everyday stroller. It truly is the ultimate in versatility.
  • THE PERFECT CHOICE IF YOU WANT MORE THAN ONE – If you first went for a more substantial full-sized stroller, the Emotion is your ideal compliment. So light and compact that it fits in an out of virtually any car storage space with ease. It boasts a highly compact fold that remains sturdily upright in the folded position so it won’t fall down when you are gathering other things. It sets up quickly and offers ample storage and a superb ride that can’t be found in any umbrella variety stroller.
  • MULTIPLE AWARD WINNING DESIGN – The US hasn’t quite yet caught on to the brilliance of the Emotion Stroller, but Europeans have been recognizing this remarkable product for years. Just some of what you get: multiple recline positions, shock absorbing wheels, magnetic fasteners to the canopy window allowing you to spy on baby without disturbing, six stylish colors in a removeable and washable fabric, large capacity carry basket and a single touch brake system.
  • SUPREMELY COMFORTABLE RIDING – The wheels are large enough to handle just about any surface and all four come with shock absorbers and ball bearing mounts that work to ensure a smooth ride and incredible maneuverability, turning on a dime in the tightest of spaces … even when pushing one-handed. Add in the fully adjustable 5 point harness and 150 degree adjustable reclining back and you have a perfectly secure haven for baby to relax and enjoy the ride.
  • COMPATIBLE CAR SEAT ADAPTORS AND MORE: The highly versatile Emotion is compatible with Nuna, Cybex, Graco and Maxi Cosi car seats. Comes with rain cover, mosquito net and canopy extender out of the box. Optional accessories include cup holder, travel bag, bumper safety bar, car seat adaptors and parasol “sun” to protect from direct sunlight. Apart from the ipad controlled gps automatic steering features, the Emotion gives you pretty much all you need.

Verified reviews


Light Weight. Solid Construction. Intelligent Design.

This has become the new travel stroller for our toddler and we are happy with it for that purpose. It is not comparable to a full size stroller (we have a Chicco Cortina). I consider this to be more of a “midsize” stroller, with more features and comfort than an umbrella type small stroller, but not as full featured as a full size stroller that can handle a car seat, snack tray, hanging diaper bag and more. It is a lovely mix of features that makes it a very versatile option for traveling with children.Here are the pros:1) Very lightweight. At 13 pounds, this can easily be picked up and placed in the car one-handed (Though it requires two hands to fold, it does fold simply and easily).2)Gives a very nice, smooth and sturdy ride (smoother than our full sized Cortina).3)The seat back reclines and the leg support raises giving your child the option of a well supported reclining position for napping.4)Nimble and smooth turning.5)Comes with a rain protector and mosquito net. We have never used a rain cover or mosquito net (and we live in rainy, mosquito infested South Florida), but I can see where we might use these accessories occasionally now that we have them. If you plan to use them, be sure to first open them up and allow them to outgass in the sun for a while. The plastic chemical smell (pvc?) coming from the rain protector is very strong, not something I would want to enclose my kid in…Here are the cons:1)The hood can not be rotated forward to block sun, rain or wind that is coming in from the front. It goes to the open position (shown in photos) and no further forward. This is probably the biggest shortcoming of this stroller. The hood will protect the child from rear sun and partially protect from direct overhead sun, but no more.2)If you hand a diaper bag (or heavy purse, bag, etc) on the handle without a child in the stroller to counterweight, the stroller will flip backwards. So plan to put the heaviest bag in the compartment under the stroller and only lighter items hanging from the handle. I like to have my diaper bag hanging on the back of the stroller where it is easier to access it, but it is not possible with this stroller.3)Lastly, we have the black model. I would not recommend the black model for hot sunny climates. This stroller absorbs a lot more heat than our (tan color) cortina, making for a sweaty uncomfortable ride on hot days. The black fabric also shows soiling and dust much easier than the neutral color of our Cortina. If I had a choice to do it over, I would choose a neutral medium color, not black.Thanks for reading, I hope this review was helpful!

Billie Bozrah, CT

Great city stroller

I spent a lot of time researching strollers and needed one that would fit in my tiny apartment and be easily navigated on buses, trains and busy sidewalks. I chose the BabyHome Emotion stroller because it’s the lightest weight and slimmest model on the market that still has features that people look for in a stroller. I tried other strollers like the city mini, but they were all too heavy and bulky for my needs. The Emotion stroller fits through every doorway, folds up compact and stands on its own. It’s a dream to use – the smoothest, lightest ride I found. It also has some nice accessories that go with it, such as a winter footmuff that fits right on the stroller to keep baby warm and can be converted for use in other seasons. You can also buy a backpack to put it in for traveling. Finally, it’s very stylish and gets lots of compliments!The only downside to the stroller is that it’s not widely available in the U.S., which makes it difficult to find for testing. I also tried to get instructions from the company for attaching the footmuff (which didn’t come with any) and was unsuccessful. I was able to figure it out on my own without too much effort.Note: While the seat reclines well, it’s not suitable for use with newborns. I started using the stroller when my son was about 3 months old and had developed sufficient head control.

Lashonda Paxton, IN

Fantastic! Compares well to a Bugaboo but at a lower price

My wife has not stopped gushing over this stroller since we got it. It’s been a few weeks now, and she
• still
• raves that this is the BEST stroller she’s ever used. She likens it to a cross between the Bugaboo and the Maclaren. A lightweight yet full size stroller.Pros:
• This thing is
• light
• , much lighter than a Bugaboo. It has a nice narrow frame which is easy to maneuver.
• The material is very wipeable and easy to clean and more padded than the Maclaren.
• Very simple, multi-positional recline.
• It comes with a rain cover AND mosquito net.
• It has a very quick and easy one piece fold, unlike the Bugaboo where you have to remove the seat before folding.
• It stands up when folded, which makes it much easier to get into the back of an SUV or minivan.
• There’s an jogging stroller bar, not umbrella handles. It appears to be extensible for taller folks.
• The five position seat belt is easy to adjust from just the top two points, instead of having to actually adjust all five.
• The BEST part about this? The basket is actually usable, unlike the Maclaren basket!
• You can hang a diaper bag on the handle and the stroller won’t tip over.Cons:
• A foot muff is additional and pricey, but that’s pretty common
• The lock for letting the folded stroller unfold struck me as a bit clunky, but not enough to cause any real annoyance.
• The wheels are not inflatable, but they are on shocks. Thus far it’s been a very smooth ride (pro), but I wonder if in a year or two, we might want to buy a new set of wheels.
• Our biggest gripe is that there’s a big eMotion logo by the feet which looks a bit garish.

Ruth Rosholt, SD

Pros and Cons

I have used Graco and Britax strollers in the past. I had never heard of Babyhome before but it had a European look to it. Living in Europe for 13 years, I was interested in it.Once I put it together, I had flashbacks of Germany, where I lived the most. The stroller would fit right in on shopping trips in cities in Germany where you need a narrow stroller. That is the first thing you will notice, it is very narrow. However, do not let that fool you. It is very attractive. If does not have all the bells and whistles we rely on here in the US like cup holder for the child, cup holder for the adult, or a tray across the child not just for food but for toys. Granted you have a big bin area beneath the stroller but having one holder or tray would come in handy. You get a lot of extra features with the stroller but I have not had to use them, such as a rain cover.What I like about the stroller is how easily it rolls. You will be amazed at how well it turns and pushes. So much ease you will feel like you are not even pushing it. Turns are a breeze, turns with the slightest movement. It is very thin, I love this. It is so narrow I can push it through a crowded area with no problem. It had one break pedal that locks both of the back wheels, love this. It is very easy to use. I love having the magnetic flap where you can see your child that is nice and gives you a piece of mind. I also love that the hood locks into place. On other strollers I have not had this and on a windy day the hood will fly all over the place. It is nice to know it is locked. Once I am done with it, I can fold it and place it in the trunk of my Mazda 3 in about 60 seconds. With the wheels in the back, it takes up only about a 4th of my trunk which is not much room at all.This is what I do not like about the stroller: I dislike the harness so much! It is not well thought out and is not safe if you ask me. The shoulder straps fall off easily and they harness snaps into the bottom. I wish it was dual function where you could use a lap belt or if it even had an chest strap over it. The harness on this stroller is the worse I have ever used. With it being so lightweight, my 40 pound 2 year old daughter likes to move in the stroller when on walks. With any movement at all, the stroller starts to go left and right with the movement of the child. If they do not move, it would work perfectly. Last, it does not appear to be washable. There is a cardboard part where the feet are. In the manual there are no instructions on how to clean the stroller, only care for the mechanisms on it. You will need a stroller liner if you want to keep it clean which can add another $50 to the price. Last, the wheels are terrible. I prefer double wheels but even with single wheels, like the Britax strollers, the wheels are much bigger in the back than the front. The wheels on this one are all the same. If you get near mud, it does go down. Also, before folding it away, I always wipe the wheels off because once you fold it up, the wheels rest up against the seat area. Poor design again as the wheels are going to get the chair and foot area filthy!Even though there are a lot of negatives, it is a great stroller. It is the one I now keep in my trunk, with cleaning wipes, and love how light it is and easy to fold. If you can handle the cons, this might be the stroller for you.

Rachelle Greenbush, MI

incredibly sturdy, light, and folds up small!!

this stroller is folds up SUPER small/thin, weighs only 13lbs which is nothing compared to other strollers of similar or smaller size, and feels very sturdy when using it.we ve had jogging strollers and umbrella strollers and etc.. and have broken them. just made of cheap flimsy materials. this feels really sturdy and so far so good. we HAVE taken it “off roading” on a jogging canal path and it felt great.our son is comfortable in it and we feel he is safe in it.

Katharine Newcastle, WY

Finally, the one stroller to rule them all!

I love love love this stroller, let me count the ways:1. Super light weight for a fully featured stroller!2. REALLY compact fold, heck it fits into my scion xb trunk which is how I found this stroller in the first place. Saves me such precious cargo space.3. Stylish – it is one of a kind!4. SUPER easy fold but requires two hands.5. HUGE storage basket that you can actually use.6. Adjustable footrest and the back EASILY reclines.7. Smooth ride with ONE hand. Yes, I could not believe it. Those skateboarding wheels are the trick.8. Comfy – she loves it and that’s huge!9. Magnetic peakaboo window!10. Ships with mosquito net and rain cover!The ways that I could love thee more:1. Seat folds outwards so I always have the wheels of my stroller facing out in my car so it doesn’t get the seat dirty.2. Canopy not huge but you can buy an extender or an attachable umbrella that can basically follow the sun and give coverage at any angle.3. No cupholder included (cmon!!!) but you can buy one as an accessory.I also own a first ignite umbrella stroller (too long for my XB. I have to get everything out before i can use it). We also own an orbit stroller that I love but once again takes out too much space in this car’s trunk, so we leave it in the other car. Another huge downside of the orbit is that you have to remove the seat before you can close the stroller. So yes, good question, where do you put the seat while you fold the stroller?? Lastly, we have a hand-me-down BOB revolution that is fantastic when we go on the trailer but when that beast gets into our trunk, nothing else does. So it pretty much stays in the garage. Babyhome emotion is my everyday stroller.

Roxie Gillett Grove, IA

Great Stroller

I am so glad that I got this stroller. It was very easy to assemble and the directions were really easy to follow. It’s lightweight and folds up for easy portability and storage. It rolls very smoothly which some other strollers I tested did not roll near as smoothly as this. It comes in a variety of colors and priced just right. It almost fully reclines which is great. It comes with a pretty large sunshade/waterproof canopy so your baby doesn’t get burned and the sun isn’t in their face. It has a pretty large shopping basket (larger than others that I looked at) to put diaper bag and pocket book in. It includes a rain cover and mosquito net which most other companies will make you purchase these seperately. I had looked at a lot of different strollers before turning to this one. For the price you cannot beat it.

Sybil Bethlehem, GA

Easy assembly.

Nice stroller. The fabric is good and it has a sleek design. It is bigger than an umbroller, but smaller than most strollers. It is light weight, too. The additional accessories (bug and rain screens) are a nice plus, but cupholders are missed. It is easy to fold and unfold. There is a foot brake that locks both rear wheels.

Johanna Caldwell, ID

Best Bang 4 BUCK!

this stroller is marvelous & stylish. whoever designed it is a genius. the best feature is the ride, and excellent suspensions, feels like im driving a car, im not joking, its that smooth, its smooth sailing. can get abit noisy on certain surfaces but not the stroller fault, its the skatebhoard wheels. i like the slim design cause we like the compact look. only very slight complaint i have is that the canopy window is a bit further out instead of being closer to the back where its more comfortable to see the child. they should offer another canopy as an accessory. everything else is just brilliance. i havent seen any other stroller in the price range with this type of ride. i also like quinny yezz but it doesnt have the suspension (they should add it), another one i like is babyzen yoyo but costs almost twice as much. the fold on this is aite, not too compact but its not too big either but for the money, you cant complain. bravo babyhome. i would be buying more products from you guys in the future.

Simone Deadwood, OR

Super compact, with intuitive design

This elegant European stroller made me smile as soon as I take it out of the box. A simple two page visual setup guide (that you don’t actually need because most mechanisms are exactly where you expect them to be).The only disappointing features that stopped me from giving 5 stars are the opening and closing mechanisms (see below). It excels at so many key features for me where other strollers fail, so I can forgive these features and give it 4.5 stars.Pros:- extremely compact when folded: 28″ L x18.5 W (wheel to wheel) x 12″ D – should fit in ANY trunk with plenty of room for groceries- nearly full recline of the seat itself to enable naptime and diaper change- good for relatively tall, long-legged people – the bar that connects the wheels is shifted up and back by 4″ so you don’t kick it when you walk- good maneuverability- large sunshade (larger than most US manufacturers but not as large as Britax)- nicely accessible basket, reasonable size- great for travel due to its compact sizeCons:- opening requires you hold one lever down with one hand, and open with the other- closing requires three fingers – pulling back on three levers on the handlebar with your left thumb (safety lever) and both index fingers – took me a couple tries but I got the coordination down- comes with a rain shield for those British rainy days… smelled pretty strong plastic when it came out of the package which made me slightly nervous- wheels do not look super robust

Tracy Windham, ME

Light, easy to fold, rolls easily = winner.

This stroller hits all the high points. It’s light, folds easily and compactly and rolls smoothly. We have been using this for awhile and it has been rolling and performing without a hitch. It even came with some nice accesories which most other places make you pay for seperately. This is a great stroller to just stash in the car for trips to the mall, grocery, etc. It’s not designed to be an “off road” stroller so if you have very bad sidewalks or are on uneven terrain you may want to look elsewhere. But realistically this is going to be perfect for 95% of people since most people don’t need an off road all terrain stroller. The build quality has been excellent on this as well. Overall I think it is a wonderful stroller and you are definitely getting a quality product for your money. Invest in a nice stroller like this instead of having to buy cheap ones over and over. Worth it.

Holly Turkey City, PA

Good stuff

This is the only one that I find out there that is really light. It is frustrated moving the stroller in and out of the car; especially when it is heavy. I like the style, color, function, and its weight. If the stroller has baby tray or bottle/cup holder, it would be perfect.

Cassandra Jefferson, NH